Ester Drang

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Come Back Alive 05:29 Tools
Valencia's Dying Dream 04:10 Tools
The Greatest Thing 02:38 Tools
Grave Mistake 03:59 Tools
Caledonia 03:53 Tools
Hooker with a Heart of Gold 04:32 Tools
Great Expectations 05:23 Tools
Everyone is a Victim 04:04 Tools
Smoke and Air 04:10 Tools
Dead Man's Point Of View 03:34 Tools
Proustian Moments 04:05 Tools
White Lies 06:29 Tools
The Temple Mount 04:49 Tools
Oceans Of You 04:52 Tools
One Hundred Times 03:39 Tools
Goldenwest 06:12 Tools
No One Could Ever Take Your Face 04:55 Tools
All The Feeling 04:53 Tools
If They Only Knew 04:13 Tools
Song for Jonathon 04:05 Tools
Repeating the Procedure 05:32 Tools
I Don't Want To Live (In A World Of Infinite Keys) 05:07 Tools
Is Nothing New 05:08 Tools
Words That Cure, Part 1 05:35 Tools
That's When He Turns Us Golden 04:05 Tools
How Good Is Good Enough? 05:09 Tools
Felicity, Darling 07:51 Tools
Words That Cure, Part 2 06:56 Tools
I Don't Want To Live 05:07 Tools
Recently, Forever 03:17 Tools
All The Birds Live In My Attic 00:00 Tools
From the Ruins 00:00 Tools
The Union 04:10 Tools
Easy Money 00:00 Tools
The Caspian Silence 03:01 Tools
On Your Way Out 03:01 Tools
fiddling while rome burns 00:00 Tools
huskavarna 03:50 Tools
It's Too Late 03:50 Tools
Always 02:41 Tools
Is Nothing New? 00:00 Tools
lafayette 03:32 Tools
Infinite Keys (demo) 02:41 Tools
Words That Cure (four track version) 00:00 Tools
Young and Reckless 00:00 Tools
All the Feeling (demo) 00:00 Tools
I Don't Want to Live (in A Wor 00:00 Tools
Valencia’s Dying Dream 04:10 Tools
Mindlessly 04:10 Tools
O Captain, My Captain 00:00 Tools
Ester Drang - Everyone Is A Victim 04:10 Tools
O Captain, My Captin 00:00 Tools
Old Ironsides (unmixed w/vocals) 00:00 Tools
No One Could Ever Take Your Place 00:00 Tools
Young And Restless 00:00 Tools
felicity darling 00:00 Tools
Ester Drang - Come Back Alive 00:00 Tools
No One Could Ever Take Your F 00:00 Tools
04-One Hundred Times 03:39 Tools
2nd Space Song 03:39 Tools
Adle Vice 04:10 Tools
Ester Drang - Caledonia 03:39 Tools
I Don't Want to Live (in A Wo 03:39 Tools
Smoke & Air 04:10 Tools
Oceans of View 04:10 Tools
How Good Is Good Enough- 03:39 Tools
Mindlessly - Extended Mix 03:39 Tools
02-Dead Man's Point Of View 03:34 Tools
Dead_mans_point_of_view 04:10 Tools
Words That Cure 04:10 Tools
If They Only New 04:10 Tools
Pleasure Themes And Get Rich Schemes 04:10 Tools
uah 04:10 Tools
words that cure pt. 1 04:10 Tools
Dead Mans 04:10 Tools
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Ester Drang is an experimental, post rock musical group from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The band was formed in 1995, with guitarist Bryce Chambers recruiting drummer Sterling Williams and bass player Kyle Winner with James McCallister joining in on Rhodes shortly thereafter. The line-up of the band during its early days also included sitar/guitar player Brian Brewer and songwriter/various keyboards and electronics player David Motter. Williams, Brewer, and Motter departed shortly after the band released its first full-length LP, entitled Goldenwest. Afterwards, Jeff Shoop joined the band, which moved to Jade Tree Records. Notable outfits the band has toured with include The American Analog Set, Starflyer 59, Styrofoam, and David Bazan of Pedro the Lion. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.