Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Knives on Both Sides 03:29 Tools
Don't Feel Anything 01:29 Tools
M.P.D. 02:13 Tools
Day to Day 01:51 Tools
Shade of Red 03:39 Tools
On Film 03:52 Tools
Young Trash 02:05 Tools
Shattered Circle 02:05 Tools
Shot the Beehive 01:49 Tools
Mr. Investigator 00:00 Tools
Post Graduate 01:07 Tools
Future Victims 05:49 Tools
Better Life Through Chemistry 03:15 Tools
Cemetery Secretary 02:06 Tools
Ties You Up 00:00 Tools
Midnight Passenger 05:49 Tools
Attention Ritual 00:00 Tools
Confusion Hill 05:49 Tools
Catholic Entries 05:49 Tools
Not A Threat 05:49 Tools
Government Birdcage 00:00 Tools
Sid Visions 02:26 Tools
Flickering Eyes 05:49 Tools
Venice Illusion 05:49 Tools
Let You In 00:00 Tools
Lights Out Club 02:26 Tools
Dogs Roll In 00:00 Tools
Hollywood Heatseeker 03:13 Tools
Nightmare Zone 03:13 Tools
Panic in Pig Park 03:13 Tools
New Face On 03:13 Tools
Mister Fantasy 00:00 Tools
Stick The Knife In 03:55 Tools
No Fun on the Beaches 03:13 Tools
Cigarette Machine 00:00 Tools
Through the Blinds 03:55 Tools
Clinical Study 03:13 Tools
1906 03:55 Tools
New Crawl 03:55 Tools
Meda House Company 03:55 Tools
New Virtues 03:55 Tools
Rats in The Gas Tank 03:55 Tools
Dripping Mouth 03:55 Tools
Your Mask 03:55 Tools
Summer of Fear 03:55 Tools
Mister Investigator 02:12 Tools
Mpd 02:12 Tools
"Mister Fantasy" from the 7" single (Goner) 02:12 Tools
Hollywood Heat Seeker 02:12 Tools
1. Shattered Circle 02:12 Tools
3. Midnight Passenger 02:12 Tools
2. Ties You Up 02:12 Tools
6. Flickering Eyes 02:12 Tools
4. Confusion Hill 02:12 Tools
8. Sid Visions 02:12 Tools
5. Catholic Entries 02:12 Tools
9. Not A Threat 02:12 Tools
7. Venice Illusion 02:12 Tools
10. Lights Out Club 02:12 Tools
Attention Ritual (No One Sees) 02:12 Tools
01 Clinical Study 02:12 Tools
Dont Feel Anything 01:30 Tools
02 Cigarette Machine 02:12 Tools
03 Rats in The Gas Tank 2 02:12 Tools
06 Your Mask 02:12 Tools
05 Dripping Mouth 02:12 Tools
04 Meda House Company 01:30 Tools
Mr. Fantasy 02:59 Tools
New Visions 01:42 Tools
Rats in The Gas Tank 2 01:42 Tools
Negative Growth 01:42 Tools
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Taking cues from the psychedelic noise of the 1960’s, the art-damaged post-punk of the late 1970’s, and the aggression and immediacy of early 1980’s US Hardcore, Ex-Cult has curated a sound that audiences nationwide find accessible, yet not quite like anything else they’ve heard. Conceived at the legendary Memphis dive, the Lamplighter, by longtime friends Michael Peery (drums) and Chris Shaw (vocals), the band played their first show three months after the first practice, immediately gaining a local fan base and grabbing the attention of the Memphis punk institution known as Goner Records. After going through a name change (from Sex Cult to Ex-Cult) and releasing a couple of now impossible to find singles, Ex-Cult headed to San Francisco to record with producer and fan Ty Segall. The result is a post-punk juggernaut, oozing with flying saucer fuzz guitar, a pummeling rhythm section, and snarling vocals. Their follow-up, 'Midnight Passenger' was released in April 2014 on Goner. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.