Driver Friendly

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Messidona 03:56 Tools
Ghosts 01:55 Tools
Shark Cave 03:16 Tools
Lost Boys 04:05 Tools
Run 03:15 Tools
Do Whatever You Want 02:48 Tools
Manivelle 00:40 Tools
Younce Creek 03:26 Tools
Everything Gold 02:54 Tools
I Can See Canyons 02:54 Tools
Stand So Tall (feat. Dan Campbell) 04:41 Tools
The Game (This Won't Hurt) 02:54 Tools
Stare Into the Darkness 03:38 Tools
Deconstruct You 04:41 Tools
You're a Legend, Sir 03:55 Tools
Harsh, Harsh, Harsh 04:41 Tools
Let the Sun Come Up 04:41 Tools
Why Don't You Just Rain for Me 02:22 Tools
X-Mas in Texas 03:44 Tools
Undone 02:22 Tools
Bad Way 02:22 Tools
The Conversation 02:22 Tools
Twenty Centuries of Sleep 02:22 Tools
Start Again 02:22 Tools
What a Predicament! 02:22 Tools
Bridges 02:22 Tools
Stand So Tall 02:22 Tools
I Can Take It 02:22 Tools
Manievelle 00:40 Tools
Two Words, Mr. President: Plausible Deniability 02:55 Tools
Temple of Doom 03:23 Tools
Suncrusher 03:42 Tools
I Have Better Things to Do Tonight Than Die 03:34 Tools
Why Don't You Just Rain 02:22 Tools
Bury Me With My Money 03:56 Tools
Lie 248 03:59 Tools
At Least We Are Civilized 02:51 Tools
This Has All Happened Before 02:51 Tools
Water Fun Express 04:04 Tools
Is That All You Got? 04:04 Tools
The Inevitability of Closing a Hat 04:08 Tools
Remember When That Train Wrecked Our Lifestyle? 03:16 Tools
Austin Is My Lady 03:16 Tools
Every Snowflake Is Unique 03:53 Tools
You'll Move Mountains Kid 03:40 Tools
Happy Birthday Dinosaur 03:51 Tools
Change is like a Speeding Bullet 00:00 Tools
Red Light/Green Light 04:09 Tools
Easy Street 03:16 Tools
The End 03:16 Tools
Pete 00:00 Tools
Water Fun Express (Montclaire Sessions) 00:00 Tools
Gordo Cooper, The Best Pilot You've Ever Seen 00:00 Tools
Bury Me With My Money (Montclaire Sessions) 00:00 Tools
Business Man 03:40 Tools
Full Circle 03:40 Tools
Even Doctors Need Doctors (Montclaire Sessions) 03:40 Tools
Ten To Fifteen 04:09 Tools
Temple of Doom (Montclaire Sessions) 04:09 Tools
Merry Poppins 02:42 Tools
Sorry ' Bout Tomorrow 02:42 Tools
There, There 02:42 Tools
Red Light, Green Light 04:09 Tools
Bury A Dream - Ghosts 00:00 Tools
Every Snowflake is Unique (Montclaire Sessions) 00:00 Tools
Pele 03:10 Tools
There, There (The Wonder Years cover) 03:10 Tools
Ghost 02:03 Tools
Sorry 'Bout Tomorrow 03:10 Tools
Two Words Mr. President: Plausible Deniability 02:55 Tools
Remember When That Train Wrecked Our Lifestyle 03:16 Tools
Marry Poppins 03:16 Tools
Jeremi Can't Skank 03:16 Tools
Stand So Tall (feat. Dan "Soupy" Campbell of The Wonder Years) 03:16 Tools
Stand So Tall (Featuring Dan Campbell) 03:16 Tools
Gordo Cooper, the Best Piloet You Have Ever Seen 03:16 Tools
Stand So Tall (Ft. Dan Campbell) 03:16 Tools
Even Doctors Need Doctors 03:44 Tools
Run (acoustic) 03:44 Tools
Locked Out Of Heaven 03:44 Tools
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Three years after the release of their successful debut full length album Chase the White Whale, Driver Friendly knew something had to change. The music industry was shifting, their lives were headed in separate directions, and the future of the band was in question. The band was at a crossroads: call it quits after nine years of making music together or do something drastic. The answer was a retreat to a cabin in the Appalachian Mountains, a place where they could create without distractions or limitations, a place where they promised they wouldn’t leave until they had a new album ready to be recorded. With the help of an avid, loyal fanbase, Kickstarter, and producer Jim Vollentine, they raised the funds necessary to record and release their newest album Bury a Dream. The 11 new songs on the record replicate the high-energy and soaring, melodic hooks of past releases, but also reflect a bold evolution in the band’s songwriting capabilities. The title, at first reading, may appear ominous, predicting the end of something great. Yet it merely hides the full lyric: “Bury a dream, watch it grow;" declaring that dreams can die, but sometimes they must pass away in order to grow into something entirely new and beautiful. Driver Friendly is a band reborn with a new found sense of urgency to get their music to as many ears as possible. Look for the international release of the album April, 24, 2012. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.