Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
X-mas Song 01:59 Tools
I Was a Brontosaurus 03:49 Tools
We Heard the Fireworks 03:57 Tools
The Pull 02:29 Tools
Strawberries 02:11 Tools
Strange 02:17 Tools
Summer Has Gone 02:37 Tools
Kaleidoscope Eyes 03:40 Tools
You Were Mine 01:54 Tools
butterscotch 03:29 Tools
The Sky Turns To Black 03:09 Tools
Comme il Vous Plaira 02:36 Tools
The Dunes 03:07 Tools
rain soaked shoes 03:19 Tools
Flowers 02:48 Tools
rearranged 02:49 Tools
Winter 03:06 Tools
Your Map 02:56 Tools
Sledding 02:51 Tools
Owl City 00:30 Tools
Everything is Ending 02:51 Tools
A Chance Someday 00:30 Tools
The Breeze 02:54 Tools
Hiding Away 03:06 Tools
Paper Crane 03:17 Tools
Cherry Blossom Girl (Air cover) 03:46 Tools
Stars Falling Down 03:12 Tools
Fourth of July 03:12 Tools
Cartoons 03:11 Tools
Staring at the Starlight 03:11 Tools
Our Time to Fall 03:11 Tools
Everything's Hidden Away 02:32 Tools
If I Tell You 03:36 Tools
Piano Song 03:39 Tools
Himitsu 03:36 Tools
Kira Kira 08:09 Tools
Confidentially 02:22 Tools
September 03:25 Tools
A Thousand Days 03:25 Tools
I Cant Get Enough 08:09 Tools
Seventy-Seven 03:05 Tools
Summer too Soon 04:13 Tools
Sunsets in June 03:22 Tools
Disorder (Joy Division) 03:40 Tools
I Thought I Knew 03:05 Tools
cherry blossom girl 03:46 Tools
Snowstorm 03:22 Tools
Fireflies 05:42 Tools
Heaven (Talking Heads) 04:50 Tools
Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home) 02:51 Tools
Walk on the Moon (Asobi Seksu) 03:58 Tools
I Can't Get Enough 01:32 Tools
Judy is a Punk (Ramones) 02:10 Tools
Hollow Inside (The Cat's Miaow) 02:58 Tools
Birds (Neil Young) 02:55 Tools
Watchin' Girl (Shonen Knife) 02:42 Tools
Frosti 03:43 Tools
New november leaves 03:18 Tools
Rêve 02:53 Tools
Reaching For Blizzards 02:20 Tools
Il Neige un Peu Partout 03:26 Tools
Pale flashing light 03:49 Tools
I Can't Get Enough - Radio Edit 03:05 Tools
Disorder (Joy Division Cover) 03:40 Tools
Silent night 01:45 Tools
Cherry Blossom Girl (Air-cover) 03:46 Tools
Reve 02:53 Tools
Fireflies - Owl City 03:49 Tools
Back Home 03:19 Tools
Cloudwalkin' - Fluxxx Remix 04:24 Tools
Confidentially (Orchestra Version) 02:34 Tools
Sungha Jung 04:02 Tools
I Was a Brontosaurus (Guitar Version) 03:35 Tools
Your Map (Acoustic Version) 02:52 Tools
winter has come 03:41 Tools
Run Into the Forest (Mellotron Version) 02:58 Tools
Searching For The Sunshine 02:34 Tools
Your secret code 02:59 Tools
Stars Falling Down (Original Demo) 03:19 Tools
Forget Me Nots 03:06 Tools
Lisle's Town Theme 01:39 Tools
Snowstorm (Original Demo) 03:17 Tools
Comme il Vous Plaira (Piano Version) 02:55 Tools
X-Mas Song (Original Demo) 01:56 Tools
Raindrops Fall Again 02:27 Tools
Kaleidoscope Eyes (Piano Version) 03:39 Tools
Last Words 02:09 Tools
Can't Get Enough 03:54 Tools
les belles étoiles 03:54 Tools
piano tape 02:40 Tools
OwlCity (Original) 00:00 Tools
Selfish 02:21 Tools
Owl City (Piano Cover) b 1 00:00 Tools
Heaven 04:47 Tools
Stella Got A Fella 01:52 Tools
I Can't Get Enough (feat. Alexandra Prince) 03:05 Tools
Hollow Inside 02:58 Tools
re-arranged 02:56 Tools
The Fireflies - Player One 02:58 Tools
I Can't Get Enough (Radio Edit) 03:12 Tools
I Can't Get Enough - Richard F Spread Muzik Horns Remix 04:47 Tools
Its Useless 02:56 Tools
It's a Party 03:05 Tools
les belles etoiles 03:05 Tools
disorder 03:40 Tools
Waterfalls 02:13 Tools
Owl City music video w/ lyrics 03:53 Tools
Walk on the Moon 03:58 Tools
Piano 03:41 Tools
Just pretend 03:57 Tools
Saosin 08:30 Tools
Underneath The Moon 02:11 Tools
Judy is a Punk 02:11 Tools
Owl City (Piano Cover) by aldy32 01:54 Tools
I Can't Get Enough (Richard F Spread Muzik Horns Remix) 02:11 Tools
Prologue: Rapid Eye Movement 02:21 Tools
I can´t get enough 08:30 Tools
Fifty Wrongs Make A Right 04:50 Tools
Simple Device 02:21 Tools
I Cant Get Enough(Richard F Spread Muzik Horns Remix) 02:21 Tools
Trees looking barren 04:01 Tools
Stella's Got A Fella 01:54 Tools
Birds 02:55 Tools
Watchin' Girl 02:42 Tools
Owl City Cover 03:45 Tools
Owl City Cover-Sienna Skies 03:33 Tools
So New 08:30 Tools
the longest ride home 03:51 Tools
Run into the forest 08:30 Tools
I Can't Get Enough (Feat Alexandra Prince) 03:26 Tools
Cathy Come Home 01:54 Tools
Call Me Your Darkness 03:45 Tools
Welcome to Our Neck of the Woods 03:45 Tools
Mayday, Mayday 06:19 Tools
Cloudwalkin' (Fluxxx Remix) 04:23 Tools
Marc Humpert - Shadow Puppet (2010) 11:06 Tools
More Than This 01:54 Tools
It's Useless 01:54 Tools
Catching Snowflakes 04:37 Tools
Epilogue: Alarm Clock Radio, Detuned 02:36 Tools
I Can't Get Enough (feat. Alexandra Prince) - Radio Edit 03:13 Tools
the breeze v3 02:52 Tools
Kira-Kira 02:41 Tools
Lonely - Ocean Eyes Mix 04:57 Tools
Owl City (cover) 05:18 Tools
hanabi 02:42 Tools
dreams love faces 02:42 Tools
Come Back To Life 01:54 Tools
Olw city 03:48 Tools
Hey man, no one is noble 05:18 Tools
Owl City Cover by Bionic Ghost Kids 05:18 Tools
Fireflies (Young Wings) 01:54 Tools
Owl City auf WDR 2 02:42 Tools
Ariane Lydon 02:42 Tools
Introduction 02:01 Tools
Centimeters 02:58 Tools
Snow Begins To Fall 03:34 Tools
Love so pure 04:15 Tools
Mother Falcon 03:57 Tools
time machine 03:26 Tools
i was a brontosaurus v2 final 03:26 Tools
I Can't Get Enough (Ian Carey Remix) 00:51 Tools
My Girl 00:51 Tools
All The Aliens 03:26 Tools
Rapid Eye Radar 03:26 Tools
Microscope Eyes 03:26 Tools
Hey Man, No One Is Noble. 03:26 Tools
I Can't Get Enough(Richard F S 08:32 Tools
assignment 48 03:34 Tools
I Can't Get Enough (feat. Alexandra Prince) [Radio Edit] 03:34 Tools
It's A Party! 03:34 Tools
She Sings In Tune 03:34 Tools
Heartbeat Signals 03:34 Tools
The Takeoff 03:34 Tools
In My Mind 02:47 Tools
Adam Young feat. Matt Thiessen 03:20 Tools
Lonely 01:00 Tools
Walk on the Moon (Asobi Seksu cover) 01:00 Tools
Stoney Lane 01:00 Tools
Owl City (acapella cover) 01:00 Tools
Words 03:28 Tools
owl city - fireflies 04:03 Tools
Belles Etoiles 03:28 Tools
Still Corners 03:20 Tools
Mechanical Love 03:28 Tools
I Can't Get Enough @GaydarRadio 03:28 Tools
They've All Forgotten You 03:28 Tools
Owl City Violin Remix [cover] CHKProductions 03:28 Tools
Freeze Me 03:20 Tools
Beoulve - (2005) 03:28 Tools
We're Alive 03:28 Tools
Cant Get Enough 03:28 Tools
You We're Mine 01:55 Tools
X 01:55 Tools
Stop The Car!!!! 04:03 Tools
I Can't Get Enough (Club Explicit Mix) 04:03 Tools
My Prayer For You 04:03 Tools
Christmas Song 04:03 Tools
Player One 03:04 Tools
U & I (Lo-Fi Mix) 03:25 Tools
My Prayer For You 03:25 Tools
Closer To The End 03:20 Tools
She's My Witch 03:20 Tools
Owl City (with lyrics) 03:20 Tools
Stella Got A Fellow 03:20 Tools
The Receiver 03:20 Tools
Not On The Kitchen Table 03:20 Tools
Strange EP - Rain Soaked Shoes 03:20 Tools
I Can't Get Enough (feat Alexandra Prince) (Ian Carey Remix) 03:20 Tools
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There are four artists who use or have used the name Fireflies: 1. Fireflies is Lisle Mitnik. He grew up in the tundras of New England playing classical piano and one day moved to California to go to school and decided to start writing songs. He bought a portastudio and started recording, combining his love for lo-fi indie recordings of the 1980s and 90s with his unrefined knowledge of classical arrangement. He tries to craft each song into a tiny snow-globe-sized universe you can curl up in and get lost for a little while. 2. Fireflies is also the name of a pop-punk band from New York City who offer plenty of group photos on their MySpace. 3. The Fireflies were also a doo-wop group from Philadelphia. Formed in 1957, they lasted for a decade before disbanding in 1967. 4. fireflies were also a shoegazey punk group from Champaign, Illinois, active from 2004-2007. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.