Fred Penner

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Heartbeat 01:04 Tools
The Cat Came Back 03:34 Tools
Humility 03:05 Tools
Sandwiches 02:39 Tools
Otto The Hippo 02:32 Tools
Happy 03:38 Tools
Ghost Riders In The Sky 04:33 Tools
Proud 02:59 Tools
I Had A Rooster 03:46 Tools
Puff (The Magic Dragon) 03:13 Tools
Little White Duck 02:36 Tools
John Russell Watkins 02:24 Tools
Teagan's Lullaby 03:18 Tools
It Ain't Gonna Rain 02:19 Tools
The NEW Cat Came Back 02:51 Tools
The Story of Blunder 10:01 Tools
Grampa Song 03:47 Tools
Happy Feet 03:21 Tools
We're Gonna Shine 02:51 Tools
There Was An Old Lady 03:12 Tools
I Can Sing A Rainbow 02:34 Tools
Winken, Blinken & Nod 02:34 Tools
I Hear The Music 02:50 Tools
10 In The Bed 01:12 Tools
Oo Babba Loo 02:34 Tools
What A Day! 02:18 Tools
You Are My Sunshine 02:16 Tools
Mairzy Doats 01:53 Tools
This Old Man 02:20 Tools
Where In The World 02:32 Tools
Company Coming 02:20 Tools
You Can Do It If You Try 01:47 Tools
I Am The Wind 02:55 Tools
How Would You Feel If You Were a Wheel 02:50 Tools
There's A Hole In The Bottom of the Sea 02:50 Tools
A House is a House for Me 02:44 Tools
My Grandfather's Clock 02:15 Tools
Fred Penner's Place Theme 01:03 Tools
Never Smile At A Crocodile 02:57 Tools
La Vida 01:53 Tools
Marvelous Toy 03:14 Tools
The Gooey Duck Song 01:29 Tools
Ebeneezer Sneezer 02:16 Tools
You Can Do It (If You Try) 01:57 Tools
Courage 01:14 Tools
Alouette 02:51 Tools
Christmas Time Is Here Again 03:17 Tools
Imagination 02:52 Tools
Land of the Silver Birch/My Paddle's Keen and Bright 02:53 Tools
Trans Canadian Super Continental Special Express 02:45 Tools
Favourite Things 02:13 Tools
Saskatoon Berry Pie 03:38 Tools
Somebody Believes 03:38 Tools
The Bump 04:11 Tools
Poco 03:05 Tools
Polly Wolly Doodle 02:29 Tools
Take Good Care Of Each Other 01:08 Tools
Jim Along Josie 02:39 Tools
Moonlight Express 03:13 Tools
This Is My World 02:58 Tools
Bienvenue 02:41 Tools
Children's Garden 02:01 Tools
Working Together 02:23 Tools
The Cat Came Back (Again) 00:36 Tools
The Season 03:45 Tools
Rhyme a Word or Two 02:37 Tools
Collections 03:33 Tools
This Land Is Your Land 02:46 Tools
Holiday 02:36 Tools
Winken, Blinken and Nod 03:04 Tools
Twinkle Twinkle 02:12 Tools
At The Codfish Ball 02:21 Tools
The Fox 02:29 Tools
O Tannenbaum (O Christmas Tree) 01:16 Tools
Trans Canadian Super-Continental Streamlined Special Express 00:30 Tools
Keemo Kimo 02:25 Tools
It Ain’t Gonna Rain 03:03 Tools
Rock A Little, Baby 02:14 Tools
Stumble 02:56 Tools
Red Red Robin 01:14 Tools
Skip To My Lou 01:52 Tools
In Winnipeg At Christmas 01:11 Tools
Cantate Domino 02:23 Tools
Jack Was Every Inch A Sailer; The Sailor's Hornpipe 02:56 Tools
Camptown Races/Oh, Susannah 01:43 Tools
Ba Ba No Ma 02:09 Tools
Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor/The Sailor's Hornpipe 02:19 Tools
Car, Car Song 04:28 Tools
Car, Car Song (Riding In My Car) 01:56 Tools
Teagan’s Lullaby 03:03 Tools
Children Go 02:10 Tools
Virgin Mary Had A Baby Boy 02:23 Tools
White Christmas 01:10 Tools
Rollerskating 04:20 Tools
The Old Sow Song 01:14 Tools
Christmas Magic 01:52 Tools
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer 02:25 Tools
Sing Sing Sing 02:49 Tools
Over the Rainbow 04:14 Tools
Grandma's Quilt 00:30 Tools
E Compare 02:53 Tools
A Father's Song 02:42 Tools
Away In A Manger 02:04 Tools
Allergies 03:08 Tools
Catcher of Dreams 02:01 Tools
De Colores 03:38 Tools
You Can Count On Me 02:24 Tools
Hold Your Head Up 02:15 Tools
The River Will Bend 02:41 Tools
The Marvelous Toy 02:23 Tools
Fishin' 02:53 Tools
Angels In The Snow 03:11 Tools
Christmassy Kind Of Day 03:11 Tools
Land of the Silver Birch; My Paddle's Keen and Bright 02:58 Tools
If I Knew You Were Comin' 00:00 Tools
Ragg Mop 02:23 Tools
Celebrate Being 02:53 Tools
High Hopes 02:15 Tools
Bon Soir Mes Amis 00:42 Tools
Joy To The World 02:19 Tools
Moving Time 02:13 Tools
What You Need 02:58 Tools
Puff The Magic Dragon 01:35 Tools
Think Before You Leave 01:57 Tools
Jingle Bells 01:30 Tools
Michael Row The Boat 02:15 Tools
Fit 01:43 Tools
Mao Tzur (Rock Of Ages) 02:41 Tools
Talk Talk 01:39 Tools
Winken Blinken & Nod 03:04 Tools
The Fishin' Hole 02:53 Tools
Garden Song 03:32 Tools
Deck The Halls 03:23 Tools
I've Got No Strings 02:00 Tools
The ABC's Of You 03:11 Tools
The First Noel 02:03 Tools
In My Backyard 02:03 Tools
Land of the Silver Birch / My Paddle's Keen and Bright 02:53 Tools
Hush Little Baby 02:03 Tools
Stars 01:04 Tools
The Rattlin' Bog 04:23 Tools
Home Is Where The Heart Is 02:03 Tools
Stories Live 03:23 Tools
Fred Penner - The Cat Came Bac 03:27 Tools
Don't Be Afraid 03:10 Tools
Everything Is Ticketty-Boo 01:27 Tools
A 'Soalin 03:11 Tools
Leise Rieselt Der Schnee (Softly Falls The Snow) 03:34 Tools
Angels We Have Heard 02:01 Tools
What A Day 00:00 Tools
Blue Frog 02:05 Tools
Rain 03:11 Tools
We Wish You Merry Christmas 02:03 Tools
Land of the Silver Birch/My Paddle’s Keen and Bright 02:03 Tools
She's A Baby 02:41 Tools
I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day 00:30 Tools
Keeno Kimo 00:30 Tools
L'il Liza Jane 02:19 Tools
Hold 'Em Joe 02:01 Tools
The Ugly Duckling 02:53 Tools
Joshua 02:19 Tools
Grandma's Glasses 00:36 Tools
Fred Penner - The Cat Came Back 03:27 Tools
If I Knew You Were Coming, I'd Have Baked a Cake 02:19 Tools
We’re Gonna Shine 00:00 Tools
I Have A Heart 02:53 Tools
Crawdad 02:09 Tools
Il Est Né Le Divin Enfant (The Divine Infant Is Born) 01:27 Tools
Shine On Your Shoes 02:56 Tools
Growing 02:22 Tools
Walking Through The Jungle 03:11 Tools
Roller Skating 03:34 Tools
Riu Chiu 01:39 Tools
The Moon Song 00:00 Tools
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom 02:31 Tools
Reading And Music 02:31 Tools
Land of the Silver Birch 02:22 Tools
A Song About Smells 02:42 Tools
Mail Myself To You 01:35 Tools
Dnas' Pohyooshcha (Let Us Sing And Rejoice Today) 02:00 Tools
Riu Chui 01:39 Tools
We Wish You A Merry Christmas 00:44 Tools
Trans Canadian Super-Continental Special Express 02:52 Tools
A Soalin 00:59 Tools
D'où viens-tu bergère (Where Have You Been Shepherd) 00:59 Tools
Des Colores 02:58 Tools
En Roulant Ma Boule 02:21 Tools
Intro 02:15 Tools
Cowboy's Lament/Home on the Range 02:39 Tools
Cheer Up 01:23 Tools
Vo Vyfeyemi (In Bethlehem) 01:53 Tools
A Friend Like You 02:58 Tools
Po Vs'omu Sviti Stala Novyna (The Carol Of The Christmas Miracle) 02:52 Tools
If I Knew Were Coming 02:03 Tools
Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor / The Sailor's Hornpipe 00:00 Tools
It's Great Being Me 04:37 Tools
Piggyback Ride 00:59 Tools
Where In The World (Reprise) 02:42 Tools
From The Heart 03:06 Tools
A Wish To Grow On 02:25 Tools
Il Est Ne' Le Divin Enfant (The Divine Infant Is Born) 01:53 Tools
Camptown Races / Oh Susannah 02:52 Tools
Instruments 00:00 Tools
Cat Came Back 04:37 Tools
We All Go Traveling By 00:00 Tools
Discover And Identify 02:42 Tools
Vo Vyfleyemi (In Bethlehem) 00:00 Tools
Eh Compari 00:00 Tools
Build A Fort 02:27 Tools
Music Is Everywhere 03:03 Tools
Li'l Liza Jane 02:58 Tools
What A Day! (Reprise) 01:35 Tools
The Old Chisolm Trail 01:53 Tools
Julie Gerond and the Polka Dot Pony 07:40 Tools
The Trans Canadian Super-Continental Streamlined Special Express 02:43 Tools
I'm Going To Go Back There Some Day 02:42 Tools
Stardust 04:10 Tools
Tears 03:27 Tools
Lil' Liza Jane 02:56 Tools
If I Knew You Were Coming I Would Have Baked a Cake 00:36 Tools
Po Vs’ Omu Sviti Stala Novyna (The Carol of the Christmas Miracle) 01:23 Tools
Music Only 02:43 Tools
A Shine on Your Shoes 02:43 Tools
Ragg Mopp 01:35 Tools
Simply Because of You 02:56 Tools
Dnas’ Pohyooshcha (Let Us Sing and Rejoice Today) 02:56 Tools
We're Gonna Shine (Karaoke Version) 02:58 Tools
You Can Do It If You Try (Karaoke Version) 02:58 Tools
De Colores (Karaoke Version) 00:30 Tools
Twinkle Twinkle (Karaoke Version) 00:30 Tools
The Family Of Man 00:30 Tools
Monday's Child; Help Me To Grow (UNICEF song) 00:30 Tools
Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant (The Divine Infant Is Born) 07:40 Tools
The Garden Song (Karaoke Version) 00:30 Tools
It's No Secret 02:42 Tools
The ABCs of You 03:12 Tools
Safest Dog 03:03 Tools
Five Little Monkeys 03:03 Tools
We All Go Traveling By - Introduction 00:59 Tools
Trans Canadian Super Continental Express 00:59 Tools
Land Of The Silver Birch/ My Paddle's Keen & Bright 00:30 Tools
Home On The Range 01:23 Tools
The cat came back + testo canzone 00:30 Tools
Where Have You Been Shepherd 01:23 Tools
In Bethlehem 01:23 Tools
I Can Sing A Rainbow (Karaoke Version) 07:40 Tools
Monday's Child/Help Me To Grow (Unicef Song) 00:30 Tools
Heart Beat 01:47 Tools
Simply Because 03:49 Tools
(Ghost) Riders in the Sky 04:33 Tools
Leise Rieselt Der Schnee 04:33 Tools
The ABC’s of You 04:33 Tools
D'ou Viens Tu Bergère (Where Have You Been Sheperd) 01:35 Tools
Theme from the Andy Griffith Show (Fishin' Hole) 03:16 Tools
Piggy Back Ride 01:35 Tools
O Christmas Tree 01:35 Tools
Rock Of Ages 01:23 Tools
Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush 01:23 Tools
Sandwiches (Karaoke Version) 01:23 Tools
What A Day! (Karaoke Version) 01:23 Tools
Muffin Man 00:30 Tools
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At a recent keynote address to an early childhood education conference, acclaimed family entertainer, singer/songwriter, composer, actor, writer, author, TV host and keynote speaker Fred Penner delivered a simple, yet powerful message. "Never underestimate your ability to make a difference in the life of a child." A gentle giant with kind eyes and an undeniable ability to make you feel good about yourself, this musical master brings 25 years of commitment, consistency and depth to a career that skillfully blends the many genres of performing and communication. Dubbed "Mr. Multi-Media" by Billboard Magazine, his diverse repertoire includes a prolific 12 Children’s Albums, countless energetically packed live shows for throngs of eager audiences across North America, composing the music for APTN/YTV’s Tipi Tales, and writing the score and hosting the TV documentary The Simple Way (focused on the relevant, world-wide topic of voluntary simplicity). He has, without a doubt, established himself as a fundamental part of the North American family entertainment scene. And whether it’s through CDs, videos, books or television, his cornerstone philosophy remains the same: absolute trust that his work can make a difference. The first children’s entertainer to headline at the Los Angeles Amphitheater, this four time recipient of the Parents’ Choice Award and the man Los Angeles Parent called the "Canadian Minister of Positivity" has successfully transformed children’s entertainment into a family affair. Offering his broad talents to speak to the family unit and express his feelings about where the world is going and what children are learning. A devoted father of four and husband of 25 years who describes meeting his wife Odette as "love at first sight", Fred credits her dream to start a children’s dance theatre program as the catalyst that propelled him into this career. Lessons learned through the challenges and rewards of parenthood are translated into all that he does. His pre-music experience working with troubled youth set the stage for what was to come; providing an understanding of the trauma of child abuse and the ability of music to heal. Those learnings, along with the untimely passing of his 12- year-old sister with Down’s Syndrome and subsequent passing of his father a year later, sparked a period of deep soul-searching and life-changing decisions. Inspired by his sister’s pure love of music, the man who had planned to become an economist, made a choice to become a performer. Lucky for us, he did. More than the music, the two-time Juno winner (equivalent of a Grammy) for Best Children’s Album Sing with Fred and eight-time nominee’s body of work is about energy and emotional connection. The guy who crawled magically out of that hollow log for 12 seasons and nearly 900 episodes in the hit CBC TV show Fred Penner’s Place receives fan mail to this day from some of the 55 million American viewers where the show ran for four years on the U.S.’s Nickelodeon. Always building on a common theme rooted in integrity and a "belief in what I can do" he has created a lasting impact that crosses the generations and continues to grow. From the small screen to the live stage; from writing songs to composing scores; this seasoned performer’s ability to blend his considerable talents has garnered critical acclaim and a host of awards. Like the precious ingredients in your favourite feel good soup, his combination of warmth, ease, enthusiasm and grace bring nourishment too often lacking in these turbulent times. In 2000, the Canadian Institute of Child Health honoured Fred for his contribution to the well-being and safety of children. He is also a humble recipient of the Order of Canada, the highest recognition given to a Canadian citizen. One of his albums, Happy Feet was named Best Children’s Album of the Year by the U.S.A’s Entertainment Weekly and he is the first ever winner of the Prairie Music Award for Outstanding Children’s Recording. His visibility has allowed him the privilege and joy of using his voice to "bring something of value" as a spokesperson for organizations like UNESCO, World Vision, UNICEF and the National Conference on Down Syndrome, which he chaired. In 2005, Fred journeyed to Zambia, Africa with World Vision to host a program for Child Sponsorship in the Western World. Here and now, the family entertainer called "an American hero" by Long Island Parenting News is planning to expand his writing and performing abilities more into the genres of film and theatre. With extensive stage experience, including serious drama (Death of a Salesman), musicals (The Music Man) and family theatre (Captain Hook in Peter Pan to name just one), he looks forward to more involvement in the acting side of the film world. In addition, he looks to creating a new family album of "strong songs, with strong messages for the family and child" that speaks to what’s happening in the world and the importance of positive messages in these trying times. Standing on an already firm footing in television and always excited about where the mystical journey will take him next, Fred is also making room for the possibility of another series or documentary. A humanitarian always conscious of the "delicate balance required to create a positive influence that fosters healthy self-esteem in the life of a child", his work is infused with a steadfast commitment to communicating with children and families in a clear, non-condescending way. "More than just fun", this multi-talented artist has the wisdom and humility to know that the importance and the meaning of what he does can reach deeply into the lives of others. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.