Ecstatic Sunshine

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Ramontana 03:02 Tools
Perrier 10:01 Tools
Freckle Wars 01:59 Tools
Beetle 01:43 Tools
Tuscan 03:12 Tools
Pocketknife 01:30 Tools
Wavechop 02:05 Tools
Golden Rule 02:49 Tools
Little Big Dipper 03:19 Tools
Swirling Hearts 02:55 Tools
Goose 03:17 Tools
Power Ring 02:40 Tools
B 12:10 Tools
Herrons 07:13 Tools
Conch 02:40 Tools
Duck 01:14 Tools
Anagram 03:54 Tools
Faceplant 01:38 Tools
Turned On 03:37 Tools
Felt Flag 06:32 Tools
Dunk 05:27 Tools
Over Easy 02:06 Tools
Because 03:17 Tools
Birth Of Green 07:50 Tools
Soft Opening 03:27 Tools
Sweet Spot 06:41 Tools
Topless 05:28 Tools
Crystal in the Sky 01:44 Tools
Spack Sick 03:40 Tools
Space Sicker 03:38 Tools
Dunk (Cexman Remix) 05:42 Tools
Hello Money 04:28 Tools
Easy Is Right 05:21 Tools
No Future I'm Dead 04:54 Tools
Fish Tank 03:40 Tools
Washing Machine 03:40 Tools
Space Sick 03:40 Tools
Glass Ceiling 03:40 Tools
Heirophany 03:40 Tools
Pineapple Funk 03:40 Tools
Dissolver 03:40 Tools
Risky Business 03:40 Tools
Who's Who in Paradise 03:40 Tools
Dondero 03:40 Tools
Guitar Solo 2010 03:40 Tools
Bad Sulza 03:40 Tools
Dunk (Heady Individualism Version) 03:40 Tools
Conch (Heady Individualism Version) 03:40 Tools
Faceplant (Live at Off Festival 2010) 03:40 Tools
Freckle Wars Part 2 03:40 Tools
Freckle Wars Part 1 03:40 Tools
Untitled / Space Sick / Conch (Live at Off Festival 2010) 03:40 Tools
Turned On (Live at Off Festival 2010) 03:40 Tools
Untitled / Topless (Live at Off Festival 2010) 03:40 Tools
Hello Money (Live at Off Festival 2010) 03:40 Tools
Take It Easy 03:40 Tools
Untitled Medley 03:40 Tools
Spacesicker 03:40 Tools
01_Conch 03:40 Tools
02_Faceplant 03:40 Tools
Perrier (excerpt) 03:40 Tools
Episode 30 - September 3rd, 2006 00:30 Tools
03_Dunk 00:30 Tools
04_Over Easy 00:30 Tools
Cutterhammer 00:30 Tools
Wavechop Ramontana 00:30 Tools
05_Sweet Spot 00:30 Tools
07_Space Sick 00:30 Tools
06_Because 00:30 Tools
POWERRING 00:30 Tools
Take It Easy (Baltimore, MD - Floristree - 03/04/2008) 00:30 Tools
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Ecstatic Sunshine is an ongoing musical project that began in 2005 as a guitar duo comprised of Matthew Papich and Dustin Wong (who has since left the project to pursue Ponytail and his own solo guitar musics). Ecstatics has released 3 LPs and 2 EPs since that time and has performed hundreds of shows in the United States and Europe with a revolving group of players. Currently, Ecstatics live performances are solo endeavors by Papich. Throughout the years the essence of Ecstatic Sunshine has been located within Papich’s unique guitar work, however the shifting cast has allowed Ecstatics to spread it’s reach effortlessly into new lands. Echoes of punk, ambient, reggae and techno have floated in and out of Ecstatic’s sound, though never feeling contrived and never supplanting the energy or vision of the original output. 2005: "Dot" EP (CDR) 2005: "Swirl" EP (CDR) 2006: "Freckle Wars" LP (CD, Carpark) 2007: "Living" EP (Vinyl/CD, Wildfire Wildfire) 2008: "Way" LP (CD, Cardboard) 2009: "Easy Is Right" split 7" w/ Lucky Dragons (Vinyl, Wildfire Wildfire) 2009: "Turned On" 7" w/ Cex Remix (Vinyl, Hoss) 2009: "Yesterday's Work" LP (Vinyl, Hoss) 2010: "Freak Flag" EP (Digital, Ecstatics) Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.