Joe Perry

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Shakin' My Cage 04:14 Tools
Man Of Peace 03:33 Tools
Mercy 04:23 Tools
Blue Christmas 03:56 Tools
Hold on Me 04:41 Tools
Talk Talkin' 03:32 Tools
Crystal Ship 02:41 Tools
Can't Compare 03:51 Tools
Lonely 04:47 Tools
Push Comes to Shove 03:38 Tools
Pray for Me 04:05 Tools
Twilight 03:35 Tools
Vigilante Man 03:32 Tools
Ten Years 04:34 Tools
Dying to Be Free 03:39 Tools
We've Got a Long Way to Go 04:34 Tools
Slingshot 04:20 Tools
Walk This Way 00:00 Tools
Do You Wonder 05:13 Tools
Somebody's Gonna Get (Their Head Kicked In Tonite) 04:10 Tools
Aye, Aye, Aye 04:53 Tools
Heaven and Hell 07:19 Tools
No Surprise 04:53 Tools
Freedom 03:49 Tools
Oh Lord (21 Grams) 03:27 Tools
Wooden Ships 04:56 Tools
Scare the Cat 04:47 Tools
Quake 04:47 Tools
I'll Do Happiness 04:38 Tools
Rumble in the Jungle 04:38 Tools
Roots, Rock, Reggae 04:05 Tools
I Wanna Roll 04:38 Tools
Eve of Destruction 01:00 Tools
Sick & Tired 01:00 Tools
Haberdasher Blues 01:00 Tools
Spanish Sushi 01:00 Tools
Won't Let Me Go 01:00 Tools
I'm Going Crazy 01:00 Tools
Spider Man Theme 01:00 Tools
Joe Perry Guitar Battle 04:09 Tools
Let the Music Do the Talking 04:43 Tools
Walk This Way (Performed by Run-D.M.C. With Steven Tyler & Joe Perry) 03:41 Tools
East Coast, West Coast 03:10 Tools
South Station Blues 04:10 Tools
Run Run Rudolph 03:41 Tools
Discount Dogs 03:42 Tools
Shooting Star 03:39 Tools
Spider-Man Opening theme 01:00 Tools
Conflict of Interest 04:43 Tools
Soldier of Fortune 03:07 Tools
No Substitute for Arrogance 03:27 Tools
Life at a Glance 02:43 Tools
Break Song 02:06 Tools
Spider-Man 01:02 Tools
Buzz Buzz 03:41 Tools
Rockin' Train 06:02 Tools
Dirty Little Things 03:42 Tools
I've Got The Rock 'N' Rolls Again 04:36 Tools
Ready on the Firing Line 03:53 Tools
The Mist Is Rising 06:30 Tools
Listen to the Rock 03:21 Tools
Santa Claus Is Back in Town 02:57 Tools
White Christmas 04:13 Tools
Mercy (Album Version) 06:30 Tools
TV Police 04:14 Tools
Shakin' My Cage (Album Version) 04:13 Tools
Silent Night 04:28 Tools
Once a Rocker, Always a Rocker 02:57 Tools
Black Velvet Pants 03:19 Tools
Run Rudolph Run 04:13 Tools
Talk Talkin' (Album Version) 04:13 Tools
Play The Game 05:22 Tools
Walk With Me Sally 03:14 Tools
Pray for Me (Album Version) 05:22 Tools
Can't Compare (Album Version) 05:22 Tools
Twilight (Album Version) 05:22 Tools
Wooden Ships [Instrumental] 04:56 Tools
Never Wanna Stop 04:28 Tools
Crystal Ship (Album Version) 04:05 Tools
Vigilante Man (Album Version) 04:02 Tools
Women In Chains 04:05 Tools
King of the Kings 04:02 Tools
Shalowm 00:30 Tools
Adrianna 03:20 Tools
Talk Talkin 03:33 Tools
Bang a Gong (Get It On) 03:53 Tools
Guitar Battle 04:09 Tools
Spider-Man final theme (1994 TV series) 05:43 Tools
I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know 03:53 Tools
4 Guns West 04:28 Tools
Ten Years (Album Version) 04:28 Tools
Shakin’ My Cage 03:53 Tools
Dying To Be Free (Album Version) 04:28 Tools
Crossfire 05:43 Tools
Shakin My Cage 04:13 Tools
Hold On Me (Album Version) 05:43 Tools
Push Comes to Shove (Album Version) 01:00 Tools
Spiderman 90s Theme 01:00 Tools
Guitar Battle Vs. Joe Perry 04:09 Tools
Spider-Man: The Animated Series 00:59 Tools
Bereavement 05:22 Tools
Spider-Man: The Animated Series Theme 00:59 Tools
Talk Talkin’ 03:33 Tools
Can’t Compare 03:33 Tools
spiderman 01:00 Tools
Play the Games 05:22 Tools
Great Is the Message 00:30 Tools
The Mount That Burned 00:30 Tools
Spider-Man Theme 01:00 Tools
Jaded 03:35 Tools
Guitar Battle Solo 04:09 Tools
Santa Clause Is Back In Town 04:38 Tools
Bang a Gong 03:35 Tools
Spider-Man: The Animated Series (Opening Theme) 01:00 Tools
Spiderman Theme (OST Человек-Паук) 01:00 Tools
Lonely (Album Version) 01:00 Tools
Thine Lord Is the Power 01:00 Tools
Farnell 00:00 Tools
Spider-Man The Animated Series Theme (Antichrist Remix) 00:00 Tools
Jesus Said to Them 01:00 Tools
I've Got the Rock 'N' Rolis Again 04:36 Tools
We Have A Long Way To Go 00:30 Tools
Dream On (Reggae Mix) 05:22 Tools
Spider Man(1994) 00:00 Tools
Spider Man 01:00 Tools
Braude 04:38 Tools
Handrail 03:08 Tools
Spiderman Theme 01:00 Tools
Spider Man Theme (Electronic Version) 01:00 Tools
Blue Christmas (Album Version) 03:40 Tools
Bying To Be Free 03:40 Tools
Revolution (The Beatles Cover) 04:07 Tools
Opening Theme 00:00 Tools
Somebody's Gonna Get 04:38 Tools
Bright Light Fright 03:08 Tools
Twilight [Instrumental] 03:36 Tools
Spiderman theme (1994) 01:08 Tools
Bone to Bone 02:36 Tools
Hallelujah 05:34 Tools
Let The Music Do The Talking (Album Version) 00:00 Tools
Sick Tired 05:34 Tools
Focus 03:40 Tools
Soundtrack from "Spiderman TV Series" (1994) 00:59 Tools
Shakin` My Cage 04:38 Tools
dream on 04:38 Tools
I've Got the Rock'n'rolls Again 04:38 Tools
Sound the Trumpet 04:07 Tools
Saving Faith 01:00 Tools
Shakin' My Cage (GH Aerosmith Bonus Songs) 04:38 Tools
Crystal Ship (The Doors) 04:38 Tools
"Spiderman 90s" theme 01:00 Tools
Spider Man The Animated Series 01:00 Tools
Revolution 03:36 Tools
I'm a King Bee 03:36 Tools
Healing Streams 01:00 Tools
Theme of Spider-Man 01:00 Tools
Combination 05:34 Tools
The Master 05:34 Tools
Power 05:34 Tools
Main Theme (OST Spider-Man 1994) 01:00 Tools
Crystal Ship (The Doors cover) 05:34 Tools
Stop Messin' Around 01:00 Tools
Walk on Down 03:39 Tools
Blue Christmas - Joe Perry 05:34 Tools
This Wonderful Salvation 05:34 Tools
Can’t Compare 01:00 Tools
Spider-Man the Animated Series Theme 01:00 Tools
Spider-man Theme Song 01:00 Tools
Spider Man Theme(1994) 01:00 Tools
The Crystal Ship 01:00 Tools
Man Of Peace - Joe Perry 01:00 Tools
Talk Talkin’ 01:00 Tools
Blue Christmas (Joe Perry) 01:00 Tools
Soundtrack from 'Spiderman TV Series' (1994) 00:00 Tools
Spider-man main theme 00:00 Tools
Mercy [Instrumental] 00:00 Tools
Spider-Man (1994 TV series) Opening theme 00:00 Tools
Joe Perry - Blue Christmas 00:00 Tools
Life At A Glance 02:41 Tools
Can`t Compare 02:41 Tools
Shooting Star (Album Version) 02:41 Tools
Spider-Man: The Animated Series Theme (1994) 02:41 Tools
Conflict Of Interest (Album Version) 02:41 Tools
Spider-Man: The Animated Series Theme (1994) (Extended) 02:41 Tools
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Anthony Joseph "Joe" Perry (Born September 10, 1950 in Lawrence, Massachusetts), is the lead guitarist and a contributing songwriter for the longstanding rock and roll band Aerosmith. Perry, was born to the children of Portuguese and Italian immigrants. His grandfather changed the family's name from Pereira to Perry upon arriving in America. He has a younger sister, Ann-Marie. Joe Perry joined Aerosmith at its formation in 1969. While initially dismissed as Rolling Stones knock-offs, the band came into its own during the mid-1970s with a string of hit records. Chief among these successes were Toys in the Attic in 1975 and Rocks in 1976, thanks largely to the prevenlance of free-form, album-oriented FM radio. The group also managed hit singles on the AM dial with songs like "Dream On", "Same Old Song and Dance", "Sweet Emotion" and "Walk This Way". During this time, Perry and Aerosmith vocalist Steven Tyler became known as the "Toxic Twins", for their notorious hard-partying and drug use. Following Rocks, the group began to stumble - drug use escalated and the creative-process became hampered by strained relationships within the band. They managed another hit record in 1977 with Draw the Line, but by all accounts this is where things started to unravel; while recording their next album (Night in the Ruts), Perry and Tyler had a spat that resulted in Perry finally leaving the band. By the end of the year, Perry had formed his own band - The Joe Perry Project. Their debut record, Let the Music Do the Talking, reached #47 on the Billboard album charts, selling 250,000 copies domestically. While sales and reviews were respectable, the group mainly thrived as a live act. It managed to do so even after its sophomore effort, I've Got the Rock'n'Rolls Again, went largely ignored. In the end, the Project never solidified a line-up; all three studio releases would feature a different lead vocalist, and the entire roster was replaced before their final effort (1983's Once a Rocker, Always a Rocker.) Even a brief stint with then-former Aerosmith rhythm guitarist Brad Whitford failed to ignite things again, and the group found themselves with minimal label support by 1984. In 1984, manager Tim Collins worked to get Perry back in contact with his former bandmates in Aerosmith. He was eventually invited to re-join the group, which he did - along with the also-estranged Brad Whitford. This restored the band's classic line-up, and resulted in a lucrative 'reunion' tour. Perry and Tyler collaborated with Run-DMC in a remake of their 1975 hit "Walk This Way", which brought their band renewed mainstream attention. After completing drug rehabilitation, Aerosmith went on to collaborate with various big-name songwriters and producers to launch their true comeback. Another string of successful albums (most notably the triple-platinum Pump in 1989) and many hit singles followed. Perry and Tyler resumed their tight friendship, again co-writing songs and performing very close together on stage. In 1998, Perry helped conceive the group's first number one single, "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing", with pop songwriter Diane Warren. It appeared on the soundtrack to the hit film Armageddon. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.