Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Sophie 03:42 Tools
Buck It Up 02:33 Tools
Fiji Baby 03:13 Tools
Gouge Away 02:52 Tools
Green 02:09 Tools
Blowing Dirt 04:06 Tools
Place To Be 03:26 Tools
Slippy 03:24 Tools
Merrilands Domain 03:08 Tools
Monotone 04:34 Tools
Everyday 04:01 Tools
Catch This Light 02:50 Tools
Mousey 02:50 Tools
Long Day Last 04:05 Tools
Cement 02:37 Tools
Lucy 03:57 Tools
Mud Sky 05:16 Tools
My Racing Head 03:20 Tools
Not That Far 04:01 Tools
Dumb Day 03:24 Tools
Sand 03:41 Tools
How Will I See You 03:28 Tools
Fall 02:34 Tools
Cold Body Blues 04:07 Tools
Out Of Our League 02:56 Tools
So Charming 03:34 Tools
So Shook Up 03:16 Tools
We Won't Tire 02:41 Tools
I Can't Drive 03:54 Tools
Melobeeda 00:29 Tools
We Wont Tire 02:41 Tools
Mixing It Up 00:29 Tools
07 - Sophie 02:41 Tools
Goodshirt 02:41 Tools
03 - Green 02:41 Tools
Sophie (album Version) 02:41 Tools
Hey Miss 02:41 Tools
Melobeeda (Full Length) 00:00 Tools
13 - Mud Sky 02:41 Tools
12 - Long Day Last 00:00 Tools
11 Fiji Baby 00:00 Tools
04 - Blowing Dirt 00:00 Tools
I Want You (Free) 00:00 Tools
10 - Monotone 00:00 Tools
05 - Slippy 00:00 Tools
11 - Mousey 00:00 Tools
Streets Don't Close 00:00 Tools
02 - Place To Be 00:00 Tools
Gouge Away (Black Francis) 00:00 Tools
03 green 00:00 Tools
Gouge Away (Pixies) 02:52 Tools
Long Last Day 02:52 Tools
Mousey (Live) 02:52 Tools
04 blowing dirt 02:52 Tools
Place To Be (4 Track Demo) 02:52 Tools
08 - Merrilands Domain 02:52 Tools
06 - Everyday 02:52 Tools
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Goodshirt is an innovative New Zealand pop/rock band from Grey Lynn, Auckland. Its members were Gareth Thomas, brothers Rodney and Murray Fisher and drummer Mike Beehre. Goodshirt first came to prominence in 2000 with the independent release "Green". After a string of further singles, the band's debut album Good was released in August 2001. Early Goodshirt tracks were self-produced, often using secondhand and homemade instruments and most frequently recorded in Murray's garden shed. A few more singles were released off the album (through their own label 'Cement' - linked to EMI New Zealand). One of these, "Sophie", reached No.1 on the NZ singles chart in 2002 . Following this success the album was released in Australia, Canada and Japan. A second album, Fiji Baby, was released at the beginning of 2004. Its notable singles include "Fiji Baby", "Buck It Up" and "Lucy". They disbanded in 2004. Rodney Fisher has since played with Breaks Co-Op and two other members are now in Auckland band Voom. Goodshirt have been on hiatus since 2005, but are now actively working on new material for release in early 2012, kicking things off with a gig on 22nd of Dec 2011 at the legendary Kings Arms in Auckland, and also supporting Hall and Oates and Icehouse in January 2012. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.