Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Touching Realness 02:01 Tools
Monty 02:59 Tools
Jam On It 03:13 Tools
Street Jazz 03:07 Tools
Funky Fridays 08:27 Tools
Times Change 03:03 Tools
For Da Family 03:10 Tools
NJ Dodgers 02:35 Tools
Dark Soul 02:08 Tools
Been There 01:41 Tools
Supa Heath 03:33 Tools
Soul Paper 02:54 Tools
From Da Brain 01:50 Tools
Gettin Hot 04:10 Tools
Sparkle 03:04 Tools
Gotta Get Away (feat. Damu the Fudgemunk & A.G.) 03:04 Tools
Ain't No Crime 04:32 Tools
I'm Chillin 02:59 Tools
Crusading 00:53 Tools
Bird Flying High 02:26 Tools
Driving 01:30 Tools
Inner City Blues 04:01 Tools
Dramaz 02:43 Tools
Mont Man 03:18 Tools
Ron Beat 04:47 Tools
Ghetto's Groove 03:01 Tools
Take Your Time 03:45 Tools
Spinner 02:54 Tools
High Stakes 03:19 Tools
Indian Juice 00:50 Tools
Been There Part 2 03:09 Tools
Urbaink 04:36 Tools
Turtle Man 03:49 Tools
K Comes Thru 03:37 Tools
Intro 01:45 Tools
Lovely Woman 01:10 Tools
Watching The Clouds 02:59 Tools
Slow Two Step 01:53 Tools
Have a Clue 00:58 Tools
Blind Bat 01:14 Tools
Do My Thang 00:00 Tools
The Fundamentals 02:15 Tools
Exhibit 2a 02:51 Tools
Improvs from the Brain - Instrumental 03:42 Tools
CREEPING OUT 00:52 Tools
Yeah DEF 02:05 Tools
The Reason 01:24 Tools
For Def's Sake 02:05 Tools
Ike Replay 01:05 Tools
The Magnum 02:32 Tools
Bonus Track 04:06 Tools
Everybody Wanna Be 01:07 Tools
Funkboys 04:35 Tools
Doing It 00:45 Tools
Under The Moon 00:52 Tools
For Defs Sake 02:06 Tools
I Prayed 04:02 Tools
Porter Attack 02:43 Tools
Galt Is Loose 02:43 Tools
Horn Experience 01:24 Tools
The Godfather 02:05 Tools
Goblin Powers 01:57 Tools
Ghettoman's Hideout (Non LP Bonus Track) 02:48 Tools
Oohhh We Man 01:02 Tools
Got Into Something 01:13 Tools
Bring the Gat 02:34 Tools
Hey Funkbox 02:08 Tools
Sitting at the Crib Pondering - Instrumental 02:31 Tools
Rough Silver Coin 01:20 Tools
Dreaming 04:29 Tools
Time of My Life 00:40 Tools
How Nice I Am (Instrumental Version) 01:22 Tools
Blind Run 02:26 Tools
Ester Is Cool 02:47 Tools
Heaven or Hell 02:25 Tools
Must Be The Vibes 02:15 Tools
Take A Drive 02:01 Tools
Action Theme 01:47 Tools
Watch Out 02:20 Tools
Preying Mantis 02:32 Tools
Axels Replay 01:15 Tools
The Witch 01:05 Tools
Orig Blind 1995 02:15 Tools
Get Your Mustard - Instrumental 01:42 Tools
Having a Bad Day 02:27 Tools
Almost There 01:15 Tools
Fly By Ghost 01:13 Tools
The Final Thrill 01:06 Tools
Anybody Got Budd 01:42 Tools
Buck Wilin 01:07 Tools
Nutbag 00:43 Tools
LEAN WIT ME 03:19 Tools
Like A Circus 01:29 Tools
Weird Collage 04:29 Tools
Mystery Man 02:33 Tools
Enchanted Chant 01:34 Tools
Do It Ghetto 01:15 Tools
Survive the Blast 02:11 Tools
Moving With The Gang 01:15 Tools
Grizzle 02:46 Tools
The Outro 02:03 Tools
Redcoats are Coming 02:11 Tools
Escapizm Feat Rob O 03:25 Tools
Peace 02:46 Tools
Night Owls Feat Raw Poetic 03:19 Tools
He Is Waiting 02:46 Tools
Is It Good To You 01:26 Tools
KRS Beat '93 (Floppy Disk Archive Version) 04:26 Tools
Gettin Into the Funk 04:26 Tools
"Introducing The Magnificent" 01:49 Tools
Hello NJ 04:13 Tools
The Bop 02:25 Tools
Need a Hook 02:44 Tools
Ya Know 03:42 Tools
Sour 02:50 Tools
Night Owls (Feat. Raw Poetic) 03:19 Tools
Chord Tester (instrumental) 00:00 Tools
Mind Boggled - Instrumental 01:25 Tools
Skit (Buy This) 00:40 Tools
The Success 03:09 Tools
Im The King 02:32 Tools
The Day Before the Storm 02:32 Tools
Farewell Jack 01:19 Tools
Ignorant 03:47 Tools
Invincible 03:42 Tools
Run form the Cops 02:46 Tools
The Jazz Box 00:00 Tools
Short Eyed Replay 00:59 Tools
Ready 03:47 Tools
Relay the Piece - Instrumental 02:38 Tools
Untouchable Funk Lesson 00:38 Tools
Seize The Moment 03:47 Tools
Straighten It Out 01:22 Tools
Let's Party 03:42 Tools
Say Goodbye 04:37 Tools
Guitar Licking 03:05 Tools
The Symph 02:01 Tools
The Sanfrancisco Maniac 01:20 Tools
It's Good 02:01 Tools
Relay The Piece (instrumental) 00:00 Tools
Da Boom Groove 01:26 Tools
Escapizm (Feat. Rob O) 03:25 Tools
The Meeting 01:22 Tools
Just Feelin' It 03:19 Tools
Escapizm 03:06 Tools
Mind Boggled (instrumental) 00:00 Tools
Kool 04:37 Tools
Lost My Thought - Instrumental 00:43 Tools
For The Family (Instrumental Version) 03:42 Tools
Skit (Lude) 00:31 Tools
The Souls 00:00 Tools
Chord Tester - Instrumental 01:38 Tools
A Knot Rocker 02:48 Tools
Rock It (instrumental) 00:00 Tools
Uneke (Instrumental Version) 02:52 Tools
Simple But Effective 02:29 Tools
Can You Dig It 01:22 Tools
Stickem Ep 01:54 Tools
The Moment 00:40 Tools
Horror 02:30 Tools
Stay Thinking About Music - Instrumental 02:29 Tools
Belly Pots - Instrumental 01:10 Tools
Come Back To The Funk 01:22 Tools
The Next Level Lude 00:31 Tools
In The Moment 01:22 Tools
Rock It - Instrumental 01:13 Tools
Belly Pots (instrumental) 00:00 Tools
Lost Outro - Instrumental 00:38 Tools
Admiring Pete 00:38 Tools
Buy This (skit) 00:40 Tools
Leopard 00:44 Tools
Grand Groove (Instrumental) 00:44 Tools
Lost My Thought (instrumental) 00:00 Tools
Easy Way Out 02:18 Tools
Improvs From The Brain (instrumental) 00:00 Tools
Rules 00:44 Tools
"Axel's Replay" 01:15 Tools
"Pop The Trunk Interlude" 00:44 Tools
Vinyl Mania 00:00 Tools
The Sanfrancisco Manic 01:20 Tools
Stakes Is High (Kush Remix) 03:19 Tools
Syncopated Funk 01:26 Tools
"Time's Change" 03:05 Tools
In Hong Kong 01:20 Tools
Jaguar 00:00 Tools
Keep Guessing 02:54 Tools
Secret Squirel 01:22 Tools
Scary 01:26 Tools
Back To The Beat 01:26 Tools
Da Invincible 01:22 Tools
The Mpc Jazz Encore 01:22 Tools
On The Right Track 01:15 Tools
Interlude (skit) 00:31 Tools
Get Your Mustard (instrumental 00:00 Tools
Sitting At The Crib Pondering 00:00 Tools
West Coastin 01:15 Tools
Soul 01:22 Tools
Good 00:40 Tools
Crusin In My Ride 01:15 Tools
Drive Music 01:15 Tools
A Different Breed 01:15 Tools
Then What You Want 02:53 Tools
"Super Nigg Outro" 01:26 Tools
Riot Material 04:20 Tools
Do You Remember 01:15 Tools
Nightmare On Ghettoman Street 01:45 Tools
Authority 01:20 Tools
Cool 01:20 Tools
I Was Reaching (1990) 01:20 Tools
Admiring Pr 02:53 Tools
Short Eyes Replay 00:59 Tools
So Damn Tough (1990) 01:22 Tools
The Meeting feat. Blu 01:22 Tools
Return of The Life (Instrumental Version) 42:07 Tools
whispy 01:23 Tools
Lion 01:22 Tools
The Ride TV 01:20 Tools
Jersey in the House (1993) 00:31 Tools
Reminiscent Of The Golden Era 01:15 Tools
We Party in '88 (1988) 03:06 Tools
Chaos 03:06 Tools
Simple 01:45 Tools
Chances Taken 01:22 Tools
Escapizm (Instrumental) 03:25 Tools
Mean Johnny Barrows' Groove 01:58 Tools
Smoke One Wit Me (1993) 02:53 Tools
Can You Let Me Know (1992) 02:53 Tools
Stay Thinking About Music (Instrumental) 02:32 Tools
A Testament To The Craft (Interlude) 01:42 Tools
Speakers Were Up Loud 01:15 Tools
Keep Em Guessin' 02:53 Tools
Stick 'Em Up 01:54 Tools
Wasting Time 03:06 Tools
The Program 04:34 Tools
Tiger 00:31 Tools
It's Fat (1996) 01:45 Tools
The Memphis Layback (1996) 01:45 Tools
Get Your Mustard (Instrumental) 01:45 Tools
The Meeting - Instrumental Version 01:22 Tools
Expresso Scare 03:05 Tools
How Nice I Am - World Renown - Instrumental Version 01:42 Tools
The Boys (Feat. Blu) 04:02 Tools
Jazz Mania 01:42 Tools
Axel's Replay 01:15 Tools
Axel Replay 02:53 Tools
Gotta Get Away ft. Damu The Fudgemunk & AG (DITC) 01:22 Tools
Changing Keys 01:15 Tools
Strawberry Lemonade (feat. Blu, Damu The Fudgemunk & Kunal) 03:42 Tools
Taste 01:15 Tools
Lean Wit’ Me 01:22 Tools
Some Weird Ish 03:05 Tools
Just Let Me (1994) 01:22 Tools
Get Your Mustard 01:42 Tools
Night Owls 00:44 Tools
Bob Cat Lude 01:42 Tools
Run From The Cops 01:20 Tools
Return of The Life - Trag - Instrumental Version 01:54 Tools
Can You Feel It Lude 01:45 Tools
Circus (1991) 01:23 Tools
A Message From Jim & Larry O 02:52 Tools
For The Family - Mic Geronimo - Instrumental Version 01:22 Tools
Cheetah 01:15 Tools
Back to Basics (feat. El Da Sensei) 03:37 Tools
Uneke - De’1 & K-Def - Instrumental / Scratch Track 01:54 Tools
Lord Jazz hit Me One Time (Original Instrumental Demo) 42:07 Tools
The Meeting (Instrumental) 01:22 Tools
I Seen A Blind Bat (Bonus Track) 01:15 Tools
Super Nig (1997) 02:52 Tools
Stay Thinking About Music (ins 00:00 Tools
Sounds Like … But It’s Not 03:42 Tools
Do What You Gotta - Pre Real Live Version (1991) 03:42 Tools
Drama for Yo Ass 02:40 Tools
Walk and Big (1993) 02:52 Tools
Another Interlude (1992) 02:52 Tools
Feel the Vibe and Rap (1994) 04:26 Tools
Ova Like 03:05 Tools
Riot Material feat. Has-Lo, Kaimbr & Insight 04:19 Tools
What I'm After (K-Def Remix Instrumental) 04:52 Tools
Some Ole Sah B Shh - Sah B - Instrumental Version 04:02 Tools
Lord Jazz Hit Me One Time - LOTUG - Unreleased Instrumental Version from OG Floppy 04:02 Tools
Chord Tester 01:38 Tools
Shakin’ Off The Haters 00:00 Tools
Birds Flying High 02:26 Tools
Getting’ Into The Funk 03:39 Tools
Fundamentals (Real Live Remix) (Blu & Quartermaine) 01:28 Tools
Back To Basics 03:37 Tools
Stealin' Bread 02:52 Tools
Fundamentals (Real Live Remix) - Featuring Blu & Quartermaine - Vocal Version 04:26 Tools
A Vibe in Themiddle 04:19 Tools
Obscure Travel 02:16 Tools
Some Ol Shh (Instrumental Version) 04:51 Tools
The Boys - Featuring Blu - Vocal Version 00:44 Tools
How Nice I Am (Feat. World Renown) 03:32 Tools
Improvs From The Brain (instru 03:42 Tools
Rock It 01:13 Tools
Slow Two-Step 01:53 Tools
Real Live Shit (Remix) (Feat. Real Live, Ghostface Killah, Lord Tariq, Killa Sin & Cappadonna) 04:26 Tools
Rather Uneke (Feat. De') 03:10 Tools
Funk Mode (Feat. Tragedy Khadafi) 04:02 Tools
Trunk (Interlude) 00:44 Tools
For Tha Family (Feat. Mic Geronimo) 03:39 Tools
Strawberry Lemonade ft Blu, Damu The Fudgemunk, & Kunal - Vocal Version 02:47 Tools
It's Getting Hot (Remix) (Feat. The Artifacts) 04:18 Tools
What Im After (K-Def Remix) - LOTUG - Instrumental Version 04:15 Tools
KRIS Beat ’93 - Almost made it on Return of the Boom Bap LP - Unreleased Instrumental 02:47 Tools
High Stakes (Instrumental) 02:07 Tools
Time Changes 03:05 Tools
In This Cold World (Interlude) 01:28 Tools
Another Meal 02:06 Tools
The Finale 02:16 Tools
Breaking All the Rules 03:05 Tools
Not Complete 02:34 Tools
The Jazz Maker 02:50 Tools
A Strat Affair 02:34 Tools
It’s Over (Feat. Ghostface Killah) 03:31 Tools
DJ K-Def - The Breaks, Session 1 42:07 Tools
What I'm After (Remix) (Feat. Lords of the Underground & Keith Murray) 04:52 Tools
Ghettoman's Hideout 02:47 Tools
Studio Wildout 02:34 Tools
Smoke One Wit Me 02:07 Tools
The Fundamentals feat. Blu, Quartermaine 00:00 Tools
Keep Guessin 02:16 Tools
Reality (Feat. Da Youngsta's) 04:15 Tools
High in the Clouds (Feat. ODB & Black Rob) 02:50 Tools
Come to Me (Remix) (Feat. Diddy & Biggie) 04:52 Tools
Exhibit 2a feat. Seven Shawn (of World Renown) 00:00 Tools
Funkman 00:00 Tools
Chief Rocka 04:08 Tools
Year Of The Hip-Hop (Feat. LL Cool J) (Snippet) 00:53 Tools
Sitting At The Crib Pondering (instrumental) 02:31 Tools
The Fundamentals (Feat. Blu & Quartermaine) 02:18 Tools
Lost My Thought 00:42 Tools
No Difference 04:25 Tools
And I Wonder (Interlude) 03:05 Tools
Look Around 01:53 Tools
I Seen A Blind Bat 01:13 Tools
Left In My Dust 03:05 Tools
Time's Change 03:05 Tools
Supa Nigg Outro 01:26 Tools
Escapizm (feat. Rob-O) 03:25 Tools
Next Up (Feat. UGK, Big Daddy Kane & Kool G Rap) 03:03 Tools
Year Of The Hip Hop 00:46 Tools
kris beat ’93 - almost made it on return of the boom bap lp 03:25 Tools
Mind Boggled 01:24 Tools
Lost My Thought Part 2 (Instrumental Outro) 00:41 Tools
Relay The Piece 02:38 Tools
Pop The Trunk Interlude 00:44 Tools
Night Owls - Instrumental 01:26 Tools
The Fundamentals (REDEF Remix) feat. Blu & Quartermaine 02:11 Tools
Belly Pots 01:10 Tools
Back To Basics Feat. El Da Sensei 03:37 Tools
Super Nigg Outro 01:26 Tools
I Seen A Blind Bat (Bonus) 01:13 Tools
Bonus Track 1 03:54 Tools
Fundamentals (Real Live remix) (feat. Blu & Quartermaine) 03:54 Tools
The Meeting (feat. Blu) 01:22 Tools
Bonus Track 4 04:10 Tools
12-k-def-grand_groove_(instrumental)-ftd 01:10 Tools
Supa Heath (LP Version) 03:33 Tools
Escapizm (Featuring Rob O) 03:25 Tools
Gotta Get da Cash (EP Mix) (Instrumental) 03:25 Tools
Daydreamin' (Instrumental) 03:25 Tools
For Def's Sake (45 Mix) 01:16 Tools
Lost My Thought Part 1 (Instrumental Intermission) 00:46 Tools
Sparkle (Instrumental) 00:46 Tools
Imagine That - Instrumental 01:22 Tools
Bonus Track 2 02:49 Tools
Bonus Track 3 02:16 Tools
The Article 04:10 Tools
Night Owls ft. Raw Poetic 00:46 Tools
kris beat ’93 - almost made it on return of the boom bap lp - unreleased instrumental 01:22 Tools
times change (45 mix) 04:19 Tools
supa heath (instrumental) (flexi disc mix) 04:19 Tools
Doing iz 01:22 Tools
The San Francisco Maniac 01:22 Tools
Fallen (Instrumental) 02:16 Tools
Night Owls (Featuring Raw Poetic) 02:16 Tools
The Article (Instrumental) 02:16 Tools
Supa Heath (Instrumental) - Flexi Disc Mix 02:16 Tools
Outro 04:19 Tools
Ghettoman's Hideout (Bonus Track) 01:30 Tools
Night Owls (Instrumental) 04:19 Tools
Gotta Get da Cash (EP Mix) 00:46 Tools
From Da Brain (Instrumental) 00:46 Tools
Slow Two Step (Instrumental) 00:46 Tools
Night Hawks / Give Some Good Ole Love 05:45 Tools
Bird Flying High 90 BPM 00:00 Tools
Sparkle - Instrumental 00:00 Tools
Introducing the Magnificent 01:16 Tools
Kris beat '93 04:19 Tools
Fallen 00:46 Tools
One Man Band - Preview - A-Side Snippets 00:46 Tools
fletcher (bonus) 02:11 Tools
aint no crime 02:04 Tools
Lost Outro 00:38 Tools
Lean Wit' Me 02:12 Tools
Ghettoman's Hideout Theme (Instrumental) 02:51 Tools
A Message From Biz 02:54 Tools
Riot Material (feat. Has-Lo, Kaimbr & Insight) 04:19 Tools
Some Ole Sah B Shh 02:34 Tools
Sitting At The Crib Pondering (Times Change Part 2) (Instrumental) 02:34 Tools
Smoke one with me 02:06 Tools
The Prelude 02:55 Tools
KRS Beat '93 (Unreleased Instrumental) 02:55 Tools
Life Goes on (Instrumental) 02:55 Tools
Shakin' Off The Haters 03:19 Tools
Back To Basics ft. El Da Sensei 02:34 Tools
Imagine That (Instrumental) 04:19 Tools
Sitting At The Crib Pondering [Times Change Part 2] (Instrumental) 02:34 Tools
how nice i am - world renown 01:30 Tools
From Da Brain - Instrumental 04:19 Tools
Exhibit 2A (Feat. Seven Shawn) 02:54 Tools
Uneke (De’1 & K-Def - Instrumental / Scratch Track) 02:34 Tools
Free Speech 05:45 Tools
Free Speech (Instrumental) 02:04 Tools
Beggin' Street (Instrumental) 02:04 Tools
Gotta Get da Cash (Original Mix) (Instrumental) 02:04 Tools
Beggin' Street 01:30 Tools
uneke - de’1 01:30 Tools
Ghettoman's Hideout Theme - Instrumental 04:19 Tools
Slow Two Step - Instrumental 04:19 Tools
Been There Part two (by RzK) 00:00 Tools
01 - K-Def - For Defs Sake 02:06 Tools
been there pt.2 02:54 Tools
Galt Is Loose (Instrumental) 01:31 Tools
Exhibit 2a feat. Seven Shawn of World Renown 02:51 Tools
Times Change - 45 Mix 02:51 Tools
How Nice I Am 02:51 Tools
15 the godfather jce 04:19 Tools
Going Back to Brooklyn 02:34 Tools
Long Gev (Vocal) 04:22 Tools
Stick'Em Up 02:34 Tools
Daydreamin' 02:34 Tools
Orig Blind 1995 (Instrumental) 02:50 Tools
Life Goes On 02:34 Tools
Gotta Get da Cash (Original Mix) 02:34 Tools
The Monologue 02:53 Tools
Some Weird Ish / Chaos 03:18 Tools
Uneke (De't & K-Def) (Instrumental Scratch Track) 03:54 Tools
Night Owls (ft. Raw Poetic) 03:19 Tools
The Prelude / The Monologue 05:51 Tools
For Def's Sake - 45 Mix 05:51 Tools
Look Around (Instrumental) 05:51 Tools
Escapizm feat. Rob-O 02:03 Tools
Exhibit 2A (feat. Seven Shawn of World Renown) 02:51 Tools
"In This Cold World Interlude" 05:51 Tools
lord jazz hit me one time - lotug - unreleased instrumental vers. from og floppy 02:16 Tools
for the family - mic geronimo - instrumental vers. 02:50 Tools
I See A Blind Bat 01:16 Tools
Gotta Get Away ft. Damu The Fudgemunk & AG 01:28 Tools
gotta get away 02:50 Tools
Figure it Out Real Lve 00:00 Tools
Mon Man 03:18 Tools
The Fundamentals feat. Blu & Quatermaine 02:15 Tools
Touchin Realness 02:03 Tools
Escapizm (feat. Robo) 02:03 Tools
How Nice I Am (World Renown) (Instrumental Version) 02:03 Tools
for the family - mic geronimo 02:03 Tools
some ole sah b shh - sah b - instrumental vers. 04:19 Tools
??? 02:03 Tools
Bonus Beat 3 02:16 Tools
DJ K-Def LIVE on WFMU September 6th 2011 02:16 Tools
Bonus Beat 4 04:11 Tools
Bonus Beat 2 02:50 Tools
how nice i am - world renown - instrumental vers. 02:50 Tools
return of the life - trag - instrumental vers. 02:50 Tools
BFT902 Sample 02:54 Tools
Bonus Beat 1 03:54 Tools
Going Back to Brooklyn (TV Track) 03:54 Tools
Some Ole Sah B Shh - Sah B 03:54 Tools
Kris Beat '93 (Almost Made It On Return Of The Boom Bap Lp) (Unreleased Version) 03:54 Tools
Witch 03:54 Tools
return of the life - trag 03:54 Tools
A02 - DARK SOUL 02:08 Tools
So Damn Tough 05:50 Tools
What I'm After (Lotug) (K-Def Remix Instrumental Version) 02:08 Tools
Lord Jazz Hit Me One Time (Lotug) (Unreleased Instrumental Version From Og Floppy) 02:08 Tools
Godfather 02:08 Tools
Escapizm ft. Rob O 02:51 Tools
The Godfather(by RzK) 04:19 Tools
Times Change (ins) 04:19 Tools
REALNESS 04:19 Tools
Wack Rapper (Instrumental Reprise) 04:19 Tools
Funky Fridays - One Man Band 02:51 Tools
Jersey in the House 01:28 Tools
21 Minute Seamless Mix Of Rare Grooves, Breaks And More 20:58 Tools
Gotta Get Away (feat. Damu The Fudgemunk & A.G) 20:58 Tools
Wack Rapper 04:19 Tools
Ready (1989) 04:19 Tools
Goblin Powers (Instrumental) 01:57 Tools
Long Gev (Inst.) 05:50 Tools
Rules (1991) 05:50 Tools
Bonus Track: Year Of The Hip-Hop (Ft. LL Cool J) 01:57 Tools
Getting' Into The Funk 01:57 Tools
Symph 05:50 Tools
lord jazz hit me one time - lotug 01:57 Tools
K-Def - One Man Band - Cassette Tape Walkman Rip EQ 05:50 Tools
I Was Reaching 05:50 Tools
Night Owls feat. Raw Poetic 05:50 Tools
Some Ole Sah B Shh (Sah B) (Instrumental Version) 05:50 Tools
Return Of The Life (Trag) (Instrumental Version) 05:50 Tools
Getting Into The Funk 05:50 Tools
Improvs From The Brain ((Instrumental) 02:51 Tools
Genius 02:51 Tools
Left In My Dust (Instrumental) 02:51 Tools
World Renown°-°Long Gev (Vocal) 02:51 Tools
what im after (k-def remix) - lotug - instrumental vers. 02:51 Tools
Mont Man (Instrumental) 02:51 Tools
Funky Fridays - One Man Band (2013) 02:51 Tools
Tape One 02:51 Tools
K-Def Anthology Mixtape - WWW.KDEF.BIZ 02:51 Tools
Seize The Moment (1989) 02:51 Tools
Long Gev (Instrumental) 02:51 Tools
In This Cold World Interlude 01:28 Tools
Been There, Pt. 2 01:28 Tools
For Defs Sake (available now on 7 & digi) 01:28 Tools
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Preferring the role of Hip-Hop insider than hyped recording artist, DJ/Producer K-Def has kept a low profile in the game for a number of years. Earning critical praise for his early production work with Marley Marl on the classic album "Here Comes The Lords" by the group Lords Of The Underground. K-Def has steadily produced stellar Hip-Hop music for the world to bump their heads too. With this opportunity K-Def carved out a defying discography. He has lent his production talents to artist such Tragedy (Intelligent Hoodlum), A.D.O.R., Da Youngstas, Real Live, World Renown, Positive K, and The Artifacts to name a few. Mid-Ninties, having paid his dues, K-Def & Larry-O formed Real Live. They released an album aptly titled, The Turnaround: A Long Awaited Drama. His cousin Larry-O handled all the vocal production, and the duos complementary styles; were applauded by rap fans and critics. They created the underground smash 'Real Live Shit". K-Def has a blues/soul sampling style, which of late has come back in vogue, with current Hip-Hop artists. A style he and other 1990's Hip-Hop producers help solidify. Before his work had matured beyond 2000, his catalog had been sampled three times. The first time by Easy Mo Bee for "Machine Gun Funk" for The Notorious B.I.G., then by "Wildchild" for the club anthem "Renegade Master", followed by a track called "Got Me Open" which was featured on Dr. Dre's first release ..math Entertainment. 2004 K-Def kept his name relevant by producing the standout track, "Its Over" on the Ghostface Killah release, "The Pretty Toney Album" (Def Jam). He has kept the ball rolling by contributing tracks on other Ghostface project "Theodore Unit 718" and Ol' Dirty Bastard's "The Osirus Mixtape". He was a contributor to El Da Sensei's '06 baby, "The Unusual". In 2006, K-Def decided to work on an instrumental album called Willie Boo Boo"The Fool", a tour-de-force in hip-hop production, he hopes it pleases his fans, who sit by the radio hoping that one of his tracks leak out. This is a first for K-Def, no rappers just the beats. Keeping one ear to the underground, K-Def has always kept a hand in the mainstream. Def doesn't strive for commercial success, but purity of form - a crazy ideology in today's world, which pop culture; is Hip-Hop driven. Diddy cut the check for the ever popular "Shaft In Africa" sampled,"We Gon Make It," in 2005. UGK then roped in '80s Juice Crew legends, to help with the sticky sourthern funk of "Next Up". A stand out track, which was featured on his instrumental opus "The Fool". Using virtual instruments since 1996, too craft his tracks. Def unleashed a scolding remix of Jay-Z's "American Gangster." Calling his "Real Live Gangster", it has been internet certified and even bootleged. June 2008, sees Ghetto Man Beats releasing "Beats From The '90s. A collection of beats collected off DAT tapes. Later in the fall, fans should perpare for the Real Live Gangster Instrumental album. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.