Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Vivaldi's Four Seasons REMIX 02:01 Tools
You May As Well Drink the Tears of A Columbian Peasant Farmer 02:28 Tools
Bass Ventura 04:19 Tools
Hold Your Horses Pedro 04:48 Tools
BUSAIKU 02:22 Tools
Knockout Ned 03:38 Tools
You Can Suck Dick And Still Be A Virgin, Mary 02:14 Tools
The Twelve Inch Pianist 02:15 Tools
The Devil in a Pringle Cardigan 02:23 Tools
Netto Superstar 04:44 Tools
Jockin On Yo Bitch Ass 01:17 Tools
A Blind Eunuch Looking at a Painting 02:16 Tools
Sparkle Motion 01:51 Tools
I Think It Was Your Sinister Moustache 02:18 Tools
Drop and Give Me Twenty 02:49 Tools
Jenga 02:20 Tools
A Moment of Silence For the Dirt Shrew 04:06 Tools
In Pursuit of Black Materia 01:53 Tools
Optimus Primark 02:13 Tools
I'll Leave You Two Squirrels to Get Better Acquainted 02:13 Tools
Three Times a Lady(boy) 02:37 Tools
Prom Night in Shining Armour 02:26 Tools
Live Fast, Die Pretty 03:03 Tools
Hungry, Hungry Hippos 02:29 Tools
Text 'Babe' to 88898 02:17 Tools
Panama City License Plate 02:20 Tools
For Fox Sake! 02:38 Tools
I Forgot To Set My TiVo For The Shield 02:43 Tools
Dimple Theory 02:19 Tools
Goths in Love 02:43 Tools
My Ears Are Filled With Nougat 02:40 Tools
Twits or Get the Fruit 02:03 Tools
Pimp My Bride 01:16 Tools
Ace Kicker 02:03 Tools
Sapphic Traffic 02:19 Tools
Choking Kojak 02:14 Tools
Total Eclipse of the Harp 04:45 Tools
This is My Dad, Not a Washing Machine 02:44 Tools
Pista 1 02:14 Tools
Dairy Milk 01:33 Tools
I've Just Blinded a Cocker Spaniel 02:04 Tools
Abra Cadaver 01:57 Tools
Prodding the Bellies of the Obese 02:43 Tools
A Full-Fledged Bukkake Barrage 02:26 Tools
True Bromance 01:56 Tools
If I Should Sleep With a Lady Called Death 03:16 Tools
No Homo Riddim 02:47 Tools
Bridget Jones's Diarrhoea 02:01 Tools
Grand Theft Audio 02:22 Tools
We Used to Play in a Van Down By the River 02:35 Tools
You Can't Survive On The Mushrooms In Your Hair 02:16 Tools
Menarche a Trois 01:56 Tools
Celebrity Golf Challenge 03:51 Tools
10 Things I Hate About Heath Ledger 00:41 Tools
Let's Be Friends Like the Friends Off Friends 03:37 Tools
I Know It's Pretty Baby, But I Didn't Take It Out For Air 03:45 Tools
The Chevron on the Windbreaker 03:14 Tools
I'm A Bearded Concubine 03:18 Tools
Tecwen Whittock 02:47 Tools
Crocker Dub 02:18 Tools
There's No Place Like 02:18 Tools
Carlsberg Don't Make Repetitive Annoying Music With Stupidly Long Titles, But If They Did... 02:27 Tools
Uncouth 03:25 Tools
Jizz Monkey 03:18 Tools
Pass Me the Salt 02:51 Tools
Wonderwall REMIX 02:19 Tools
Give My Remains to Broadway 02:46 Tools
Tubular Bellend 03:30 Tools
Bite the Wax Tadpole 03:35 Tools
Frightenly Germanic 03:02 Tools
Vanilla Thunder 03:01 Tools
Somebody Throw Shamu Back Into the Ocean 02:01 Tools
Caturday Night Fever, YO (meow mix) 02:15 Tools
This is No Time For Trigonometry 02:15 Tools
For I Am Just a Docile House Cat 02:54 Tools
I Look Like a Turkish Lesbian 02:54 Tools
I Fight Drag Queens 02:08 Tools
Tito, Get Me Some Tissue 04:06 Tools
My Beloved Badger 02:07 Tools
My Ovaries Are Shrinking 02:36 Tools
Haiku 03:48 Tools
Eye Mull of Mush Sheen 02:31 Tools
Love You Long Time 01:41 Tools
Serenading Ladies in the Park 02:12 Tools
Hungry,Hungry Hippos 05:40 Tools
The Dark is Rising 02:34 Tools
Actually 01:27 Tools
He Said That She Said That I Said You're Dead 01:37 Tools
Naming Songs is Easy 00:59 Tools
Pedestrianism 01:58 Tools
The Milwaukee Bondage Killer 02:23 Tools
When You're Not Flashing Bartenders... 02:38 Tools
Coffeedome 03:22 Tools
Typo's Change Lives 02:19 Tools
The Milkman Conspiracy 02:12 Tools
Sammy Hagar and the Belgian Waffle 01:41 Tools
Rainen No Kono Hi Mo Issho Ni Waratteiyoh 01:14 Tools
L'Oeuf is a Many Splendoured Thing 03:41 Tools
NEW DART 02:26 Tools
thereisnoainpenis@hotmail.co.uk 02:22 Tools
Today is So Yesterday 02:30 Tools
Bob Marley in a Headlock 01:27 Tools
Tiddlywinks 02:46 Tools
How to Solve a Rubik's Cube 02:15 Tools
A Wild Snorlax Appears 04:33 Tools
Friendly Fire 01:35 Tools
Sine Language 03:48 Tools
The Three Second Rule 02:56 Tools
Smells Like Methylated Spirit 02:48 Tools
Zitch Dog 02:57 Tools
Beauty and the Beats 02:57 Tools
A Young Blade by the Name of Mitch 02:28 Tools
I'm Parting The Lips of My Blushing Vagina 02:41 Tools
A Storm in a D-Cup 02:37 Tools
The Cheerleader Effect 03:04 Tools
55378008 03:04 Tools
Europe Who? (No, You're a Poo) 01:48 Tools
Punarnia 03:42 Tools
So Very 03:15 Tools
Missingno 02:38 Tools
Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder 00:46 Tools
I Love Myself and I Want to Live 01:59 Tools
Who the Fuck is Barry? 03:38 Tools
A Gentleman Does Not Conga 02:24 Tools
Trevor McDonald 02:18 Tools
Harp Shaped Box 01:43 Tools
Pegasus 03:12 Tools
Tupperware 02:20 Tools
Maraschino 02:22 Tools
Seventy Please 00:52 Tools
Alberta Furtrapper 02:32 Tools
King Kong's Finger 02:25 Tools
Turtlewax 03:19 Tools
Lina Medina 03:38 Tools
He's Not Exactly Grizzly Adams 03:01 Tools
Samurai Soup Kitchen 03:21 Tools
The Bionic Bridesmaid 03:12 Tools
There is No U in Penis, But There is a Penis in U 00:34 Tools
Half Japanese Girls 02:33 Tools
Does My Arse Look Big in This? 01:48 Tools
Death By Performing Donkey 03:18 Tools
Where's Fluffy? 03:00 Tools
Tom's Magic Sausage 02:47 Tools
Greasy Kayak 03:32 Tools
The Penis Mightier Than The Sword 03:06 Tools
How Now Brown Cow 01:14 Tools
g2g 02:01 Tools
The Mustard Incident 02:03 Tools
Nippleodeon 01:17 Tools
A Clockwork Orange (Harperactive Remix) 02:03 Tools
Tastes Like Chicken 03:52 Tools
Don't Look At Me, I'm Fucked On Cornbread 02:30 Tools
Nova Scotia 02:18 Tools
Forever 01:26 Tools
Sinister Sausage 03:42 Tools
Curse These Metal Hands 02:24 Tools
Indecent Explosion 01:40 Tools
Bishop to F4 01:42 Tools
Let's Pretend We're Trains 02:24 Tools
Homosexual Suicide Pact 04:35 Tools
MSNcore (Instrumental Version) 03:30 Tools
Bring Your Daughter to Work Day 02:08 Tools
Excalibur 04:28 Tools
Tonight You Ride The Unicycle 01:34 Tools
Jesus Does Not Make You Flame Retardant 02:43 Tools
Esperanto Lullabies 04:12 Tools
2² Ever 01:37 Tools
Would You Like Fries With That? 03:04 Tools
Let There Be Shite 02:12 Tools
Heterophobia 02:12 Tools
Peanut Butter Chicken Love 02:01 Tools
I Thought He Was Just Some Creepy Armenian Perv 03:27 Tools
She Doesn't Even Own a Beret 02:06 Tools
Crosswords 02:34 Tools
Latiku 02:09 Tools
Duck Duck Goose 02:24 Tools
Oklahomo 02:10 Tools
Vagitarian 02:06 Tools
For All the Wrong Reasons 02:20 Tools
Body Off Baywatch, Face Off Crimewatch... 02:35 Tools
You Love Horse Spunk 02:59 Tools
Do It For Wyoming! 02:12 Tools
...And on the Eighth Day, God Created Harperactive 01:50 Tools
Eat Yo Fucking Waffle! 02:41 Tools
Peanut Butter Altar Boy 03:27 Tools
Two Sugars Please 01:45 Tools
Opium and Cheese Sandwiches 03:34 Tools
Always and Forever 02:38 Tools
Crayoned Face (Harperactive Remix) 02:38 Tools
All The Chickenheads Be Quiet 02:48 Tools
Imagine It's the 90's 04:14 Tools
I'm Like A Bloated African Famine Baby 02:24 Tools
The Chronicles of Mike and Geoff 02:03 Tools
XXXX Girlfriend's and a Foster Child 01:20 Tools
The Ex Factor 02:15 Tools
I'm Gonna Go Home and Ice My Beaver 02:48 Tools
Shinto 04:07 Tools
Honey, I Sold the Kids 00:53 Tools
Daddy 03:40 Tools
Thanks for Eating All of the Macaroni 02:03 Tools
Nothing Says Delicious Like the Inside of a Cowboy Hat 03:26 Tools
Wingman Diving On the Friend Grenade 02:39 Tools
Drinking Tea to Make Music to Drink Tea To 01:51 Tools
Orca 04:20 Tools
Cosmonaut 04:31 Tools
Pour Yourself A Glass of Ambition 01:37 Tools
The Utah Teapot 02:59 Tools
When Chefs Attack 02:15 Tools
Jihad Scuba Warriors 02:08 Tools
Iraq n Roll 01:14 Tools
Radicool 01:58 Tools
Viagraphobia 02:11 Tools
It's Not You, It's Me 01:56 Tools
That Boy's Gayer Than A Handbag Full of Rainbows 02:20 Tools
A Sneak Attack in Tesco 01:58 Tools
Enter the Dragon 01:56 Tools
Bush Hid the Facts 02:29 Tools
Brother James 02:42 Tools
I'm Not Gay But... 01:40 Tools
Brick Red Crayola 01:40 Tools
Miss Chernobyl Beauty Pagaent 01:49 Tools
See You Next Tuesday 04:58 Tools
C'est Merde 02:18 Tools
Brown and Sticky 02:06 Tools
When Harry Met Barry 02:55 Tools
Graduation Goggles 01:12 Tools
It's Not What It Looks Like 01:28 Tools
Dances With MILFs 02:34 Tools
A Fork Where a Fork Don't Fit 02:33 Tools
Stretford Arndale 01:57 Tools
Womb Service 04:25 Tools
We Love Cox 01:37 Tools
Feral Foal 02:14 Tools
Midi In 02:19 Tools
Merkin 01:24 Tools
All the Better to Eat You With 01:24 Tools
Kiri Kiri Kiri 01:54 Tools
I Scream Koans 02:35 Tools
A Little Less Pimp Spit 02:53 Tools
Crystal Eyes 03:27 Tools
The Emperor's Nipple 03:01 Tools
Prose Before Hoes 01:36 Tools
Splinter 02:37 Tools
Here's One I Prepared Earlier... 02:35 Tools
Goose Women 01:22 Tools
Less than Three 01:22 Tools
The Unreachable Carrot 02:03 Tools
Knob the Corpse 01:47 Tools
Wedgey Planet 02:03 Tools
Suicide Bummers 01:34 Tools
Lurking in Your Skylight 02:42 Tools
Guantanamo Baywatch 02:23 Tools
I Can Be a Bear Cub 02:49 Tools
Thank You For Letting Me Look at Your Aquarium 04:06 Tools
Snail Trails 02:27 Tools
Pot the White 02:27 Tools
Operation Breath Mint 03:03 Tools
The Quorn Supremacy 03:03 Tools
Four Seasons REMIX 03:03 Tools
Robocock 02:15 Tools
Jason and the Astronaughts 01:45 Tools
Asdfghjkl 01:45 Tools
Harperactive - You Can Suck Dick And Still Be A Virgin, Mary 01:45 Tools
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Harperactive is 19 year old James Harper. He was born in Bangkok, Thailand but is now based in Manchester, UK. He uses the PC in his dining room, various bits of software and any other bits and bobs he can get his hands on to produce electronic music. His music is not limited to one style, but his production is instantly recognizable by his use of killer beats and bleeps, catchy melodies, cut up vocals,comedic samples and ridiculous song titles. All of his music is available to download for free from http://harperactive.blogspot.com/. Enjoy! Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.