Home Free

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Ring of Fire 02:59 Tools
Wake Me Up 03:16 Tools
Honey, I'm Good 03:24 Tools
Your Man 02:57 Tools
Champagne Taste (On a Beer Budget) 02:37 Tools
Any Way the Wind Blows 03:12 Tools
In the Blood 03:43 Tools
Life is a Highway 03:22 Tools
O' Holy Night 03:46 Tools
Hunter Hayes Medley 04:19 Tools
Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer 03:26 Tools
Try Everything 03:15 Tools
Everything Will Be Okay 03:54 Tools
Jump Right In 03:17 Tools
I've Seen 03:12 Tools
White Christmas 02:57 Tools
Fishin' in the Dark/Down in the Boondocks 03:42 Tools
Elvira 02:54 Tools
A Little Bit of Everything 03:11 Tools
Dive Bar Saints 03:20 Tools
Angels We Have Heard On High 02:50 Tools
Friends in Low Places 03:38 Tools
Crazy Life 03:22 Tools
Man of Constant Sorrow 03:41 Tools
How Great Thou Art 04:14 Tools
Castle on the Hill 04:21 Tools
Blue Ain't Your Color 03:35 Tools
Feelin' it 03:03 Tools
Seven Bridges Road 02:48 Tools
Good Ol' Country Harmony 03:26 Tools
9 To 5 03:59 Tools
All About That Bass 03:01 Tools
Do You Hear What I Hear? 04:31 Tools
I'll Be Home for Christmas 03:12 Tools
Full of Cheer 02:43 Tools
Baby, It's Cold Outside 02:43 Tools
Story of My Life 03:22 Tools
Summer in the Country 03:41 Tools
Auld Lang Syne 03:41 Tools
Don't It Feel Good 03:38 Tools
House Party 03:26 Tools
My Church 03:19 Tools
The Devil Went Down To Georgia 03:42 Tools
Alabama Sampler 04:06 Tools
Silent Night 03:40 Tools
Elvira (feat. Oak Ridge Boys) 03:51 Tools
Cruise 01:38 Tools
When You Walk In 03:00 Tools
Hairy Christmas 03:10 Tools
Mayday 03:50 Tools
God Bless The USA 03:21 Tools
California Country 03:50 Tools
Hillbilly Bone 03:26 Tools
What We Ain't Got 03:36 Tools
Take Me Home, Country Roads 03:36 Tools
Christmas Medley 03:21 Tools
Ring of Fire (feat. Avi Kaplan) 02:22 Tools
19 You + Me 04:14 Tools
Away In A Manger 03:13 Tools
It Looks Good 03:38 Tools
We Just Disagree 03:50 Tools
Die a Happy Man 03:50 Tools
Colder Weather - Live from The Sing-Off Tour 03:10 Tools
Colder Weather 03:00 Tools
Serenity 01:05 Tools
Yours 06:36 Tools
Can't Stop the Feeling! 03:38 Tools
I Can't Outrun You 06:36 Tools
Timeless 06:36 Tools
End of the Road 06:36 Tools
Good Ol' Boy Good Time 06:36 Tools
The Devil Went Down To Georgia (feat. Charlie Daniels & Taylor Davis) 03:34 Tools
Cold Weather 03:13 Tools
Some Girls Do 02:45 Tools
Catch Me If You Can 03:13 Tools
Remember This 03:13 Tools
Leave This Town 03:13 Tools
Survivor (feat. Honey Larochelle) 02:19 Tools
Lonely Girl's World 02:19 Tools
I Want Crazy 01:56 Tools
Stop Drop + Roll 03:14 Tools
Meant to Be 02:44 Tools
Finally Free 02:44 Tools
Dreamer 02:44 Tools
Oh, Pretty Woman 01:46 Tools
Why Does It Have to Be (Wrong or Right) 01:46 Tools
The Disney Medley - Go The Distance 06:36 Tools
Heaven 02:13 Tools
Woman, Amen / Female 03:00 Tools
My Old Man 02:32 Tools
Snapback 03:05 Tools
All On Me 03:45 Tools
Spaceship 07:37 Tools
Helplessly Hoping 07:37 Tools
I'm Alright 03:24 Tools
The Disney Medley - Under The Sea 01:27 Tools
Love Train 01:27 Tools
Stand By Me 04:14 Tools
God Blessed Texas 02:30 Tools
Rockin' Robin 02:32 Tools
Cross That Bridge 02:32 Tools
I Like The Sound of That 03:04 Tools
It's A Great Day To Be Alive 03:04 Tools
Elvira (feat. The Oak Ridge Boys) 03:04 Tools
The Disney Medley - Friend Like Me 02:13 Tools
Go Rest High on That Mountain 03:56 Tools
Love Potion Number Nine 03:05 Tools
What's the World Coming to? 03:05 Tools
Bridge Over Troubled Water 04:54 Tools
Go Tell It On the Mountain 03:04 Tools
Love Me Like That 03:04 Tools
Colder Weather (Live from The Sing-Off Tour) 03:00 Tools
Why Not 03:00 Tools
Ring of Fire (featuring Avi Kaplan of Pentatonix) 03:58 Tools
The Disney Medley - Be Our Guest 01:28 Tools
Can't Help Falling in Love 03:19 Tools
King of the Road 02:48 Tools
The Disney Medley - Intro - When You Wish 00:36 Tools
Ain't No Mountain High Enough 04:02 Tools
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas 02:52 Tools
Beach Boys Medley 04:14 Tools
Everything Will Be Ok 03:15 Tools
Hey Soul Sister 02:30 Tools
Silent Night (feat. Taylor Davis) 03:39 Tools
The Way 03:12 Tools
Tonight, Tonight 01:53 Tools
Baby, It's Cold Outside (feat. Kira Isabella) 02:32 Tools
Time Of Your Life 04:31 Tools
Silhouettes 02:33 Tools
Change The World 03:20 Tools
Saw Her Standing There 02:52 Tools
Blue Moon 03:36 Tools
How Nice I Really Am 04:42 Tools
Life Is Easier With You 03:20 Tools
Fishin' In The Dark / Down In The Boondocks 03:20 Tools
Under the Boardwalk 02:37 Tools
I Feel Good 03:24 Tools
Spellbound 03:07 Tools
Songs That Didn't Make the Cut 08:52 Tools
O Holy Night 04:45 Tools
Let it Snow - Winter Wonderland 02:47 Tools
Ill be Home for Christmas 03:34 Tools
Joy to the World 02:01 Tools
Please Come Home for Christmas 02:54 Tools
DJ Blank Stare (Beatbox Solo) 03:09 Tools
Mary Did You Know 04:22 Tools
Haven't Met You Yet 05:21 Tools
This Christmas 03:08 Tools
I Saw Her Standing There 02:52 Tools
I'm Yours 03:24 Tools
Lil' Red Ridiing Hood 07:37 Tools
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear 03:00 Tools
The Christmas Song 03:23 Tools
It's All Right 03:24 Tools
Can't Stop the Feeling 04:04 Tools
19 You + Me (feat. Peter Hollens) 03:24 Tools
All I Want For Christmas Is You 03:34 Tools
O Come All Ye Faithful 03:28 Tools
God Bless the U.S.A. 03:17 Tools
He is Born 03:58 Tools
I Wonder As I Wander 04:19 Tools
Rockin' On Top of the World 04:42 Tools
Silver Bells 04:17 Tools
What Are You Doing New Year's Eve 03:37 Tools
Ring of Fire (featuring Avi Kaplan of Pentatonix) [Johnny Cash Cover] 03:51 Tools
The Butts Remix 03:12 Tools
Meant to Be (feat. Lisa Cimorelli) 02:44 Tools
This is How We Roll 04:14 Tools
Wake Me Up (Avicii Cover) 03:51 Tools
Country Fried Pop Medley (17 Artists, 15 Songs, 1 Amazing Mashup) 03:51 Tools
Great Day To Be Alive 03:51 Tools
Country Fried Pop Medley 04:04 Tools
Sold! 03:51 Tools
American Kids 03:51 Tools
Champagne Taste 03:51 Tools
Thank God I'm A Country Boy 03:51 Tools
Honey I'm Good 03:51 Tools
Do You Hear What I Hear 03:51 Tools
Take Me Home, Country Roads (feat. Home Free) 03:51 Tools
Bye Bye Bye 03:51 Tools
Fishin In The Dark-Down In The Boondocks 03:41 Tools
Man of Constant Sorrow (Home Free Cover) 03:41 Tools
Wagon Wheel (Song of the South) 03:41 Tools
Won't Breathe A Word 01:21 Tools
Honey, Im Good (Andy Grammer Cover) | vk.com/acapellacovers 01:21 Tools
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Home Free is an American a cappella group of five vocalists: Austin Brown (lead tenor), Rob Lundquist (tenor), Adam Chance (baritone), Tim Foust (bass), and Adam Rupp (percussion). They are structured as a traditional barbershop quartet with the addition of a percussionist. Starting as a show group, they toured around 200 shows a year across the United States. The group competed in and won the fourth season of The Sing-Off on NBC in 2013; singing an arrangement of Hunter Hayes' "I Want Crazy," as their final competitive song; earning the group $100,000 and a recording contract with Sony. Home Free released their first album "Crazy Life" on February 18, 2014. It was released digitally on January 14, 2014. They released a Christmas album "Full of Cheer" on October 27, 2014. Their most recent album, "Country Evolution" was released September 18, 2015. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.