Free Loan Investments

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Kick His Balls Out 01:42 Tools
Rush Hour 02:12 Tools
If You Leave 02:23 Tools
Pretentious Girl 01:28 Tools
Bomb the Bourgeoisie 01:53 Tools
Hard to Smile 02:15 Tools
Somebody Else's Girlfriend 01:34 Tools
Dayplanner 00:00 Tools
I Will Rock You 02:46 Tools
Speeding Ticket 02:43 Tools
In the Park 02:32 Tools
Rain Go Away 01:23 Tools
I Don't Love You 00:00 Tools
Be With You 01:22 Tools
We Made It To Second Base, But Then I Chickened Out 00:00 Tools
The City Under Lights 02:07 Tools
You Should Know 01:55 Tools
Ronan Keating 00:00 Tools
Puppy Love 00:00 Tools
We Made It To Second Base 00:00 Tools
Bedroom Eyes 02:35 Tools
BBC 02:16 Tools
Anyone Can Dance 02:50 Tools
14 Years 03:21 Tools
Emanuel's Song 02:19 Tools
Diamonds Are Forever 00:00 Tools
Emanual's Song 02:19 Tools
Stand by your teddybear 02:19 Tools
Gay francais 00:00 Tools
01_hard_to_smile-nuhs 02:12 Tools
04_speeding_ticket-nuhs 02:12 Tools
05_i_will_rock_you-nuhs 02:42 Tools
Unknown 02:42 Tools
Kick His Balls Out - Live P3 Pop 02:42 Tools
FLI Intervju P3 Pop 02:42 Tools
I Don´t Love You 02:42 Tools
Theme From Free Loan Investments 02:42 Tools
"Rush Hour" By The Shermans 02:42 Tools
Kick his nalls out 02:42 Tools
Kick his balls out (Fahl-session) 02:42 Tools
I Dont Love You 01:44 Tools
Kick His Balls Out (Fahl Session) 02:42 Tools
Rain, Go Away 01:44 Tools
Diamonds Are Forever (LIVE) 01:44 Tools
Interview 01:44 Tools
Dayplanner (LIVE) 01:44 Tools
Dayplanner (Fahl Session) 01:44 Tools
Hard To Smile (LIVE) 01:44 Tools
Ronan Keating (LIVE) 01:44 Tools
Intro 01:44 Tools
I Don't Love You (LIVE) 01:44 Tools
We made it to second base... 01:44 Tools
Diamonds Are Forever (Fahl Session) 01:44 Tools
[unknown] 01:44 Tools
Rush Hour (By The Shermans) 01:44 Tools
Free Loan Investments - Kick his balls out 01:44 Tools
Kick His Nalls Out (LIVE) 01:44 Tools
Unknown (LIVE) 01:44 Tools
Free Loan Investments 01:44 Tools
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Free Loan Investments were a swedish Pop band. The band was founded by Roger Gunnarsson of Nixon and Amanda Aldervall. FLI released three 7" singles: Pretentious Girl on Socialism, Puppy Love on Where It's At Is Where You Are and Youth Will Understand on the Booff label. The Ever Been To Mexico EP was put out by Shelflife Records in 2002. Magic Marker released their final EP, The Last Dance, in 2009. Roger later played in The Happy Birthdays and is now in the band The Garlands. Amanda Aldervall later played in The Busy Band and now does solo work under the name The Anderson Tapes. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.