Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Dancing on Water 02:34 Tools
Dancing On Water (Canada) 02:36 Tools
Stories Of Times Past 05:08 Tools
Abi Gezunt 03:25 Tools
Freilach fun der Chupa 04:01 Tools
Oy Tate, S'is Gut 03:15 Tools
A Brivele der Mam'n 04:43 Tools
Sirba Batuta 02:09 Tools
Odessa Bulgar 02:27 Tools
Second Avenue Freilach 03:28 Tools
Greenhorn Blues 05:17 Tools
Bukovinska Polka 04:18 Tools
A Heimischer Sher 05:17 Tools
Father'S Nigun 05:32 Tools
I Wanna Fellow 04:22 Tools
Crossing Selkirk Avenue 06:35 Tools
Haneros Haluli 03:34 Tools
Shpiel Klezmer, Shpiel 03:21 Tools
Dancing On Water - Finjan 02:36 Tools
Bosphourous Freilach 00:00 Tools
Harbstlid 04:08 Tools
Rumeynisher Kretshmeh/Hora Staccato 04:10 Tools
Sharons Dance 03:47 Tools
Sharon's Dance 00:00 Tools
A Fish Out Of The Water (Sardines On Rye) 00:00 Tools
Bosphorus Freilach 04:31 Tools
Azoi Tantzt Men In Odessa (This Is How We Dance In Odessa) 04:31 Tools
10- Dancing On Water 04:31 Tools
Dancing on Water [Canada] 04:31 Tools
10 Freilach fun der Chupa 04:31 Tools
02 Abi Gezunt 04:31 Tools
03 Bosphorus Freilach 04:31 Tools
09 Shpiel Klezmer, Shpiel 04:31 Tools
A Fish Out of Water (Sardines on Rye) 00:00 Tools
06 Second Avenue Freilach 04:31 Tools
07 Crossing Selkirk Avenue 04:31 Tools
Azoi Tantzt Men In Odessa (Thi 00:00 Tools
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Finjan is a Canadian klezmer group based in Winnipeg, MB. Although the group plays traditional Jewish music, it incorporates aspects of other folk music. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.