GP Basic

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GAME 03:09 Tools
LALALA 03:05 Tools
GAME (Remix Ver.) 00:00 Tools
LALALA (Remix Ver.) 00:00 Tools
Jelly Pop 03:09 Tools
Edge 타 00:00 Tools
V 03:40 Tools
I'll Be There (부제 : J에게) 03:47 Tools
I`ll Be There (부제 : J에게) 00:00 Tools
삐까뻔쩍 00:00 Tools
블랙 바운스 00:00 Tools
Pika-Burnjuck 03:02 Tools
Jelly Pop (Inst.) 00:00 Tools
시청 앞 캐롤 00:00 Tools
I'll Be There 00:00 Tools
Edge Ta 00:00 Tools
I`ll Be There 00:00 Tools
BLACK BOUNCE 00:00 Tools
블랙 바운스 (Inst.) 00:00 Tools
삐까뻔쩍 (Inst.) 00:00 Tools
Edge 00:00 Tools
Christmas Carol 00:00 Tools
Ill Be There 00:00 Tools
Edeg Ta 00:00 Tools
Pika BurnJuck 00:00 Tools
GP Basic - I`ll Be There 00:00 Tools
삐까뻔쩍 Pika-Burnjuck 00:00 Tools
V (Inst.) 00:00 Tools
Game (Remix) 00:00 Tools
블랙 바운스 (Black Bounce) 00:00 Tools
I'll Be There (부제: J에게) 00:00 Tools
삐까뻔쩍 (Pika-Burnjuck) 00:00 Tools
GAME! (2011 New Year MIX)(Prod. by G-P) 00:00 Tools
Jelly Pop (Instrumental) 00:00 Tools
I`ll Be There (부제: J에게) 00:00 Tools
삐까뻔쩍 (Pika-Burnjuck) 00:00 Tools
I'll Be There (부제:J에게) 00:00 Tools
시청 앞 캐롤 (Sicheong Ap Kaeror) [Carol At City Hall] 00:00 Tools
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GP Basic (Korean: 지피 베이직) is a South Korean pop / k-hiphop / k-pop girl group of Park So Hee (leader, vocalist - aka Zion), Jung Hye Sun (vocalist, rapper - aka Trinity), Yeon Hee (main vocalist - aka Amet), Kim Mooyi (main dancer, rapper - aka Mui) and Byeon Seung Mi (vocalist, rapper - aka Janey). The band débuted with the EP Game (Aug 2010, GP Basic Entertainment / It's First Love). The group gained notoriety upon their début due to the fact that they were is composed of six elementary schoolers and middle schoolers, with the group's average age being 13.3 years (in fact they are the second youngest K-Pop group ever, the first being G.Story, who had an average age of 9.75). In 2011, leader and main vocalist Hannah left the group and was replaced by Mui. In 2013 it was announced that Janey had left the group, joining 디유닛 as JNEY, and it was presumed the group had disbanded. However, Janey said in an interview (while she was in D-Unit) that GP Basic had not disbanded, and she was still a member. “I take charge of rap, energy, and prettiness in the team. In the past, I’ve always wanted to try being with D-Unit unnis and I’m glad that I actually had the chance in their anticipated comeback. Although I joined D-Unit, GP Basic is not disbanding. I fit in D-Unit’s current album concept so I joined as a guest member." On January 1, 2014, the group's official Facebook photo was changed to announce their comeback in February 2014. The group will be making a comeback with only five members - as Leah has reportedly left the group due to personal reasons - although the company has not made an official statement on the matter. Members: Park So Hee (박소희, b. 6 Apr 1996, age 17) - aka Zion (자이언) Jung Hye Sun (정혜선, b. 9 Sep 1996, age 17) - aka Trinity (트리니티) Yeon Hee (연희, b. 14 Oct 1996, age 17) - aka Amet (에미트) Kim Mooyi (김무이, b. 25 Dec 1996, age 17) - aka Mui (무이) Byeon Seung Mi (변승미, b. 14 Dec 1998, age 15) - aka Janey (제이니) Former Members: Jeon Ye Ju (전예주) - aka Hannah (헤나), leader, main vocalist - 30 March 1996 (age 17) Kim Yoo Hyun (김유현) - aka Leah (레아), main vocalist - 25 July 1996 (age 17) Sites: En.Wikipedia & Ko.Wikipedia [[url=]Google Translate]. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.