Jazz Juice

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Marra Bossa 00:00 Tools
Marrra Bossa 00:00 Tools
Fever 00:00 Tools
Love For Sale 00:00 Tools
Atravessar 00:00 Tools
Fever (Pagany Jazzy Mix) 05:44 Tools
Sound Of The Summer 00:00 Tools
Los Chicos 00:00 Tools
Jody's Grind 00:00 Tools
Too Horny 00:00 Tools
Montuno Uno 00:00 Tools
Come On 00:00 Tools
Baiana 00:00 Tools
Canto de Ossanha 00:00 Tools
Bugablue (Dub Mix) 00:00 Tools
52nd Street (minor Blues) 00:00 Tools
Hotpants Breakdown 00:00 Tools
When You Kiss Me (Swing A Pella) 00:00 Tools
Mara Bossa 00:00 Tools
The Kicker 00:00 Tools
Borboletta 00:00 Tools
Jazz Juice 00:00 Tools
Detroit 00:00 Tools
Bossa Bags 00:00 Tools
Bugablue 00:00 Tools
Uno Montuno 00:00 Tools
Borboleta 00:00 Tools
Nuevo Latino 00:00 Tools
Fever (Sacchi & Durante Main Mix) 00:00 Tools
Batidas Suculentas 00:00 Tools
Fever (Chris B Remix) 00:00 Tools
Atravessar (DJ KAWASAKI Remix) 00:00 Tools
STAR SKI & PUTZ 00:00 Tools
Lovely Day Inside - Jazz Juice remix 00:00 Tools
52nd Street 00:00 Tools
Back to Back 00:00 Tools
detroit (laboratoire mix) 00:00 Tools
Move Your Body 00:00 Tools
52nd Blues (Minor Blues) 00:00 Tools
marra bossa - jazz juice 00:00 Tools
STAR SKI PUTZ 00:00 Tools
Hotpants Breakdown(Jazz Juice Remix)-The Soul Tornados 00:00 Tools
Taking Care Of Business 00:00 Tools
Borboleta(Jazz Juice Dub Mix)-Electro Coco 00:00 Tools
When You Kiss Me 00:00 Tools
Jazz Kicker 00:00 Tools
Bosa Bags 00:00 Tools
Fever - Chris B Remix 00:00 Tools
Pagany Jazzy 00:00 Tools
Atravessar-DJ Kawasaki Remix- 00:00 Tools
52nd Blues 00:00 Tools
Detroit (Laurent Garnier Remix) 00:00 Tools
Jazz Kicker_a1 00:00 Tools
jazz juice - marra bossa 00:00 Tools
Fever - Chris B Mix 00:00 Tools
Detroit (Justice Remix) 00:00 Tools
Fever-(Sacchi & Durante Main Mix Edit) 00:00 Tools
Fever (Chris B Rmx) 00:00 Tools
52 Nd Street (Mirror Blues) 00:00 Tools
Fever (Chris B Mix) 00:00 Tools
Detroit (Precious Materials) 00:00 Tools
Fever - ChrisB Remix 00:00 Tools
Back To Back (Precious Materials) 00:00 Tools
Detroit (Justice Remix II) 00:00 Tools
break it down feat. rafaella 00:00 Tools
Marra Bossa [2005] 00:00 Tools
Fever - Arduini & Pagany Nu House Mix 00:00 Tools
Fever - Pagany Jazzy Radio 00:00 Tools
Fever - Sacchi & Durante Bonus Groove 00:00 Tools
Fever (Sacchi 00:00 Tools
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There are two artists named Jazz Juice. 1) Legendary atmospheric & jazzy drum n bass producers Alex Reece and Wax Doctor produced together using this alias. Together they released several tracks such as "Jazz Juice" and "Detroit" on the Precious Materials label in 1995. 2) The Jazz Juice story, much like the musical hotpot contained within, is one that has been brewing and boiling for many years. UK born DJ Graham B moved to Amsterdam in the late 1980's and has played an influencial role on the Dutch dance scene. As member of the legendary Soho Connection party organisation he was one of the pioneers of the early house movement and was later dubbed 'Godfather of Jazzdance' by the dutch press in recognition of his hugely successful Club 802 Jazzbops held at Amsterdams famous Paradiso. He has also collaborated with many talented musicians on various live music projects including the development and production of the New Cool Collective, the early stages of Project 2000 and recently with a new band called Electro Coco picking up a prestigious Edison Award for their CD Coco Do Mundo. JazzJuice is his latest collaboration with Electro Coco production partner Alain Eskinasi. Another veteran of the scene, Alain's experience in the music business is extensive, with 40 CD projects under his belt. He spent seven years in the States during the nineties working as a staff-producer for Virgin Records and collaborating with many musicians from bands such as Yes and Steely Dan. His work received 2 Grammy nominations and one Grammy Award on a production with ex Jefferson Airship guitarist Craig Chequico. Together they've taken a fresh look at mixing the art of DJ'ing with live musicianship and have come up with an exciting new style. The result is a superbly refreshing sound that connects old school with future jazz. During a live Jazz Juice session guest artists can compliment many of the strong clear themes and crucially with the removal of many of the original solos are given the space and freedom for much improvisation. This leads to a spontaneous fully integrated and exciting sound that adds a brand new dimension to a conventional DJ set, literally bringing the material to life on stage and never ceases to keep the dance floor kicking. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.