Karin Ström

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Betydelsen av rum 03:10 Tools
Klaustrofobi 03:44 Tools
Psykos 04:16 Tools
Mänsklig 02:36 Tools
Besjungen/förbisedd 03:18 Tools
En saknad lika häftig 03:45 Tools
Silent Night 04:11 Tools
Definition 03:29 Tools
Sneda ögons vakenhet 03:44 Tools
En saga om en sten 03:08 Tools
Stillbild 03:34 Tools
Stockholm 05:15 Tools
Silent Night (Pacific! Remake) 03:49 Tools
Hon som älskade dig 03:29 Tools
New York 03:52 Tools
Rosornas åska 03:36 Tools
Den sjukaste historien 04:16 Tools
Hackney Downs 04:04 Tools
Klaustrofobi - andreas tilliander remix 05:10 Tools
Fastfrusen 04:33 Tools
Tills fulheten stillar vårt blod 04:20 Tools
Inbrott 05:02 Tools
Ordlös 03:39 Tools
Demonerna i mina pupiller 03:18 Tools
Psykos - LFF Holiday RMX 03:51 Tools
Fantomhalvan 04:19 Tools
Jag såg din själ 04:18 Tools
Ditt brott står kvar 04:08 Tools
Ifyllnad 03:38 Tools
Darling 03:52 Tools
Psykos - LFF Holiday Club Mix 04:43 Tools
Betydelsen av rum - Otur remix 04:37 Tools
Ditt Brott Står Kvar 04:06 Tools
Iceberg 04:06 Tools
Hips 03:22 Tools
Los Angeles 03:36 Tools
Reproduction 03:06 Tools
Love for free 03:36 Tools
Älskling du är här nu 03:36 Tools
Stamtavla 1 03:14 Tools
Betydelsen Av Rum (Otur Remix) 04:37 Tools
Klaustrofobi (Andreas Tilliander Remix) 05:10 Tools
Psykos - EP version 04:15 Tools
Stamtavla 2 02:33 Tools
Stamtavla 3 03:17 Tools
Våld (soundtrack) 03:23 Tools
Sneda Ögons Vakenhet - EP version 03:17 Tools
Klaustrofobi (Andy Pry & Dances with White Girls Remix) 07:19 Tools
Stamtavla 4 03:56 Tools
Stamtavla 7 04:03 Tools
Nu faller en självbild 04:03 Tools
Montreal 03:56 Tools
Stamtavla 6 03:14 Tools
Stamtavla 5 03:21 Tools
Stamtavla 8 03:01 Tools
Stamtavla 9 02:41 Tools
Stamtavla 11 00:57 Tools
Stamtavla 10 02:23 Tools
Det omöjliga 02:23 Tools
Hon Som Alskade Dig 02:41 Tools
Dom som vi blivit nu 02:41 Tools
Psykos (LFF Holiday RMX) 03:49 Tools
Reptilian Brain 03:49 Tools
Du är en annan om natten 03:49 Tools
Till allt som varit dött 03:49 Tools
Fast i nuets blödande punkt 03:49 Tools
Nu tillhör jag världen 03:49 Tools
Bultar ut som tröst 03:49 Tools
Why is your name still beautiful 03:49 Tools
01 Psykos 03:49 Tools
Silent night (Ozgur´s mysmode version) 03:49 Tools
Were you ever there 03:49 Tools
Sleep 03:49 Tools
Psykos (LFF Holiday Club Mix) 04:43 Tools
Indifferency 04:43 Tools
Silent Night - radio edit 04:43 Tools
Klaustrofobi - Album version 04:43 Tools
Syrup Dreams 03:03 Tools
02 Sneda ögons vakenhet 03:03 Tools
Psykos (Lo-Fi-Fnk Holiday RMX) 03:03 Tools
Ditt brott står kvar 03:03 Tools
04 Den sjukaste historien 03:03 Tools
03 Fastfrusen 03:03 Tools
Sneda Ögons Vakenhet - Album version 03:03 Tools
Hon som älskade dig 03:03 Tools
Karin Strm - Betydelsen av rum 03:09 Tools
Psykos - Album version 03:09 Tools
Betydelsen Av Rum (Otur Mix) 03:09 Tools
Rosornas åska 03:09 Tools
Tills fulheten stillar vårt blod 03:09 Tools
Jag såg din själ 03:09 Tools
Psykos (Lo-Fi-Fnk Holiday Remix) 03:09 Tools
En Saknad Lika Haftig 03:09 Tools
Klaustrofobi (Tilliander Remix) 03:09 Tools
Psykos (lo-fi-fnk remix) 03:09 Tools
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Karin Ström was born in Kristianstad, a small town in the south of Sweden. She always wanted to be a singer. At the age of 13 she started writing her first songs and dreamed about being the new Eva Dahlgren, a loved and respected Swedish singer/songwriter. But she kept it secret. 20 years old she moved to London, where she got signed to Canadian Record Label Nettwerk which led her to relocate to Los Angeles. Here, she released a self titled five track EP (US, Canada, UK and Sweden) with lyrics in English. Then she got dropped and returned to Sweden and settled in Stockholm. She wrote, produced and recorded the EP "Sneda Ögons EP" in the autumn of 2005, and released it on her own freshly started label Datadamen Records. Datadamen (originally Karin's DJ name) means Computer Lady, and this marked a change of Karin's sound from organic and guitarbased to electronic and computerized. She also switched languages and now sings in Swedish. The 24th of January 2007 Karin released her first full length album "En saga om en sten". In addition to writing and recording these songs, she has written two novels and hold a Neuroscience degree from University College London. She is also a freelance fashion, music and lifestyle journalist for several Swedish publications. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.