Elsa & Emilie

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Run 00:00 Tools
Au Volant 00:00 Tools
Another Day 00:00 Tools
Firemaker 00:00 Tools
Ocean 00:00 Tools
Chains of Promises 00:00 Tools
Endless Optimism 00:00 Tools
Under The Blood Moon 00:00 Tools
The Drowning 00:00 Tools
Kill Your Darlings 00:00 Tools
We Want It All 00:00 Tools
All Our Money 00:00 Tools
Young and Beautiful 00:00 Tools
Everybody Knows 00:00 Tools
Sinnerman 00:00 Tools
Six Hours 00:00 Tools
Waiting 00:00 Tools
Run (Sonny Alven Remix) 00:00 Tools
Chains of Promises - Mahalo Remix 00:00 Tools
Chains of Promises - Dulsae Remix 00:00 Tools
Chains of Promises (feat. Dulsae) - Dulsae Remix 00:00 Tools
Chains of Promises - Mahalo Extended Remix 00:00 Tools
Run (Subtitulado español) 00:00 Tools
chains of promises (dulsae remix) 00:00 Tools
Lullabies for the weak 00:00 Tools
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Since they were 13, these two girls from the small Norwegian city of Haugesund, has been writing songs that has impressed all those who has been lucky enough to get a sneak into their wonderful but deep and mysterious pop song world. After several great acoustic live performances at the west coast of Norway, the charming duo has got themselves into the "first division" of the Norwegian music scene, eager to take the step into the "premier league". Elsa & Emilie write songs about growing up in a small windy city, about helpless and hopeless love and about the dark sides of being young. During the last year their sound has developed into a greater dimension, a Nordic, icy and dark, yet poppy sound. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.