From Dark

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
A Winters Passing 03:10 Tools
A Mechanical World 03:50 Tools
The Manipulated 00:50 Tools
A Burning Star 03:43 Tools
Prelude 00:57 Tools
The Awakening 03:18 Tools
Fairy Tales and Serpents 03:04 Tools
The Illusion of Color 03:25 Tools
The Hard Goodbye 02:28 Tools
The Chase 02:41 Tools
The No. Thirteen 03:42 Tools
Answer to Infection 03:36 Tools
Blowtorch and a Pair of Pliers 04:06 Tools
The Damned 03:11 Tools
A Final Farewell 03:41 Tools
Haunting Eyes 03:22 Tools
A Walk Through Madness 03:51 Tools
Civilization Lost 03:40 Tools
Departed 03:19 Tools
Maleficient 02:44 Tools
Through Silence Lies, Fear 03:13 Tools
A Winter's Passing 00:50 Tools
Through Silence, Lies, Fear 03:13 Tools
Through Silence Lies Fear 03:13 Tools
Maleficent 02:43 Tools
Through Silence, Lies Fear 03:12 Tools
From Dark - A Winters Passing 03:10 Tools
A Winter Passing 03:10 Tools
The Manipulated + A Mechanical World 04:40 Tools
A Winters Passing (feat.D.Williams of Signs Of Betrayal) 04:40 Tools
From Dark - The Illusion of Color 03:25 Tools
A Walk Through Madness [feat Jenna Slate of Ashes Of Erin] 03:52 Tools
A Winters Passing (Feat. Dave Williams Of Signs Of Betrayal) 03:10 Tools
from_dark_-_a_winters_passing 03:18 Tools
from dark - a winter passing 02:41 Tools
Awakening 03:18 Tools
From Dark - A Winters Passing 02:41 Tools
Chase 02:41 Tools
Blowtorch And A Pair Of Plier 04:07 Tools
11 - A Winters Passing 03:11 Tools
From Dark - A Burning Star 02:41 Tools
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FROM DARK extends a cure for the primal abandon that lurks in each of us. The power of emotion has never been more evident. The trail of ardor provides a range that will affect the essence of spirit, taking it to the ends of love and hate. Composed of hard hooks destined to become embedded in one's psyche, supported by a percussive onslaught that brings cadence to ferocity, and bounded by dulcet melody, FROM DARK has met the challenge of the absolute, and strives to create new boundaries. Each member brings a deep musical history and background to catapult the band into a new arena. With Matt and Nelson on guitar, Alek on bass, Henry on skins, the gravel pit vocals of Dustin, FD not only will exceed expectations, but dare you to aspire.... Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.