Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Fading Sigh 04:50 Tools
Light 01:39 Tools
Tomorrow Comes After Today 04:18 Tools
Slow Circulation 04:01 Tools
Zoetrope 04:27 Tools
Porte 04:15 Tools
コノ先二在ルモノ 04:05 Tools
Vindur 05:45 Tools
Requiem 05:21 Tools
A Trapped Moment of Imitations 05:59 Tools
Secret Longing (Serph Remix) 03:24 Tools
Labyrinthine Split Second (Matryoshka Remix) 03:39 Tools
Alegria 04:38 Tools
Ash 04:38 Tools
sacrifice 04:38 Tools
Alegría 04:38 Tools
starry 04:38 Tools
lost sanctuary 05:11 Tools
butterfly illumination 05:11 Tools
rusty chandelier 05:11 Tools
subliminal affirmation 05:11 Tools
vagueness 05:11 Tools
torn 05:11 Tools
eternal return 05:11 Tools
Forepassed 04:18 Tools
ever onward 04:18 Tools
we are all in unison 04:18 Tools
It's A Fire 04:18 Tools
Reflection 04:18 Tools
Hide and Seek 04:18 Tools
Sideb 04:18 Tools
part of me 04:18 Tools
Airy Region 04:18 Tools
secret 04:18 Tools
My Secret Birdcage 04:18 Tools
ending story 04:18 Tools
telluric 04:18 Tools
ring 04:18 Tools
O Noivo Chegou 04:05 Tools
Praga de Ex 04:05 Tools
Reflex - Kashiwa Daisuke (Reflection Remix) 00:30 Tools
コノ先二在ルモノ featuring uka & saiko 04:05 Tools
Mausmusik 03:15 Tools
Reflex - KASHIWA Daisuke - (reflection remix) 03:15 Tools
Paule, Der Baggerseepirat 03:45 Tools
Jazz Mania - Sax Remix 03:15 Tools
Movie - Sax Version 03:15 Tools
zoetrope featuring cellz cellar 00:30 Tools
Hallo und guten Morgen 00:30 Tools
Diary 02:57 Tools
Wir Sind Die Vampire 01:55 Tools
Die Frösche 03:39 Tools
sylphid 00:30 Tools
labyrinthine split second (matryoshka remix) - bonus track - 00:30 Tools
white bouquet 02:57 Tools
forbidden 03:39 Tools
Butterfly Illimination 02:57 Tools
dear Natalia 03:39 Tools
secret longing (Serph remix) - bonus track - 00:30 Tools
crecent 03:40 Tools
Zoetrope feat. Cellz Cellar 04:27 Tools
Sommerfest der Krabbeltiere 05:14 Tools
Coração Não Aguenta 02:54 Tools
Bahn frei 02:57 Tools
whiteout 04:27 Tools
Hymn 05:14 Tools
Willi Wackelzahn 01:28 Tools
Reflex – KASHIWA Daisuke (reflection remix) 03:40 Tools
Ich Kann Tanzen 03:24 Tools
Schnullernasen 01:46 Tools
Geburtstagslied 01:35 Tools
Labyrinthine Split Second - Matryoshka Remix 03:40 Tools
Labyrinthine Split Second (Matryoshka Remix) [Bonus Track] 03:39 Tools
Autschi Kabautschi 01:57 Tools
Trompetenschwein 03:48 Tools
Secret Longing - Serph Remix 03:25 Tools
Gummibär 03:40 Tools
Secret Longing (Serph Remix) [Bonus Track] 03:24 Tools
Guten Tag 03:25 Tools
Apfelbrei und Schweinespeck 01:23 Tools
Gewitterhexen 03:48 Tools
Hallo, Ich Bin Mücki 02:54 Tools
Hü hott, ich reit auf Opas Knie 02:04 Tools
Herr Pettermanns Talfahrt 04:18 Tools
Regenlied 02:01 Tools
Guck, Das Hier, Das Ist Mein Finger 02:07 Tools
Die Wackelpuddingberge 05:23 Tools
Die Kindergartenmonster 01:35 Tools
Müde bin ich Känguru 02:37 Tools
Das Schwein auf dem Baum 02:25 Tools
Gummischuh 02:33 Tools
Gib den Schuh 00:36 Tools
Monsterkind 04:10 Tools
Hallo Mond 02:55 Tools
Rumbarassel 01:22 Tools
Gespi-spa-spenst 01:42 Tools
Das Elefantenballett 03:25 Tools
Frechmax 04:18 Tools
Wenn die Wanzen tanzen 01:34 Tools
Klipper klapper 03:40 Tools
Reflex - Kashiwa Daisuke 03:40 Tools
Forepassed (Original mix) 03:40 Tools
Auf Wiedersehn 02:52 Tools
Piratinnen 02:52 Tools
Zahlen zählen 01:34 Tools
Zirkusboogie 03:40 Tools
Haseenhipphopp 04:18 Tools
Starry (feat. Ajysytz) 03:17 Tools
Imitated Imitation 03:17 Tools
Guck, Da Hoppelt Das Kaninchen 01:12 Tools
Ja, Wer Hüpft Den Da? 02:52 Tools
Länger, Länger 03:17 Tools
Wer Singt Den Da? 03:17 Tools
Konosaki Ni Arumono (feat. Uka & Saiko) 03:17 Tools
Die Piraten (Aloha Oha He) 03:17 Tools
Badehose 03:17 Tools
Killekitzelkäfer 03:17 Tools
Kono saki ni zai rumono 04:05 Tools
Labyrinthine Split Second(matryoshka Remix)- '' - 03:40 Tools
Hüpfmatratzenreise 03:40 Tools
Mücke Und Bär 03:40 Tools
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There are 2 artists named Ferri: #1: Ferri (Japan) A solo project by Ferri (vo. key. programing), An artist from Fukuoka. She is active around Tokyo now. With a laptop, she performs lyrics, composition, arrangement, the keyboard performance, and vocal by her own. She spins music which sounds like looking around slightly sad and missing scenery of your young time, and fuses the classic sound using the piano she got used to from childhood and a homesickness-like synthesizer sound. The solid synthesizer sound with the expanse and her vocal sounding from a low tone to a falsetto freely. The electronic sound that is ambient to go round like a revolving lantern. The music of magnificent Ferri with the thickness leads you to such a mysterious world. It seems to draw your small life on the campus called the earth. myspace : http://www.myspace.com/ooferrioo #2: Ferri (Germany) Ferri produces German children music. He is giving concerts for children, but also further trainings for grown ups in social jobs. http://www.ferri-kindertheater.de/ Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.