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Johnny 03:51 Tools
Tom Cat 03:59 Tools
Bend Me Shape Me 03:47 Tools
Tu Es 03:38 Tools
Go Down Mainstreet 04:06 Tools
Hold On 03:52 Tools
Gentlemen Callers Not Allowed 03:55 Tools
Help! Help! 03:03 Tools
Bend Me, Shape Me 03:48 Tools
First Love 03:27 Tools
Rasputin 04:43 Tools
Der Strom Der Zeit 04:05 Tools
The Heat Is On 03:45 Tools
Say Yes 03:33 Tools
We Gotta Get Out of This Place 04:21 Tools
The Girl From Ipanema 03:42 Tools
Take Your Time 03:39 Tools
A Baby of Love 03:32 Tools
Help help 03:07 Tools
Why Don't You Do It 03:29 Tools
Discothek 03:48 Tools
Queen of the Night 03:21 Tools
Der Strom der Zeit (DJ Hell extended club mix 2011) 04:05 Tools
Heartbreaker 03:40 Tools
Why Don't You Do It? 03:29 Tools
Mir ist kein Weg zu weit (Nessuno mai) 03:46 Tools
Der Strom der Zeit (DJ Hell Edit) 04:04 Tools
The Summerwind 03:51 Tools
Cool Rock'N'Roll 03:39 Tools
Sunny 04:05 Tools
Was Vorbei Ist, Ist Vorbei 04:31 Tools
Worte 03:16 Tools
Zieh Mich Aus 04:16 Tools
Du Bist Nicht Die Erste Liebe 03:27 Tools
The River Sings 03:50 Tools
Gentleman Callers Not Allowed 03:57 Tools
Der Strom der Zeit - DJ Hell extended Club Mix 2011 04:05 Tools
Belfast 03:33 Tools
Kein Mann weit und breit 04:50 Tools
we don't have to try (feat. slchld) 04:50 Tools
Machen Wir's In Liebe 03:39 Tools
Cool Rock 'n' Roll 03:20 Tools
Herrn-Besuche Nicht Erlaubt 03:54 Tools
Lady Marmalade 03:39 Tools
Cigarillo 04:32 Tools
Осложнение 03:25 Tools
Willst Du Mit Mir Schlafen Gehen 03:40 Tools
Willst Du Mit Mir Schlafen Gehen? 03:39 Tools
Tu Es (Remix 2000) 03:46 Tools
Friday on my mind 04:00 Tools
Ein Baby Von Dir 03:37 Tools
Ich brenne 02:56 Tools
Bleib Bei Mir - Geh Doch 04:00 Tools
Lieben Und Frei Sein 03:34 Tools
Tu es (Bonustrack) 03:33 Tools
Help 03:06 Tools
promise (feat. slchld) 03:06 Tools
Help, Help (Long Version) 09:26 Tools
Why Don't You Do It ? 03:29 Tools
Lass Die Nacht Aus Dem Spiel 03:35 Tools
Help, Help 03:37 Tools
Rasputin (auf Deutsch) 04:43 Tools
Zieh' mich aus 04:15 Tools
So Nah (Seltsam) 03:52 Tools
vivid (feat. Meego) 03:52 Tools
Johny oh yeah 03:50 Tools
Lass Mir Zeit Dich Zu Lieben 03:16 Tools
музыка из немецкого порно 00:00 Tools
Du Bist Da 03:14 Tools
onesided love (feat. oceanfromtheblue) 03:14 Tools
Hold On! 03:48 Tools
Heat Is On 03:43 Tools
Go down mainstreet (long version) 06:28 Tools
Non Ho L'età 03:58 Tools
So Nah 03:48 Tools
Bleib Bei Mir Geh Doch (Vado Via) 04:03 Tools
Johnny! 03:13 Tools
Tu' es! 03:43 Tools
Why Don't You Do It? (Tu Es!) 03:29 Tools
Bend Me Shappe Me 03:14 Tools
8."Jonny" 03:45 Tools
without saying anything (feat. KU HYUN) 03:45 Tools
Lass Mir Zeit, Dich Zu Lieben 03:11 Tools
Bend Me, Shape Me (Bonus Track) 03:46 Tools
Cigarillo (Bonus Track) 04:28 Tools
Friday On My Mind (Bonus Track) 04:02 Tools
Rasputin (bonus) 03:46 Tools
fragments (feat. Onehyein) 03:46 Tools
Tues 03:29 Tools
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (Long Version) 05:26 Tools
alongtheway. 05:26 Tools
Johnny. 03:50 Tools
Fantasy Boy 03:29 Tools
Discothek (Long Version) 06:24 Tools
discotek 03:42 Tools
Take The Best Of Me (Bonus Track) 03:48 Tools
Tu Es (Bonus Track) 03:46 Tools
Help, Help (Short Version) 03:08 Tools
Du Bist Da (Reach Out I?ll Be There) 03:13 Tools
Il mio amore è un capellone 02:43 Tools
Take The Best Of Me 03:08 Tools
Willst Du mit mir schlafen gehen (Lady Marmelade) 03:29 Tools
Johnny (RMX) 03:55 Tools
Tom Cat (Mahnovsky Original Remix) 04:44 Tools
Willst Du Mit Mir Schlafen Gehn? 04:00 Tools
Bleib Bei Mir - Geh Doch (Vado Via) 03:50 Tools
Johnny (Remix) 03:50 Tools
Cat In The Town 03:13 Tools
Jhonny 03:13 Tools
Johnny...oh yeah! 03:13 Tools
Gilla - Johnny 03:50 Tools
Willst Du mit mir schlafen gehn 03:42 Tools
We Are Pop-Kings In The Town 04:00 Tools
Olympic 01:12 Tools
Lady Marmelade 04:00 Tools
Dirty Laundry (Acoustic Version) 01:12 Tools
b a d t o u c h 00:30 Tools
Voulez-vous coucher avec moi 00:30 Tools
Help, Help! 00:30 Tools
Der Strom der Zeit [DJ Hell Edit] 04:04 Tools
Was vorbei ist, ist vorbei (Kiss And Say Goodbye) 04:31 Tools
Tu Es (Remix) 00:30 Tools
Kein Mann weit und breit (No Woman No cry) 00:30 Tools
Johnny oh yeah 03:50 Tools
Girl From Ipanema 03:50 Tools
Tu Es (Remix Version 1975) 03:36 Tools
Lady Marmelade (Do You Want To Sleep With Me) 00:30 Tools
Johnny [Disco 80-х] 00:30 Tools
- Johnny 00:30 Tools
Joahnny 00:30 Tools
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Gilla was discovered by German producer Frank Farian who got her signed to Hansa Records in 1974. After an unsuccessful German cover version "Mir ist kein Weg zu weit" of Marcella Bella's Italian hit single "Nessuno mai", Farian had her record a German disco version of La Belle's "Lady Marmalade". Despite being a modest hit (#24), it caused some attention of being the first German record to feature such explicit lyrics as "Willst du mit mir schlafen gehn?" (Do You Want to Sleep With Me) (1975). It was followed later in the year with "Tu es" (also recorded in English as "Why Don't You Do It") which became Gilla's biggest hit, peaking at #10 in the German charts and giving Farian a commercial breakthrough as a producer. Gilla's debut LP, featuring a mix of disco, pop and schlager tracks, was released shortly after. In the summer of 1976, Gilla followed with "Ich brenne" (I'm Burning), once again also recorded in English as "Help Help". It was a Dutch hit single but fared less well in Germany. Farian remixed the track with his own vocals for inclusion on Boney M.'s Take the Heat Off Me to replace "Baby Do You Wanna Bump" in some territories. In early 1977, Gilla's second album Zieh mich aus (Undress Me) was released. Despite featuring German versions of Boney M.'s hit single "Sunny" and "No Woman No Cry", it fared poorly. Interestingly, the album also included the German version of a future hit for Boney M., "Belfast" which was originally written years earlier for Boney M. member Marcia Barrett. Gilla's first international album was released in the summer of 1977. Entitled Help Help, it featured her previous English recordings like "Why Don't You Do It" and "Help Help" + their B-sides, as well as English versions of songs from Zieh mich aus. "Gentlemen Callers not Allowed" ("Herrn-Besuche nicht erlaubt") was released as a single and promoted with Boney M.'s charismatic male dancer Bobby Farrell on a few TV shows but it was still only a minor success. Gilla's 1978 album Bend Me, Shape Me In January 1978, Gilla released a disco-rock cover of The American Breed's "Bend Me, Shape Me". The single was a #11 hit in Switzerland and it was decided to repackage the Help Help album with the inclusion of the new track and its B-side "The River Sings" ("Der Strom der Zeit") in May, entitled Bend Me, Shape Me. Once again, it was only a minor seller. Singer Bruce Low released a big-selling German cover of Boney M.'s mega-hit "Rivers of Babylon" so Farian decided to have Gilla record a German cover of the follow-up single "Rasputin". Released in November 1978, it was a flop and not even included on the following compilation Star Discothek a few months later. Trying to repeat the success of "Bend Me, Shape Me", Gilla and her fiancé and co-producer Helmut Rulofs (who was also a recording artist under the name Chris Denning) released another disco-rock cover of The Animals's "We Gotta Get Out of This Place" in March 1979. In 1980, her second English language album Cool Rock'n Roll was released including the title track single and "Go Down Mainstreet". Gilla and Rulofs, however, found bigger success when Farian recorded one of their songs with Boney M. "I See a Boat on the River" being a German Top 10 hit and a European hit single from the million-selling The Magic of Boney M. - 20 Golden Hits, Gilla credited as G. Winger (Winger being an abbreviation of her surname Wuchinger). In October 1981, Gilla's final single "Cigarillo" backed with a cover of "Friday on My Mind" was released before she retired from the music business. She made a brief return with Rulofs as the duo Sweet Mix in 1982 but their single "Susan Don't Cry for Me" came and went without notice. They also contributed the track "Video" for Precious Wilson's album All Coloured in Love that year. Being largely forgotten in Europe today, Gilla has in recent years performed regularly in Russia where her records are enjoying considerable popularity. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.