Glambeats Corp.

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Fantasy 03:34 Tools
You Could Be Mine 04:44 Tools
Miracle 03:45 Tools
So Strong 03:48 Tools
Shooting Star 03:56 Tools
Are You Satisfied? 03:26 Tools
I Love This World 03:59 Tools
She's So Cold 04:15 Tools
Everything I Have (Original Version) 04:18 Tools
Hollywood 03:20 Tools
Paradise 03:51 Tools
The Way You Make Me Feel 03:37 Tools
Everything I Have 03:43 Tools
Seven Nation Army (Bonus) 03:16 Tools
Blitzkrieg Bop (feat. Chepito) 04:00 Tools
Take My Soul 03:56 Tools
Umbrella 03:16 Tools
Fantasy (Magik Edit) 03:30 Tools
Luka 03:50 Tools
Take My Soul (Original Mix) 03:57 Tools
Miracle (Single Version) 03:45 Tools
She's So Cold [Ipanema@7" Mix] 04:15 Tools
You Could Be Mine (Dancefloor Edit) 04:44 Tools
Fantasy (Sixth Finger Remix) 03:00 Tools
She's so Cold - Ipanema@7" Mix 03:26 Tools
Everyday 04:09 Tools
Blitzkrieg Bop 03:59 Tools
She's So Cold (Ipanema AT 7'' Mix) 04:15 Tools
Seven Nation Army 00:30 Tools
She's So Cold (Ipanema@7" Mix) 04:15 Tools
Jealous Guy 03:26 Tools
Take My Soul (New Mix) 04:14 Tools
Feel Fine 03:12 Tools
You´re My Best Friend 04:15 Tools
Shooting Star (Sixth Finger Remix) 03:42 Tools
Gimme Shelter 03:12 Tools
Miracle (New Mix) 03:44 Tools
Daddy Cool 03:53 Tools
Fantasy (New Mix) 03:33 Tools
She's So Cold (Ipanema @ 7'' Mix) 04:15 Tools
Everything I Have (Remix) 04:15 Tools
She's So Cold (Ipanema 7" mix) 04:15 Tools
Blitzkrieg Bop Featuring Chepito (Cuban Ganja Mix) 04:15 Tools
In Between Days (Bonus) 03:29 Tools
Shooting Star (Remix) 03:43 Tools
She's So Cold (Ipanema @ 7'' M 04:15 Tools
Miracle - Single Version 03:44 Tools
She's So Cold (Ipanema @ 7'' Mix) - (Rolling Stones cover) 04:15 Tools
She's so Cold - (Ipanema@7" Mix) 04:15 Tools
Shooting Star (Hypnomusic Remix) 17:22 Tools
Luka (Original Mix) 00:00 Tools
She's So Cold (Ipanema@7'' Mix) 04:15 Tools
Hollywood - Vinyl Mix 03:20 Tools
Hollywood (Vinyl Mix) 03:20 Tools
In Between Days 03:31 Tools
Seven Nation Army (Sunlight Outtake) 03:17 Tools
You could be mine - Dancefloor edit 03:31 Tools
You Cold Be Mine 03:17 Tools
I Want to Break Free 03:17 Tools
Fantasy - Remix 00:00 Tools
You're My Best Friend 00:00 Tools
Blitzkrieg Bop (Cuban Ganja Mix) 03:59 Tools
Everything I Have - Original Version 03:59 Tools
Blitzkreig Bop 03:59 Tools
The Way You Make Me Feel - 0:00 00:00 Tools
She's So Gold (Ipanema@7" Mix) 04:17 Tools
She´s So Cold 00:00 Tools
Everything I Have - Space Mix 00:00 Tools
Things We Said Today 00:00 Tools
Seven Nation Army [Sunlight Outtake] 00:00 Tools
Shes So Cold 00:00 Tools
So Strong - 0:00 00:00 Tools
She's So Cold (Ipanema@7' Mix) 00:00 Tools
She´s So Cold (Ipanema@7" Mix) 00:00 Tools
glambeats corp-everything i have (original version) 00:00 Tools
Blitzkrieg Bop (Cuban Ganja mix) (feat. Chepito) 00:00 Tools
Shooting Star - Sixth Finger Remix 00:00 Tools
Redemption Song 00:30 Tools
Boys 00:00 Tools
Seven Nation Army (Bonus Track) 00:30 Tools
13-You Could Be Mine 00:30 Tools
Shes So Cold (Ipanema At 7 Mix) 00:30 Tools
Paradise [Лаунж] 00:30 Tools
Paradise [Lounge] 11:06 Tools
She's So Cold (Ipanema @ 7" Mix) 11:06 Tools
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The group composed of Anekka (one of the sensual voices from the Bossa n’ Stones live show) and the talented duo Sixth Finger (musicians, producers and composers, Morgan Bianco and G-Spliff) have become a key player on the global electronic scene, due to the major task they have taken on of renewing the sounds of house music. They debuted in 2005 with the single Fantasy/Take My Soul (which can be found on the compilations FTV Beach and The Glam Sessions) and got the attention of listeners around the world, as they hit the charts in France, Japan, the United States and Russia. In 2006 they rolled the dice again and released a second single Miracle/Everything I Have (Space Mix), included in the triple album FTV New Season, which made them even more popular. Not only that, but the producer Miko Jackson also waved his magic wand at them and asked them to participate in his successful electrobossa series. To date they have provided a unique version of She’s So Cold for the second Bossa n’ Stones album as well as You Could Be Mine on Bossa n’Roses, which was also released as a single. In 2007 after an intense year of work in the studio, here comes Sunlight Kisses, the group’s much awaited debut album, where they bestow a special subtlety upon traditional house music, infusing them with pop melodies, psychedelic touches and bits of soul, dub, latin house, gospel in the company of jazz notes, waves of rock and overall lots of glamour and positive energy. Glambeats Corp. possesses a unique sound that is intelligent and original, with songs that get into your head and stay there, without losing any of their original elegance. It is one of the most attractive records available in the world of pop, house and rock today. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.