Helen Stellar

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
IO (This Time Around) 05:13 Tools
Io 05:12 Tools
This Time Around 05:13 Tools
Our Secrets 05:14 Tools
Diane 04:31 Tools
Flutterby 05:59 Tools
Io (This Time Around) 05:13 Tools
Don't Look Down 05:02 Tools
The Opening Credits 04:20 Tools
You Glow From Within 05:06 Tools
Panic Attack At Breakfast 03:51 Tools
10 (This Time Around) 05:13 Tools
Temporary Solutions 06:10 Tools
Newton 04:58 Tools
Weightless 05:47 Tools
Joseph 05:55 Tools
Telescope Eyes 03:38 Tools
From Here On 05:40 Tools
The Disappearing Twin 04:21 Tools
Persistence 03:28 Tools
Compulsion 06:13 Tools
The Sound of Carpet 06:54 Tools
Sensation Blvd 06:40 Tools
Hopeless Romantic 05:45 Tools
Love To Hate Love 03:36 Tools
poprís 05:15 Tools
Show Me The Good 07:57 Tools
The Motorist 05:36 Tools
Popris 05:15 Tools
Hyper-Aware (Eyes Wide Open) 05:18 Tools
Hyper-Aware 05:18 Tools
IO (This Time Around" 00:30 Tools
Io (This Time Around) (Helen Stellar) 05:15 Tools
Io this time around 05:15 Tools
lo (This Time Around) 05:15 Tools
View from a Ferris Wheel 05:15 Tools
I.O. 05:15 Tools
I.O. (This Time Around) 05:13 Tools
Pop Song 05:15 Tools
04 - HELEN STELLAR - Io (This Time Around) 05:15 Tools
04 - Io (This Time Around) 05:13 Tools
IO [This Time Around] 05:13 Tools
Io (This Time 05:13 Tools
io(this time around) 05:13 Tools
"io (This Time Around)" 05:13 Tools
Io (This Time Around) (OST Elizabethtown ) 05:13 Tools
Io (This Time Around) - Helen Stellar 05:13 Tools
Io (This Time) 05:13 Tools
Helen Stellar - Io (This Time Around) 05:13 Tools
lo (This Time Around) 05:13 Tools
Panic Attack 05:13 Tools
Io - this time around 05:13 Tools
Sensation Blvd. 05:15 Tools
Dont Look Down 05:13 Tools
4. io (This Time Around) 05:13 Tools
10 (This Time Aro 05:13 Tools
Frome Here On 05:40 Tools
Poprнs 05:15 Tools
TROUBLE 04:51 Tools
I0 (This Time Around) 05:15 Tools
(This Time Around) 05:15 Tools
Io (This_Time_Around) 05:15 Tools
Helen Stellar - 10 (This Time Around) 05:15 Tools
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Helen Stellar Launch Skyward With If The Stars Could Speak, They Would Have Your Voice… While that’s quite a lofty title, it’s also an apt description of the sonic direction in which Helen Stellar are headed. Having already proven themselves virtuosos of spiraling, explosive and ethereal dream-rock, the LA-based trio have given their huge sound a sense of urgency on their first official full-length release. In doing so, vocalist/guitarist Jim Evens, drummer Clif Clehouse, and bassist Dustin Robles expanded from trio to quartet with the addition of second guitarist Eli Lhymn, amping up the energy of Helen Stellar’s carefully crafted and densely-layered sound. With melodies and textures that soar high into the ether, unrelenting drumbeats that thunder from earth below, driving bass lines, and Evens’ lyrical obsession with the battered heart of the human condition, Helen Stellar have successfully exchanged beautifully dripping rock ambience for a head-on swirling sonic attack of bittersweet melodies. Clehouses’ deft bombastic percussion propels the hooks and melodic twists of “Joseph” and “From Here On” at a breakneck pace while Evens sings passionately about overcoming emotional blindness through the thick, gritty pulse of “Hyper-aware.” “The Disappearing Twin” careens out of control like a psychedelic freight train without brakes as the gorgeous heavenly noise freak-outs wrap around sky-bound “Hopeless Romantic” like a warm blanket. As the third unsigned band ever invited to play on KCRW’s highly influential Morning Becomes Eclectic, Helen Stellar have contributed to the soundtracks of Cameron Crowe’s Elizabethtown, the Luke Wilson film Henry Poole Is Here, and the latest Jennifer Anniston/Aaron Eckhart movie, Love Happens. Additionally, they have licensed tracks to the critically lauded TV series’, Friday Night Lights and the L Word. 2010 finds the band continuing to forge their relationship with the film industry by contributing tracks to, and appearing and performing in, the latest Gregg Araki film, Kaboom. While legendary rock critic/director, Cameron Crowe, has released Helen Stellar’s past material, the band is currently shopping If The Stars Could Speak, They Would Have Your Voice… to labels with international distribution. With the right representation, Helen Stellar plan to conquer the world in 2010 with a sophisticated yet highly accessible album, a gargantuan live show, and enough determination to light the darkest corners of the galaxy. Thanks for listening and enjoy – loudly! - Markus Kagler, Under the Radar Magazine Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.