Jimmy the Sound

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
M.o.d.u.l.o. 02:57 Tools
L.O.G.L.C.O. Remix 03:41 Tools
L.o.g.i.c.o. 07:16 Tools
Revenge 05:52 Tools
Hasta La Vista Baby! 01:21 Tools
Piano Man 01:31 Tools
Stayn' Alive 01:31 Tools
Piano Man (Original Mix) 06:22 Tools
Hardstyle Killer 08:53 Tools
Modulo 3000 08:53 Tools
The Rage of Love 07:32 Tools
The Rage Of Love (Original Mix) 07:32 Tools
Piano Man (Club Mix) 06:22 Tools
Kontrasto 06:09 Tools
Piano Man (Florence Mix) 07:27 Tools
Modulo 04:29 Tools
Trust Me 06:47 Tools
Revenge (Original Mix) 05:52 Tools
M.O.D.U.L.O. (Remix) 00:00 Tools
Burning Zone 00:00 Tools
Crazy Boing (Boing mix) 06:31 Tools
M.O.D.U.L.O (One Vrs) 06:31 Tools
L.O.G.I.C.O. (Black M Version) 03:49 Tools
Hasta La Vista Baby 04:45 Tools
L.O.G.I.C.O. (Black M vrs) 03:49 Tools
Modulo Remix 08:08 Tools
The 80' Years 05:33 Tools
Therapia 00:00 Tools
Crash 00:00 Tools
Modulo (2004 Remix) 00:00 Tools
The Rage Of Love__Original Mix 00:00 Tools
Fuckin Base 00:00 Tools
Logico (Black M Version) 00:00 Tools
Nonsense Man 07:23 Tools
Te Quiero Puta 06:36 Tools
L.O.G.I.C.O. 2003 (Promo Mix) 05:14 Tools
Seven Trouble 06:58 Tools
LOGICO 03:49 Tools
Crazy Boing 00:00 Tools
M.O.D.U.L.O. (one vrs) 06:58 Tools
I'm So Bad 07:08 Tools
Hasta La Vista Baby (Baby Traxx Vrs) 07:08 Tools
l.o.g.i.c.o. (original mix) 06:58 Tools
Hasta La Vista 06:58 Tools
crazy boing (boing rmx) 00:00 Tools
M.O.D.U.L.O. (Original Remix) 06:55 Tools
one more time 06:55 Tools
Prey Of My Beat__Original Mix 08:39 Tools
Stayn'Alive 04:07 Tools
The 80' Years (Original Mix) 08:39 Tools
Untouchable (Original Mix) 07:19 Tools
Studio Traxx 07:33 Tools
The Request (Original Mix) 06:06 Tools
L.O.G.I.C.O 07:33 Tools
Age of Bass 04:07 Tools
Logico (Remix By Black M Vrs) 04:07 Tools
Untouchable 07:33 Tools
Modulo (remix) 04:07 Tools
The Request 06:04 Tools
Intent__Original Mix 08:00 Tools
M.O.D.U.L.O (Modulo Two Vrs) 05:35 Tools
Hasta la vista (Baby Traxx) 03:52 Tools
Stayin Alive 03:52 Tools
L.O.G.I.C.O. (Airis Remix) 04:28 Tools
L.O.G.I.C.O. (Black M. Version) 05:00 Tools
Hasta La Vista Baby! (Baby Traxx Vrs.) 05:00 Tools
M.O.D.U.L.O (Rmx) 05:00 Tools
Piano Man(original Mix) 05:00 Tools
Eye to Eye (Frenikk Remix) 05:55 Tools
Crazy Boing (Boing remix) 05:00 Tools
Nog Een Keer 09:07 Tools
M.o.d.u.l.o. (Modulo One Vrs) 09:07 Tools
Modulo (Modulo Remix) 08:07 Tools
Bow C Bow 08:07 Tools
Hardtronic 06:36 Tools
Red Section 04:19 Tools
Travel 08:56 Tools
F*** Movie 05:55 Tools
M.o.d.u.l.o - Modulo One - Original Mix 04:18 Tools
Hasta La Vista Baby! (Baby Traxx Original Mix) 04:18 Tools
I Am So Bad 06:36 Tools
Eye to Eye (Original Mix) 04:19 Tools
L.O.G.I.C.O. (Remix) 04:19 Tools
Todos Locos - Original Mix 06:06 Tools
Hasta La Vista Baby (Baby Trax 00:11 Tools
Hasta La Vista [Baby Traxx] 04:19 Tools
Hasta La Vista Baby (Baby Traxx) 00:11 Tools
Prey of My Beat 08:36 Tools
M.O.D.U.L.O B1 Two Vrs 05:00 Tools
Modulo (Modulo One) 05:00 Tools
M.O.D.U.L.O. One Vrs. 04:18 Tools
L.O.G.I.C.O - Logico Black M The Original 04:18 Tools
Hasta La Vista Baby! (Baby Traxx) 04:18 Tools
jimmy the sound_-_Logico Remix 04:18 Tools
Hijco de Puta 06:06 Tools
M.O.D.U.L.O. (One) 08:18 Tools
L.O.G.I.C.O (Black M. Vrs) 07:17 Tools
L.o.g.i.c.o. (Black M. Vrs) 07:17 Tools
Hasta la Vista Baby ! (Baby Traxx Original Mix) 06:06 Tools
Stayn Alive 06:58 Tools
M.O.D.U.L.O. (Ona VRS) 06:58 Tools
Hasta La Vista Baby! Baby Traxx vrs. 06:58 Tools
M.O.D.U.L.O. (M.O.D.U.L.O. One Version) 04:32 Tools
M.O.D.U.L.O. 3000 04:32 Tools
Electric Cafe (Traxx Version) 04:32 Tools
Logico Remix 06:06 Tools
Bow C Bow Rmx 06:06 Tools
Jimmy The Sound - M.O.D.U.L.O 06:06 Tools
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Real name Marco Comis born in 1979 in La Spezia, italy. Comis specialises in the genre hardstyle and hard trance has had huge realses such as Baila Conmigo and bass kick to name just a couple you would likley see him produicing on lables such as sigma and Groucho Records and gos under the Aliases 555, Autokriminal, D-Code, J.T.S., Jimmy The Sound, Magic Bang, Mental Shock, Nitro Man Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.