Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Smoke Rings 03:40 Tools
Take The "A" Train 03:00 Tools
In The Mood 03:32 Tools
Casa Loma Stomp 03:02 Tools
Opus No. 1 02:57 Tools
Jumpin' At The Woodside 02:49 Tools
Leap Frog 02:41 Tools
White Jazz 03:08 Tools
Milenberg Joys 03:02 Tools
Come And Get It 02:56 Tools
The House Is Haunted 02:32 Tools
Opus No.1 02:58 Tools
Linger Awhile 02:58 Tools
Woodchopper's Ball 03:19 Tools
Cherokee 03:21 Tools
Tuxedo Junction 03:02 Tools
Night Train 03:16 Tools
All of a Sudden 02:58 Tools
Who's Sorry Now? 05:25 Tools
Back Bay Shuffle 03:19 Tools
Blue Moon 03:12 Tools
Blue Again 02:07 Tools
No-Name Jive 03:23 Tools
Can't We Be Friends 02:39 Tools
Little Brown Jug 03:16 Tools
The Man I Love 03:03 Tools
No Name Jive 02:26 Tools
Under A Blanket Of Blue 01:47 Tools
Apollo Jumps 02:57 Tools
Black Jazz 03:03 Tools
I May Be Wrong 02:23 Tools
Chinatown, My Chinatown 02:35 Tools
String of Pearls 00:30 Tools
Boogie Woogie 03:11 Tools
Flying Home 02:54 Tools
Blue Room 03:07 Tools
Ballin' the Jack 02:09 Tools
Song Of India 03:04 Tools
Sunrise Serenade 03:05 Tools
Moten Swing 03:15 Tools
My Heart Tells Me 03:17 Tools
One Dozen Roses 02:26 Tools
Limehouse Blues 03:10 Tools
0pus Number 1 02:59 Tools
Girl Of My Dreams 00:50 Tools
Stompin' Around 02:26 Tools
Dance Of The Lame Duck 02:50 Tools
Carry Me Back To Old Virginny 02:18 Tools
Should I 02:43 Tools
Blues On Parade 03:08 Tools
When I Grow Too Old To Dream 03:14 Tools
It's the Talk of the Town 03:15 Tools
720 In The Books 02:57 Tools
Basin Street Blues 03:51 Tools
Heat Wave 00:00 Tools
Just An Old Manuscript 02:48 Tools
The River's Takin' Care Of Me 03:01 Tools
I Got Rhythm 03:03 Tools
Moonlight Serenade 03:27 Tools
Bugle Call Rag 04:25 Tools
Apple Honey 03:10 Tools
Walkin' The Dog 02:48 Tools
For You 02:52 Tools
The Continental 03:22 Tools
Blue Jazz 03:34 Tools
A String Of Pearls 02:48 Tools
Memories Of You 02:51 Tools
Don't Get Around Much Anymore 03:24 Tools
Two Cigarettes In The Dark 03:08 Tools
Happy Days Are Here Again 03:17 Tools
Wild Goose Chase 03:15 Tools
I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You 03:40 Tools
Ol' Man River 03:59 Tools
I See Your Face Before Me 03:06 Tools
A Study In Brown 02:57 Tools
Dixie Lee 02:48 Tools
The Object Of My Affection 03:14 Tools
Loveless Love 02:49 Tools
The House is Haunted (feat. Glen Gray & The Casa Loma Orchestra) 02:39 Tools
Night And Day 03:34 Tools
Study In Brown 02:58 Tools
Dardanella 02:52 Tools
San Sue Strut 03:30 Tools
No Name Jive (Parts 1 & 2) 06:36 Tools
The Goblin Band 03:11 Tools
The Maniac's Ball 02:05 Tools
Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland 02:49 Tools
I Never Knew 02:29 Tools
Tippin' In 03:22 Tools
Alley Cat 02:41 Tools
With All My Heart 02:59 Tools
The Little Man With The Hammer 02:25 Tools
BLUE FLAME 03:11 Tools
A Hundred Years From Today 03:10 Tools
Take The 'A' Train 03:00 Tools
Charade 03:22 Tools
Till We Meet Again 02:26 Tools
South Rampart Street Parade 03:50 Tools
My Country 02:39 Tools
My Shining Hour 02:56 Tools
Hindustan 03:07 Tools
Opus One 03:00 Tools
Begin The Beguine 03:19 Tools
Intermission Riff 03:30 Tools
Sunny Disposish 02:23 Tools
Chinatown My Chinatown 02:32 Tools
Maniac's Ball 03:01 Tools
Who's Sorry Now 02:36 Tools
The House Is Haunted (By The Echo Of Your Last Goodbye) 03:30 Tools
My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean 03:08 Tools
Heaven Can Wait 03:06 Tools
Wolverine Blues 02:35 Tools
Lady Be Good 02:33 Tools
After Hours 00:00 Tools
Boogie Woogie On St. Louis Blues 02:54 Tools
Copenhagen 02:37 Tools
New No Name Jive 02:31 Tools
I Cried For You 03:11 Tools
Here Come the British 02:48 Tools
White Star Stomp 02:00 Tools
Love And A Dime 00:00 Tools
No Name Jive (part 1 & 2) 02:33 Tools
Narcissus 02:37 Tools
Blue Prelude 00:00 Tools
Clarinet Marmalade 03:09 Tools
One O'Clock Jump 03:06 Tools
Ciribiribin 02:32 Tools
Rose Of The Rio Grande 03:11 Tools
You Go to My Head 02:48 Tools
Stardust 02:53 Tools
Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams 03:11 Tools
Sophisticated Lady 03:33 Tools
Tenderly 02:53 Tools
Panama 02:00 Tools
Smoke Rings - Remastered 02:00 Tools
Sleepy Time Gal 04:32 Tools
Learning 03:11 Tools
Glen Gray And The Casa Loma Orchestra / In The Still Of The Night 03:17 Tools
Symphony In Riffs 02:57 Tools
Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet 00:00 Tools
Song Of The Island 03:24 Tools
Snowfall 03:13 Tools
Do The New York 02:35 Tools
Infatuation 03:03 Tools
Riverboat Shuffle 03:22 Tools
Huckleberry Duck 02:50 Tools
Maybe 03:08 Tools
What's The Use? 03:05 Tools
White Star Of Sigma Nu 01:55 Tools
The Elks' Parade 02:55 Tools
Contrasts 02:49 Tools
Little Old Lady 02:48 Tools
Mama, That Moon Is Here Again 03:09 Tools
Dixieland Band 02:43 Tools
Take The A Train 03:00 Tools
Let's Dance 03:24 Tools
My Heart Tells Me (Should I Believe My Heart) 03:22 Tools
The Mole (Digitally Remastered '03) 01:55 Tools
Swanee River Boogie 03:00 Tools
Maniacs Ball 03:07 Tools
Smoky Rings 03:05 Tools
The Mole 02:50 Tools
Stardust (Digitally Remastered '03) 03:09 Tools
No Name Jive (Digitally Remastered '03) 03:09 Tools
Yours Is My Heart Alone 00:00 Tools
I've Got My Heart Set On You 03:18 Tools
Song Of The Islands 03:20 Tools
I'm Getting Sentimental over You 03:17 Tools
Frenesi 03:24 Tools
Take The 'A' Train (2003 Digital Remaster) 02:52 Tools
Linger A While 02:52 Tools
Trouble In Paradise 03:01 Tools
Smoke Rings (Theme) 03:57 Tools
Sassin' The Boss 03:02 Tools
Tumbling Tumbleweeds 00:00 Tools
Tired Of It All 03:12 Tools
The Elk's Parade 02:58 Tools
New Orleans 04:32 Tools
I Left My Heart in San Francisco 03:21 Tools
Early Autumn 02:35 Tools
Redskin Rhumba 03:04 Tools
Sunny Diposish 03:01 Tools
Star Dreams 03:07 Tools
The Dance Of The Lame Duck 03:24 Tools
I Can't Get Started 02:35 Tools
Early Autumn (Digitally Remastered '03) 02:50 Tools
A String Of Pearls (2002 Digital Remaster) 02:50 Tools
Old Man River 03:01 Tools
Lean, Baby 03:01 Tools
In The Still Of The Night 03:17 Tools
John Silver 03:20 Tools
Spellbound 03:20 Tools
Embraceable You 03:02 Tools
Stars and Stripes Forever 02:35 Tools
Blue Star (The Medic Theme) 02:35 Tools
The Champ 03:04 Tools
After You've Gone 02:13 Tools
Royal Garden Blues 03:17 Tools
Lookie, Lookie, Here Come Cookie 02:34 Tools
Don't Do It, Darling 03:17 Tools
You're A Builder Upper 02:42 Tools
You Never Know 02:35 Tools
My Heart Tells Me (Should I Believe My Heart?) 03:22 Tools
The Boogie Woogie Man 03:22 Tools
Desert Skies 03:22 Tools
Mad About The Boy 03:20 Tools
Lean, Baby (Digitally Remastered '03) 03:04 Tools
Casa Loma Stomp (Digitally Remastered '03) 03:04 Tools
Collaboration (Digitally Remastered '03) 03:04 Tools
Avalon Town 03:16 Tools
Zig Zag 00:00 Tools
Linger Awhile - Remastered 00:00 Tools
Sometimes I'm Happy 03:20 Tools
Sweet As A Song 03:16 Tools
You Have Taken My Heart 03:16 Tools
Smoke Rings - Glen Gray With The Casa Loma Orchestra 02:13 Tools
Always 02:58 Tools
The Night Is Young 11:06 Tools
If I Had It My Way 00:00 Tools
The Prisoner's Song 03:29 Tools
Gotta Be This Or That 03:23 Tools
I Can't Stop Loving You 02:59 Tools
Memories of You [12LF] 03:22 Tools
Maybe [12Kb] 03:22 Tools
Moonglow 02:59 Tools
Love Me 02:47 Tools
Champagne Waltz 03:20 Tools
Weep No More My Baby 03:15 Tools
Sherwood's Forest 03:39 Tools
Blues Rhapsody 03:02 Tools
Frenesi (Digitally Remastered '03) 03:23 Tools
My Man 03:23 Tools
El Rancho Grande 02:59 Tools
Harlem Nocturne 03:10 Tools
Out In The Cold Again 03:17 Tools
Shadows Of Love 03:23 Tools
Who Ray 03:29 Tools
Collaboration 03:17 Tools
Malibu 02:51 Tools
Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin' 03:12 Tools
Lazybones 03:17 Tools
Yankee Doodle Never Went To Town 03:17 Tools
Carioca 03:11 Tools
Tears From My Inkwell 03:11 Tools
Gotta Get Some Shuteye 11:06 Tools
Everytime I Look At You 11:06 Tools
Opus Number 1 11:06 Tools
This Night (Will be My Souvenir) 02:36 Tools
Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now) 02:36 Tools
Never In A Million Years 03:17 Tools
Lookie, Lookie, Lookie, Here Comes Cookie 02:36 Tools
Fare Thee Well, Annabelle 03:29 Tools
You're Gonna Lose Your Gal 03:17 Tools
Girl of my dreams ( Angel Heart OST) 03:29 Tools
One Night in Monte Carlo 03:17 Tools
Weep No More, My Baby 03:17 Tools
Midnight Sun 03:17 Tools
Dancing Feet 02:51 Tools
Mission To Moscow 02:48 Tools
High Society 03:39 Tools
No name jive - pt 1 03:39 Tools
Hour Of Parting 02:36 Tools
I Got Rhythm - Remastered 02:36 Tools
Jimtown Blues 02:36 Tools
Bless 'Em All 02:36 Tools
Black Jazz - Remastered 02:36 Tools
Smoke Rings [1sQE] 02:36 Tools
Git Away Day 03:29 Tools
Pardon My Southern Accent 03:29 Tools
White Heat 03:29 Tools
I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm 03:29 Tools
The Devil Is Afraid Of Music 03:29 Tools
Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland [12Dl] 03:29 Tools
What's The Matter With Me 03:29 Tools
Back Bay Shufflew 03:29 Tools
Lean Baby 03:29 Tools
This Night Will Be My Souvenir 03:29 Tools
Boneyard Shuffle 02:51 Tools
Jack the Bear 02:51 Tools
Stop, Look And Listen 02:51 Tools
Without A Word Of Warning 02:51 Tools
Smoke Rings (Casa Loma) 02:48 Tools
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The Casa Loma Orchestra was a popular white big band which came out of Detroit in 1929 and was highly successful in the early 1930s. Despite slipping in popularity it continued with personnel changes into the 1960s. Glen Gray was billed as the leader. The band may have played old material in the latter part of its existence, but the original band had plenty of recordings to its name. See full bio at Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.