Jeff Carson

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Train, Train (LP Version) 00:00 Tools
Not On Your Love 03:20 Tools
The Car 03:32 Tools
Butterfly Kisses / Daddy's Lit 00:00 Tools
Holdin' OnTo Something 02:51 Tools
Butterfly Kisses 03:59 Tools
I Can Only Imagine 04:03 Tools
Real Life 04:23 Tools
Real Life (I Never Was the Same Again) 04:23 Tools
Shine on 03:35 Tools
When You Said You Loved Me 03:12 Tools
Yeah Buddy 02:28 Tools
Until We Fall Back in Love Again 03:47 Tools
Here's the Deal 00:00 Tools
Definite Possibilities 00:00 Tools
Butterfly Kisses-Daddy's Little Girl 04:11 Tools
Betty's Takin' Judo 00:00 Tools
Train, Train 00:00 Tools
If I Ain't Got You 00:00 Tools
Get A Guitar 00:00 Tools
Do It Again 00:00 Tools
Me Too 00:00 Tools
Scars and All 00:00 Tools
That Last Mile 00:00 Tools
Santa Got Lost in Texas 00:00 Tools
Cheatin' on Her Heart 00:00 Tools
Preachin' To The Choir 00:00 Tools
Butterfly Kisses / Daddy's Little Girl 00:00 Tools
The Last Mile 00:00 Tools
Butterfly Kisses/Daddy's Little Girl 00:00 Tools
Hangin' by a Thread 00:00 Tools
It Wouldn't Kill Me 00:00 Tools
I Almost Never Loved You 00:00 Tools
What's Not to Love 00:00 Tools
As One as Two Can Get 00:00 Tools
God Save the World Ft. Lisa Brokop 00:00 Tools
God Save The World 00:00 Tools
My One and Only Love 00:00 Tools
Butterfly Kisses / Daddy's Little Girl (Duet With Kippi Brannon) 00:00 Tools
She's the One 00:00 Tools
Where Did I Go So Right 00:00 Tools
Divine Intervention 00:00 Tools
Try Bein' Me 00:00 Tools
If You Wanna Get to Heaven 00:00 Tools
The Stone 00:00 Tools
Butterfly Kisses / Daddy's Little Girl (feat. Kippi Brannon) 00:00 Tools
Jeff Carson - Yeah Buddy 00:00 Tools
I Fly Proud 00:00 Tools
Daddy's Little Girl 00:00 Tools
Today I Started Loving You Again 00:00 Tools
Jeff Carson - Daddy's Little Girl 00:00 Tools
Butterfly Kisses / Daddy's Little Girl (With Kippi Brannon) 00:00 Tools
Today I Started To Love You Again (duet with Merle Haggard) 00:00 Tools
Daddy's little girl / Butterfly Kisses 00:00 Tools
Daddy's Lit 00:00 Tools
Santa Got Lots In Texas 00:00 Tools
Betty's Taking Judo 00:00 Tools
I Never Was The Same Again 00:00 Tools
I Could Only Imagine 00:00 Tools
Holdin' On To Something (Dance 00:00 Tools
Definite Posibilities 00:00 Tools
Real Life(I Never Was The Same 00:00 Tools
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Jeff Carson, an American country music artist, was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on December 16, 1963 and raised in Gravette, Arkansas. In his childhood, Jeff played harmonica and guitar, and sang in church. In high school, he and his high school friends formed a band, which performed the Eagles song "Seven Bridges Road". The band won second place at the school talent show; this success inspired Jeff to pursue a career in music. Carson co-wrote a song on Craig Morgan's I Love It album, called "Where Has My Hometown Gone?" Originally a session musician in Branson, Missouri and later a demo singer, he was signed to Curb Records in 1995, releasing his debut album that year, followed by Butterfly Kisses in 1998 and Real Life in 2002. He has charted fourteen singles on the Billboard country charts, including the Number One hit "Not on Your Love", the Top Ten hits "The Car" and "Holdin' On to Something", and the Top 20 "Real Life (I Never Was the Same Again)". Carson retired from country music in 2009 and became a police officer. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.