Erin Bode

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Don't Take Your Time 03:45 Tools
Holiday 04:34 Tools
Time After Time 04:54 Tools
Long, Long Time 05:38 Tools
Holding Back The Years 04:07 Tools
Something More 03:56 Tools
Graceland 04:58 Tools
St. Louis Song 04:04 Tools
Over And Over 04:23 Tools
chasing after you 03:38 Tools
Here, There And Everywhere 04:12 Tools
With The Radio On 02:52 Tools
Feet Off The Ground 03:16 Tools
Perfect World 04:34 Tools
June 04:12 Tools
Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You 04:50 Tools
Send Me Up A Sign 02:40 Tools
Alone Together 06:30 Tools
But Not For Me 03:58 Tools
The Little Garden 05:58 Tools
New England Friends 03:49 Tools
In The Pines 04:58 Tools
It's All Your Fault 04:06 Tools
Home Again 02:23 Tools
Sydney Come Down 04:21 Tools
Sweater Song 05:24 Tools
If It's Magic 04:15 Tools
Born At The Right Time 04:31 Tools
Out of time 05:09 Tools
Goodnight 03:03 Tools
I've Never Been In Love Before 03:47 Tools
Two 03:48 Tools
Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You 03:41 Tools
The Cold Water 04:03 Tools
You 04:12 Tools
I Walk A Little Faster 04:15 Tools
Fences 03:27 Tools
Junior And Julie 03:14 Tools
Count Your Blessings 04:52 Tools
To Lose 04:31 Tools
Heart of Mine 03:11 Tools
The Mountain 04:07 Tools
Stephanie Moore 04:47 Tools
November 04:08 Tools
Photograph 05:27 Tools
Telescope 04:03 Tools
Joseph 04:29 Tools
Beating On the Door 04:08 Tools
The Letter 04:20 Tools
Wise Man 03:45 Tools
A Cold December Night 04:55 Tools
Skating 03:48 Tools
The Holly and the Ivy 03:13 Tools
See Amid the Winter's Snow 02:56 Tools
The Star's Song 03:42 Tools
In The Bleak Midwinter 03:31 Tools
A Cradle in Bethlehem 04:17 Tools
The Coventry Carol 03:01 Tools
Holy Night, Peaceful Night 03:03 Tools
Bethlehem Down 03:42 Tools
See Baby Ain't I Good To You 03:41 Tools
From Heaven Above to Earth I Come 03:42 Tools
Hide Me (Bonus Track) 03:32 Tools
Girl Crazy, Act II: But Not for Me 03:32 Tools
Guys and Dolls: I've Never Been in Love Before 03:32 Tools
The Space Between 04:19 Tools
Little Garden, The 06:00 Tools
A Fine Line 04:42 Tools
It`s All Your Fault 04:07 Tools
Cold Water, The 04:04 Tools
White Christmas: Count Your Blessings (Instead of Sheep) 04:42 Tools
Tonight, I'll Be Staying Here With You 00:30 Tools
Gee, Baby, Ain't I Good to You 00:30 Tools
Vanha sydän 03:09 Tools
Vanha nainen hunningolla 03:13 Tools
Over The Rainbow 03:13 Tools
Tonight I'll Be Staying Here 03:13 Tools
Tonight I'll Be Staying With You 04:50 Tools
On elämä laina 04:05 Tools
Popeda 03:45 Tools
The Moon Is Ours Tonight 03:45 Tools
Kokeile mua 02:26 Tools
Holding Back The Years (Simply Red Cover) 02:26 Tools
Ei se siitä 00:00 Tools
Sä et olisi aamulla siinä 03:57 Tools
Onko se oikein 03:31 Tools
These Days 03:31 Tools
Tonight I'll Be Staying Here W 03:31 Tools
Graceland (Paul Simon Cover) 03:31 Tools
Ootte idioottei 03:04 Tools
Alouette 03:07 Tools
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Vocalist Erin Bode (pronounced BOH-DEE) has a beautiful, crystal clear voice that is too exquisite to miss. She has consistently won over audiences with her sweet personality and sincere performances. Her distinctive repertoire and crossover appeal - evoking comparisons to Eva Cassidy and Norah Jones - have proven equally at home in grand venues or relaxed clubs. On her MAXJAZZ debut, Don't Take Your Time, Erin performed her personal take on tunes from the Great American Songbook, pop classics, and her first original song, "Don't Take Your Time." On her new album Over and Over, she adds more original songs and arrangements, further developing her own unique sensibility. The Erin Bode Group have performed nationwide at venues such as Blues Alley in Washington D.C., Zanzibar Blue in Philadelphia, and at Sweet Rhythm in New York. They have also been in Europe twice, touring in Italy. They have also opened for legendary Supremes' singer, Mary Wilson; for Michael Buble at St. Louis' newest premiere venue The Pageant; with Macy Gray on the steps of the Gateway Arch; and for Jamie Cullum at the Sheldon Concert Hall. In late 2006, they traveled to South Africa to work with the Themba Girls' School Choir. Most recently, Erin performed with Garrison Keillor on A Prairie Home Companion at the Fabulous Fox. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.