Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Monster 03:42 Tools
Call Me Baby 00:24 Tools
Ko Ko Bop 02:10 Tools
Love Shot 04:42 Tools
Tempo 02:38 Tools
으르렁 Growl 03:28 Tools
전야 前夜 The Eve 05:04 Tools
Lotto 03:10 Tools
Love Me Right 03:26 Tools
Lucky One 03:48 Tools
Power 03:39 Tools
El Dorado 04:00 Tools
Playboy 03:33 Tools
늑대와 미녀 (Wolf) 03:39 Tools
Artificial Love 04:06 Tools
Exodus 03:21 Tools
Forever 00:32 Tools
Black Pearl 03:09 Tools
What U Do? 00:59 Tools
Heart Attack 02:38 Tools
Heaven 03:45 Tools
Let Out The Beast 03:28 Tools
Ooh La La La 05:11 Tools
Hurt 03:40 Tools
XOXO (Kisses & Hugs) 03:07 Tools
Gravity 03:54 Tools
My Lady 03:32 Tools
Lightsaber 03:05 Tools
나비소녀 (Don't Go) 03:35 Tools
Universe 03:27 Tools
Sign 03:13 Tools
My Answer 03:34 Tools
Sweet Lies 00:59 Tools
지나갈 테니 Been Through 03:57 Tools
24/7 04:01 Tools
3.6.5 03:06 Tools
내가 미쳐 Going Crazy 03:36 Tools
Beautiful 04:04 Tools
SING FOR YOU 00:32 Tools
Cloud 9 04:02 Tools
Electric Kiss 02:40 Tools
다이아몬드 Diamond 03:27 Tools
Oasis 03:14 Tools
12월의 기적 (Miracles in December) 00:32 Tools
Lucky 03:48 Tools
They Never Know 00:59 Tools
TENDER LOVE 03:37 Tools
너의 손짓 Touch It 01:30 Tools
Obsession 01:30 Tools
Baby 03:52 Tools
Damage 03:52 Tools
소름 Chill 03:12 Tools
피터팬 Peter Pan 03:57 Tools
With You 03:34 Tools
기억을 걷는 밤 Walk On Memories 04:49 Tools
Stronger 03:27 Tools
Bad Dream 03:27 Tools
불공평해 Unfair 03:33 Tools
백색소음 White Noise 03:52 Tools
시선 둘, 시선 하나 (What If..) 00:32 Tools
Trauma 00:32 Tools
Smile On My Face 00:32 Tools
인어의 눈물 (Baby Don't Cry) 03:56 Tools
For Life 03:58 Tools
Fall 03:47 Tools
First Love 04:02 Tools
My Turn To Cry 01:39 Tools
Trouble 01:39 Tools
LIGHTSABER - Bonus Track 03:57 Tools
꿈 She’s Dreaming 04:07 Tools
유리어항 One and Only 03:36 Tools
Christmas Day 03:47 Tools
Wait 04:10 Tools
약속 EXO 2014 04:48 Tools
Stay 01:30 Tools
Can’t Bring Me Down 03:51 Tools
Lights Out 01:30 Tools
Jekyll 03:41 Tools
Growl 03:28 Tools
Twenty Four 03:45 Tools
Ya Ya Ya 03:45 Tools
Groove 03:45 Tools
Baby You Are 02:58 Tools
The Star 06:35 Tools
부메랑 Boomerang 02:57 Tools
첫 눈 03:27 Tools
Falling for You 03:24 Tools
Girl x Friend 01:30 Tools
Non Stop 01:30 Tools
Good Night 03:27 Tools
Wolf 03:39 Tools
으르렁 Growl (EXO-K Version) 03:28 Tools
Coming Over 03:21 Tools
Butterfly Effect 03:21 Tools
시선 둘, 시선 하나 What If.. 04:18 Tools
Day After Day 03:42 Tools
Tempo - Chinese Version 03:44 Tools
Drop That 03:00 Tools
TacTix 03:44 Tools
유성우[流星雨] (Lady Luck) 03:57 Tools
Black Pearl (Chinese Ver.) 03:06 Tools
Baby Don't Cry 01:25 Tools
Winter Heat 03:55 Tools
Run This 03:27 Tools
Cosmic Railway 04:38 Tools
What I Want for Christmas 03:36 Tools
Lovin' You Mo' 03:23 Tools
Let Out the Beast (Chinese Ver.) 03:27 Tools
으르렁 (Growl) 03:28 Tools
Baby, Don't Cry (인어의 눈물) 03:56 Tools
Into My World 03:53 Tools
Heart Attack (Chinese Version) 03:39 Tools
My Lady (Chinese Version) 01:14 Tools
발자국 On The Snow 01:14 Tools
3.6.5 (Chinese Version) 01:30 Tools
유성우流星雨 Lady Luck 04:21 Tools
XOXO (Chinese Version) 03:06 Tools
Don't Go 03:34 Tools
Obsession - Chinese Version 03:36 Tools
Love Me Right 〜romantic universe〜 01:30 Tools
Lucky (Chinese Version) 03:23 Tools
Peter Pan 03:56 Tools
전야 (前夜) (The Eve) 05:04 Tools
BIRD 05:04 Tools
Universe - CD Version 03:59 Tools
백색소음 (White Noise) 03:52 Tools
늑대와 미녀 Wolf 03:53 Tools
Love Shot - Chinese Version 03:36 Tools
Monster - Chinese Version 03:46 Tools
Lucky One - Chinese Version 03:00 Tools
유리어항 (One and Only) 03:57 Tools
피터팬 (Peter Pan) 03:57 Tools
December, 2014 (The Winter’s Tale) 01:22 Tools
HISTORY 03:30 Tools
인어의 눈물 Baby Don't Cry 03:55 Tools
늑대와 미녀 Wolf - Live 03:00 Tools
다이아몬드 (Diamond) 04:07 Tools
내가 미쳐 (Going Crazy) 01:30 Tools
Universe - Chinese Version 04:33 Tools
Thunder 03:54 Tools
약속 (EXO 2014) 04:46 Tools
Thunder - Live 04:33 Tools
중독 Overdose - Live 02:27 Tools
나비소녀 Don't Go 03:34 Tools
중독 (Overdose) 03:26 Tools
너의 손짓 (Touch It) 01:30 Tools
소름 (Chill) 01:30 Tools
Monster - LDN Noise Creeper Bass Remix 04:33 Tools
Artificial Love - Chinese Version 03:34 Tools
Tell Me What Is Love (D.O. Solo) - [Live] 01:49 Tools
월광 Moonlight - Live 04:43 Tools
Call Me Baby - Live 00:41 Tools
MAMA 06:14 Tools
기억을 걷는 밤 (Walk On Memories) 01:30 Tools
불공평해 (Unfair) 04:33 Tools
유성우 (流星雨) (Lady Luck) 04:34 Tools
白色噪音 White Noise - Chinese Version 03:58 Tools
CALL ME BABY (叫我) 03:36 Tools
Heaven - Chinese Version 03:58 Tools
Playboy - Live 03:45 Tools
My Lady - Live 00:00 Tools
咆哮 Growl 03:27 Tools
Machine 01:07 Tools
玻璃鱼缸 One and Only - Chinese Version 04:33 Tools
They Never Know - Chinese Version 04:33 Tools
Lucky - Live 03:50 Tools
LIGHTSABER (Bonus Track) 01:30 Tools
蝴蝶少女 (Don't Go) 03:36 Tools
늑대와 미녀 (Wolf) [EXO-K Version] 03:29 Tools
3.6.5 - Live 03:38 Tools
Cloud 9 - Chinese Version 03:58 Tools
Lotto - Chinese Version 03:00 Tools
Lotto - Live 03:28 Tools
Growl (EXO-M Version) 03:27 Tools
MAMA - Live 03:34 Tools
12월의 기적 (Classical Orchestra Version) 04:34 Tools
Lucky One - Instrumental 03:54 Tools
The Eve - Live 02:15 Tools
彼得潘 (Peter Pan) 03:56 Tools
Baby (第一步) 03:59 Tools
CALL ME BABY (叫我) - Chinese Version 03:46 Tools
으르렁 Growl - Live 04:33 Tools
Monster - Instrumental 04:33 Tools
Monster (LDN Noise Creeper Bass Remix) 03:46 Tools
Stronger - Chinese Version 03:50 Tools
Monster - Live 03:50 Tools
狼 美女 (Wolf) 00:29 Tools
The Eve 04:33 Tools
부메랑 (Boomerang) 03:00 Tools
Baby, Don't Cry (人 的眼) 03:54 Tools
Sing For You - Live 03:00 Tools
What is Love 03:56 Tools
My Turn To Cry (BAEKHYUN Solo) - [Live] 03:58 Tools
Heaven - Live 03:54 Tools
偏心 Unfair - Chinese Version 03:58 Tools
Ko Ko Bop - Chinese Version 00:00 Tools
Overdose 03:26 Tools
월광 (Moonlight) 04:28 Tools
Tender Love - Live 04:28 Tools
늑대와 미녀 (Wolf) [Chinese Version] 03:52 Tools
발자국 (On the snow) 01:30 Tools
The Eve - Chinese Version 02:56 Tools
12월의 기적 Miracles in December (Classical Orchestra Version) 03:00 Tools
Ko Ko Bop - Live 01:00 Tools
For Life - English Version, Live 03:04 Tools
Forever - Live 03:00 Tools
Love, Love, Love - (Acoustic Version) [Studio Version] 04:33 Tools
十二月的奇迹 (Miracles in December) 04:33 Tools
MAMA (Rearranged) - [Live] 03:34 Tools
피터팬 Peter Pan - Live 03:41 Tools
Power - Instrumental 03:39 Tools
December, 2014 (The Winter's Tale) 04:33 Tools
닿은 순간 (Ooh La La La) 04:33 Tools
LOVE ME RIGHT 漫游宇宙 - Chinese Version 03:34 Tools
12월의 기적 Miracles in December 04:37 Tools
유성우 (流星雨) (Lady Luck) 01:30 Tools
Power - R3HAB Remix 03:21 Tools
Growl - Live 03:21 Tools
一生一事 For Life - Chinese version 03:00 Tools
EL DORADO (黃金國) 00:07 Tools
Xoxo 03:07 Tools
Artificial Love - Live 03:50 Tools
TRANSFORMER (變形女) 04:33 Tools
백색소음 White Noise - Live 03:50 Tools
유성우 流星雨 Lady Luck 03:00 Tools
지나갈 테니 (Been Through) 01:30 Tools
TRANSFORMER (变形女) - Chinese Version 02:43 Tools
梦 She’s Dreaming - Chinese Version 00:00 Tools
EL DORADO (黄金国) - Chinese Version 03:34 Tools
HURT (傷害) 04:33 Tools
Run 03:24 Tools
Can’t Bring Me Down - Chinese Version 03:27 Tools
I See You - Live 03:27 Tools
Miracles in December - Chinese Version 01:35 Tools
PLAYBOY (壞男孩) 04:21 Tools
Black Pearl (Rearranged) - [Studio Version] 04:33 Tools
咆哮 Growl (EXO-M Version) 03:28 Tools
EXODUS (逃脱) - Chinese Version 03:28 Tools
EXODUS (逃脫) 04:21 Tools
불공평해 Unfair - Live 03:53 Tools
Can`t Bring Me Down 02:48 Tools
Baby Don't Cry - Live 04:33 Tools
PLAYBOY (坏男孩) - Chinese Version 03:28 Tools
Run - Live 03:38 Tools
亿万分之一的奇迹 Falling For You - Chinese version 03:38 Tools
오아시스 (Oasis) 03:38 Tools
MY ANSWER (我的答案) 01:30 Tools
The Star (星) 04:07 Tools
Love Me Right - Live 03:00 Tools
Black Pearl (Rearranged) (Studio Ver.) 01:30 Tools
Psycho - Live 01:30 Tools
BEAUTIFUL (美) 01:30 Tools
CALL ME BABY 叫我 - Chinese Version 04:33 Tools
兩個視線, 一個視線 (What If..) 01:30 Tools
两个视线, 一个视线 (What If..) - Chinese Version 03:54 Tools
流星雨 (Lady Luck) 01:30 Tools
HURT (伤害) - Chinese Version 03:54 Tools
腳印 On the snow - Chinese Version 03:41 Tools
I'm Lay (LAY Solo) - [Live] 04:33 Tools
꿈 (She`s Dreaming) 03:54 Tools
Lightsaber - Live 03:38 Tools
狼 美女 (Wolf) [EXO-M Version] 04:07 Tools
Going Crazy - Live 04:07 Tools
K_중독(Overdose)_ 03:26 Tools
Transformer - Live 03:58 Tools
Love, Love, Love (Rearranged) - [Live] 03:50 Tools
LOVE ME RIGHT (漫遊宇宙) 03:25 Tools
Can't Bring Me Down 01:13 Tools
유성우 流星雨 Lady Luck - Live 03:34 Tools
후폭풍 (Bad Dream) 03:34 Tools
Touch It - Live 03:34 Tools
가끔 (With You) 03:34 Tools
再续冬季 What I Want For Christmas - Chinese version 03:05 Tools
狼 美女 (Wolf) [Korean Version] 01:30 Tools
History - Live 03:50 Tools
Black Pearl (Rearranged) - [Live] 04:33 Tools
Sweet Lies - Live 04:33 Tools
Up Rising (CHEN Solo) - [Live] 00:00 Tools
Love, Love, Love 02:43 Tools
Tell Me What Is Love (D.O.) 01:30 Tools
같이해 Together - Live 03:41 Tools
暖冬 Winter Heat - Chinese version 03:34 Tools
二十四小时 Twenty Four - Chinese version 03:41 Tools
MY ANSWER (我的答案) - Chinese Version 04:33 Tools
Chill - Live 04:33 Tools
Cloud 9 - Live 03:41 Tools
Beautiful (SUHO Solo) - [Live] 03:50 Tools
What U do? - Chinese Version 06:08 Tools
여기 있을게 (Smile On My Face) 06:08 Tools
TENDER LOVE 就是爱 - Chinese Version 03:50 Tools
Let Out The Beast - Live 03:50 Tools
流星雨 (Lady Luck) - Chinese Version 04:33 Tools
初雪 (The First Snow) 01:30 Tools
Delight (CHANYEOL Solo) - [Live] 03:50 Tools
Machine - Live 03:00 Tools
Drop That - Live 03:34 Tools
Forever - Chinese Version 03:24 Tools
Ka-CHING! - Korean Version, Live 03:24 Tools
Boomerang - Live 03:24 Tools
The Star - Chinese Version 02:57 Tools
Lucky One - Chinese Version Instrumental 03:05 Tools
Going Crazy 04:33 Tools
HURT 伤害 - Chinese Version 03:38 Tools
Moonlight - Live 03:38 Tools
Walk On Memories - Chinese Version 03:55 Tools
Christmas Day - Chinese Version 03:34 Tools
MY ANSWER 我的答案 - Chinese Version 03:38 Tools
狼與美女 Wolf 03:50 Tools
Lucky One (Chinese Ver.) 04:33 Tools
TENDER LOVE (就是愛) 03:53 Tools
Monster - Chinese Version Instrumental 03:24 Tools
The Lost Planet - Live 03:41 Tools
Diamond 04:33 Tools
Beyond - Live 04:33 Tools
Beautiful (SUHO) 02:43 Tools
Universe - Live 02:43 Tools
Metal (TAO Solo) - [Live] 03:38 Tools
Lady Luck 03:27 Tools
Haka 00:46 Tools
I'm Lay (LAY) 03:34 Tools
Walk On Memories - Live 03:34 Tools
Up Rising (CHEN) 01:46 Tools
約定 (EXO 2014) 03:34 Tools
人魚的眼淚 Baby Don't Cry 03:53 Tools
트라우마 (Trauma) 03:53 Tools
蝴蝶少女 Don't Go 03:34 Tools
Drop That - Korean Version, Live 03:34 Tools
Delight (CHANYEOL) 03:34 Tools
Coming Over - Korean Version, Live 03:34 Tools
Unfair 03:52 Tools
Run This - Korean Version, Live 03:52 Tools
White Noise 00:27 Tools
流星雨 Lady Luck - Chinese Version 03:34 Tools
Touch It 04:33 Tools
Open Arms 03:28 Tools
Beat Maker (SEHUN) 03:28 Tools
FIRST LOVE (初戀) 03:54 Tools
Deep Breath (KAI) 03:54 Tools
Wolf - The Legend Begins 03:54 Tools
Artificial Love (Chinese Ver.) 03:50 Tools
Baby Don`t Cry 03:54 Tools
으르렁 (Growl) (Stage Ver.) (Studio Ver.) 03:54 Tools
Years - Korean Version, Live 03:54 Tools
Been Through 03:55 Tools
BEAUTIFUL 美 - Chinese Version 03:54 Tools
Tempo (Chinese Version) 03:54 Tools
彼得潘 Peter Pan 03:54 Tools
늑대와 미녀 (Wolf) (Stage Ver.) (Studio Ver.) 03:58 Tools
Chill 00:00 Tools
節奏 (Tempo) 00:00 Tools
너의 세상으로 (Angel) 03:00 Tools
Freestyler 03:34 Tools
Metal (Tao) 03:58 Tools
第一步 Baby 03:58 Tools
늑대와 미녀 (Wolf) (EXO-K Ver.) 03:58 Tools
Power - Chinese Version 03:38 Tools
꿈 (She's Dreaming) 03:27 Tools
Walk On Memories 00:00 Tools
One and Only 03:54 Tools
Heaven (Chinese Ver.) 03:41 Tools
Love Me Right - Romantic Universe 03:41 Tools
What If.. 05:45 Tools
十二月的奇迹 (Classical Orchestra Ver.) 04:33 Tools
偏心 (Unfair) 03:50 Tools
Cloud 9 (Chinese Ver.) 03:00 Tools
K_HISTORY_ (Korean ver.) 00:00 Tools
Universe (CD Ver.) 03:50 Tools
Boomerang 03:52 Tools
They Never Know (Chinese Ver.) 03:38 Tools
Power - SHAUN Remix 06:08 Tools
Girl x Friend (女 x 友) 03:00 Tools
Call Me Baby (Chinese Version) 02:57 Tools
늑대와 미녀 (Wolf) (Chinese Ver.) 03:00 Tools
Miracles in December (Classical Orchestra Version) - Chinese Version 03:27 Tools
Sing For You爲你而唱 - Chinese Version 03:50 Tools
Stronger (Chinese Ver.) 02:57 Tools
White Noise (Chinese Ver.) 03:38 Tools
上瘾 (Overdose) 00:00 Tools
Lotto (Chinese Ver.) 03:24 Tools
Monster (Chinese Version) 03:34 Tools
두 개의 달이 뜨는 밤 (TWO MOONS) (feat. Key of SHINee) 02:57 Tools
One and Only (Chinese Ver.) 02:57 Tools
花요일 (Blooming Day) 04:07 Tools
첫 눈 (The First Snow) 03:38 Tools
The First Snow 03:50 Tools
Sing For You (爲Ni而唱) 03:00 Tools
Dancing King 04:12 Tools
중독(Overdose) 03:54 Tools
Sweet Lies - Chinese Version 03:55 Tools
為心導航 (Universe) 04:08 Tools
Promise 03:27 Tools
Girl x Friend女 x 友 - Chinese Version 00:27 Tools
Lucky One (Chinese Version) 03:55 Tools
LIGHTSABER (光劍) (Bonus Track) 03:50 Tools
Breakin` Machine (XIUMIN) 03:41 Tools
狼与美女 (Wolf) 03:50 Tools
破風 (The Eve) 00:28 Tools
Power - IMLAY Remix 03:54 Tools
Universe (CD Version) 03:27 Tools
Heart Attack (Chinese Ver.) 03:38 Tools
It's Still a Dark Night 03:41 Tools
脚印 (On the snow) 03:38 Tools
Miracles In December (Chinese Version) 04:34 Tools
Ko Ko Bop (Chinese Ver.) 01:00 Tools
EL DORADO (Chinese Version) 03:24 Tools
TRANSFORMER (Chinese Version) 03:54 Tools
HURT (Chinese Version) 03:05 Tools
Boomerang - Chinese Version 00:00 Tools
나비소녀 (Don`t Go) 03:34 Tools
EXODUS (Chinese Version) 03:27 Tools
月光 (Moonlight) 03:38 Tools
LIGHTSABER光劍 - Chinese Version [Bonus Track] 03:50 Tools
Moonlight 00:00 Tools
The Star (Chinese Version) 04:08 Tools
My Lady (Chinese ver.) 01:13 Tools
My Turn to Cry (Chinese Version) 04:07 Tools
Thunder (雷电) 02:57 Tools
The First Snow (Chinese Version) 04:07 Tools
PLAYBOY (Chinese Version) 03:24 Tools
Christmas Day (Chinese Version) 03:46 Tools
Artificial Love (Chinese Version) 03:52 Tools
Love, Love, Love (梦中梦) 06:08 Tools
Lady Luck (Chinese Version) 03:27 Tools
Why Did You Do It 06:08 Tools
전야 (The Eve) 00:00 Tools
Power - Dash Berlin Remix 00:28 Tools
MY ANSWER (Chinese Version) 03:27 Tools
What If.. (Chinese Version) 03:27 Tools
Run (奔跑) 01:13 Tools
Monster (Instrumental) 03:55 Tools
Thunder (Live) 03:55 Tools
3.6.5 (Chinese Ver.) 03:05 Tools
Lotto (Korean ver.) 03:23 Tools
Tell Me What Is Love (D.O. Solo) [Live] 03:46 Tools
Lucky One (Instrumental) 03:54 Tools
Heaven (Chinese Version) 00:00 Tools
Love Shot (Chinese Version) 03:36 Tools
BEAUTIFUL (Chinese Version) 03:50 Tools
으르렁 03:24 Tools
可愛·可惡 (What U do?) 03:52 Tools
365 03:07 Tools
On the Snow 03:44 Tools
Cloud 9 (Chinese Version) 05:45 Tools
Baby, Don`t Cry (인어의 눈물) 03:54 Tools
宣告 (Love Shot) 03:54 Tools
으르렁 (Growl) (Korean ver.) 00:27 Tools
你的世界 (ANGEL) 03:27 Tools
Forever (Chinese Ver.) 03:55 Tools
Universe (Chinese Version) 03:50 Tools
指語 (Touch It) 03:52 Tools
LIGHTSABER (Japanese ver.) 03:52 Tools
Going Crazy (Chinese Ver.) 00:44 Tools
They Never Know (Chinese Version) 00:00 Tools
夢回暮夜 (Walk On Memories) 03:36 Tools
Growl (으르렁) 03:25 Tools
Chill (Chinese Ver.) 03:52 Tools
Power (R3HAB Remix) 00:27 Tools
Growl (Korean ver) 03:27 Tools
My Lady (Live) 03:28 Tools
C樂章 (Diamond) 00:44 Tools
FIRST LOVE (KOR Ver.) 03:05 Tools
Stronger (Chinese Version) 00:00 Tools
Monster (Korean ver.) 01:28 Tools
Lucky (live) 00:00 Tools
3.6.5 (Live) 03:52 Tools
중독 Overdose 03:25 Tools
M_上瘾(Overdose)_ 03:27 Tools
Growl (Korean Ver.) 03:24 Tools
Love, Love, Love (Acoustic Version) [Studio Version] 00:00 Tools
늑대와 미녀 Wolf (Live) 00:00 Tools
중독 Overdose (Live) 03:27 Tools
Can`t Bring Me Down (Chinese Ver.) 03:52 Tools
Growl (Korean Ver.) [MV Rip] 03:27 Tools
一生一事 (For Life) 04:33 Tools
白色噪音 White Noise (Chinese Version) 00:10 Tools
My Turn To Cry (BAEKHYUN Solo) [Live] 03:50 Tools
Lotto (Chinese Version) 03:13 Tools
으르렁 (Growl) (EXO-K Version) 03:27 Tools
월광 Moonlight (Live) 03:52 Tools
Baby, Don`t Cry (人鱼的眼泪) 03:54 Tools
夢 (She`s Dreaming) 00:28 Tools
Love Me Right (Chinese Version) 03:52 Tools
MAMA (Rearranged) [Live] 03:55 Tools
Overdose (Korean Ver.) 03:50 Tools
What U Do 03:50 Tools
狼與美女 (Wolf) 03:50 Tools
Wolf (Chinese ver.) 03:50 Tools
She’s Dreaming 03:50 Tools
으르렁 Growl (Live) 03:52 Tools
超音力 (Power) 04:13 Tools
Lucky (Chinese Ver.) 03:23 Tools
玻璃鱼缸 One and Only (Chinese Version) 03:52 Tools
Monster (LDN Noise Creeper Bass Remix) (Chinese Ver.) 00:00 Tools
Sweet Lies (Chinese Ver.) 03:17 Tools
Obsession (Chinese Version) 03:17 Tools
Love Me Right ~romantic universe~ 03:25 Tools
Let Out The Beast (Live) 04:13 Tools
CBX /「Ka-CHING!」 -Short Ver. 00:00 Tools
Baby, Don't Cry (人鱼的眼泪) 03:55 Tools
Growl (Chinese ver.) 03:27 Tools
으르렁 (Growl) (EXO-K Ver.) 00:44 Tools
CBX (첸백시)_Hey Mama!_ 03:50 Tools
Wolf (늑대와 미녀) 03:52 Tools
Miracles in December (Classical Orchestra Version) [Chinese Version] 04:33 Tools
Love, Love, Love (Rearranged) [Live] 03:46 Tools
Intro 00:00 Tools
LIGHTSABER - Japanese Ver. 04:33 Tools
Horololo 03:55 Tools
Lucky (Korean Ver.) 00:00 Tools
Machine (Live) 03:52 Tools
Growl 으르렁 (Full/Korean ver.) 00:00 Tools
History (Live) 03:17 Tools
Two Moons 01:25 Tools
二十四小時 (Twenty Four) 03:28 Tools
Boomerang (Chinese Ver.) 03:13 Tools
暖冬 (Winter Heat) 03:52 Tools
Call Me Baby (Korean ver.) 03:50 Tools
Black Pearl (Rearranged) [Live] 00:28 Tools
유성우 流星雨 Lady Luck - Live 03:50 Tools
K_MAMA_ (Korean ver.) 03:56 Tools
Up Rising (CHEN Solo) [Live] 00:00 Tools
億萬分之一的奇跡 (Falling For You) 03:52 Tools
Dubstep Intro 03:12 Tools
I'm Lay (LAY Solo) [Live] 03:27 Tools
12월의 기적 (Classical Orchestra Ver.) 04:33 Tools
再續冬季 (What I Want For Christmas) 03:46 Tools
EXO – K-pop Daebak Takeover Intro 03:12 Tools
MAMA (Chinese Ver.) 03:30 Tools
Szukam tematu 03:46 Tools
Angel (Live) 03:27 Tools
지킬 (Jekyll) 03:27 Tools
Promise EXO 2014 03:27 Tools
XOXO (Kisses & Hugs) [Live] 03:36 Tools
She's Dreaming 03:49 Tools
Unfair (Chinese Version) 03:52 Tools
Beautiful (SUHO Solo) [Live] 00:00 Tools
Nic Wprost Cz. 1 04:33 Tools
춤 (Groove) 04:33 Tools
Haka (Live) 03:52 Tools
蝴蝶少女 (Don`t Go) 03:34 Tools
Hey Mama 00:59 Tools
유성우 (Lady Luck) 00:59 Tools
Beat Maker (SEHUN Solo) [Live] 03:52 Tools
Nie rozumiem wiele 03:12 Tools
First Love (CHN Ver.) 03:12 Tools
Breakin' Machine (XIUMIN Solo) [Live] 00:00 Tools
Delight (CHANYEOL Solo) [Live] 00:00 Tools
Sing For You (Chinese Version) 03:43 Tools
First Love (Chinese Version) 00:00 Tools
Miracles In December (Korean Ver) 04:33 Tools
Baby, Don't Cry (인어의눈물) 03:55 Tools
Wolf - The Legend Begins (Live) 03:52 Tools
TENDER LOVE (Chinese Version) 00:10 Tools
Pianinko 03:45 Tools
Power - (Chinese Version) [Instrumental] 03:42 Tools
Power (SHAUN Remix) 03:52 Tools
XOXO (Chinese Ver.) 03:06 Tools
Breakin' Machine (XIUMIN) 03:28 Tools
으르렁 Growl (Stage Version) [Studio Version] 03:52 Tools
PROMISE (EXO 2014) 00:10 Tools
Power (Dash Berlin Remix) 03:26 Tools
Zrozumieć kobietę 04:05 Tools
월광 Moonlight 00:27 Tools
Lucky One (Korean ver.) 03:53 Tools
나비효과 (Butterfly Effect) 03:53 Tools
The Lost Planet (Live) 00:00 Tools
Outro 06:54 Tools
XOXO (Kisses & Hugs) (Korean Ver.) 03:55 Tools
오늘도 (Day After Day) 03:55 Tools
彼得潘 (Peter Pan) 03:54 Tools
Jedna z historii 03:47 Tools
双月之夜 (TWO MOONS) (feat. Key of SHINee) 02:57 Tools
늑대와 미녀 Wolf (Stage Version) [Studio Version] 00:00 Tools
Call Me Baby (Live) 00:27 Tools
Deep Breath (KAI Solo) [Live] 05:45 Tools
LIGHTSABER (Chinese Version) [Bonus Track] 00:27 Tools
Baby, Don't Cry (ÀξîÀÇ ´«¹°) 03:55 Tools
First Love (Korean ver.) 04:33 Tools
Nic Wprost Cz. 2 03:54 Tools
Power (Instrumental) 01:35 Tools
피터팬 Peter Pan (Live) 00:00 Tools
Girl x Friend (Chinese Version) 00:00 Tools
Intro Dubstep 03:52 Tools
Exo 2014 (Chinese Version) 03:43 Tools
Can’t Bring Me Down (Chinese Version) 03:26 Tools
Power (IMLAY Remix) 03:27 Tools
Growl (EXO-K Version) 04:33 Tools
Gra bez konca (feat.Nika) 04:13 Tools
On the Snow (Chinese Version) 00:00 Tools
Playboy (LIVE) 04:19 Tools
狼与美女 (Wolf) 03:50 Tools
Artificial Love (Korean Ver.) 03:52 Tools
Metal (TAO Solo) [Live] 03:50 Tools
初雪 03:28 Tools
Dawni znajomi (feat.Junes) 04:00 Tools
´Á´ë¿Í ¹Ì³à (Wolf) 03:52 Tools
My Turn To Cry(爱离开) 01:00 Tools
Christmas Day(圣诞节) 03:46 Tools
Szczegoly 03:26 Tools
Freestyler (bonustrack) 03:26 Tools
Lotto (live) 01:13 Tools
으르렁(Growl) 00:10 Tools
Cos osobistego (feat.Nika) 03:17 Tools
늑대와 미녀 03:52 Tools
Baby Don't Cry (인어의 눈물) 03:55 Tools
Wydaje Ci sie 04:09 Tools
MIROTIC 07:16 Tools
ÇÇÅÍÆÒ (Peter Pan) 03:56 Tools
M_MAMA_ (Chinese ver.) 00:00 Tools
으르렁 (Growl)(Korean ver.) 00:28 Tools
Zab (feat.NPoT) 00:28 Tools
꿈 She's Dreaming 03:07 Tools
중독 03:52 Tools
Bezsennosc 03:34 Tools
狼与美女 (Wolf) (Korean Ver.) 04:45 Tools
K_WHAT IS LOVE_ (Korean Ver.) 03:52 Tools
狼与美女 (Wolf) (EXO-M Ver.) 00:59 Tools
Growl (Chinese Ver.) [MV Rip] 03:27 Tools
咆哮 (Growl) (EXO-M Version) 00:00 Tools
一生一事 For Life (Chinese Version) 00:27 Tools
나비소녀(Don't Go) 00:00 Tools
Monster (Live) 00:00 Tools
MAMA (Live) 03:56 Tools
³ªºñ¼Ò³à (Don't Go) 03:36 Tools
늑대와 미녀 (Wolf) (Korean ver.) 03:52 Tools
Ko Ko Bop (Chinese Version) 03:55 Tools
GROWL_으르렁 03:24 Tools
12월의 기적 01:35 Tools
Miracles in December (Classical Orchestra Version) 04:33 Tools
What If 01:23 Tools
Wolf (Korean Version) 03:52 Tools
Sing For You (Live) 03:52 Tools
Christmas Day (Korean Ver.) 03:47 Tools
Wolf (Chinese Version) 03:50 Tools
지킬 Jekyll 03:50 Tools
Heaven (Live) 00:54 Tools
늑대와 미녀 Wolf (album ver.) 00:00 Tools
Tam gdzie Ty 03:31 Tools
The Eve (Chinese Version) 02:02 Tools
My Turn to Cry (Korean Ver) 00:00 Tools
Miracles In December (Korean Ver.) 03:00 Tools
EXO – K-pop Daebak Takeover Intro 2 00:44 Tools
같이해 (Together) 03:50 Tools
Ko Ko Bop - EXO 03:52 Tools
Miracles in December (Chinese ver.) 04:33 Tools
K 01:00 Tools
MAMA (Music Box) 00:44 Tools
亿万分之一的奇迹 Falling For You (Chinese Version) 03:26 Tools
K_HISTORY_Only Dance (Korean ver.) 00:00 Tools
Tender Love (Live) 03:21 Tools
梦 She’s Dreaming (Chinese Version) 03:49 Tools
Выключите солнце 05:45 Tools
EXODUS (逃脱) 04:33 Tools
LIGHTSABER (光劍) 03:56 Tools
Time Control 00:59 Tools
暖冬 Winter Heat (Chinese version) 00:59 Tools
Full Moon 01:23 Tools
二十四小时 Twenty Four (Chinese Version) 03:50 Tools
再续冬季 What I Want For Christmas (Chinese Version) 03:50 Tools
Heaven (Korean ver.) 03:13 Tools
Don't Go (Chinese Version) 03:34 Tools
Lucky (Ballad ver. + Rain) 00:00 Tools
춤 Groove 00:00 Tools
Electric Kiss (Short Ver.) 00:10 Tools
Call Me Daddy 03:50 Tools
Monster (LDN Noise Creeper Bass Remix) [Chinese Version] 03:50 Tools
Artificial Love (Live) 04:19 Tools
Overdose (중독) 01:19 Tools
으르렁 (Growl) [EXO-K Version] 03:52 Tools
EXO Keep on Dancing 03:52 Tools
What Is Love (Chinese Ver.) 04:21 Tools
나비소녀 03:36 Tools
Forever (Chinese Version) 03:36 Tools
´Á´ë¿Í ¹Ì³à (Wolf) Chinese Ver. 03:50 Tools
ТРОЛЛИ ЖРАЛЛИ! 03:50 Tools
늑대와 미녀 (Wolf) (Korean ver.) 03:53 Tools
피터팬 03:56 Tools
My Turn To Cry (Korean Ver.) 04:05 Tools
First Love (Chinese ver.) 04:33 Tools
인어의 눈물 (Baby, Don't Cry) 03:56 Tools
Wolf (Korean Ver.) 03:52 Tools
Безноженька 00:10 Tools
RUN (Live) 03:27 Tools
Growl (live) 03:27 Tools
Соц. опрос 00:10 Tools
Power (Inst.) 03:56 Tools
Growl (Chinese Version) 03:27 Tools
For Life (English Version) [Live] 03:27 Tools
The Eve (Live) 03:27 Tools
Sabor a Mi 03:36 Tools
Transformer (Live) 03:44 Tools
Ko Ko Bop (Live) 03:23 Tools
XOXO (Korean ver.) 03:06 Tools
My Turn To Cry (愛離開) 04:07 Tools
Emergency 04:33 Tools
十二月的奇迹 Miracles in December 04:33 Tools
HISTORY (Korean Ver.) 03:29 Tools
EXO – K-pop Daebak Takeover Intro 3 03:56 Tools
Can't Bring Me Down (Chinese Ver.) 04:22 Tools
Cloud 9 (Korean Ver.) 03:58 Tools
约定 (EXO 2014) 01:23 Tools
TRANSFORMER (Chinese ver.) 00:00 Tools
Psycho (Live) 00:00 Tools
Chill (Chinese Version) 03:42 Tools
Lightsaber (Live) 04:33 Tools
Lucky One (Chinese Version) [Instrumental] 01:36 Tools
오늘도 Day After Day 01:36 Tools
狼与美女 (EXO 中文版) 03:52 Tools
Walk On Memories (Chinese Version) 00:00 Tools
나비효과 Butterfly Effect 00:00 Tools
Moonlight (Live) 00:00 Tools
Love Me Right (Live) 03:34 Tools
Drop That (Live) 03:29 Tools
Baby Don't Cry (Chinese Version) 00:00 Tools
Christmas Day (聖誕節) 03:46 Tools
12월의 기적(Miracles in December) 00:00 Tools
Love Love Love 03:55 Tools
Going Crazy (Chinese Version) 04:07 Tools
十二月的奇迹(miracles in december)_Classical Orchestra Version 01:00 Tools
we are the future 01:39 Tools
Forever (Live) 01:39 Tools
Бессонная Ночь 03:43 Tools
Baby Don't Cry (Live) 03:49 Tools
HISTORY (Chinese Ver.) 03:29 Tools
K_Special Stage 'Sabor a Mi'_KBS MUSIC BANK in MEXICO_2014.11.12 03:54 Tools
Happyness 01:00 Tools
What U do? (Chinese Version) 00:00 Tools
Peter Pan (피터팬) 03:56 Tools
MAMA (Korean) 00:00 Tools
For Life (Korean Ver.) 03:42 Tools
Monster (Chinese Version) [Instrumental] 03:58 Tools
Diamond (Chinese Version) 03:34 Tools
What If... 03:38 Tools
Lightsaber (JP version) 03:38 Tools
咆哮 (Growl) (EXO-M Ver.) 03:44 Tools
으르렁 (Growl) (Chinese ver.) 00:27 Tools
Drop That (JP version) 00:27 Tools
중독 (Overdose) [EXO Version] 04:33 Tools
Смерть и дева 00:27 Tools
Touch It (Chinese Version) 00:00 Tools
Baby (Chinese Version) 03:58 Tools
Pojebawszy [prod. soulpete] 00:27 Tools
Teach Me To Die 01:19 Tools
Metal 01:23 Tools
Cloud 9 (Live) 03:28 Tools
Peter Pan (Chinese Version) 03:54 Tools
The Star (Korean Ver.) 04:05 Tools
Growl 으르렁 00:00 Tools
Tell Me What Is Love 03:29 Tools
Full Moon (Live) 03:52 Tools
Really I Didn't Know 04:19 Tools
White Noise (백색소음) 03:27 Tools
Psycho 03:27 Tools
꿈 (She’s Dreaming) (Korean ver.) 05:46 Tools
I See You (Live) 05:46 Tools
I See You 05:46 Tools
HISTORY (Korean Version) 03:29 Tools
Sweet Lies (Live) 03:29 Tools
Ostrzegamy (feat. Rado Radosny) 04:33 Tools
Growl (EXO-K Ver.) 03:29 Tools
Girl x Friend (Live) 02:02 Tools
Dead Ballad (bonustrack) 04:33 Tools
Ka-CHING! (Korean Version) [Live] 04:33 Tools
White Noise (Chinese Version) 04:33 Tools
백색소음 White Noise (Live) 03:52 Tools
Can’t Bring Me Down (Korean ver.) 03:26 Tools
Lucky One (Live) 03:26 Tools
Twenty Four (Korean Ver.) 03:42 Tools
Suzanne 03:50 Tools
狼与美女 (Wolf) (Korean Ver.) 03:50 Tools
Christmas Day (Korean Ver) 00:00 Tools
시선 둘 시선 하나 What If.. 04:33 Tools
Увертюра в C-dur 01:13 Tools
What a life 01:13 Tools
Обратной дороги нет 03:50 Tools
으르렁 (Ballad ver.) 00:00 Tools
夢 (She's Dreaming) 04:33 Tools
MACHINE (Chinese Ver.) 03:54 Tools
Wolf (Live) 03:54 Tools
Freestyler (Bomfunk MC's Cover) 03:55 Tools
유성우 Lady Luck 03:33 Tools
Don't Go (나비소녀) 03:36 Tools
M 00:00 Tools
First Snow 03:56 Tools
They Never Know (Korean ver.) 02:48 Tools
Electric Kiss (Live) 02:48 Tools
One and Only (Chinese Version) 02:48 Tools
Zapraszam (feat. Eneka) 04:05 Tools
Przekornie (feat. Bek-on) 04:05 Tools
Intro (feat. Adaś i Eva) 00:00 Tools
EXO Keep On Dancing (Live) 00:00 Tools
For Life (Live) 00:00 Tools
For Life (English Ver.) 00:00 Tools
节奏 (Tempo) 03:44 Tools
嗜 (Obsession) (Chinese Version) 00:00 Tools
Going Crazy (Live) 00:00 Tools
The First Snow (Korean Ver) 04:05 Tools
KoKoBop 01:05 Tools
Stałe fragmenty (feat. Junes) 03:29 Tools
Здесь нет никого 03:13 Tools
狼与美女 (Wolf) (EXO-M Ver.) 03:13 Tools
Sing For You (爲你而唱) 03:26 Tools
Baby, Don't Cry (АОѕоАЗ ґ«№°) 03:55 Tools
Diagnoza (feat. eXo) 03:13 Tools
Call Me Baby - EXO 03:44 Tools
MAMA (Korean Ver.) 06:14 Tools
12월의 기적 (Miracles in December) (Korean ver.) 04:33 Tools
Monster (LDN Noise Creeper Bass Remix [Chinese Version]) 00:59 Tools
В жопе (bonus track) 05:44 Tools
Black Metal (Immortal Cover) 03:13 Tools
Odeszła (feat. Dekim) 03:55 Tools
불공평해 Unfair (Live) 03:36 Tools
One and Only (유리어항) 03:07 Tools
Love, Love, Love [Acoustic Version] [Studio Version] 03:28 Tools
Ta bienveillance 02:12 Tools
What U do? (Live) 02:12 Tools
Emmanuel 04:15 Tools
Boomerang (Live) 04:15 Tools
Tempo - EXO 03:44 Tools
아직도 어두운 밤인가봐 03:44 Tools
Powrót do domu (feat. Klasiik) 03:29 Tools
K XOXO (Color Coded Hangul/Rom/Eng Lyrics) 03:58 Tools
For Life - English Version,Live 03:58 Tools
EXO 2014 03:36 Tools
LOVE ME RIGHT - EXO 03:52 Tools
전야 (前夜) (The Eve) - EXO 03:52 Tools
Promise (약속) 03:36 Tools
We Young (Live) 03:36 Tools
11-ое сентября (Глаз Юпитера) 03:29 Tools
LOVE LOVE LOVE (Acoustic Ver.) (Studio Ver.) [EXOLOGY CHAPTER 1- THE LOST PLANET] 03:29 Tools
같이해 Together (Live) 03:52 Tools
LIGHTSABER Japanese Ver. 03:53 Tools
She`s Dreaming 04:21 Tools
The First Snow (Korean Ver.) 01:52 Tools
Touch It (Live) 01:52 Tools
Two Moons (feat. Key of SHINee) 01:24 Tools
Baby, Don't Cry (人魚的眼淚) 03:54 Tools
Wolf (EXO-M Version) 03:47 Tools
Je Veux N'être Qu'à Toi 03:26 Tools
Collage love (feat. Nika, Wariat & Puoć) 03:44 Tools
Toksyczne myśli (feat. Kada & eXo) 03:44 Tools
으르렁 (Growl) 03:28 Tools
Love Love Love (Acousitc Ver.)(Studio Ver.) 02:12 Tools
Power (Live) 02:12 Tools
Beyond 02:12 Tools
K 엑소케이 'MAMA' MV (Korean ver.) 02:12 Tools
Let Out The Beast (Korean Ver.) Audio 03:32 Tools
유성우 流星雨 Lady Luck (Live) 03:27 Tools
咆哮 03:27 Tools
Run (Korean ver.) 03:28 Tools
Phoenix 00:54 Tools
All My Loving 02:02 Tools
They Call Me E.X.O - Radio Edit 03:28 Tools
咆哮(Growl) 00:00 Tools
白色噪音 (White Noise) 03:52 Tools
첫 눈 (First Snow) 00:00 Tools
eXo 01:52 Tools
(Wolf) 03:52 Tools
Going Crazy (내가 미쳐) 05:41 Tools
We Young 05:41 Tools
Black Metal(Immortal cover) 03:54 Tools
K Machine 03:27 Tools
Power (Chinese Version) 03:26 Tools
ґБґлїН №Міа (Wolf) 03:52 Tools
Lovin’ You Mo’ 03:50 Tools
Wolf (EXO-K Version) 03:07 Tools
Liberated 03:21 Tools
Why So Serious 02:12 Tools
Growl (EXO-M Ver.) 03:54 Tools
Overdose (live) 03:54 Tools
Beyond (Live) 03:54 Tools
Chill (Live) 03:54 Tools
The Star (Korean Ver) 00:00 Tools
十二月的奇迹(Miracles in December) 00:00 Tools
Wolf (Acoustic Cover) 01:36 Tools
Boomerang (Chinese Version) 03:29 Tools
Si tu veux le louer 03:42 Tools
꿈 (She’s Dreaming) 03:15 Tools
第一步 (Baby) 03:58 Tools
XOXO (Kisses & Hugs) (Chinese Ver.) 02:02 Tools
약속 00:00 Tools
Baby Dont Cry (Music Box) 01:52 Tools
Overdose (Areia Kpop Remix) 01:36 Tools
Love Me Right ∼romantic universe∼ 03:33 Tools
Universe (Live) 03:33 Tools
Growl (Korean Version) 03:28 Tools
Black Pearl (Rearranged)(Studio Ver.) 02:02 Tools
Hosanna 02:48 Tools
Angel (Into Your World) (Piano) 00:00 Tools
Overdose (중독) Korean Version (Color Coded Hangul/Rom/Eng Lyrics) 02:48 Tools
K Overdose 04:22 Tools
十二月的奇迹 04:33 Tools
Sweet Lies (Chinese Version) 03:29 Tools
嗜 Obsession (Chinese Version) 03:29 Tools
What Is Love (Korean Ver.) 04:22 Tools
Let Out the Beast (Korean Ver.) 00:58 Tools
超音力 (Power) (Chinese Ver.) 03:52 Tools
Love, Love, Love (Korean ver.) 02:02 Tools
Unfair, 엑소 - 불공평해, Show Music core 20151219 05:13 Tools
They Call Me 03:11 Tools
Call Me Baby (Chinese Ver.) 03:42 Tools
Dieu Est La Source De Ma Joie 03:31 Tools
Walk On Memories (Live) 03:31 Tools
Dead Ballad 04:22 Tools
꿈 (She's Dreaming) 03:02 Tools
Thunder (Korean ver.) 03:36 Tools
Can't bring me down (Korean ver.) 03:52 Tools
Un seul Dieu 03:42 Tools
God Save The Milky Way 05:46 Tools
Baby Dont Cry 03:33 Tools
The Star (Chinese Ver.) 04:08 Tools
Ka-CHING! (Korean Ver.) 04:08 Tools
Stronger (Korean ver.) 04:08 Tools
Notre Père 07:05 Tools
Qu'il En Soit Ainsi 04:44 Tools
Monster (Color Coded Han|Rom|Eng Lyrics) | by Yankat 04:44 Tools
인어의 눈물 03:55 Tools
Falling For You (Korean Ver.) 03:55 Tools
EXODUS (逃脫­) 00:48 Tools
Run This (Korean Version) [Live] 00:48 Tools
12월의 기적 (Miracles in December) Orchestra + Piano 00:00 Tools
叩叩趴 (Ko Ko Bop) 03:52 Tools
My Turn To Cry (Chinese Ver.) 04:07 Tools
It's still a dark night (130831 KBS Immortal Song 2) 00:00 Tools
Love, Love, Love (Acoustic Ver.) 03:06 Tools
Forever - EXO 03:56 Tools
늑대와 미녀 (Wolf) (EXO-K Version) 04:07 Tools
Chantez 03:27 Tools
Coming Over (Korean Version) [Live] 03:27 Tools
Run & Gun 04:44 Tools
Call me baby (korean ver.) {Color coded lyrics Han|Rom|Eng} 01:00 Tools
님과 함께 03:38 Tools
Lightsaber (Japanese ver) 03:33 Tools
Célébrez 02:48 Tools
System Undone 03:42 Tools
Universe - EXO 03:42 Tools
Years (Korean Ver.) 03:42 Tools
爱离开 (My Turn To Cry) 04:07 Tools
Lightsaber (3D version) 04:33 Tools
Years (Korean Version) [Live] 04:33 Tools
Abba 04:09 Tools
Glorifie ton nom 05:13 Tools
Starstruck Chemistry 03:42 Tools
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There are several artists or groups with this name: 1. EXO (Korean: 엑소) is a Chinese-South Korean boy band based in Seoul. Formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2011, the group consists of twelve members separated into two subgroups, EXO-K and EXO-M, performing music in Korean and Mandarin, respectively. EXO rose to fame with the release of their best-selling first album XOXO (2013), which contained the breakthrough hit "으르렁 (Growl)". XOXO was a critical and commercial success, winning both Disk Daesang at the 28th Golden Disk Awards and Album of the Year at the 15th Mnet Asian Music Awards. It eventually went to sell over one million copies, putting EXO as the fastest-selling Korean artist in twelve years. Their EP Overdose (2014) made EXO the highest-charting Korean male act on the Billboard 200. 2. The polish underground rapper is known for his relaxing, jazzy style and humorous lyrics. "Exotyka" is his second album released on 16 Wersow an independent, warsaw-based label. First one was called "Masaz Glowy". 3. The modern rock band from Chicago, USA was formed in the late 90s, and toured with several notable acts (including Trapt) before disbanding in 2006 at the death of one of the members. 4. The french-speaking christian band, founded in 1989 when the South-African Chris Christensen and his American wife Laura met the Swiss Thierry Ostrini. They have written several worship songs sung in french-speaking churches. Their first album (recorded in Brussels) was released in 1995. A specific profile has been created at EXO Groupe. Please update your music library tags. 5. A Russian Metal Band from Saint-Petersburg 6. Helsinki based three-piece EXO play a hybrid of riff based doom, post hardcore and pseudoscientific space rock, the last being a non-audible element. EXO strips off all of rock music's unnecessary elements, thus displaying the steady foundation of bass and drums. Their trademark sound is economic yet massive. 7. Behind the codename EXo (mind the capital X) we find Gheorghi Penkov -a person known for his numerous activities, both in art and science. 27 years old, he already has a definite musical experience -as a DJ, producer, promoter, music journalist and beatbox/darbuka performer. Jorro, as his friends call him, is open to every genre as long as it brings experiment and new ideas. EXo’s interest in music production and mixing dates back to 1995 when he initially got interested in interactive multimedia demos. Together with friend Martin Hristov, Gheorghi starts the demo group Ancient Media, that in consequently released the two demos – Idleness (’96) and Water Illusions (‘97). Demos are highly technological short video productions (10 mins) that render audio and video in realtime. This early interest in multimedia triggers EXo’s passion for electronic music. Between 19982001 he produces ambient and downtemp tracks under the SentagriS moniker. Unfortunately most of these never get released, since in 90s there is no label or company interested in such sound in Bulgaria,... net-labels are yet to come. Years later, two of these tracks are included in the digital releases Wamoxyn (2003, Z-dimension) and Acnod Tucmod Tipo (2007, Contone Records). With his typical perfectionism and endless energy, EXo continues his search for new sound experimenting with electronics, beat-boxing and darbuka/djembe drums. Soon after he finds the drum and bass that and it takes over his focus. EXo joins H.M.S.U. by appointment with Dimitar “Targy” Dimitrov, and is with the organization since it’s very first days. By that time he's a junior drum and bass DJ, one that in the course of time gets totally devoted to the classic drum and bass (it's what we nowadays call oldskool). After H.M.S.U’s third openair festival EXo’s focus starts to slowly shift towards jungle, and eventually dub music. During his sporadic 2003-2005 appearances on H.M.S.U. events he selects mostly roots and tech dub. Then suddenly, in 2005, he finds a new sound that fundamentally changes his view on bass music, and puts his musical roaming to an end. In 2006, EXo becomes the first DJ to pioneer the fresh dubstep genre in Bulgaria -the audience is schoked, yet fascinated by the unexpected beat. But that’s enough of a reason for dubstep to become EXo’s primary focus in the years to come. Consequently he proves himself as the leading dubstep DJ in the country – always with up to date selection of uncompromised sound quality. Up to date EXo has presented dubstep on more than 50 venues, and for the listening pleasure of Bulgarian, Romanian and Greek audiences. He has performed on one stage with artists like Luke Envoy and Mary Anne Hobbs /BBC Radio1/. In 2007, on two big venues, HMSU’s Summer Open-air Festival 2007 and at Drum and Jazz 2007, EXo presented his experimental live dupstep project together with popoular drummer Victor Alexandrov. Nowdays, EXo is also responsible for the logistics and coordination of number of H.M.S.U. activities. He and Martin Popov are the leading promoters for more than 50 events. Since mid 2005, EXo is involved in every single H.M.S.U. event. EXo also drives the Mirizma events – a musical platform for experimental and downtemp performances. 8. Ukrainian group EXO is made by ex-members of Skryabin band Rostislav "Roy" Domishevsky and Sergij "Shura" Gera (also member of "Dazzle Dreams" and "Druga Rika"). By this time they have made only one album in 2004. Guyz are following the style of old Skryabin. 9. A British Grime Rapper. 10. A Latin Freestyle Group who had the hit "Why Did You Do It". Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.