Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Faithless 03:21 Tools
Burn It Black 02:43 Tools
I-IV-V 03:02 Tools
Bullet 03:41 Tools
When She Comes 02:34 Tools
Only Hurts Awhile 05:12 Tools
Sherman 03:37 Tools
Used Up 03:45 Tools
Ms. Fortune 04:25 Tools
Lights Are Low 02:40 Tools
Bloodstained 04:29 Tools
I-Iv-I 00:00 Tools
Dawn 03:59 Tools
I, IV, V 03:02 Tools
I- IV- V 03:02 Tools
Lights Are Low Version (Explicit)) 03:02 Tools
When She Comes Version (Explicit)) 03:02 Tools
Misfortune Version (Explicit)) 03:02 Tools
Sherman Version (Explicit)) 03:02 Tools
Blood Stained Glass Version (Explicit)) 03:02 Tools
Used Up Version (Explicit)) 03:02 Tools
I- IV- V Version (Explicit)) 03:02 Tools
Faithless Version (Explicit)) 03:02 Tools
Dawn/Ride the Snake 09:09 Tools
Dawn/Ride The Snake Version (Explicit)) 03:02 Tools
I - IV - V 00:00 Tools
Dawn / Ride The Snake 09:09 Tools
Dig Me Out 04:04 Tools
Gene Genie 04:34 Tools
Stars 04:35 Tools
Bullet Version (Explicit)) 09:09 Tools
Speed Metal 02:10 Tools
Only Hurts Awhile Version (Explicit)) 09:09 Tools
Misunderstood 03:01 Tools
Daylight 06:38 Tools
The Truth About You 02:48 Tools
Face Down 04:20 Tools
Injected 00:00 Tools
Lie and Defy 03:23 Tools
Bullet - 00:00 Tools
Lie & Defy 03:51 Tools
Senseless 04:30 Tools
Death Of Me 04:06 Tools
Cut It Loose 04:10 Tools
Monday 03:02 Tools
Spun Again 04:56 Tools
So Low 03:51 Tools
Burn It Black Version (Explicit)) 04:56 Tools
Ruby 04:10 Tools
Faithless - Album Version (Edited) 03:21 Tools
Death Ray 03:33 Tools
Methamphetamine 03:40 Tools
Westworld 04:40 Tools
Untitled 04:25 Tools
Been A Drag 04:04 Tools
Faithless (Album Version (Edited)) 03:22 Tools
So At Last 05:15 Tools
01 The Truth About You 04:32 Tools
Bullet (What Did You Sell Your Soul For?) 02:59 Tools
Gift 03:33 Tools
Burn It Black - Album Version (Edited) 02:43 Tools
Black Eyes And Black Outs 03:54 Tools
On Fire 03:03 Tools
Nothing Stays The Same 03:03 Tools
Ride the Snake 00:00 Tools
Barb-a-sol 05:02 Tools
Dreams 05:02 Tools
Habitual 04:32 Tools
I Iv V 03:03 Tools
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) 03:03 Tools
Bloodspoon 03:38 Tools
Curtain Wreck 04:32 Tools
Injected - Burn It Black 02:42 Tools
Faithless (Album Version (Explicit)) 03:21 Tools
Faithless (Explicit) 00:00 Tools
Bullet - Album Version (Edited) 03:41 Tools
Suffocate 05:42 Tools
Dig Me Out (Rough w/Vocal) 04:05 Tools
Bullet (What Did You Sell Your Soul For) 02:57 Tools
Blood Staind Glass 00:00 Tools
When She Comes - Album Version (Edited) 02:34 Tools
World Maligned 00:00 Tools
Only Hurts Awhile - Album Version (Edited) 05:11 Tools
Bullet (Explicit) 03:00 Tools
I -IV -V - Album Version (Edited) 03:03 Tools
Burn It Black (Explicit) 03:00 Tools
Injected - Faithless 05:11 Tools
Burn It Black (Album Version (Explicit)) 02:42 Tools
bullet (what did you sell your 02:42 Tools
I 02:42 Tools
Sherman - Album Version (Edited) 03:37 Tools
In too deep 03:37 Tools
Faithless - live 04:02 Tools
Bullet (Album Version (Explicit)) 03:41 Tools
I- IV- V (Album Version (Explicit)) 03:02 Tools
Blood Stained Glass - Album Version (Edited) 04:29 Tools
Dawn (And Bonus Track - Ride.. 03:02 Tools
Dawn/Ride the Snake - Album Version (Edited) 09:08 Tools
I- IV- V (Explicit) 02:11 Tools
I,Iv,V 09:08 Tools
Faithless (Edited) 09:08 Tools
Misfortune - Album Version (Edited) 04:25 Tools
Used Up - Album Version (Edited) 03:45 Tools
When She Comes (Explicit) 00:00 Tools
Lights Are Low - Album Version (Edited) 02:40 Tools
Only Hurts Awhile (Explicit) 00:00 Tools
I,Iv, V 03:02 Tools
Life In The Foam 02:13 Tools
Used Up (Album Version (Explicit)) 03:45 Tools
Skateboard It's Not A Crime 02:11 Tools
Skateboard Is Not Crime 02:10 Tools
faithless (demo) 00:00 Tools
Faithless (Album Version Explicit) 05:02 Tools
09 Speed Metal 05:02 Tools
Lights Are Low (Album Version (Explicit)) 02:40 Tools
145 05:19 Tools
When She Comes (Album Version (Explicit)) 02:34 Tools
CBGB 02:18 Tools
Injected / I-IV-V 03:02 Tools
Simpleton 00:00 Tools
methampetamine 00:00 Tools
rubydemoradio 02:18 Tools
Only Hurts Awhile (Album Version (Explicit)) 05:12 Tools
Misfortune (Album Version (Explicit)) 05:12 Tools
Strange And Beautiful 03:38 Tools
Sherman (Album Version (Explicit)) 03:38 Tools
Faithless [Album Version (Explicit)]/Album Version (Explicit) 03:38 Tools
Spun Again (Barb-a-sol) 05:02 Tools
Blood Stained Glass (Album Version (Explicit)) 05:02 Tools
Blood Stained Glass (Explicit) 00:00 Tools
Skateboard Is Not A Crime 05:02 Tools
06 Death Of Me 05:02 Tools
Iron Hand (Grid12 Remix) 05:19 Tools
Lights Are Low (Explicit) 05:19 Tools
Sherman (Explicit) 05:19 Tools
Bullet [Album Version (Explicit)]/Album Version (Explicit) 05:19 Tools
Black - Original Mix 05:14 Tools
10 Misunderstood 05:19 Tools
Hardcore Nu Aing 05:19 Tools
Used Up [Album Version (Explicit)]/Album Version (Explicit) 05:19 Tools
Dawn/Ride The Snake (Album Version (Explicit)) 05:19 Tools
Lights Are Low [Album Version (Explicit)] 05:19 Tools
Bullet [Album Version (Explicit)] 00:00 Tools
Kecoa 02:48 Tools
Raja 02:48 Tools
Christmas (Baby Please Home) - 02:48 Tools
Genie Genie 02:48 Tools
20 Untitled 02:48 Tools
07 Spun Again 02:48 Tools
04 Daylight 02:48 Tools
12 Dig Me Out 02:48 Tools
Sherman [Album Version (Explicit)]/Album Version (Explicit) 02:19 Tools
Injected - I-IV-V 02:19 Tools
I-IV-VI 02:19 Tools
Only Hurts Awhile [Album Version (Explicit)]/Album Version (Explicit) 05:14 Tools
Used Up (Explicit) 05:14 Tools
Misfortune (Explicit) 05:14 Tools
Misfortune [Album Version (Explicit)] 05:14 Tools
Lights Are Low [Album Version (Explicit)]/Album Version (Explicit) 05:14 Tools
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INJECTED was a hard rock band from Atlanta. After many, many years of owning the Atlanta rock scene, they signed a major label deal and put out the album Burn it Black (produced by Butch Walker) in 2002. They spent that year traveling the country rocking arenas, clubs, and everything in between, converting many unsuspecting audience members into hardcore INJECTED fans. The next few years were spent working on the follow-up to BiB which was to be called The Truth About You. But changes at their label left the band with no support and few options. Under the circumstances the band members decided to go their separate ways. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.