Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Akap 05:36 Tools
Sundo 03:43 Tools
Spoliarium 05:48 Tools
Moving 04:11 Tools
Sometimes 04:46 Tools
Running 03:12 Tools
I'll be there for you 03:09 Tools
Ewan 03:54 Tools
Living it up 03:56 Tools
Idlip 02:50 Tools
Taralets 02:45 Tools
Living it up (live) 05:00 Tools
Accomplice (live) 04:32 Tools
Odissey (live) 03:59 Tools
Bahay Kubo mix 02:45 Tools
Get up (live) 05:56 Tools
Rainsong 04:19 Tools
Anino 00:00 Tools
Bakit Ba Ganyan 04:14 Tools
Otherwise 03:13 Tools
Alay 03:51 Tools
Taning 00:00 Tools
Under Repair 03:50 Tools
Walang Mysteryo 02:53 Tools
Hiwaga 02:39 Tools
Mental Disorder 08:56 Tools
Pretty Me 03:12 Tools
Bathala 03:15 Tools
Bihag 00:00 Tools
Laya 04:16 Tools
Show Me a Smile 04:04 Tools
Tugon 03:20 Tools
Closer 03:12 Tools
Lights Out 03:41 Tools
Highway 03:06 Tools
Freefall 00:00 Tools
So Be It 05:12 Tools
Lula 03:30 Tools
Unwed 03:05 Tools
Last Dance 05:02 Tools
Do 03:11 Tools
Zelo 02:43 Tools
Salitree 00:41 Tools
S.R.O. 06:41 Tools
Pauna 01:00 Tools
Kapit 04:39 Tools
Reset 00:00 Tools
Going Through The Motion 04:16 Tools
Phoenix 00:00 Tools
One Way 00:00 Tools
Gratitude 00:00 Tools
Salitoo 00:54 Tools
TRIO 03:57 Tools
Shoreline 08:37 Tools
Rush 00:00 Tools
Soft Return 00:00 Tools
Ang Huling Yakap Ng Mundo 04:50 Tools
Magical Pipe 07:27 Tools
Let It Drown 03:36 Tools
Zok Zok 2004 (Original Mix) 00:00 Tools
Let It Snow 01:28 Tools
Alam Na 03:10 Tools
Bawal 04:20 Tools
Zok Zok (Delphen Mix) 04:22 Tools
Goats 09:41 Tools
Sutil 03:57 Tools
Effect Desired None 04:01 Tools
Umagang Kay Ganda 03:53 Tools
Blue Kiss 03:38 Tools
Spirit Level 04:50 Tools
Premonition 04:18 Tools
Yahoo 03:35 Tools
Can I? 04:58 Tools
Sa Ngalan Mo 05:00 Tools
Zok Zok 2004 (Original Mix) 06:57 Tools
Sagad 04:19 Tools
Rainsong (Remix) 04:38 Tools
Black God 08:03 Tools
Love Is in My Hair 07:53 Tools
Mental Disorder (Original Mix) 05:00 Tools
Serenade Vapour 05:10 Tools
Nagkalimutan 00:29 Tools
Let's Go! Tokyo Tokyo! 03:11 Tools
Wakaka 07:11 Tools
Summer Baby 03:48 Tools
Aura Genova 09:04 Tools
Pag-Ibig Na Walang Balik 09:04 Tools
Soundless 06:27 Tools
Then Was Forever 03:48 Tools
S. R. O. 00:00 Tools
Zok Zok 2004 (Original Mix) - 04:19 Tools
Little Drummer Boy 04:19 Tools
Dernier voyage 03:32 Tools
Zok Zok Part III (DJ Zello Remix) - 03:53 Tools
Partida 03:53 Tools
Pomiu Mentum 00:00 Tools
Spare Change 04:28 Tools
galactic answer 07:53 Tools
Calling Lucy 08:23 Tools
Sa Wala 03:48 Tools
fog warriors 07:43 Tools
Angels Of Peace 03:38 Tools
Spare Change Glitter 03:48 Tools
Azure Heaven 08:35 Tools
Colibri 08:23 Tools
Return 03:38 Tools
Taning/ipagpatuloy ang kasalanan 06:32 Tools
The Box 00:29 Tools
Taning/Mahal Kong Kalaguyo 06:32 Tools
Après avoir collé 04:25 Tools
upstream 08:37 Tools
Roasted Anino Mix 04:29 Tools
Malaya 04:56 Tools
Preset/Reset 04:25 Tools
Zok Zok 04:25 Tools
La dentellière 03:48 Tools
Fanzine 04:03 Tools
Dors, dors 03:48 Tools
J'aimerais bien gagner le hit parade 04:25 Tools
SRO 04:25 Tools
Wild E 04:25 Tools
Le cachot 03:40 Tools
Pheonix 03:48 Tools
L'ami américain 05:12 Tools
Roasted Anino Remix 03:48 Tools
IAMX - Nightlife (Imago RMX) 03:48 Tools
Journey 03:16 Tools
Zok Zok Number 1 (System Y Remix) 04:17 Tools
Sköldmön 04:17 Tools
Rainsong Remix by Squid9 04:38 Tools
Imago - Laya 04:17 Tools
Imago - Ewan 05:12 Tools
Le baba débile et le vampire dément (fable) 03:16 Tools
Ipagpatuloy Ang Kasalanan 03:40 Tools
Then Was Forever - Remix 03:10 Tools
Possession 04:56 Tools
Sugar lemon 04:56 Tools
Evighet 04:56 Tools
Kapit - Remix 03:10 Tools
Björk - Hidden Place (Imago RMX) 04:56 Tools
The Mars Volta 00:00 Tools
_Zok_Zok_2004_(Original_Mix) 00:00 Tools
Suntok sa Buwan 00:00 Tools
Preset/reset (remix) 00:00 Tools
Panalangin 00:00 Tools
Humpty Dumpty 00:00 Tools
Da Beat Goes (Club Mix) 00:00 Tools
by Pain of Salvation 34:21 Tools
Le chef de gare 04:50 Tools
I mörkret 04:50 Tools
Imago (Part I) 03:10 Tools
Taning/Ipagpatuloy ang Kasalanan (Morse) 00:00 Tools
Zok Zok Part III (DJ Zello Remix) 00:00 Tools
Rainsong (Remix By Squid9) 04:38 Tools
Butterfly 04:38 Tools
Imago - Spoliarium 04:38 Tools
overdrive 02:23 Tools
Gorje Hewek & Izhevski 34:21 Tools
The Pain That Farewell Brings 00:19 Tools
Imago (Part II) 03:10 Tools
Inferno 03:10 Tools
Mente 00:19 Tools
Taning/Mahal Kong Kalabuyo (Morse) 04:50 Tools
A Giant's Song 04:55 Tools
Origin 04:40 Tools
11_-_Show_Me_A_Smile_-_Imago 04:40 Tools
Light Out 03:43 Tools
Cool Off 03:43 Tools
Tara Lets [Live] 03:43 Tools
Let's Go! Itadakimasu! 03:10 Tools
Vårvisa 03:10 Tools
Preset/Reset (Squid9) 03:10 Tools
Tak 03:10 Tools
Anino (Remix) 03:10 Tools
björk - hidden place (imago rm 03:10 Tools
Hear My Roar 09:19 Tools
wild 09:19 Tools
Rain Song (remix) 04:38 Tools
Imago - Sundo 04:03 Tools
Ewan (cover) 03:53 Tools
Take Me Away (Radio Mix) 04:37 Tools
Wishlist 00:19 Tools
Roasted Anino Mix (Wolfman) 00:19 Tools
Auree 00:19 Tools
zok zok 2004 .. original mix 144 --// .:: db ::. -=[DJ BEAR]=- .:: db ::. \\-- 00:19 Tools
Rainsong Remix 00:19 Tools
Mental Disorder (Original Mix) by 00:19 Tools
(Wolfmann) Roasted Anino Mix 00:19 Tools
Mea Culpa 00:19 Tools
The Custom Of The Sea 08:12 Tools
Géronimo 08:12 Tools
Zok Zok 2004 (Original Mix) 08:12 Tools
I Can See! 08:30 Tools
Anino Remix 04:55 Tools
Taning (Remix) 04:55 Tools
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There are three bands currently sharing this name. The featured songs from the albums Running and Live @ Fnac are from the second one (portuguese Imago) 1) Imago (Philippines) is a pop rock band composed of Aia De Leon (vocals/guitars), Myrene "Maps" Academia (bass), Tim Cacho (guitars) and Zach Lucero (drums) and known for songs such as Akap, Anino, Ewan, Taralets and Sundo. Imago was formed in 1998. They wrote an album’s worth of original material which they recorded under the helm of producer and musician Bob Marlow. Their first album Probably Not But Most Definitely was released in 1999 under Maharlika Records. The band has picked up a handful of Katha and NU107 Rock Awards (Best Female Award for Aia De Leon and Best Music Video for "Akap") from the first cd. Imago’s second album was released four years after. Recorded in 2003, the cd’s release was delayed by unexpected record label setbacks. Enthusiastic over their new songs however, the band was determined to release the album no matter what. Composed of eleven new cuts (plus four remixes by some of Manila’s premiere electronica acts), the material is relatively heavier compared to the first album. Released independently, Take 2 featured hit songs such as Akap and Anino. In 2006, Imago released their third album, "Blush" under Universal Records with "Taralets" as the lead single which was one of the certified hits of 2006 in the radio and music video channels. The song was also used as a theme song for the movie "Pitong Dalagita" and as a campaign jingle for a Philippine senatorial candidate. In the same year, they recorded a revival of Ewan, which was originally sung by the Apo Hiking Society. In 2007, they earned a nomination for Favorite Artist in the 2007 MYX Music Awards. They also released their second single of their "Blush" album, "Sundo". The music video was directed by Marie Jamora which was also the director for their previous videos, Akap and Taralets. More recently, the group has released their third single called Walang Misteryo (No mystery), and pretty soon the video will be released in all music channels. 2) Imago (Portugal) is a power-pop rock band. Here is a brief history of the group: 1992 - The Beginning In the end of 1992, the Bruno, Pedro and Bernardo were studying at the Intermediate school Francisco Franco, in Funchal, when they started meeting frequently to play together. They were joined by Márcio (vocals), Filipe with a bass guitar and Tomás playing keyboards. 1993 In little time they had started to play some songs and this group of friends decided to present themselves as Almagesto in the SUPER ROCK band competition, Funchal, on December of 93. This was their first live presentation, and the madeiran public was warm: Almagesto obtained second place in SUPER ROCK'93 competition. 1994 After this first experience, “it became clear that it was necessary to take the band more seriously” and the new requirements made Filipe and Márcio leave the band. On December of 94, the Almagesto had come back to participate in the SUPER ROCK, where they presented three new songs (one sung by Bruno, another one for Pedro and another by both). The new formation and the new songs were again well received, and Almagesto again reached second place in this competition where 15 bands competed. 1995 Little time after this second participation on the most important music festival in Madeira, before the Tomás left the band, Almagesto met Lucy in the Marginal bar, in Funchal, during a show where she suggested singing a song from Cranberries. Lucy, at the time living at London, was on vacation at Madeira. The rehearsals that followed resulted in new songs and Lucy became the official singer in Almagesto. With the return of Lucy to London, the band started to rehearse separately by circulating tapes between Madeira and London. 1996 On December of 1996 Almagesto had decided to participate again in the already the mentioned competition of music in Funchal, now called SUPERFM ROCK. In this edition, the Almagesto were considered the best band of pop/rock of Madeira, reaching the first place. 1997 On 1997 Almagesto recorded in the Tcha Tcha Tcha studios, Lisbon, a CD with six original tracks, coproduced by Carlos Jorge Valleys (Cajó) , producer of, among others, of the album “Tentação” by Xutos and Pontapés. This promotional CD was the conquered award after wining the SUPERFM ROCK'96 and was presented to the public in the auditory of RDP Madeira. The CD made it to Antenna 3, where it started playing on the national music programs. 1998 With the localization of all the elements of the band in Lisbon, Almagesto decided to rethink the activity of the band and take some decisions, among which, to be called Imago and to try to broaden its audience. At this time Imago incorporated three new elements in the band: Jari on groovebox and sampler, André Franco on the flute and Helena Ornelas on saxophone, which brought a more electronic and experimentalist character to the band. On this year Imago plays a bit all over Portugal: * Performance at palco 6 of Expo '98, where they play with the Silence Four; * Another performance on Expo '98, this time on the Sony -stage. * They play the first part of a Xutos e Pontapés gig in Franca Village; * First part of the Foo Fighters gig in Porto Coliseu, where they were enthusiastically greeted by the young public. 1999 In this year they obtain the second place on the national competition of Castro Verde, and are invited to appear in the compilation of the north american site Audio Galaxy, being the only Portuguese band to appear on this collection. Still in 1999 they performed some gigs: the first part of "The Gift", on the main stage of the "Festa da Juventude" at the Cais da Pontinha, Funchal. In the end of that year, they record a track for the Coca-Cola Garage Bands compilation and play a memorable concert on the mythical Ritz Club in Lisbon. For professional reasons the band members had to start living geographically separate from each other, forcing a hiatus. 2007 - the return As a consequence of the return of some elements to Funchal (Lucy, Pedro e Bruno), the band comes back in September of 2006, this time with new element Bruno Pais (Bass player), starring with 10 new tracks on February 2007 on the Kelts stage, on Funchal. 3) Imago is a Polish psytrance project (Grzegorz Magnuszewski & Tomek Roehr). 4) IMAGO is a Polish rock band from Tuczno. The band: Mateusz Urbanowski, Arkadiusz Rubak, Bartłomiej Biela, Marcin Kostrzewski, Dawid Ślusarski. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.