Go Jimmy Go

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Bang The Skillet 04:03 Tools
Supersonic 04:59 Tools
Don't Stop Everything (dancehall version) 03:28 Tools
Tropical Christmas 03:01 Tools
Feed This Hunger 02:13 Tools
In-Between Times 03:25 Tools
Every Road I'm On 03:09 Tools
Set Me Free 03:50 Tools
Mama Bird 03:09 Tools
Soul Arrival 04:09 Tools
Til You Get There 03:17 Tools
Fishbowl Eyes 03:22 Tools
The Governor's Daughter 03:11 Tools
Push Me Out 03:10 Tools
Why You Cry 03:24 Tools
Goddess And Queen 04:45 Tools
Going Solo 02:35 Tools
Good to You 03:31 Tools
Open The Door 04:18 Tools
Long Shot On The Rise 02:46 Tools
Don't Stop Everything 03:45 Tools
Slow Time 05:27 Tools
Sunday Morning 02:56 Tools
Miss Argentina 05:01 Tools
Tin Penny 04:03 Tools
Pressure House 04:31 Tools
Radio Kgjg 00:50 Tools
Don't Be So Cruel 03:05 Tools
Undercover Brother 04:13 Tools
Pretending 03:46 Tools
Takin' It Off 04:34 Tools
Bit 'o Soul 04:27 Tools
No Grumble 04:43 Tools
808 P.D. 00:00 Tools
Na-Na 04:12 Tools
Jemima 04:31 Tools
Mountainview 04:15 Tools
Mai Tai No. 9 04:40 Tools
Head Up High 04:14 Tools
In My Subaru 02:30 Tools
Own Thang 03:56 Tools
Ease Up (Rocksteady) 03:45 Tools
Devil's in Her Soul 03:35 Tools
Frantically Running 03:42 Tools
Planes and Trains 03:19 Tools
07 hip hipocrites 03:42 Tools
Christmas Morning 02:52 Tools
Valentine's Day 03:12 Tools
Pain in my Heart 03:19 Tools
Merry Christmas, Baby 02:23 Tools
Holiday Hell Yeah! 02:42 Tools
Baggies 03:23 Tools
Incarceration 04:41 Tools
Ching-A-Ling-A-Ding-Dong 03:26 Tools
Sleigh Ride 01:58 Tools
Once A Year 01:58 Tools
Holiday Movie Marathon 04:18 Tools
8-0-8 P.D. 03:51 Tools
Guenon 04:00 Tools
Mele Kalikimaka 02:31 Tools
Plantation 03:36 Tools
8-0-8 Dub 03:58 Tools
Trains & Planes 03:22 Tools
The Twelve Days Of Christmas Local Style 03:22 Tools
Very Merry Christmas 03:01 Tools
8-0-8 P.d 00:00 Tools
808 P. D. Dub 00:00 Tools
Very merry christmas time 00:50 Tools
06 valentine's day 00:00 Tools
The Twelve Days Of Christmas 00:50 Tools
K-GJG 00:50 Tools
’Til You Get There 03:15 Tools
10 baggies 03:15 Tools
In-Between Times (live) 04:01 Tools
Don't Be So Cruel (live) 04:12 Tools
Feed This Hunger (Dub) 02:14 Tools
11 incarceration 04:46 Tools
09 pain in my heart 03:16 Tools
Devil in her Soul 03:30 Tools
every road i´m on 03:38 Tools
The Twelve Days of Christmas Loca 03:12 Tools
Hip Hipocrites 03:30 Tools
Na Na 04:12 Tools
Till You Get There 03:12 Tools
Trains & Plaines 03:30 Tools
Feed This Hunger [Dub] 03:12 Tools
9-0-9- DUB 04:12 Tools
Ease Up 11:06 Tools
Set Me Free [Dub] 04:12 Tools
808 PD 03:28 Tools
The Governor´s daughter 03:11 Tools
Don´t stop everything 03:28 Tools
808 P.D. (live) 00:00 Tools
Push Too Hard 03:28 Tools
Tropical Christmas (It's a Very Merry Christmas) 03:28 Tools
The Govenors Daughter 03:28 Tools
Na Na (Live) 03:25 Tools
Don't Stop Everything [feat. Jah-Son] 03:28 Tools
Goddess & Queen [Dub] 03:28 Tools
´til you get there 03:15 Tools
Pirate Song 03:15 Tools
Don´t stop everyting 03:45 Tools
Why You Cry [Dub] 03:45 Tools
Pressure House (Live) 02:29 Tools
Don´t be so cruel 03:05 Tools
808 P. D. 03:05 Tools
Governo's Daughter 03:05 Tools
Jemima (Live) 03:11 Tools
Ease Up (Nyabinghi) 02:29 Tools
Don't Stop Everything (Dancehall Version feat. Jah-Son Toaster) 03:28 Tools
Sunday Morning (live) 02:29 Tools
Miss Argentina (live) 02:29 Tools
Every Road I’m On 03:38 Tools
Takin' It Off (live) 00:00 Tools
It's a very merry christmas time 03:01 Tools
In Between Times 2005 03:25 Tools
Mountain View 03:25 Tools
Bang the Skillet (live) 03:25 Tools
Push Me Out / Good to You (Live) 03:11 Tools
Soul Arrival (live) 02:29 Tools
Tin Penny (Live) 03:11 Tools
Mama Bird (Live) 03:11 Tools
In - Between Times (live) 03:25 Tools
Plains and Trains 00:00 Tools
Godless And Queen 00:00 Tools
Long Shot on the Rise (Live) 00:00 Tools
No Grumble (live) 02:29 Tools
Mama Bird-Good To You 00:00 Tools
Bob Marley and the Wailers 02:29 Tools
Set Me Free (live) 02:29 Tools
Bit'o Soul 02:29 Tools
Don´t be so cruel (live) 02:29 Tools
Don't Stop Everything (live) 02:29 Tools
Feed This Hunger (Live) 02:29 Tools
Message to You Medley (Live) 02:29 Tools
Tropical Christmas (из рекламы Мегафон) 03:01 Tools
Solo 03:01 Tools
The Governor's Daughter (Live) 03:01 Tools
Fishbowl Eyes (Live) 03:01 Tools
The Governer's Daughter 03:01 Tools
Open the Door (Live) 03:01 Tools
It's a very merry christmas 03:11 Tools
Unknown Track 02:58 Tools
Foolin Box 02:58 Tools
Untitled 03:21 Tools
The Govenor's Daughter 03:11 Tools
Bit 'o Soul (Live) 03:11 Tools
Going Solo / Undercover Brother (Live) 03:11 Tools
Own Thang (Live) 03:11 Tools
Head up High (Live) 03:11 Tools
Devil's in Her Soul (Live) 03:11 Tools
Tropical Christmas (из рекламы Мегафона) 03:01 Tools
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Go Jimmy Go is a ska, rocksteady, reggae and soul influenced band from Honolulu, Hawaii. Although chronologically, the band belongs to the third-wave, their mellow, slower tempo sound is reminiscent of the classic style of the original 1960s Jamaican first wave of ska. History, 1996 to 2000 Go Jimmy Go was formed in 1996 during the height of the third-wave ska craze by Larry Gordon and Cameron Wright during the weekly Ska Night at a club then known as The Vibe at the renowned Puck's Alley near the University of Hawaii. Several of the regulars of Ska Night had discussed forming a band which would be Hawaii's answer to the thriving "traditional ska" scene. After several false starts and frequent jam sessions featuring a rotating cast of trial members, a small core emerged consisting of Wright on bass guitar, Gordon on alto saxophone and vocals, Eric White on tenor saxophone, Ian Ashley on guitar and Tyson Balmores on drums, with several musicians rotating in and out of the lineup to fill in at various positions. "We had so many members come and go that first year. We were picky from the start," remembered White. "By the second year, we must have had about 20 total members pass through." These included a trio of female back-up singers, an organist and a trumpeter. From the beginning it was decided by the band that Go Jimmy Go's sound would be more influenced by early ska and rocksteady pioneers such as The Maytals, The Wailers, The Skatalites, Alton Ellis, Ken Boothe and more recently L.A.'s Hepcat. Eventually soul music, rocksteady, reggae, funk and even Hawaiian began to blend seamlessly with the band's sound, reflecting the many musical influences of the core members. The band decided that a focus on original music as opposed to covers would set them apart from many of the traditional ska groups currently performing on the scene. "Egyptian Ska", "Mafioso", and "Jericho" were early favorites that were staple tunes in GJG's early set. In 1997, a turning point came when Go Jimmy Go was introduced to Santa Barbara roots reggae favorites Dynamic Pressure, who had recently relocated to the islands. However, the stress of maintaining the band, playing shows and living in a new state were too much and Dynamic Pressure unfortunately disbanded. The premature demise of the group led to former lead singer Jason "Bison" Friedmann being offered a spot in Go Jimmy Go. During a show at the Karaoke Ninja House in Honolulu, guitarist Tino Olsen was invited to join the Go Jimmy Go. Olsen's strong song writing and vocal skills were a valuable asset to the group and led to many great GJG songs featuring a solid three part harmony that further strengthened the band's sound. 1998 was an important year for Go Jimmy Go as several high profile gigs, including the Spring Skalabration, which featured Go Jimmy Go along with ska superstars Hepcat, Save Ferris, and Dance Hall Crashers helped cement the band as Hawaii's premier ska act. Several compilation CDs were released nationally on Stubborn Records and Steadybeat featuring Go Jimmy Go, which helped expose the band to a much wider audience. 1998 also saw the departure of Gordon from the group, as well early studio sessions which helped expose the band to a studio setting, helping pave the way for the group's debut CD "Slow Time". Much of 1999 was spent in studio working on "Slow Time" as former Red Session drummer Shon Gregory and Exit 24 trombonist Fernando Pacheco joined the group, cementing the lineup. 2000 to 2007 2000: Go Jimmy Go's full length debut album "Slow Time" released on Jump Up! Records 2003: Go Jimmy Go's second full length album "Soul Arrival" released on Moon Room Records 2004: "Slow Time" re-released on Moon Room Records with un-released tracks and re-mastered by Chris Murray 2005: Go Jimmy Go's third full length studio album "The Girl With The Fishbowl Eyes" released on Moon Room Records 2006-2007: Currently Go Jimmy Go are scheduled to begin their first tour of Europe spanning 14 countries over 5 weeks to include dates in Germany, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and several eastern European nations with The Toasters. 2007 : Moon Ska World release " The Girl With The Fishbowl Eyes " in the United Kingdom. Current members Jason "Bison" Friedmann (Lead Vocals) [1998 to current] Jayder (Bass) [2007 to current] Ian Ashley (Lead Guitar, Vocals) [1996 to current] Shon Gregory (Drums, Backup Vocals) [1999 to current] Eric White (Tenor Saxophone) [1996 to current] Ryan Kunimura (Trombone) [2007 to current] Notable Former Members Cameron Wright (Electric/Stand-up Bass, Founding Member) [1996 to 2007] Fernando Pacheco (Trombone) [1999 to 2007] Larry Gordon (Alto Saxophone, Vocals, Founding Member) [1996 to 1998] Tino Olsen (Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Vocals) [1997 to 2002] Andrew McClellan (Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Vocals) Lindy Patterson (Percussion) Tyson Balmores (Drums, Founding Member) [1996 to 1999] Other Media MTV recorded a live performance of Go Jimmy Go for The Real World: Hawaii. Although the performance ended up on the cutting room floor, Teck Holmes mentions the band in an episode. ABC Network's hit prime-time series "Lost", which is filmed in Hawaii on the island of Oahu, features Go Jimmy Go lead singer Bison Friedmann in an uncredited, non-speaking role as a U.S. Marshall who helps arrest Evangeline Lilly's character Kate Austen in the episode "What Kate Did". Albums Slow Time (Jump Up! Records, re-released in 2004 by Moon Room Records) (2000) Soul Arrival (Moon Room Records)(2002) The Girl With the Fishbowl Eyes (Moon Room Records) (2005) Holiday Hell Yeah! (Moon Room Records, released in 2007) Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.