Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Por Ella 03:29 Tools
Paul 03:29 Tools
mejor muertos 04:06 Tools
Eso es todo lo que soy 03:31 Tools
Apariencia 03:37 Tools
Punk SuperStars 03:06 Tools
La Historia De Juan 03:13 Tools
All Fuckin' Right 01:27 Tools
Joshie 03:30 Tools
Cociname 03:05 Tools
Eso Es Lo Que Soy 03:17 Tools
Intoxication 01:52 Tools
Ganas 02:50 Tools
Yuyu 02:48 Tools
Puede Ser 03:17 Tools
Quedate Conmigo 03:12 Tools
Abuela 01:33 Tools
Dinosaur Shit 03:35 Tools
Cocíname 07:52 Tools
Maricones (Don Lore) 02:23 Tools
Everyone 01:40 Tools
Loko Loko 02:51 Tools
Sunny Day 01:09 Tools
Condon 02:42 Tools
Mejor Muertos Que No Juntos 04:03 Tools
Monton (U&Me) 02:17 Tools
Bar de Rene 02:06 Tools
Cuentame 03:04 Tools
Montón (U & Me) 02:17 Tools
Kédate conmigo 03:12 Tools
Alexis 04:02 Tools
Enchúlame el corazón 02:19 Tools
Yoshi 03:24 Tools
Navidad 02:46 Tools
Televisión 04:02 Tools
Historia de Juan 03:11 Tools
Condón 02:42 Tools
SuperStars 03:11 Tools
Television 04:02 Tools
Muertos Que No Juntos 04:05 Tools
Bar de René 02:09 Tools
Enchulame el Corazón 02:19 Tools
Bonus Track 02:51 Tools
Trance 03:14 Tools
dia tras dia 02:58 Tools
tv 03:15 Tools
Tele Culia 03:15 Tools
Punk Superstar 03:17 Tools
Banda en Extinción 02:27 Tools
Punk Superstars Version 2 02:49 Tools
nelson mauri chupa 02:49 Tools
El Dieciocho 02:10 Tools
México 03:17 Tools
Monton (U & Me) 02:17 Tools
Juan 03:14 Tools
Por Ella (Acustica) 03:28 Tools
Millonario 04:05 Tools
Sheep 02:08 Tools
Dinoshit 03:37 Tools
Loco loco 02:08 Tools
Punk Superstars (ingles) 02:48 Tools
Punk Super Stars 02:48 Tools
Cosa Loca 04:05 Tools
Ella Se Fue 01:45 Tools
Superstar 03:17 Tools
Ma mi 03:17 Tools
megaman 03:17 Tools
Gufi - Eso Es Lo Que Soy 03:17 Tools
Rätätä Morgen hamma Schädelweh 03:31 Tools
Yu YU- 02:50 Tools
Fucking Tele 04:04 Tools
Cosa Loca (Bonus Track) 02:22 Tools
mejor muerto 04:05 Tools
YU YU (Navidad) 02:48 Tools
no te quiero odiar 02:48 Tools
Lokoloko 02:38 Tools
Sheep (Bonus Track) 02:08 Tools
Punk Super Stars 03:06 Tools
Mou dvor 02:08 Tools
Gufi - Por Ella 02:08 Tools
Marihuana 02:08 Tools
Montón (U&Me) 02:17 Tools
Baby silicona 02:17 Tools
For The Father 01:15 Tools
Todo lo que soy 01:15 Tools
Tele Culiá 03:15 Tools
Monton (U and Me) 02:17 Tools
puede ser un error 02:17 Tools
Super star 03:07 Tools
Tele Culia (feat. Tronic) 03:17 Tools
El 18 03:17 Tools
I believe in a thing called love 03:17 Tools
Punk Super Star 03:17 Tools
Guffi - Eso Es Lo Que Soy 03:17 Tools
El Bar De Rene 02:06 Tools
Paja 03:43 Tools
Idiotas 03:43 Tools
Monton 02:18 Tools
if you want it 02:01 Tools
Josie 02:19 Tools
Enchulame el corazуn 02:19 Tools
Monton (you and me) 02:14 Tools
Por Ella (Otra version) 03:28 Tools
niño soldado 03:28 Tools
eso es lo ke soy 03:28 Tools
Weka de Corazon 02:14 Tools
melanie 02:14 Tools
Maria Lamberta 02:14 Tools
Geht no oana 01:15 Tools
gufi - bar de rene 02:14 Tools
cerveza 02:14 Tools
Día tras día 02:14 Tools
mama llegue 02:14 Tools
enamorarse o morir 02:14 Tools
Combo Final 02:14 Tools
mamá llegué 02:14 Tools
Malos Amigos 02:14 Tools
Gufi - Cuentame 02:14 Tools
eso es todo lo ke soy 02:14 Tools
Somos iguales 00:00 Tools
Banda en extincion 02:47 Tools
GUFI - Intoxication 01:55 Tools
Bonus Track 1 01:15 Tools
Gufi - Apariencia - Corazon D' Roto 01:15 Tools
where is my friends? 01:15 Tools
Focking tele 01:15 Tools
Mejor muerto que no juntos 01:15 Tools
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Tim Picchetti and Emanuel Finlayson ("Chiwawa") had been friends since they were 4 years old, but they lost contact when their families moved to different foreign countries. Some years later, they met in Chile, and to the surprise of both of them, they were both musicians. Tim plays the guitar and Finlayson, the drums. Logically, they formed a band. After some years playing covers of groups like Green Day and Nirvana, Tim and Chiwawa decided to create their own sound. A little later, TIm met Koko Stambuk, who thye invited to join the band. Chiwawa accompanied them. it is here, with Koko playing bass for a parallel project, that they formed GUFI y began their demo CD, a demo that would take thpem from their small home studio to the offices of Sony Music Mexico, with whom they made a contract to record the CD. Gustavo Labrin, who originally was going to replace Koko on bass, joined the band, playing second guitar instead, with Tim (vocals and guitar) and Chiwawa (drums) to record "Historias de la Calle" (Tales from the Street). A little later, Jogn Guetealba joined with his bass, filling the void, and so, completing the band. After finishing the CD, "couple days" for the trip to Mexico turned into a long and discouraging wait for the band. After some months of "waiting", Tim traveled to Atlanta to visit his family, but that week, when it seemed things couldn't get any worse, a worse tragedy than anyone could have thought of hapened - Chiwawa was brutally murdered. For some months, Gustavo decided to abandon the group and Tim and Jorge got together in Spain with Ozzy, a drummer who even though things didn't work out, sirved to reenergize Tim and Jorge with playing in a band and following the dream of music. Tim traveled to Mexico in order to finalize the contract between GUFI and Sony, while Jorge and the new drummer, Dario, began preparations for the release, finally, of their debut CD, "HISTORIAS DE LA CALLE". Translated from the official GUFI site. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.