Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Hood 03:43 Tools
Really Not A Rapper 04:29 Tools
Ask About Me 04:33 Tools
Diggs Dance 04:11 Tools
In Tha Bay 03:25 Tools
Here for U Cali 04:21 Tools
Dirty Girls 03:54 Tools
Money Grown 04:02 Tools
I Ain't Sellin' Out 04:10 Tools
Mrs. California... 01:40 Tools
4 Life 04:50 Tools
Ghetto Report 01:00 Tools
Porno Star 01:00 Tools
Ghost Ride It (feat. Mistah Fab & Dem Hoodstarz) 04:00 Tools
Vegas Nights 05:04 Tools
Habits 03:39 Tools
It'saparty 05:04 Tools
Stay Down 02:59 Tools
Like U Like It 04:21 Tools
Here For You Cali 04:21 Tools
Any Time 04:09 Tools
Bomp Bomp 03:59 Tools
Goin Dumb (Feat. Too Short & Keak Da Sneak) 02:25 Tools
The Thizzness 03:32 Tools
Kiesha Cole 03:56 Tools
Vegas Nights (Ft. Mitchy Slick) 05:04 Tools
U Should Know Me (feat. The Jacka & Philthy Rich) 09:06 Tools
3-Way 02:53 Tools
Now U Want Yo Nigga Back 09:06 Tools
My Beat 04:10 Tools
I Got 04:38 Tools
All Day, All Night 04:12 Tools
Don't Snitch 03:27 Tools
I Want U 03:35 Tools
Man in Me 04:14 Tools
Bonafied Hustla 04:38 Tools
Listen 2 Me Baby 03:35 Tools
Wan't You 04:12 Tools
Code of Da Streets (Ft. Big Rich and Misstory) 03:12 Tools
Code Of Da Streets 03:11 Tools
Rompaughraphy 2 03:31 Tools
Fuck U Up 03:54 Tools
Black Backpack 04:06 Tools
On Da Run (feat. Mac Dre, Duna, Mac Mall & Boss Hogg) 06:15 Tools
Otha Side 05:56 Tools
Aaaaddddimin 03:31 Tools
Aaaaddddimin (feat. Keak Da Sneak & Yukmouth) 03:30 Tools
Blacktop Scientist 03:48 Tools
Connected (feat. Blue DaVinci) 03:35 Tools
Follow Your Heart 04:29 Tools
Counting Money (Ft. Baygeen) 04:51 Tools
Rims Spinnin' (feat. P.I.D.) 04:02 Tools
No Comprende 04:02 Tools
I'm Diggs 04:41 Tools
Game Cold (Ft. Richie Rich, Vital and Chop Da Hook Man) 03:24 Tools
Hold Me Down 03:56 Tools
I Don't Care (Ft. Rich Da Factor and Da Crest Creepaz) 04:59 Tools
Rompaugraphy 3 05:12 Tools
The Thizzness (feat. Mac Dre & Rydah J. Klyde) 03:32 Tools
It's My Birthday 03:30 Tools
J-diggs 03:17 Tools
Hundred Bars of Fire (Ft. Beeda Weeda, D-Lo, Sleepy D, Scoop and Guce) 04:50 Tools
Riden in My Regal 03:33 Tools
My Opponent 04:02 Tools
New Gotti (feat. Rydah J. Klyde) 05:09 Tools
Get Down (Ft. Trill Deal and Dubee) 03:49 Tools
Is that Yo Man (Ft. Baby Narc and Shigady) 03:31 Tools
World is Mine (Ft. I-Rocc and Baby Bandit) 03:50 Tools
Jaya And Jaida 02:51 Tools
Treal Niggaz (Ft. the Jacka and Miami Boyz) 04:10 Tools
Walk And Talk 03:17 Tools
Intro/bad 2 Ugly 05:01 Tools
Around the World (Ft. Vital and Shigady) 03:17 Tools
Knock Knock 03:42 Tools
Picture Me (Ft. Geezy and Shigady) 03:31 Tools
Snitches (Ft. Tuff Da Goon, Rydah J. Klyde, Thizz Mob and Tracy T) 03:31 Tools
Bomp Bomp (Ft. Yung Duna) 03:11 Tools
Heist (Ft. Trill Real and Sleepdank) 04:01 Tools
Da Bay (Ft. San Quinn, Bavgate and Fat Bastard) 04:58 Tools
Givin Niggaz Da Bizness (Ft. Keak Da Sneak and Big Scoop) 03:51 Tools
Consequences (feat. P.S.D.) 04:48 Tools
Don't Spill It (feat. Mistah F.A.B., Kuzzo Fly & Blue Davinci) 03:56 Tools
Intro/my Opponent 05:42 Tools
Hangin' Out The Sunroof (Feat. Bleu Davinci & Shigady) 03:51 Tools
The Way I Am (feat. Mistah F.A.B. & Benzino) 04:08 Tools
Don't Spill It (feat. Mistah F.A.B., Kuzzo Fly, & Blue Davinci) 03:57 Tools
Dirty Game (feat. HD) 03:47 Tools
Romp In Peace (Ft. Devious) 03:56 Tools
Dear Dre (feat. Da Dragons) 04:01 Tools
Sorry Momma (feat. Phatt Black) 04:01 Tools
Prom (Ft. Money Gang, Johnny Cash, Chop Da Hook Man) 04:37 Tools
Intro/so Close (Ft. the Jacka) 05:19 Tools
War 03:59 Tools
Connected 00:00 Tools
Rims Spinnin' 04:05 Tools
Latest Model (feat. Trill Real & Kalm Down) 04:06 Tools
Everybody On Da Floor (feat. Chop Da Hookman & Dem Hoodstarz) 03:53 Tools
Promise (Ft. Chop Da Hook Man and Thizz Dolls) 03:59 Tools
Bonus Track 03:53 Tools
Like This 03:59 Tools
Bomp Bomp (Feat. Young Duna) 03:56 Tools
Chasin My Dreams 09:06 Tools
Killa (Ft. Yukmouth) 04:33 Tools
Rapper's Island 04:01 Tools
Street Ballin' 03:13 Tools
Aaaaddddimin Featuring Keak Da Sneak & Yukmouth 04:33 Tools
God Bless (Ft. Keak Da Sneak, PSD and Vital) 03:59 Tools
Im Thankful (Ft. Mistah FAB, Rydah J. Klyde and Matt Blaque) 03:41 Tools
I'm Official (feat. Ace Dough & Lil Face) 03:08 Tools
Do Sumthin 03:41 Tools
Low Down Dirty Dog (feat. Bavgate & Guce) 04:52 Tools
Bad 2 Ugly 04:24 Tools
Business (Ft. Devious) 03:59 Tools
'N My State 03:32 Tools
Sheymago (feat. Mac Dre, Messy Marv, Mr. $krillz, & Reek Daddy) 03:31 Tools
Crime Zone (feat. Lil Cropi & HBO) 05:56 Tools
On This Golden Gate 03:56 Tools
Do Sumthin' (Ft. E-40, Little 03:32 Tools
My Religion 04:09 Tools
Showin' Out 04:04 Tools
Life Story (feat. Mistah F.A.B.) 03:57 Tools
Channel Live News 00:58 Tools
Made it (Ft. Trill Real, Dubee and Sleepdank) 04:52 Tools
Givin It To Me 04:52 Tools
dirty girl 03:39 Tools
Santa Clause 03:39 Tools
I Just Want You 03:08 Tools
Back on My Bullshit 03:41 Tools
Rims Spinnin' (Ft. P.I.D.) 03:31 Tools
Rompaugraphy 03:52 Tools
The Thizzness Featuring Mac Mall & Rydah J. Klyde 03:08 Tools
Gucci Nikes 03:33 Tools
Built for This (feat. Sauce Walka) 04:10 Tools
Do Sumthin' (feat. E-40, Little Bruce & Turf Talk) 02:51 Tools
Do Sumthin' Featuring E-40, Little Bruce & Turf talk 03:08 Tools
Consequenses (feat. P.S.D.) 04:54 Tools
Ride Wit' Me (Ft. Devious) 03:56 Tools
Soul of a Gangsta 04:54 Tools
Cash Route 02:39 Tools
The Thizzness ft. Mac Mall & Rydah J. Klyde 03:33 Tools
Life Story (Ft. Mistah FAB) 03:35 Tools
Yo' World (feat. P.S.D. & Coolio Da' Unda Dogg) 02:39 Tools
What Iz It 03:35 Tools
Goin No Where 03:32 Tools
What Would Dre Say 03:33 Tools
So Hyphy (feat. 40 Glocc & Mistah Fab) 02:00 Tools
Tells Herself She's Happy 05:00 Tools
Bomp Bomp Featuring Young Duna 03:35 Tools
Body Snatcha 03:43 Tools
Connected Featuring Blue Da Vinci 03:35 Tools
Take the Hardaway (feat. Big Ace) 04:10 Tools
Habits (feat. Aaron King) 02:51 Tools
Rims Spinnin 04:03 Tools
The Thizzness (Ft. Mac Mall an 03:33 Tools
Get Money (feat. Liq Sto & C.M.L.) 03:33 Tools
Tell Herself She's Happy Featuring Mac Mall & Miami The Most 03:33 Tools
Betty and Darrell 03:33 Tools
Do It (Ft. Bo Dolla and Dubee) 03:33 Tools
In Motion (feat. Beeda Weeda & Da' Unda' Dogg) 04:54 Tools
Connected (Ft. Bleu DaVinci) 03:33 Tools
Major Thizzness 04:48 Tools
Up All Nite 03:52 Tools
Anotha Thug (Ft. Mac Dre and M 05:00 Tools
Hundred Bars Of Fire 04:49 Tools
Rims Spinnin' Featuring P.I.D. 00:58 Tools
My Wigga (Interlude) 00:58 Tools
Bossy 04:23 Tools
Circumstances And Consequences 04:48 Tools
Aaaaddddimin (Ft. Keak Da Snea 04:48 Tools
Mackin Words 03:29 Tools
Cocaine 03:40 Tools
You & Me (Ft. Suga-T) 04:48 Tools
Hi Performance 03:12 Tools
I'm The Shit (Feat. E-40 & Gunna) 03:58 Tools
Latest Model (Ft. Trill Real) 04:06 Tools
Hangin' Out The Sunroof 03:52 Tools
Connected (Ft. Blue DaVinci) 03:36 Tools
On The Run (Ft. Mac Dre, Duna, 03:52 Tools
Leave This Jail 03:29 Tools
I'm One Of 'Em Featuring Mistah F.A.B., Bavgate & Pooh Sauce 02:51 Tools
Rapper's Island Featuring Mac Dre, Rydah J. Klyde & bad Business 02:51 Tools
Thizzlamic 04:59 Tools
Killa (feat. Yukmouth) 04:23 Tools
Romp In Peace Featuring Devious 02:51 Tools
Goin Back to KC 03:53 Tools
Chosen Few 03:44 Tools
When I'm Gone 03:24 Tools
I Don't Care 04:59 Tools
Sorry Momma 03:52 Tools
2nd Guessin 00:37 Tools
I'm A Gangsta (feat. Johnny Ca$h & Rydah J. Klyde) 02:39 Tools
Thizzlamic Featuring Crest Creepaz 04:23 Tools
Get Down 04:23 Tools
Money Clip 02:39 Tools
Get You Back (feat. San Quinn & Keak da Sneak) 05:56 Tools
Anotha Thug (feat. Mac Dre & Mac Mall) 03:57 Tools
*Diggs Dance 02:39 Tools
Rompt Out 04:59 Tools
Don't Spill It (Ft. Mistah FAB 03:56 Tools
Old School Jordan 04:01 Tools
Aaaaadddimean 03:31 Tools
Certified Street Baller 02:39 Tools
2nd Guessing (feat. SOB Smack & Young Global) 02:39 Tools
I'm a Gangsta 02:39 Tools
Chhel Live News 01:00 Tools
Thizzlamic (feat. The Crest Creepaz) 00:37 Tools
Romp in Peace (feat. Devious) 05:24 Tools
Girls Be LIke... (Ft. B-Legit & E-40) 02:39 Tools
Back to the Streets 02:39 Tools
Thizzness 03:57 Tools
Mon-Nay (feat. Chief Scrill & Smoke 1) 03:18 Tools
Anotha Thug (Ft. Mac Dre and Mac Mall) 02:39 Tools
In my State 02:39 Tools
Want You 04:18 Tools
Father (Ft. Lenny Williams and 04:18 Tools
Burn (feat. Dubee, Meezy Montana, Askari X & Boss Hogg) 03:18 Tools
Life Story 03:57 Tools
I'm Thankful 03:41 Tools
Tell Herself She's Happy 03:41 Tools
Do Sumthin' 03:41 Tools
Aaaaddddimean 03:18 Tools
Put it in the Air (feat. Smeezaleen) 03:31 Tools
Make It Work (feat. 2 Chainz, Mac Duna, Young Fame) 06:51 Tools
Danger Zone 05:56 Tools
Snitches 03:31 Tools
Aaaaddddimin (Ft. Keak Da Sneak and Yukmouth) 03:18 Tools
Shemygo 03:31 Tools
Practice (feat. Wino) 06:51 Tools
Intro 00:37 Tools
F*ck U Up 03:53 Tools
The Way I Am (Ft. Mistah FAB A 03:18 Tools
Ways Of The Street (Ft. Dubee, 03:18 Tools
I'm One Of 'Em (Ft. Mistah F.A 03:18 Tools
It's Funky 03:18 Tools
Can't Compare 03:18 Tools
Fuckin' Around 02:51 Tools
Livin' My Life 04:01 Tools
Move Mean (feat. E-40) 04:56 Tools
Push it up 03:31 Tools
Pornostar 03:18 Tools
Cocaine (feat. E-40 & Berner) - Remix 00:37 Tools
Motivation 05:09 Tools
211 on Industry B*tches (feat. Boy Boy Mess) 09:06 Tools
Another Thug 00:37 Tools
Porn Star - Feat. Nasty Nate, Chopped & Screwed 00:37 Tools
#WhereJDiggsAt? 00:37 Tools
Speaking In French (feat. Bobby V) 04:06 Tools
Vip 04:31 Tools
I'm In The Game 04:03 Tools
Pimpsh*t (feat. T-Rell) 03:31 Tools
Go Hard 04:25 Tools
Ova Here (feat. Doe) 04:03 Tools
Off In Dat Bay 02:51 Tools
Gansta Ways (feat. Trill Real & The Yay Boyz) 04:25 Tools
Romp IN Peace 06:51 Tools
Yo' World (Ft. P.S.D. and Cool 03:53 Tools
Low Down Dirty Dog (Ft. Bavgat 04:25 Tools
Get Ya Mind Right 04:25 Tools
Way of the Street (feat. Dubee, Smuggla, & Rydah J. Klyde) 04:33 Tools
Let's Do It 04:33 Tools
My Nigga (Interlude) 03:46 Tools
Boyfriend (feat. Pooh Hefner, 4RaX) 02:59 Tools
Do It (Feat. Dubee & Bo Dolla) 02:59 Tools
Pimp Mega Mix 09:06 Tools
Pray for Me 05:56 Tools
Rapper's Island (feat. Mac Dre, Rydah J. Klyde, & Bad Business) 04:00 Tools
Tell Herself She's Happy (feat. Mac Mall & Miami The Most) 04:56 Tools
Speakin in French (feat. Bobby V.) 03:29 Tools
Thizzlamix (Ft. Crest Creepaz) 04:25 Tools
2 Fly 4 That (feat. the Fendi Boyz) 03:24 Tools
With out You 03:24 Tools
In My State (feat. Bo-Dilla) 05:09 Tools
Nobody Can 05:09 Tools
I Will Not Stop 03:31 Tools
I Ain't Sell'n Out 03:29 Tools
Rapper's Island (Ft. Mac Dre, 09:06 Tools
#Whiteb*tchdrive (feat. Rick Rock) 03:06 Tools
Picture Me 03:31 Tools
So Close 04:21 Tools
120 (feat. Dre Doja) 03:29 Tools
Made It 06:18 Tools
Murda I Wrote 06:18 Tools
Everybody Get On The Floor (Ft 03:53 Tools
The Call (feat. The Thizz Kids) 02:04 Tools
All Day,All Night 03:53 Tools
Thizz Dance Remix 03:53 Tools
Shoot 'Em Up (feat. Trill Real & Sleep Dank) 03:53 Tools
Rompaugraphy, The Untold Story 04:10 Tools
Totin' That Wetter (feat. Young Boo) 05:09 Tools
I Do What I Want (feat. Liq Sto & HBO) 05:09 Tools
PO Box 03:31 Tools
F*ck U B*tch 03:29 Tools
Spoon Fed (feat. Keak da Sneak & Mac Dre) 04:50 Tools
The Sydeshow 03:29 Tools
Tips on Her (feat. Baby Bash) 05:09 Tools
I'm One of Em 04:51 Tools
Built Like That (Feat. Beeda Weeda & Eddi Projex) 04:00 Tools
Bonadied Hustla 04:44 Tools
Doe Boy Fresh (Feat. Big Rich & Netta B) 02:04 Tools
Game Cold 03:24 Tools
Tell Herself She's Happy (Ft. 03:24 Tools
Stressin Me Out 03:24 Tools
Vegas Nights (feat. Mitchy Slick) 05:04 Tools
Don't Spill It 03:24 Tools
Im Diggs 03:24 Tools
The Thizzness (Ft. Mac Mall And Rydah J. Klyde) 03:24 Tools
Knock Down Snitches (feat. Chief Scrill and Zoe the Roasta) 03:16 Tools
Pay Me 00:00 Tools
Hangin Out The Sunroof 03:24 Tools
Don't Ask Me Shit 03:24 Tools
He a Rat 03:50 Tools
E-ma She Ma Go 03:29 Tools
Cocaine (feat. D-Lo & Hd) 05:56 Tools
Da Bay 05:56 Tools
Old School Jordan (feat. HBO) 04:07 Tools
Choose (feat. Lil Joe, Matt Blaque) 04:23 Tools
1234 (feat. Devious) 03:31 Tools
I Need to Know (feat. Baygeen and Stone P) 04:23 Tools
Motors And Rear Ends (Feat. Keak Da Sneak & PSD Tha Drivah) 04:23 Tools
Better Get Her (feat. Philthy Rich, Pooh Hefner & Black Jesus) 04:56 Tools
Renegade Alert Remix (feat. Messy Marv, Kurt the Diggler, Mitchy Slick) 05:38 Tools
What the Sex Like (feat. Casso 100 & SOB Smack) 05:38 Tools
Where the $ At 03:59 Tools
Nasty (feat. Smeezaleen) 03:59 Tools
Can I Call U Daddy 03:53 Tools
I'm One of 'Em (feat. Mistah F.A.B., Bavgate, & Pooh Sauce) 04:50 Tools
Around the World 03:17 Tools
N My State 05:09 Tools
You & Me (feat. Suga-T) 03:33 Tools
My Business 02:04 Tools
Show Me What You Workin Wit 02:04 Tools
Pray for Me (feat. Aaron King) 02:04 Tools
I'm Gone Drink (Feat. Team Knoc & Pranksta) 02:04 Tools
Charge a B*tch (feat. Dre Doja) 02:04 Tools
Anothathug (feat. Mac Dre & Mac Mall) 03:16 Tools
Danger Zone (feat. The Jacka & Boss Hogg) 04:10 Tools
Doin What I Do 04:10 Tools
Rat & Roches 03:46 Tools
The Sydeshow (feat. J-Diggs & Coolio Da Unda Dogg) 03:37 Tools
Gucci Nikes (feat. Mac Dre & Nef The Pharaoh) 05:56 Tools
Gangsta Gig (feat. Baygeen) 04:07 Tools
Don't Judge Me 03:50 Tools
2 Fly (feat. Lucky Luciano) 03:50 Tools
Sydeways (Feat. Rydah J. Klyde & Freako) 05:56 Tools
Race Horse (feat. Montana) 04:07 Tools
F*ckin and Fightin (feat. Lil Joe) 04:56 Tools
OG Diggs (feat. SOB Smack & Young Global) 04:56 Tools
All Gas (feat. K-Loc & Wino) 03:53 Tools
Bagman 04:01 Tools
Girls Be Like...(feat. E-40 & B-Legit) 05:23 Tools
3 Way 05:23 Tools
Thiiizzz Shiiit (feat. Crest Creepaz & Pillionaires) 05:23 Tools
Hold Me Down (feat. Cass0100) 08:53 Tools
Can't Compare (feat. Liq Sto, Phatt Black & Carritte) 08:53 Tools
Riden in My Regal (feat. Mozzy & Ezale) 08:53 Tools
Doin' My Thang (feat. Keak Da Sneak) 04:00 Tools
Signed Up For It (feat. Boy Big) 05:56 Tools
Got to Get Away (feat. Spice 1 & San Quinn) 05:56 Tools
Raft of a Killa (feat. Yukmouth) 03:33 Tools
Wobble Wobble 04:19 Tools
Keep It P 04:32 Tools
World Is Mine 03:50 Tools
Causal 03:50 Tools
Always Into Something 03:50 Tools
Do Sumthin' (Ft. E-40, Little Bruce and Turf Talk) 03:50 Tools
Boss Up (feat. E-40 & B-Legit) 00:00 Tools
Underdog (feat. Mitchy Slick & Nate Dogg) 04:44 Tools
Boss Up ft E-40 B-Legit 04:07 Tools
Is That Yo Man 04:07 Tools
The Thizzness feat. Mac Mall & Rydah J. Klyde 04:56 Tools
Die Hard (feat. Smeezaleen, Slim the Mobster, Remy) 04:23 Tools
Now U Want Yo Nigga Back (feat. Aaron King) 04:23 Tools
Killa 04:07 Tools
Bus My Gun (feat. Rich the Factor) 04:07 Tools
He a Rat (feat. nelco) 04:07 Tools
Chasin My Dreams (Feat. Sober Junkie) 04:07 Tools
You Will Never See Me (feat. Rich the Factor & Boy Big) 04:50 Tools
Lets Go Nigga 03:17 Tools
Promise 04:50 Tools
Do Sumthin' - feat. E-40, Little Bruce & Turf Talk 04:50 Tools
U Don't Understand 04:50 Tools
Stressin Me Out (feat. Charitte) 04:50 Tools
I Do What I Want 08:53 Tools
Coming with Smoke (feat. Smoke) 04:44 Tools
Succa MC (feat. I-Rocc, Mistah F.A.B.) 04:26 Tools
Raft Of A Killa 04:31 Tools
On the Flow 03:46 Tools
Do Sumthin' feat. E-40, Little Bruce & Turf Talk 03:46 Tools
My Business (feat. Devious) 00:00 Tools
One-On-One (feat. Lenny Williams & Dooda) 05:56 Tools
Keeps It Pimpin' (feat. Drea Boo) 00:00 Tools
Ball Big 05:56 Tools
Stay Down (feat. Rich the Factor & Dubb 20) 05:56 Tools
Let Me Show U (feat. Syril) 05:56 Tools
Undalay Undalay (feat. Cece) 05:56 Tools
Crest Shit 04:56 Tools
Snitches (feat. Dubee & Boss Hogg) 03:53 Tools
Life Story (Feat. Mistah Fab, Chop Da Hookman, Tuff Da Goon, Young Los & J-Diggs) 05:32 Tools
#NiggaShit 05:32 Tools
I Do Thizz (feat. Lil Joe & Smoke 1) 03:53 Tools
Big Thangs (feat. Rich Boy & Beastly) 03:53 Tools
Down 4 Me (feat. LC Jetson, Aaron O'Brian) 04:01 Tools
Slumped Up (Feat. Tuff Da Goon, Too Short, Keak Da Sneak & Mistah Fab) 04:23 Tools
Lil Mama (feat. Jacka & Ace Dough) 04:01 Tools
Interactin Wit Thugs (feat. Mikey Vegas & Dodda) 04:44 Tools
It'saparty Featuring Tanay 04:01 Tools
Boss Status 04:01 Tools
Fastfood B*tch 08:53 Tools
Street Ballin' 2 (feat. Cellski) 08:53 Tools
Fed Up 08:53 Tools
Aaaaddddimin Feat. Keak Da Sneak & Yukmouth 08:53 Tools
Thankx I Get 08:53 Tools
Masters Of The Game 04:31 Tools
My Bitch 05:56 Tools
She Bad (feat. Leigon & Cece) 00:00 Tools
Stuck In The Game (feat. Boy Big) 05:56 Tools
U Should Know Me (Feat. The Jacka, Philthy) 05:56 Tools
Run It Back (feat. SOB Smack & Liq Sto) 05:56 Tools
Ride With Me (feat. Devious) 00:00 Tools
Fuckin And Fightin (Feat. Lil Joe) 05:56 Tools
N My State (feat. Bo-Dolla) 05:56 Tools
Thizz Or Die 05:56 Tools
Rude (feat. Anonymous That Dude) 00:00 Tools
Otha Side (feat. Rich the Factor & Aaron King) 00:00 Tools
Burn 00:00 Tools
West Coast Representaz 04:32 Tools
Murder He Wrote 05:56 Tools
Rims Spinnin' Feat. P.I.D. 05:56 Tools
It's A Party 05:56 Tools
Romp In Peace Feat. Devious 04:10 Tools
Bay Motto (feat. Mac Dre) 04:44 Tools
Ways Of The Street (Ft. Dubee, Smuggla & Rydah J. Klyde) 04:10 Tools
Cocaine (feat. E-40, Berner & D-Lo) 04:10 Tools
Fastlife 04:10 Tools
Dubee Live From Prison 04:10 Tools
Big Business (feat. I-Rocc) 04:44 Tools
Flyest N*gga Movin 03:53 Tools
Whistle on Hip (feat. Lil Cropi) 04:10 Tools
Bomp Bomp - feat. Young Duna 03:53 Tools
Aaaaadddimean (feat. Keak Da Sneak, Yukmouth) 04:44 Tools
Anotha (feat. DZ) 04:52 Tools
'N My State (feat. Bo Dolla) 04:52 Tools
Goin Back to KC (feat. Joe Blow, The Jacka & HD) 04:44 Tools
The Thizzness - feat. Mac Dre & Rydah J. Klyde 08:53 Tools
Girls Be LIke... (Ft. B-Legit 08:53 Tools
Ride With Me Featuring Devious 04:44 Tools
Thizz Shit 04:44 Tools
Do It 08:53 Tools
Treal N*ggaz 08:53 Tools
Got 2 Get Away 04:44 Tools
Givin N*ggaz Da Bizness 08:53 Tools
23109 08:53 Tools
Not A Rapper 08:53 Tools
She my go 08:53 Tools
Roll Us a Wood 08:53 Tools
In Hawaii 08:53 Tools
You & Me 08:53 Tools
U Don't Understand (feat. Young Global) 08:53 Tools
Anotha Thug (Featuring Mac Dre & Mac Mall) 00:00 Tools
It's Us (feat. The Jacka, Fed, The Hustla) 00:00 Tools
I Need To Know (Feat. Baygeen, Stone P) 00:00 Tools
On Da Run 00:00 Tools
Boss Status (feat. Guce & Lil Evil) 00:00 Tools
Let Me Show (Feat. Syril) 00:00 Tools
Holla at Me (feat. Jay B & Raw B) 00:00 Tools
Go N*gga 00:00 Tools
Dont Judge Me 00:00 Tools
Connected feat. Blue DaVinci 00:00 Tools
2 Fly 4 That 00:00 Tools
Popeye 00:00 Tools
Hussle 04:10 Tools
My Err Thang 04:10 Tools
Speakin In French (Feat. Bobby V) 04:10 Tools
Do Your Homework 04:10 Tools
The Way I Am (Ft. Mistah FAB And Benzino) 04:10 Tools
Connected ft. Blue DaVinci 04:10 Tools
Pay Me (feat. Aaron King & Young Global) 04:10 Tools
Rapper's Island feat. Mac Dre, Rydah J. Klyde & Bad Business 04:10 Tools
West Coast Pimpin' 04:10 Tools
Girls Be LIke... (Ft. B-Legit and E-40) 04:10 Tools
Block Show (Feat. Geezy, Stevie Joe & Bavgate) 04:10 Tools
The Truth (feat. Messy Marv & The Jacka) 04:44 Tools
Aaaaddddimin - feat. Keak Da Sneak & Yukmouth 04:44 Tools
Ratchet (feat. Lil Uno & Dre Doja) 04:44 Tools
Pimp Shoes 03:38 Tools
When Them Guns Bust (feat. Boy Big & Ampichino) 03:38 Tools
Panties Off 04:44 Tools
Thizz Shit - Feat. Crest Creepaz, Pillionaires, And Jt The Bigga Figga 04:44 Tools
Heist 04:44 Tools
Prom 04:44 Tools
Boss Up 04:44 Tools
Intro - Betty Diggs A.k.a. Big Money 04:44 Tools
Miami The Most - Intro 04:44 Tools
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J-Diggs born Jamal Diggs, is a veteran in life known more for his street mentality than he is known for his music. That took a drastic turn when his mentor and childhood friend the late Mac Dre was gunned down in a barrage of bullets on a cold early morning in Kansas City, Missouri. Many people who knew Mac Dre had either heard or seen J-Diggs, but many didnt know the true profoundness that this Vallejo, California native possessed. The story of J-Diggs is so deep that numerous media executives are trying to buy the rights to his life story. Growing up with both parents in his household, Jamal somehow eluded his promising future when his maturity took over his youth. Growing up in the mean streets of the Country Club Crest neighborhood in Vallejo California, he soon found out that his roots and culture ran much deeper than he could ever imagine. Growing up listening to the likes of Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5 and later Run DMC, LL Cool J, & Too Short he knew hip hop was where his heart was. After starting rap groups and winning talent shows while appearing on local TV stations around the San Francisco Bay Area J-Diggs was set to make his place in hip hop history. At the youthful age of 19 Jamal along with 2 friends (Mac Dre & Kilo Curt) were arrested in Fresno, California for a conspiracy to rob a bank. Due to his involvement in the crime J-Diggs received a stiff penalty of 10 years while Mac Dre & Kilo Curt received 5 & 8 years respectively. While incarcerated J-Diggs started his time off in a Federal Prison in Southern California called Terminal Island. He gained much respect and notoriety in the prison as a Warrior and even more so as a rapper. In 1995 Diggs was shipped out for his leadership role in a violent prison riot that left convicts and prison officials injured. During his "Diesel Therapy" (solitary confinement & surprise prison switches from authorities) Diggs kept everything in stride while bouncing back and forth around the United States to Federal facilities like Louisburg PA, Lompoc Ca, Raybrook NY, El Reno Oklahoma, Fairington New Jersey, Allenwood, Mckean & Schuylkill Pennsylvania. After their incarceration the trio set out to do the unfinished business of creating one of the worlds most powerful and respected independent record labels; Thizz Entertainment. While returning home Diggs has appeared on numerous TV shows and DVDs such as BETs Oh Drama, Rickey Lake, and recently in 2009 on BETs highly rated TV series American Gangsters "Romper Room Gang". He has also appeared on DVDs such as Hood to Hood, Exhibition of Speed 23109, Too Real for TV #3, Treal TV 1 & 2, Ghostride the Whip, and a list of others. Due to Mac Dre's untimely demise, Kilo Curt & J-Diggs was forced to step up their game plan. They created a logo of Mac Dre and put together a company named Thizz Nation. Many people know J-Diggs and many people do not. One thing for sure is that he has the skills to take this rap game to a whole different level. So if you havent heard of him, you might want to in his own words; "Ask About Me"... Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.