Ismael Quintana

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Mi Debilidad 00:00 Tools
Maestro De Rumberos 00:00 Tools
Aqui Traigo Mi Montuno 00:00 Tools
La Blusita Colora 00:00 Tools
Aquá Traigo Mi Montuno 00:00 Tools
Tu Caminar 00:00 Tools
Bomba de Fiesta 00:00 Tools
El Maltrato 00:00 Tools
Kum Kum Kum 00:00 Tools
Vacilo con Tumbao 00:00 Tools
Vamonos Pal Monte 00:00 Tools
Vamos hablame ahora 00:00 Tools
Divina Mujer 00:00 Tools
El Juez Final 00:00 Tools
Punto y Aparte 00:00 Tools
Jessica 00:00 Tools
Hijo de Yemaya 00:00 Tools
La Oportunidad 00:00 Tools
Yo Soy La Rumba 00:00 Tools
Donde Estan Los Rumberos 00:00 Tools
Traigo La Llave 00:00 Tools
Boboquivari 00:00 Tools
Oyelo que te Conviene 00:00 Tools
A Guava No 00:00 Tools
Camina María Que Me Fascina 00:00 Tools
No Lo Dejes Asi 00:00 Tools
Tambo 00:00 Tools
No Es Preciso 00:00 Tools
Montuno Le Traigo 00:00 Tools
Piano Man 00:00 Tools
Hijo de Yemayá 00:00 Tools
Baila Con Los Pollos Mi Socio 00:00 Tools
En Cada Beso 00:00 Tools
Si Lo Quieres Tu (Se Voce Quizer) 00:00 Tools
Y Volveremos a Querernos 00:00 Tools
Amor Ciego 00:00 Tools
Lo Que Estoy Viviendo 00:00 Tools
Eso Que Llaman Amor 00:00 Tools
Mai Biandita 00:00 Tools
La Señal de La Cruz 00:00 Tools
Un Valentin 00:00 Tools
Malditos Celos 00:00 Tools
Dime La Verdad 00:00 Tools
Y Para Que Verte 00:00 Tools
Justicia 00:00 Tools
Unica 00:00 Tools
La Blusita Colorá 00:00 Tools
Guajirita 00:00 Tools
Sufre Ahora 00:00 Tools
You're Gonna Hear From Me 00:00 Tools
Tambo (Me Acompaña El) 00:00 Tools
Serenata Con Sabor (Bohemio Demode) 00:00 Tools
Si Lo Quieres Tu 00:00 Tools
Pa' Huele 00:00 Tools
Nada Para Ti 00:00 Tools
Baila Con Los Pollos, Mi Socio 00:00 Tools
Quien Dijo 00:00 Tools
Puerto Rico 00:00 Tools
Camina Maria Que Me Fascina 00:00 Tools
Vamonos Pal' Monte 00:00 Tools
Pierdes 00:00 Tools
Fue En Santiago 00:00 Tools
Aquí Traigo Mi Montuno 00:00 Tools
Vaciló Con Tumbao 00:00 Tools
No Hay Que Ilusionarse 00:00 Tools
Nunca Jamas 00:00 Tools
Al Mirarte a Ti 00:00 Tools
Al fin cediste 00:00 Tools
Hay Que Tener Razon 00:00 Tools
El Quinto De Beethoven 00:00 Tools
Mientes 00:00 Tools
Sujetate la Lengua 00:00 Tools
Voy caminando 00:00 Tools
Manias 00:00 Tools
Serenata Con Sabor 00:00 Tools
Deseo Salvaje 00:00 Tools
No Se Compara 00:00 Tools
Adoracion 00:00 Tools
Un Valentín 00:00 Tools
Guajira 00:00 Tools
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Ismael Quintana (June 3, 1937 – April 16, 2016) was a singer and composer of salsa music. Quintana was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico. His family moved to The Bronx sector of New York when he was only two weeks old; there he went to school and while he was still in high school he formed a band with his neighborhood friends. In 1961, bandleader Eddie Palmieri heard Quintana sing for an audition and invited him to join his newly organized conjunto (small band) "La Perfecta". Quintana accepted and became the lead singer of the band between 1961 and 1971. During this time he co-wrote some of Palmieri's major hit songs. With Palmieri, Quintana was awarded the 1966 Trophy for the "Most Popular Latin Singer of the Year", awarded at the famed Palladium Ballroom in New York. Quintana left Palmieri for a solo career and signed with Vaya Records (subsidiary of Fania Records) . Between 1974 and 1983, he recorded five albums as a solo artist, scoring his first major hit with "Mi Debilidad" (My Weakness). Among Quintana's recordings are the following: Solo "Punto y Aparte" (1971); "Dos Imágenes" (1972); "Ismael Quintana" (1974); "Lo Que Estoy Viviendo" ("What I'm Living Through") (1976); "Amor, Vida y Sentimiento" ("Love, Life and Feelings") (1977); "Jessica" (1979) (with Ricardo Marrero and The Group); "Mucho Talento" (1980) (with Papo Lucca). With Eddie Palmieri "Eddie Palmieri y La Perfecta" (1961); "El Molestoso" (1962); "Lo Que Traigo Es Sabroso" (1963); "Echando Pa’ Lante" ("Straight Ahead") (1964); "Azúcar Pa' Ti" ("Sugar for You") 1965); "Mozambique" (1966); "Molasses" (1967); "Champagne" (1968); "Justicia" (1969); "Superimposition" (1970); "Vamonos Pa'l Monte" (1971); "Recorded Live at Sing Sing, Vol. 1" (1972); "Recorded Live at Sing Sing, Vol. 2" (1974); "Sentido" (1973); "Timeless". Live recording; "Eddie Palmieri Live At The University of Puerto Rico" 1974). With Cal Tjader and Eddie Palmieri[edit] "El Sonido Nuevo" ("The New Soul Sound"): Cal Tjader & Eddie Palmieri; "Bamboléate": Eddie Palmieri & Cal Tjader". With The Fania All-Stars "Live at Yankee Stadium, Vol. 2"; "Fania All Stars in Japan"; "Live in Africa"; "Salsa: Original Motion Picture Sound Track Recording"; "Tribute To Tito Rodríguez"; "Habana Jam"; "Commitment"; "Lo Que Pide La Gente"; "Live In Puerto Rico 1994"; "Bravo 97"; "Viva Colombia". With Tito Puente "Homenaje a Beny Moré", Vol. 1; "Homenaje a Beny Moré", Vol. 2. With Vladimir Vassilief "Vladimir and His Orchestra: New Sound in Latin Jazz". With Jimmy Delgado[edit] "Salsa con Dulzura". With Joe Cuba Sextet "Songs Mama Never Taught Me". Quintana also participated with the Fania All-Stars and went on tour with them to Africa, Japan, France, Central and South America and the United States. In 1976, he made an appearance in the movie "Salsa", with Celia Cruz and the Fania All-Stars. During the 1980s he recorded "Vamos, Háblame Ahora" (Come on, Talk to Me Now) with Papo Lucca. Quintana semi-retired from the world of music because of health matters and lived with his family in New York. He moved with his family to Colorado where, on April 16, 2016, he died of heart failure. Quintana will be buried in Ponce, the city where he was born. He is survived by his wife Yolanda and three offspring: Ismael, David and Jessica Quintana. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.