Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Trip to Doha 05:38 Tools
137 sec. 07:09 Tools
Cinematic 07:39 Tools
Iceland 07:10 Tools
Old British Spy Movie 05:09 Tools
Encore 06:05 Tools
Spiritual Machine 06:52 Tools
Aperitif For Breakfast (O.M.R.J.) 06:04 Tools
Human Error 07:56 Tools
The Storyteller (Svensson) 06:36 Tools
Midnight Syndrome 05:09 Tools
Solitude of Savant 05:09 Tools
Goodbye My Joy 05:43 Tools
Galactica 03:50 Tools
White Elephant 03:50 Tools
Mirage Avenue 03:50 Tools
The Doosan Way 03:20 Tools
Slightly Inhuman 03:20 Tools
The Last King 03:20 Tools
Goodbye My Joy (feat. Markus Stockhausen) 05:43 Tools
The Doosanway 05:12 Tools
Beat You Up 05:12 Tools
Cinematic (Live) 05:21 Tools
Bring The Acid 02:16 Tools
The Last King (Live) 05:21 Tools
Iceland (Live) 05:21 Tools
Mirage Avenue (Live) 02:59 Tools
Buongiorno (Live) 05:21 Tools
Casa Comenji 02:34 Tools
Galactica (Live) 05:21 Tools
Le lustre 03:18 Tools
Mirador (Live) 04:57 Tools
Goodbye My Joy (Live) 04:57 Tools
Buongiorno 03:50 Tools
Once in a Blue Moon (Live) 04:57 Tools
Intro (Marche pour la ceremonie des Turcs) 03:50 Tools
Rolling Hills 03:50 Tools
Once in a Blue Moon 01:53 Tools
Mirador 03:32 Tools
sateen 03:15 Tools
Chapiteau 03:40 Tools
Marin de 03:32 Tools
Funeral Song 01:53 Tools
Twisted 04:16 Tools
Church of Fonz! 02:34 Tools
Zuber Buller 05:21 Tools
Range ton garage 04:09 Tools
ST-N-N-N 02:33 Tools
La vie est une blague 02:59 Tools
Alberigo Evaniscente 03:52 Tools
Didier e il Suo Cesto di Droga 04:57 Tools
Le mal heureux 05:03 Tools
Cavalcade 05:21 Tools
Bertò 131 04:27 Tools
Petite Fleur 04:26 Tools
Deux ans après 08:27 Tools
Cul Sec Dans Le Virage 04:20 Tools
L'âge de raison ? 04:34 Tools
Lamyze 03:43 Tools
The Story Teller 06:37 Tools
Rent to Buy 03:20 Tools
Soubrette et lisse 06:51 Tools
Berto 131 06:51 Tools
Casa Comenji (Album Version) 06:51 Tools
Berto' 131 06:51 Tools
Il cielo è sempre meno blu 03:15 Tools
Bob Dylan / The Man In Me 03:08 Tools
Captain Beefheart / Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles 02:54 Tools
Kenny Rogers & The First Edition / Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) 03:20 Tools
Rock N Roll 03:20 Tools
Il tagliateste 03:15 Tools
White Elefant 03:15 Tools
Elvis Costello / My Mood Swings 02:10 Tools
El Salvador Offshore 03:15 Tools
Gipsy Kings / Hotel California 02:10 Tools
Goodbye My Joy (Lebowski version) 02:10 Tools
Mirage Avenue (feat.Dawid Głogowski) 06:38 Tools
Cura Violenta 06:38 Tools
X 03:15 Tools
Yma Sumac / Ataypura 03:03 Tools
Animali nella Notte 06:38 Tools
Piero Piccioni / Traffic Boom 03:15 Tools
Townes Van Zandt / Dead Flowers 03:15 Tools
L'incapiente 05:09 Tools
Goodbye My Joy (Featuring Markus Stockhausen) 03:15 Tools
Intro 06:08 Tools
137sec. 06:08 Tools
Signor costa! 05:09 Tools
Nina Simone / I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good 04:07 Tools
Moondog With Orchestra / Stamping Ground 05:11 Tools
L'Age De Raison? 05:11 Tools
The Storyteller {Svensson} 06:38 Tools
The Storyteller 06:38 Tools
Split Universe 06:38 Tools
Aperitif For Breakfast {O.M.R.J.} 06:07 Tools
Goodbye My Joy - Goodbye My Joy (Lebowski version) 06:07 Tools
Aperitif for Breakfast (O.M.R 06:08 Tools
Не лезь, она тебя сожрет Оригинал 06:08 Tools
ST-N-N-N... 06:08 Tools
Una vita disarmata 06:08 Tools
theDoosanWay 05:09 Tools
Meredith Monk / Walking Song 02:55 Tools
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There is more than one artist using the name Lebowski. 1. Lebowski are a Polish band founded in 2002, playing a wide spectrum of progressive music. On the debut album in 2010, listener gets to experience the tunes along the lines of artistic rock, motion pictures music, experimental and improvisation, all in harmonized integrity. "Cinematic " is music for a non-existent movie. From a theme aspect we can intrepidly consider it as a concept album, dedicated to the 'big figures' of the polish and world cinema. What comes to the music - the CD is very compact, enriched with dynamic patterns, creating a self-collage. Like a picture of a good director. Lebowski holds listeners in tension, changing the moods, playing according to emotions. Complex and multidimensional compositions, are enabling a surprising and dynamic plot. The entirety is completed with rich instrumental use and the whole ensemble is an interesting arrangement, where the music isn't held from being in some cases ascetic, modest and soft. Lyrics for the "Cinematic" are original quotes adopted from the classical polish and international movies. 2. Lebowski are a Dublin Band they formed in '03 and have been drinking & playing ever since they released their long awaited self titled debut in '06 and follow it up with a brand spanking new 6track e.p this Summer.like most bands lebowski are best seen live for their verocious approach and attack on stage.They don't take themselves too seriously but you should.Lebowski are like great sex they're fast loud & leave you feeling slightly violated, that's right 3. http://www.myspace.com/lebowskiband Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.