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Light Me Up 00:00 Tools
Victoria Falls 00:00 Tools
Cathy Come Home 00:00 Tools
Archie, Marry Me 05:07 Tools
White Roses 05:07 Tools
Sliding Doors 00:00 Tools
Faithless 05:07 Tools
Echoes 05:07 Tools
Moon Unit 00:00 Tools
Please Eloise 00:00 Tools
We Are The Rain 00:00 Tools
Spiral 00:00 Tools
Little White Lies 00:00 Tools
Closer Together 00:00 Tools
Annie and Alistair 00:00 Tools
I Still Believe In You 00:00 Tools
Orphans Of The Storm 00:00 Tools
False Alarm 00:00 Tools
Over And Out 00:00 Tools
Victory Girls 00:00 Tools
Where Nobody Knows Your Name 00:00 Tools
Sometimes 00:00 Tools
Gone Girl 00:00 Tools
Woman 04:47 Tools
Heavy, Like a Child 05:28 Tools
Aim At the Head 04:29 Tools
Grace 05:09 Tools
Your Breath Enjoyer 04:14 Tools
You're Free, I Guess 05:59 Tools
King of Clouds 04:44 Tools
Brain Damage 04:48 Tools
Chasing Heaven 02:58 Tools
Annie and Alastair 02:58 Tools
Spiral - Live At Heath Street 02:58 Tools
Sliding Doors - Live At Heath Street 02:58 Tools
Little White Lies - Live At Heath Street 02:58 Tools
Orphans Of The Storm - Live At Heath Street 02:58 Tools
Won't Be Home For Christmas 02:58 Tools
Words Come Easily 00:00 Tools
Flyte - Light Me Up 00:00 Tools
In the Bleak Midwinter 00:00 Tools
Harley Street 06:00 Tools
Heavy Like A Child 06:00 Tools
You're Free I Guess 06:00 Tools
Oh For The Brains Of A Ludwig 05:07 Tools
What's Unknown (feat. Arisa Yoon) 00:00 Tools
Words Come Easily (Live in the Bedroom) 06:00 Tools
Archie, Marry Me (Alvvays) 06:00 Tools
The Sprawl (Arcade Fire) 06:00 Tools
Light Me Up | Sofar Manchester 06:00 Tools
Closer Together (Jack Steadman Edit) 06:00 Tools
Heaven (Talking Heads) 06:00 Tools
We Are Family 06:00 Tools
Chapter 2 06:00 Tools
Light Me Up (from December) 06:00 Tools
Flyte - Over And Out 06:00 Tools
These Days (Jackson Browne) 06:00 Tools
River (Joni Mitchell) 06:00 Tools
Five Years (David Bowie) 06:00 Tools
My Uncle 06:00 Tools
Archie, Marry Me (Alvvays cover) 06:00 Tools
Wheels 04:44 Tools
Remembrance Day (demo) 06:00 Tools
Harley Street (Live) 06:00 Tools
House Of Cards (Radiohead) 06:00 Tools
Decline & Fall 06:00 Tools
Spiral (Live At Heath Street) 06:00 Tools
Little White Lies (Live At Heath Street) 06:00 Tools
Sliding Doors (Live At Heath Street) 06:00 Tools
15 Aim At The Head 06:00 Tools
Another One (Mac Demarco) 06:00 Tools
Something Going On 04:44 Tools
Archie Marry Me (Alvvays cover) 04:44 Tools
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1. Flyte are a young band from London consisting of Will Taylor, Nick Hill, Jon Supran and Sam Berridge 2. Flyte were a Dutch/Flemish progressive rock group active from circa 1975-1981 (with a brief reunion in 1984 for a special concert). They released an album in 1979 (Dawn Dancer) and a single in 1980. 3. Flyte was also the name of a group with Chris Hillman, Gene Clark, Herb Pederson, Al Perkins, Trey Thompson. Obscure? Forgotten? I have only a bootleg (2 sets) for an 8/12/1982 in The Palomino, LA show and a concert at the Palomino. (different songlist) Out of the sessions for Gene Clark's album, where Chris Hillman and Herb Pedersen helped out, another group venture started: FLYTE. They were completed by Al Perkins. This line-up made together with Michael Clarke on the drums some recordings, which remain unreleased. For the concerts they were joined by Emmylou Harris. People who were lucky to attend one of the few concerts reported that it was magic. More to come. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.