Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Everybody 04:30 Tools
CRY FOR YOU 04:14 Tools
Can't Let Go 03:50 Tools
ずっと一緒 06:06 Tools
Superwoman 04:26 Tools
SUNLIGHT 04:06 Tools
Shine 04:44 Tools
Number 2 Heaven 00:30 Tools
Open Your Heart 00:30 Tools
This Summertime (Remix) 03:50 Tools
最後の優しさ (Album ver.) 04:54 Tools
すっと一緒 05:05 Tools
Sayonara 03:07 Tools
Pray 04:33 Tools
Time After Time 01:30 Tools
最後の優しさ 04:54 Tools
Different Man 03:30 Tools
Free 00:30 Tools
GOLDEN 03:49 Tools
Movin' On 03:30 Tools
Missing 03:28 Tools
また君と 02:34 Tools
This Summertime 03:59 Tools
why 04:28 Tools
Change The World 04:11 Tools
U 04:19 Tools
Sign 00:30 Tools
Do I Do 05:20 Tools
One Dream 05:15 Tools
Pick Up the Phone 00:43 Tools
Zutto Issho 05:09 Tools
夢のステージが待つ向こう 00:30 Tools
サヨナラ 03:59 Tools
Luv is... feat. EMI MARIA 00:30 Tools
JAY's Voice 00:43 Tools
Here I Stand 01:48 Tools
Everybody -PKCZ® Remix- 00:43 Tools
Oh Na Na (Interlude) 01:39 Tools
September 01:48 Tools
I Will... 00:30 Tools
Come Closer 00:30 Tools
Game Over 00:30 Tools
僕が一番欲しかったもの 05:03 Tools
悲しい色やね 04:48 Tools
Identity feat.CHOZEN LEE from FIRE BALL 00:30 Tools
If I Ain't Got You 01:30 Tools
Part-Time Lover 01:30 Tools
One Last Word 05:15 Tools
Magnolia 04:19 Tools
Ballin' Out 04:19 Tools
君の手を ~Don't Say Goodbye~ 04:19 Tools
What You Won't Do For Love 03:09 Tools
Wishing 04:26 Tools
Check In 01:30 Tools
ミュージケーター 01:30 Tools
The World's Greatest 01:30 Tools
You're The Only One 04:26 Tools
Room Service 01:30 Tools
THE STRANGER 04:23 Tools
Just Let Me Know 04:23 Tools
The Paradise 00:30 Tools
最後の優しさ -English Version- 05:25 Tools
Pop Them Bottles -solo version- 02:37 Tools
All I Did Is Grind 05:13 Tools
ともに 05:36 Tools
永遠はただの一秒から 05:36 Tools
Saigo no Yasashisa 04:17 Tools
Life Time 00:00 Tools
Luv Is... 05:13 Tools
Check Out 00:00 Tools
Lovers Medley>>>Nite and Day~Happy~Rock Wit'cha 00:00 Tools
FREEDOM -Album Version- 00:00 Tools
Everybody - PKCZ® Remix 05:13 Tools
Pop Them Bottles-English Solo Version 04:31 Tools
we got it all doberman inc feat.jay'ed ('03) 00:00 Tools
Shining Star [Original Ver] 04:31 Tools
Toy Box 04:44 Tools
Must Be MAGIC 04:19 Tools
just let me know feat.jazzy blaze 06:06 Tools
blind 03:43 Tools
ターミナル 06:06 Tools
True 00:30 Tools
また君と (feat. Ms.OOJA) 04:40 Tools
Luv Is... (feat. EMI MARIA) 05:13 Tools
Beautiful Days 04:19 Tools
Mata Kimito (feat. Ms.OOJA) 04:21 Tools
最後の優しさ(Album ver.) 04:54 Tools
I do feat.4WD-OSAKA EVESSA imagae song- 04:42 Tools
Luv Is... feat. EMI MARIA 05:13 Tools
jam session doberman inc feat.jay'ed ('02) 05:13 Tools
Shine (Instrumental) 04:41 Tools
Without You feat.Crystal Kay 04:19 Tools
P.B.E feat.今市隆二 (三代目J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE) 02:27 Tools
MY WAY 04:10 Tools
if i...norisiam-x feat.jay'ed ('04) 04:10 Tools
If I... 04:30 Tools
sadie (live@jirokichi '03 orito session) 07:06 Tools
04 Everybody 02:34 Tools
All I Did Is Grind feat.AKLO 06:05 Tools
ずっと一緒 feat.Duran (RED DIAMOND DOGS/Made in Asia) 06:05 Tools
lovers medley... night&day happy rock wit'cha 06:31 Tools
Shining Star 00:30 Tools
You’re The Only One / DJ KAORI with JAY’ED 04:19 Tools
FREEDOM 00:30 Tools
ずっと一緒 (CUT CREATOR$ REMIX) 04:19 Tools
ブレイブ・ハート feat.AKLO, Salu 04:12 Tools
ブレイブ・ハート feat.AKLO,SALU 03:43 Tools
I do 03:43 Tools
Takers feat.DOBERMAN INFINITY 04:21 Tools
fly away (i-dea remix) feat. Jamosa 04:32 Tools
Yume No Stage Ga Matsu Mukou 04:32 Tools
ブレイブ・ハート feat. AKLO, SALU 04:12 Tools
明日がくるなら ~JAY’ED Solo version~ 04:19 Tools
Mata Kimito 06:05 Tools
君の手を~Don't Say Goodbye~ 04:19 Tools
BRAVE HEART feat. AKLO, SALU 04:12 Tools
just let me know (feat. jazzy blaze) 04:23 Tools
Terminal 00:30 Tools
We Got It All 04:49 Tools
Just let Me Know Feat. JAZZY BLAZE 04:23 Tools
君の手を~Don’t Say Goodbye~ 04:34 Tools
何かひとつ 00:00 Tools
Lovers Medley (Nite and Day) ~Happy~Rock Wit'cha 06:31 Tools
pop them bottles (english solo version) 06:31 Tools
Luv is... feat. EMI MARIA / JAY'ED/EMI MARIA 00:30 Tools
Without You 02:37 Tools
fly away(i-dea remix)jamosa&jay'ed 04:33 Tools
Fly Away (I-DeA Remix) JAMOSA & JAY'ED Remixed by I-DeA 04:32 Tools
shining star (hase-t remix) feat.rickie-g 06:05 Tools
fly away (i-dea remix) jamosa&jay'ed 06:05 Tools
言えないよ 06:05 Tools
If I.... NORISIAM-X feat.JAY'ED('04) 04:10 Tools
Pop THem Bottles -English Solo Version- 04:10 Tools
Jam Session 04:57 Tools
Just Let Me Know (feat.JAZZY BLAZE) 04:10 Tools
You're The Only One (feat. DJ Kaori) 04:19 Tools
Pop Them Bottles - English Solo Version 02:37 Tools
君の手を -Don't Say Goodbye- 04:19 Tools
If I… NORISIAM-X feat.JAY'ED ('04) 04:19 Tools
明日がくるなら - JAY’ED Solo version 04:16 Tools
fly away (i-dea remix) jamosa & jay'ed 04:19 Tools
Just let Me know Featuring JAZZY BLAZE 04:19 Tools
You're the Only One / DJ KAORI with JAY'ED 04:21 Tools
Lovers Medley...Nite and Day~Happy~Rock wit'cha 06:31 Tools
My Voice 00:30 Tools
Toy Box / JAY'ED×若旦那 04:42 Tools
Shining★Star 00:30 Tools
Live on direct 04:21 Tools
Sadie (Live@JIROKICHI : '03 ORITO SESSION) 04:21 Tools
You're The Only One with DJ KAORI 04:19 Tools
ブレイブ・ハート Feat. AKLO & SALU 04:12 Tools
This Summertime(Remix) 03:50 Tools
Shining☆star (HASE-T Remix) feat.RICKIE-G Remixed by HASE-T 04:19 Tools
I do feat.4WD 03:50 Tools
最後の優しさ (Album ver_) 04:54 Tools
Saigo no Yasashisa (Album ver.) 04:54 Tools
I do feat. 4WD 04:54 Tools
君の手を〜Don't Say Goodbye〜 04:19 Tools
Fly Away (I-DeAnRemix) JAMOSA & JAY'ED Remixed by I-DeA 04:19 Tools
Lover's Medley・・・.Nite and Day~Happy~Rock Wit' cha 04:19 Tools
P.B.E 04:08 Tools
Identity feat. CHOZEN LEE 04:10 Tools
ずっと一緒 (Cut Creater$ Remix) 02:02 Tools
Pop Them Bottles -English Solo Version 02:37 Tools
Lifetime 02:37 Tools
Just Let Me Know ft. Jazzy Blaze 02:37 Tools
夢からさめたら featuring SEEDA 02:37 Tools
永遠はただの一秒から/ JAY'ED×JUJU 05:27 Tools
Luv Is... feat.EMI MARIA 04:24 Tools
just let me know Ft.jazzy blaze 05:27 Tools
lovers medley... night & day happy rock wit'cha 05:27 Tools
Shining☆Star(HASE-T Remix) feat.RICKIE-G Remixed by HASE-T 05:27 Tools
Fly Away (I-DeA Remix) 05:27 Tools
Shining☆Star [HASE-T Remix] 03:04 Tools
Jam Session DORBERMAN INK feat.JAY’ED 03:04 Tools
Takers 04:49 Tools
ブレイブ・ハート feat. AKLO, SALU 04:12 Tools
stay young 03:04 Tools
ずっと一緒 [Cut Creator$ Remix] 03:40 Tools
Without You feat. Crystal Kay 03:59 Tools
何かひとつ (Bonus Track) 03:59 Tools
Can’t Let Go 04:33 Tools
Fly Away 04:33 Tools
Lovers Medley...,Night & Day "Happy" Rock Wit'cha 03:59 Tools
You're The Only One Feat. DJ KAORI 04:19 Tools
We Got It All DORBERMAN INK feat.JAY’ED 04:19 Tools
JAY’s Voice 00:43 Tools
ずっと一緒 05:04 Tools
stay young (bonus for jp) 05:04 Tools
Nanika Hitotsu / JAMOSA feat.JAY'ED&若旦那 04:34 Tools
Kimi no to wo 〜Don't Say Goodbye〜 05:04 Tools
U (Instrumental) 04:16 Tools
君の手を 〜Don't Say GoodBye〜 04:19 Tools
また君と feat. Ms.OOJA 04:54 Tools
、ケ、テ、ネメサセw 05:05 Tools
Fly Away (I-Dea Remix feat. Jamosa) 05:05 Tools
sutto issho 04:33 Tools
All I Did Is Grind feat. AKLO 04:33 Tools
If I... / Norisiam-X feat. JAY'ED 04:33 Tools
Tomoni 04:49 Tools
ÅŒã‚Ì—D‚µ‚³ (Album ver.) 03:40 Tools
Takers feat. DOBERMAN INFINITY 04:49 Tools
lovers medley. 04:34 Tools
‚¸‚Á‚ƈꏏ 04:34 Tools
Toy box feat. 若旦那 04:44 Tools
07 サヨナラ 03:59 Tools
Kimi no Te o ~Don't Say Goodbye~ 04:19 Tools
Shining☆Star (HASE-T Remix) 04:19 Tools
02 Golden 03:49 Tools
ラ髜皃ホ・、キ、オ (Album ver.) 04:54 Tools
Sadie ORITO SESSION [Live] 04:54 Tools
if i... (feat. Norisiam-X) 04:54 Tools
‚·‚Á‚ƈꏏ 04:54 Tools
You're The Only One (With DJ KAORI) 04:19 Tools
Everybody - PKCZ(R) Remix 04:54 Tools
We Got It All (feat. Doberman Inc) 04:49 Tools
If I..../NORISIAM-X ft.JAY'ED ('04) 04:49 Tools
I Wouldn't Change a Thing 04:49 Tools
shining star (hase-t remix) Ft.rickie-g 04:49 Tools
Fly Away (I-DeA Remix)/JAMOSA & JAY'ED 04:49 Tools
I do feat. 4WD -OSAKA EVESSA image song- 04:49 Tools
08 Free 04:01 Tools
Shining☆Star [HASE-T Remix] feat. RICKIE-G 04:01 Tools
Fly Away (feat. JAMOSA) [I-DeA Remix] 04:01 Tools
Shining☆Star (HASE-T Remix) ft. RICKIE-G 04:01 Tools
Identity feat. CHOZEN LEE from FIRE BALL 04:01 Tools
04 U 04:16 Tools
Eien wa tada no ichi-byo kara (feat. JUJU) 05:28 Tools
何かひとつ JAMOSA feat. JAY'ED&若旦那 05:28 Tools
Braveheart feat.AKLO, SALU 05:28 Tools
Sadie(Live@JIROKICHI:03 ORITO SESSION) 05:28 Tools
ブレイブ・ハート 03:43 Tools
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Jay'ed is a crossover Japanese R&B singer born in New Zealand to a Japanese father and a Kiwi (a New Zealander) mother. He will make his official debut on May 21 with the single Superwoman. He released his first album in May of 2006 titled The Gift ~Just let me know~. He is currently signed to the Toy's Factory label. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.