Jerry Williams

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Mother 02:31 Tools
Did I Tell You 03:18 Tools
I Can Jive 03:20 Tools
If You Ask Me 02:51 Tools
It Started With A Love Affair 03:28 Tools
Vintersaga 05:50 Tools
Tomten kommer snart 02:46 Tools
Let's Just Forget It 03:09 Tools
Who's Gonna Follow You Home 03:17 Tools
If You Ask Me (Because I Love You) 02:51 Tools
Babe 03:31 Tools
Left and Right 02:10 Tools
Git It 03:01 Tools
Grab Life 02:10 Tools
Gameshow 03:11 Tools
Working Class Hero 05:57 Tools
Blue This Christmas 03:09 Tools
Far From Any Road 02:10 Tools
I'm Not In Love With You 03:30 Tools
Keep On 02:10 Tools
Cold Beer 02:10 Tools
Boy oh boy 02:10 Tools
Cruisin' On A Saturday Night 03:21 Tools
David At The Bar 03:21 Tools
Boys Don't Cry 01:36 Tools
Velcro 03:14 Tools
Velcro - Acoustic 03:21 Tools
Cotton Jenny 03:31 Tools
Dream On 04:31 Tools
Jackson - Trucker Version 02:42 Tools
Number One 02:14 Tools
Personal Jesus 03:30 Tools
Billy Jean, Charlie Brown & Susie Q 03:19 Tools
If You Want My Love 02:50 Tools
Feelin' Blue 01:47 Tools
En vintersaga - Live 05:43 Tools
It Keeps Rainin 03:35 Tools
Crazy 'Bout You Baby 03:21 Tools
Blue Jean Bop 02:43 Tools
I Just Wanna Dance With You 03:28 Tools
Grab Life - Acoustic 02:43 Tools
Big Black Chevrolet 02:23 Tools
Don't Be Cruel 02:10 Tools
Ghost Rider 04:35 Tools
Darlin' Nelly Grey 02:02 Tools
Meningen med allt 02:37 Tools
Play That Song On The Juke-Box 03:44 Tools
Sunglasses 02:04 Tools
Sinnerman - Live 04:35 Tools
Hello Goodbye (Twistin' Patricia) 02:01 Tools
Sweet Little Rock & Roller 02:59 Tools
I Fought The Law 02:24 Tools
Cancel The Wedding 03:14 Tools
I'm Not In Love With You - Acoustic 03:56 Tools
Tutti Frutti 01:47 Tools
Stand By Me 03:56 Tools
Lucy Wrote Me A Letter 03:54 Tools
Sweet Sixteen 03:51 Tools
I Can Jive - Live 04:20 Tools
Medley: Keep On/I Can Jive/Git It/Cruisin' On A Saturday Night - Live på Börsen 06:02 Tools
All Shook Up 02:05 Tools
Ready Teddy 02:14 Tools
Woman 04:07 Tools
Sista Skeppet Tillbaka 03:45 Tools
Mother - Acoustic 02:34 Tools
Your True Love 02:01 Tools
Darling Nelly Grey 02:04 Tools
It's Only Make Believe 03:21 Tools
Stop And Let Me Love You 02:32 Tools
Gimme Danger 02:34 Tools
Boy Oh Boy - Original 01:50 Tools
I Want To Know 03:46 Tools
Fa Fa Fa Fa 02:34 Tools
Dream Of You 02:39 Tools
Walking The Dog - Live 03:16 Tools
Working Class Hero - Live 04:42 Tools
The Shape I'm In 01:56 Tools
Lolita 02:18 Tools
Treat Her Right 02:05 Tools
Left And Right - Acoustic 02:03 Tools
Blood & Tears 03:08 Tools
Corrine Corrina 03:08 Tools
Goodbye Rolling Stone 04:05 Tools
Dance With Me 02:52 Tools
Rockin' Little Angel - Live 02:27 Tools
Bring It On Home To Me 03:10 Tools
Bad Moon Rising 02:32 Tools
That'll Be The Day 02:38 Tools
I'll Never Let You Go Little Darlin' 02:29 Tools
I Can't Sleep (Without You) 03:07 Tools
This Joint Is Jumping 02:34 Tools
Save Me 01:53 Tools
Sista skeppet tillbaka - Radio Version 03:30 Tools
Ave Maria No Morro 03:01 Tools
These Pills 03:25 Tools
Rock A Doodle - Swedish 02:07 Tools
Keep On Rollin' 04:45 Tools
A Hairdressers Called Sids 02:11 Tools
Let Me Hold You In My Arms 03:43 Tools
When The Summer Is Gone 04:13 Tools
Rebound 02:10 Tools
Love Me 03:05 Tools
Back To My Roots 02:45 Tools
Right Back Where I Started From 04:18 Tools
Did I Tell You - Live på Börsen 03:27 Tools
Twistin' Patricia 02:00 Tools
Someone 04:35 Tools
Hop, Skip and Jump - Live 02:27 Tools
Git It - Live 02:40 Tools
Rock Your Heart Away 03:52 Tools
Darling Nelly Grey - Live 02:32 Tools
Lavender Fields 02:59 Tools
Pretend 02:41 Tools
Downbound Train 02:47 Tools
Tired Of Toein' The Line 02:39 Tools
Rockin' Love 02:00 Tools
Telephone Baby 02:04 Tools
I Got A Fire 03:24 Tools
Keep On - Live 01:47 Tools
Big Bad Wolf 03:51 Tools
Smart Side Of Town 03:27 Tools
I'm Not In Love With You (Acoustic) 03:24 Tools
Who's Gonna Follow You Home - Live 03:53 Tools
Garden Party 03:42 Tools
Money Is 03:37 Tools
Peppermint Twist 01:43 Tools
Casting My Spell 02:45 Tools
Stalker 02:58 Tools
Sag, Drag and Fall 02:14 Tools
It Started With A Love Affair - Live 03:24 Tools
Did I Tell You - Club Mix 05:35 Tools
Mississippi Delta 03:24 Tools
Roll Over Beethoven - Live 02:19 Tools
Bop-A-Lena 02:03 Tools
Kansas City 03:28 Tools
Can't Slow Down 03:24 Tools
Long Live Rock 'N' Roll 03:44 Tools
Sol på mej 02:09 Tools
Ringside 03:32 Tools
Let's Spend The Night Together 03:55 Tools
Jockey full of bourbon 02:30 Tools
Flat Foot Sam - Live 02:47 Tools
Small Town Hero 03:00 Tools
Tennessee Toddy - Live 03:14 Tools
Graveyard Of My Heart 04:01 Tools
Bolt From The Blue 02:25 Tools
The Name Game - Live 03:32 Tools
Since I Met You Baby 02:56 Tools
Travellin' Light - Live 02:31 Tools
Mr. Bus Driver 02:22 Tools
Sympathy 04:01 Tools
Oh La La (Dancing To The Same Groove) 03:39 Tools
Velcro (Acoustic) 04:07 Tools
Bump N' Grind 02:03 Tools
The Joint Is Jumping 02:35 Tools
Who´s gonna follow you home 03:44 Tools
It Started With A Love Affair - Live på Börsen 03:35 Tools
Dynamite - Live 02:11 Tools
2 Sunsets (And A Dream) 03:36 Tools
Peggy Sue - Live på Börsen 01:36 Tools
California Nights 03:47 Tools
Apron Strings - Live 02:38 Tools
Baby, Bunny (Sugar Honey) 03:31 Tools
I've Got Dreams to Remember 03:32 Tools
Personal Jesus - Live 03:26 Tools
Deep Sea Ball - Live 02:35 Tools
God Bless Rock And Roll 03:26 Tools
Billy Jean, Charlie Brown & Suzie Q - Live 02:45 Tools
Ready Teddy - Live 02:14 Tools
Blue Moon Of Kentucky 03:23 Tools
Rocket In My Pocket 02:17 Tools
That mellow Saxophone 02:30 Tools
Is It Me - Live 03:11 Tools
Crusin' On A Saturday Night 03:20 Tools
Easy On Yourself 04:26 Tools
Little red corvette 03:02 Tools
You're The Devil in Disquise - Live 02:22 Tools
Some People Can't Dance - Live 04:07 Tools
Grab Life (Acoustic) 03:34 Tools
Gone 02:58 Tools
Ain't I'm a dog 02:41 Tools
Railroad Worksong - Live 04:35 Tools
Burn Out 03:46 Tools
Rockin' At Midnight - Live på Börsen 05:58 Tools
Nobody's Darling But Mine 02:21 Tools
Shipwrecked 02:48 Tools
Sweet Little Sixteen 03:13 Tools
Sweet Little Rock 'N' Roller 02:59 Tools
You Win Again 03:28 Tools
Another Saturday Night 02:27 Tools
I'm Going Home - Live 03:51 Tools
Let me be the one 02:50 Tools
I'm Goin' Home 04:25 Tools
The Wanderer 02:54 Tools
Sea Of Heartbreak 02:58 Tools
If You Want My Love - Live 02:25 Tools
Slow Down 03:29 Tools
Little Honda 03:41 Tools
HUMAN (The Killers Cover) 03:43 Tools
When Your Heartache Is Over 03:29 Tools
Kung I Blodet 03:16 Tools
Every Now And Then 03:00 Tools
Rip It Up - Live 02:58 Tools
Roll With The Punches 02:32 Tools
Run Run Roadrunner 02:49 Tools
Your Man 03:31 Tools
Boogaloo Baby 02:41 Tools
Twistin' Patricia (Hello Goodbye) 02:01 Tools
Helpless 03:57 Tools
My Love Was Wasted On You 03:06 Tools
Scandinavian Dynamite 02:27 Tools
The Push, Push, Push 02:49 Tools
King's Call 03:31 Tools
Let It Rock 01:46 Tools
I Need You 03:23 Tools
Modern Music - Live 03:35 Tools
Someone - Live 04:53 Tools
I'm Going Home 04:27 Tools
Hooked On You 02:23 Tools
Forty Days 02:46 Tools
everybody cruising 02:49 Tools
Let's Do Some Rock 'n' Roll - Club Mix 06:47 Tools
Love Me Now or Let me Go 03:32 Tools
Sju År På Hall 04:27 Tools
Modern Music - Live på Börsen 03:16 Tools
(I) Believe What You Say 02:05 Tools
My Own Way To Rock - Live på Börsen 04:37 Tools
Deep In The Heart Of Texas - Live 02:49 Tools
Yvonne 03:51 Tools
Willie And The Hand Jive 03:51 Tools
Easy On Yourself (Beat Brokers Dub Mix) 05:58 Tools
Who's Gonna Follow You Home - 12" version - Remix by Per Adebratt 06:54 Tools
Battlefield 04:17 Tools
Boy Oh Boy - D'silva Remix. 02:48 Tools
Highway Of Freedom 03:07 Tools
Lonely Night 04:12 Tools
I'm A Rock'n'Roller (Yes, I Am) 03:59 Tools
Spanish Harlem 03:15 Tools
Shake, Rattle And Roll 02:47 Tools
Rock Me, Roll Me 02:08 Tools
Oh La La 03:38 Tools
Sending Me Angels 03:34 Tools
Bara Regn Som Faller Ner 05:26 Tools
Mary Lou 03:24 Tools
Be-Bop-A-Lula - Live 02:34 Tools
Jeans On 02:41 Tools
Teddy Bear 01:50 Tools
Sun Do Shine 02:11 Tools
Someday 02:15 Tools
Rock-A-Billy Willie And The Dang-A-Lang Band 03:59 Tools
Hold On Through The Night 03:25 Tools
The Name Game 02:52 Tools
I Won't Mind at All 02:54 Tools
Makin' Love To You 02:48 Tools
Lover Please - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 00:00 Tools
Go Home Little Girl 02:20 Tools
Sånger Innan Himlen Faller Ner 03:43 Tools
En Vintersaga 05:45 Tools
Sick And Tired 05:45 Tools
Yakety Yak - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 00:00 Tools
Solutions 00:00 Tools
Teddy Bear - Live 03:54 Tools
(I've Got) Dreams To Remember - Live på Börsen 06:00 Tools
Guitar Nelly 01:59 Tools
This Song 02:59 Tools
Bang The Drum All Day 03:01 Tools
No Money Down 03:32 Tools
crazy 'bout you baby (selectio 03:22 Tools
Intro - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 02:48 Tools
Jackson - Single Version 02:41 Tools
Now There's A Thing 04:50 Tools
Don't You Ever Let Me Down 04:25 Tools
I'm In Love With An Angel 03:31 Tools
Knocking On Your Door 03:15 Tools
Rock On 03:33 Tools
Allez Allez 02:38 Tools
It Keeps Raining 03:34 Tools
Vintersaga - Live 02:30 Tools
Rainin' In My Heart 02:01 Tools
Just The Same (Chi-Bi-Do-Wam) 02:20 Tools
Rock A Doodle 02:06 Tools
Over And Out 03:22 Tools
Let's Just Forget It - Acoustic 03:23 Tools
Allt Som Jag Behöver 02:12 Tools
Jackson 02:11 Tools
Don't You Lie To Me 02:52 Tools
Boy Oh Boy - Leu Leu Land Remix 03:08 Tools
När Nätterna Fick Namn 03:09 Tools
Leave My Woman Alone + I Confess - Live på Börsen 04:42 Tools
Little Egypt 02:30 Tools
Ruby Baby 02:39 Tools
Vi ska till vischan 02:15 Tools
Snack – Man måste få lira - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 02:53 Tools
Baby Jump 03:50 Tools
Look Out Heart 01:59 Tools
Hall Of Mirrors 02:17 Tools
Summertime Blues 03:22 Tools
Cry To Me 02:50 Tools
Jailhouse Rock 03:05 Tools
Wild Little Willie 02:56 Tools
Fais Deaux Deaux 02:56 Tools
Three Steps To Heaven 02:18 Tools
Savage Love 02:11 Tools
Lovin' Up A Storm 01:57 Tools
What'd I Say 02:48 Tools
Goodnight Irene 03:14 Tools
Serving Time 02:40 Tools
Machine Man Woman 04:40 Tools
Too Many Tears 02:24 Tools
Youth On Fire 04:59 Tools
Do It Over Again 01:57 Tools
Mohair Sam 02:10 Tools
Puss och kram 02:55 Tools
Bulldozer 02:57 Tools
Song For My Father 03:14 Tools
That Mellow Saxophone - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 02:45 Tools
Eldorado 02:35 Tools
Guantanamera 02:48 Tools
Boy Oh Boy - Ramsey and Fen Extended Club Remix 03:02 Tools
Love Potion #9 02:05 Tools
It's Now Or Never - Live 03:38 Tools
Be-Bop-A-Lula 04:37 Tools
Round The Next Bend 02:50 Tools
Ain't You Glad 02:10 Tools
Hot Rock 'n' Roll Band 03:16 Tools
Come On, Come On 01:59 Tools
Call To Arms 03:54 Tools
Getting Stronger 03:21 Tools
Friday Night 02:48 Tools
Boy Oh Boy - Austen Scott Dub 02:44 Tools
Neighborhood 03:46 Tools
There's Nothing Better 03:14 Tools
Good Bless Rock 'N' Roll 03:23 Tools
Almost Grown - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 05:02 Tools
Come A Little Closer 03:04 Tools
747 For New York 02:45 Tools
Party 02:21 Tools
Modern Music 03:19 Tools
Snack – Turnésnack - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 00:00 Tools
Twistin´ Patricia - Live 02:03 Tools
Rocket 88 - Live 02:03 Tools
The Bottle Let Me Down - Live 02:03 Tools
I Know 02:23 Tools
I've Got My Sights On Someone New 02:30 Tools
Worrying Kind 03:18 Tools
I Believe - Live 02:10 Tools
framed 04:15 Tools
Tear Stained Letter 03:06 Tools
Talk To Me 01:36 Tools
On Broadway 04:15 Tools
Dangerous Happiness 02:30 Tools
Runaround Sue 02:48 Tools
Hard To Handle 03:00 Tools
Sixteen And Ready 02:48 Tools
K.T.´s Army of One 03:23 Tools
Barefottin' 02:34 Tools
Saturday Night Fish Fry 02:50 Tools
Midnight Special 02:17 Tools
It's True 02:27 Tools
Another night (Another show) 03:15 Tools
Den Ende Som Kärleken Glömt Bort 02:59 Tools
Did I Tell You - Live 02:03 Tools
Nadine 02:27 Tools
Cruisin' On A Saturday Night - Live 02:41 Tools
Let's Talk About Us 02:19 Tools
Fools Like Me 03:41 Tools
Darling nelly gray 03:15 Tools
I Got A Fire - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 03:10 Tools
Without You 02:44 Tools
Midnight Mover 03:34 Tools
Tomten Kommer Snart (Santa Claus Is Coming To Town) 03:14 Tools
Blowin' In The Wind 03:38 Tools
Hey Kate 02:44 Tools
Hitch Hiker 02:52 Tools
Rock'n'Rollin' Man 03:31 Tools
Cruisin´ on a saturday night 03:21 Tools
Vintersaga - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 02:48 Tools
Boy Oh Boy - Ramsey and Fen Radio Remix 02:52 Tools
Cotton Jenny - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 02:04 Tools
Deep Sea Ball - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 02:45 Tools
One And One Is One 03:31 Tools
Feel So Bad 03:42 Tools
Naturally 03:10 Tools
Knockin' On Your Door 03:31 Tools
That'll Be All 02:57 Tools
Poison Ivy 02:51 Tools
I'm Gonna Try Once Again 02:37 Tools
One More Night 02:55 Tools
Bird Of Paradise 03:08 Tools
Sweet little Rock´N´Roller 02:59 Tools
Cast Your Spell 04:21 Tools
Angelina - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 02:53 Tools
Who's Gonna Follow You Home - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 03:11 Tools
Someone - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 02:45 Tools
I Wanna Fall In Love Again 02:15 Tools
Blue Suede Shoes 02:55 Tools
Picture Show 03:23 Tools
Nancy, Nancy 03:22 Tools
Hurricane Shirley 03:38 Tools
Teach Me How To Shimmy 02:05 Tools
She's A Yum Yum 02:21 Tools
Given It Up For Your Love 03:17 Tools
Back To The Country 02:16 Tools
The Little Things You Do 02:27 Tools
Skinny Minnie 03:00 Tools
A Lover's Question 02:53 Tools
Last Date 03:06 Tools
I Keep Forgetting 03:19 Tools
Set Me Free 03:34 Tools
Can't Go On Living Without You 04:58 Tools
Rock Shop 03:05 Tools
Dear Love 02:36 Tools
Body And Soul 03:06 Tools
Buona Sera - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 03:45 Tools
Sweet Little Rock & And Roller 02:48 Tools
Goodnight My Love 00:00 Tools
Sag, Drag and Fall - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 03:15 Tools
Buona Sera - Live 03:08 Tools
Bony Maronie 02:46 Tools
Na Na Na Na Na Na Na 03:09 Tools
Treasure Hunting 02:03 Tools
On The Move 04:16 Tools
Hound Dog - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 02:45 Tools
Did I Tell You - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 02:41 Tools
Peggy Sue 01:36 Tools
We-Bop Baby 02:10 Tools
I'm Ready - Live 02:23 Tools
Gangster Of Love 04:57 Tools
Under The Boardwalk 04:16 Tools
Baby, Baby 03:35 Tools
Way Down Low - Live 03:02 Tools
I Wanna Love You 02:11 Tools
It Beats Me 03:40 Tools
Sinnerman 02:23 Tools
Darlin´ Nelly Grey 02:18 Tools
Tillbaks till dej 02:30 Tools
Down The Line - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 03:10 Tools
I Can Jive - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 02:58 Tools
Snack – Hundar - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 02:45 Tools
It keeps rainin' 02:41 Tools
Philly Duck 03:34 Tools
Words 04:58 Tools
Keep On - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 02:45 Tools
Philosophizer 02:58 Tools
I'll Never Be Lonely 03:42 Tools
Just Like A Woman 04:51 Tools
Cancel The Wedding - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 02:45 Tools
Maggie Was A Spider 03:43 Tools
Kiss And Coo 02:56 Tools
Snack – Extranummer - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 02:45 Tools
Turn On Your Love Light 03:42 Tools
You Never Can Tell - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 02:40 Tools
Personality 02:41 Tools
He Died From A Broken Heart 02:40 Tools
Lonely Weekends 02:23 Tools
12 West 44Th Street 00:53 Tools
aha uhu mhm (just call on me) 02:03 Tools
It Started With A Love Affair - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 02:45 Tools
Back To My Roots - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 03:10 Tools
I Who Have Nothing - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 03:33 Tools
Leave My Woman Alone + I Confess - Live på Börsen 02:23 Tools
I Ain't Foolin' Around 03:17 Tools
Hide Nor Hair 02:53 Tools
Boy Oh Boy - Austen Scott Remix 05:02 Tools
There's A Guy On The Corner Looks Just Like Me 02:32 Tools
Love Letters 03:30 Tools
Another Night 03:15 Tools
Free Me (Dame Felicidad) 02:22 Tools
Let´s Get Together 03:15 Tools
K.T.'s army of one 03:17 Tools
Soul Shake 03:17 Tools
Snack – Leiber & Stoller - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 03:33 Tools
Stand By Me - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 02:45 Tools
Love Potion No 9 02:04 Tools
Aha-Uhu-Mhm 02:27 Tools
Git It - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 02:07 Tools
Sittin' And Thinkin' 02:44 Tools
Little Latin Lupe Lu 03:08 Tools
Deep In The Heart Of Texas 02:51 Tools
Rip it Up 02:58 Tools
Just A Little Bit Of You 02:23 Tools
Treat Me Nice - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 02:00 Tools
A White Shader Of Pale 04:49 Tools
Snack – Tim, Ola, Alexander och Chucken - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 02:10 Tools
Sal-a-faster 04:16 Tools
Have A Little Mercy 02:56 Tools
That's Why We Keep Fallin' In Love 01:38 Tools
Far from Any Road (feat. Anna Ternheim) 03:43 Tools
Boy Oh Boy (Austen Scott dub) 02:51 Tools
Wedding Bells Make Me Run 02:58 Tools
That´s Life 02:54 Tools
Hound dog 02:41 Tools
Trans Canada Highway 03:15 Tools
Bama Lama Bama Loo 02:50 Tools
Tower Of Strength 02:26 Tools
Sweet Little Rock'n Roller 01:38 Tools
Come Back To You 02:29 Tools
Come On Home 03:24 Tools
Jump Jive An' Wail - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 02:12 Tools
Theme - Live 00:30 Tools
Keep On Rollin´ 03:56 Tools
My Own Way to Rock 03:56 Tools
Woman Oh Woman 02:34 Tools
Did I Tell You (Club Mix) 03:08 Tools
Feeling Blue (1963) 02:38 Tools
Cruisn'on a Saturday Night 04:58 Tools
Rock-a-doodle 02:05 Tools
Boy Oh Boy - Austen Scott Radio Edit 02:41 Tools
Saved - Live på Scalateatern / 2016 02:09 Tools
Corrine Corinna - Live 02:41 Tools
Everything Will Turn Out Fine 03:23 Tools
Soolaimon 04:30 Tools
Prisen 03:42 Tools
(Everybody Goes) Crusin' On A 03:08 Tools
He´ll Have To Go 04:52 Tools
Kiss Me 02:55 Tools
If You Ask Me (Because I Love You) (2016 Remaster) 02:55 Tools
All Shook Up - Live 02:17 Tools
I'll Go Crazy 02:10 Tools
No Face, No Name, No Number 03:42 Tools
who`s gonna follow you home 03:08 Tools
Vehicle - Live 02:40 Tools
Feelin´Blue 01:46 Tools
I'll Go Cracy 02:14 Tools
It's Rainin', It's Pouring 02:24 Tools
Let’s Just Forget It 02:40 Tools
Boy Oh Boy (Leu Leu Land Remix) 02:12 Tools
Sweet little rock'n'roller 01:46 Tools
(I Feel Like I´m) On Top Of The World 02:14 Tools
I Can Only See You 03:33 Tools
Love Me, Love Me 02:37 Tools
Lazy Mornin' 03:41 Tools
I'm In The Danger Zone 02:46 Tools
Medley 02:24 Tools
You´ve Got Your Troubles 02:52 Tools
Rikky Rock´n´Roller 02:38 Tools
Sweet Little Sixteen - Live 02:00 Tools
Jungle Hop 02:07 Tools
Feelin'blue 02:54 Tools
Every Now & Then 03:42 Tools
Feelin´ blue 03:41 Tools
Rockin' at Midnight 06:00 Tools
(You're The) Devil In Disguise 02:23 Tools
Bobby Darin - Dreamlover 02:23 Tools
Darlin'nelly Grey 02:23 Tools
It's Worth Believin' 03:02 Tools
If You Ask Me Because I Love You 02:53 Tools
Caroline 03:02 Tools
Let's Do Some Rock 'n' Roll (Club Mix) 02:10 Tools
I´ll Just Call You Honey 02:53 Tools
Free me 02:10 Tools
Barefootin' 02:36 Tools
Cruising On A Saturday Night 03:42 Tools
Hollywood 03:53 Tools
Walking The Dog 02:12 Tools
Electra Glide 03:11 Tools
A Song Called Love 03:01 Tools
Long Tall Sally - Live 02:16 Tools
Feelin Blue - Live 01:43 Tools
I Believe What You Say 02:37 Tools
Rock Me , Roll Me 02:37 Tools
Aha Uhu Mhm 02:37 Tools
Let's Do The Wobble (Before Chubby Gets It) 02:10 Tools
Let's Do The Wobble 02:12 Tools
It's Still Good 02:42 Tools
Let's Get Together 03:53 Tools
I´m Fallin´ In Love Tonight - Live 02:09 Tools
Grab Life Jerry Williams 03:01 Tools
Where am I 04:49 Tools
Medley: Keep On/I Can Jive/Git It/Cruisin' On A Saturday Night 03:43 Tools
Hum-Baby (Academy 113) 03:53 Tools
Tonight 02:24 Tools
Run, Run Roadrunner 00:44 Tools
Love Me Love Me 02:41 Tools
What's The Matter With You Baby 02:41 Tools
Intro to Garden Party 00:44 Tools
Teach Me How To Shimmy' 00:44 Tools
Come One Home 00:44 Tools
Ain´t I´m A Dog 02:41 Tools
In the Ghetto 02:46 Tools
Baby Bunny Sugar Honey 03:43 Tools
Shake Rattle And Roll 02:46 Tools
She's All I Got 02:48 Tools
Posion Ivy 02:48 Tools
Keep Forgettin' 02:24 Tools
Tulsa 03:36 Tools
Ann, I Was Trying 03:43 Tools
crazy 'bout you baby (selection by ben hatton) 03:36 Tools
Telefone Baby 03:36 Tools
Bring It Home To Me 03:04 Tools
Let's Do Some Rock'n Roll 00:00 Tools
Jerry Williams - I Can Jive 02:42 Tools
Just What Do You Plan to Do About It 02:45 Tools
Come on come on 03:01 Tools
Two Sunsets And A Dream 03:01 Tools
Cruisin on a saturday night 00:00 Tools
The Queen (Of The Rock´n´Roll Scene) 02:58 Tools
Just the same 00:00 Tools
Rock'n'roll (Is Here To Stay) 03:38 Tools
Forty Days - Live 02:45 Tools
I Won´t Mind At All 02:48 Tools
Jerry Williams - Did I Tell You 03:43 Tools
On Top Of The World 03:43 Tools
A Whiter Shade Of Pale 05:02 Tools
Let's Do Some Rock 'n' Roll 05:02 Tools
It´s only make believe 00:00 Tools
I’m Not in Love With You 00:00 Tools
One Two Three 02:40 Tools
Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho 02:40 Tools
Sweet Little Rock And Roller 00:00 Tools
Your Cheatin' Heart 00:00 Tools
16 Jerry Williams - Number One 00:00 Tools
Soulshake 02:41 Tools
C´mon Everybody - Live 02:41 Tools
Hello Goodbye 02:41 Tools
Jerry Williams - It Started With A Love Affair 02:41 Tools
I'm A Rock N' Roller ( Yes, I Am ) 02:41 Tools
Blowin'In The Wind 02:40 Tools
Hop, Skip And Jump 02:40 Tools
Cradle Of Love 02:40 Tools
Buddy Holly - Maybe Baby 05:02 Tools
Rock 'n' Roll (Is Here To Stay) 03:34 Tools
I Won´t Be Satisfied. 02:40 Tools
Did I Come Back Too Soon 03:10 Tools
Billy Jean, Charlie Brown & Suzie Q 03:58 Tools
Wello Wap Wip Wip 02:41 Tools
Givin' It Up For Your Love 03:58 Tools
1-2-3 02:40 Tools
God Bless Rock 'N' Roll 02:40 Tools
K. T.´s Army Of One 02:58 Tools
K. T.'s Army of One 02:40 Tools
You've Got Your Troubles 02:40 Tools
Bring It On Home 02:40 Tools
Till I Can't Take It Anymore 04:09 Tools
Keep on rollin 02:58 Tools
Jackson (single version) 02:40 Tools
Flat Foot Sam 03:11 Tools
Baby Bunny (Sugar Honey) 02:58 Tools
Travellin' Light 02:30 Tools
If You Asked Me (Because I Love You) 03:45 Tools
The Isley Brothers - Shout 02:40 Tools
Tennessee Toddy 02:58 Tools
It's Now Or Never 02:45 Tools
Corinne Corinna 03:11 Tools
Too Much Monkey Business 03:11 Tools
Long live rock'n'roll 02:04 Tools
I won't be satisfied 02:04 Tools
No More Lovin - Live 02:04 Tools
I Won´t Run Away Anymore 02:04 Tools
Mean Woman Blues - Live 03:58 Tools
It started wiyh a love affair 03:58 Tools
Sista skeppet tillbaka (Radio Version) 03:10 Tools
Sweet Little Rock´n Roller 02:58 Tools
32,2 Kansas City 02:58 Tools
You're The Devil in Disquise 02:58 Tools
1989-02-04 - Jerry Williams - Did I Tell You 02:58 Tools
Ready Teady 04:09 Tools
Boys Don’t Cry 02:50 Tools
If You Ask Me ( Because I Love You) 02:50 Tools
Apron Strings 02:45 Tools
Dynamite 02:45 Tools
Baby You're My Everything 00:00 Tools
A-Tisket, A-Tasket 00:00 Tools
Ave Maria No Morro - Live 02:58 Tools
What´d I Say - Live 02:45 Tools
Everybody Goes Cruising on a Saturday Night 03:34 Tools
tired of toein the line 03:34 Tools
He'll Have To Go 03:10 Tools
Tomten kommer snart (Santa Claus is comin' to town) 03:10 Tools
Greatest Hits 04:09 Tools
DID I TEL YOU 04:09 Tools
Love Potion No. 9 00:00 Tools
What Do You Want For Breakfast (SXSW 2018) 04:09 Tools
I Can Jive (Live) 04:09 Tools
Sinnerman (Live) 04:09 Tools
Rockin' Little Angel 02:50 Tools
You never can tell 02:50 Tools
Blue Jean Cop 02:50 Tools
Roll Over Beethoven 03:45 Tools
Some People Can't Dance 03:45 Tools
Boy Oh Boy (D'silva Remix.) 03:45 Tools
SBTV Boy Oh Boy 02:50 Tools
Na Na Na Na Na Na Na 03:45 Tools
Oh Lord, What Are You Doing To Me 03:45 Tools
Way Down Low 03:45 Tools
I Won't Mind A All 02:45 Tools
Darlin´Nelly Grey 00:00 Tools
Lovin You Means Heartaches 00:00 Tools
Burnout 00:00 Tools
(I've Got) Dreams To Remember 00:00 Tools
young on fire 00:00 Tools
Na Na Na Na Na 00:00 Tools
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There are several recording artists named Jerry Williams. 1) Jerry Williams (born November 21 1995) is an unsigned female indie pop singer from Portsmouth, England. Inspired by the likes of Avril Lavigne and Busted, Jerry started songwriting and playing acoustic guitar at the age of twelve. Williams draws her inspiration from her life growing up and the lives of others around her. Her influences come from a large variety of artists including Vampire Weekend, Jamie T, Johnny Cash, Slaves, Jake Bugg, David Gray, Slow Club, Coldplay, Alvvays, Kassassin Street, Marsicans, Indoor Pets and Lauran Hibberd. Williams’ debut performance was at an open mic night at The Cellars in Portsmouth, at the end of 2012. From that moment on, orders kept coming and Jerry played several shows in and around Portsmouth. She has sold out Portsmouths' Wedgewood Rooms and has been invited to play at the Victorious Festival several years in a row. Williams interchanges solo acoustic shows with full band ones. She soon graduated to shows further afield and has toured the UK, Ireland and parts of mainland Europe as a headline act, as well as supporting artists as varied as Vanessa Carlton, Nathan Sykes, Tom Jones and SWMRS. In March 2018, Williams crowdfunded herself to SXSW in Texas. In 2014, she released her debut EP A Hairdressers Called Sids. 2015 brought her to The Great Escape and with Cold Beer EP she released her second EP. For both Cold Beer and Boy Oh Boy, music videos were released, both of them being shot in Portsmouth. In 2016, she released her third EP, Let's Just Forget It, which was awarded Best Produced EP at the Unsigned Music Awards. Its lead single Mother racked up more than five million streams on Spotify by 2018, while I’m Not In Love With You became BBC Introducing Track of the Week. Through 2018 Williams has released three singles, all with accompanying videos: Grab Life, Babe and Left and Right. Jerry co-writes and produces most of her songs alongside long time collaboration partner Dan Brown and has also worked with the likes of Newton Faulkner, Carey Willets (Athlete), Jim Duguid (Paulo Nutini, Alex Clare), Charles Watson (Slow Club) and Dan Carey (Miles Kane, Kate Tempest, Sia). Her debut album is expected by the end of 2018. 2) Jerry Williams (born Sven Erik Fernström; 15 April 1942, died 25 March 2018), a Swedish rock and roll singer and actor. Williams was born Sven Erik Fernström in Solna, Sweden. Williams has been lead singer in many Swedish rock and roll bands. He joined The Violents in 1962 as lead singer, and soon became the figurehead and main attraction. The first single after Jerry Williams joining was "Darling Nelly Gray". The single was marketed as "Jerry Williams & The Violents". In 1963, Jerry Williams toured with the Beatles through their Sweden dates. In 1993, The Violents also released the new hit single "Number One". The Violents eventually dissolved in 1966. After the band break-up, Jerry Williams became known as a solo rock artist. He has also performed in musicals. 3) Jerry Williams (born July 14 1942 in Portsmouth, Virginia, United States) was the name of an early 60s black soul singer, who performed as Swamp Dogg later in his career. Early in his career he was also known popularly as Little Jerry Williams. Williams made his first recording in 1954 under the moniker "Little Jerry". In 1963 he changed that to "Little Jerry Williams". In 1970 he took the persona of "Swamp Dogg" and released his first album "Total Destruction To Your Mind". He is also noted as a songwriter and producer, especially producing country music. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.