Enemy Ground

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Cancel The Wedding Anniversary 02:45 Tools
Into The Urn 03:25 Tools
Fallen Empire 00:00 Tools
Gone Until Further Notice 02:29 Tools
I like you best skinless 03:19 Tools
When The Legs Hit The Water 02:30 Tools
Filth 02:40 Tools
The Plow 01:54 Tools
Patriot 02:11 Tools
Serve my hate 02:13 Tools
Wounding At Random 06:22 Tools
Embrace Me 02:08 Tools
Worst Nightmare 00:00 Tools
Painting for insects 01:54 Tools
Lights Out 01:30 Tools
Lifeless And Calm 02:58 Tools
File: Life Denied 01:53 Tools
In Memory Of Them All 02:50 Tools
EGC in Full Effect 00:00 Tools
Claustrophobia 03:41 Tools
Genocide 00:00 Tools
When Blue Blood Turns Red 00:00 Tools
Locked Anger 03:18 Tools
Intro 00:00 Tools
Pandora's Box 01:22 Tools
File: Life Ended 01:53 Tools
Locked Anger - Bonus 03:18 Tools
When Blue Blood Turns Red - Demo 2004 02:06 Tools
Genocide - Demo 2004 03:02 Tools
Egc In Full Effect - Demo 2004 02:27 Tools
Genocide (demo 2004) 03:02 Tools
Don't make me destroy you 03:02 Tools
When Blue Blood Turns Red (demo 2004) 02:06 Tools
Solution 9 03:02 Tools
Locked Anger (Bonus) 03:18 Tools
Enemy ground - Locked Anger 03:02 Tools
Unpleasant Discovery 03:02 Tools
Day of the hammer 03:34 Tools
EGC in full effect (demo 2004) 02:27 Tools
Enemy Ground - Worst Nightmare 03:34 Tools
When Blue Blood Turns Red [Demo 2004] 03:34 Tools
Genocide [Demo 2004] 03:34 Tools
Egc in Full Effect [Demo 2004] 03:34 Tools
Lighs Out 03:34 Tools
Day Of The Hammer (NL) 03:28 Tools
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Enemy Ground formed in the Netherlands anno 2001 and is no spin off, no fusion, no comprise, just intense gut grinding hate. Massive flowing chords, pounding rhythms, all building up to some furious off beat breaks that have caused injuries all over Europe by now. Numerous shows have been played, a demo has been released, and a steady line up has been achieved. Live the band feeds of the energy of the people trying to pull them along into their expressions of anger. Insufficient Evidence is the name of the new mini EGC recently gave birth to, a blistering record that will cause dance floor mayhem on- and off-stage for without a doubt! Whilst promoting the new record the future goal for Enemy Ground is as clear as it ever was: pushing the bill, moving boundaries in mosh music and keep on showing to the scene what the difference is between hard and HARD. Line up: Pjotr - Throat Joris - Guitar/Backing Throat Marijn - Guitar Guido - Bass Peer - Drums Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.