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Rotten Love 00:00 Tools
On the Dance Floor 00:00 Tools
Rector Street 00:00 Tools
You Be Sweet 00:00 Tools
In the Woods 00:00 Tools
See Saw 00:00 Tools
Rivka 00:00 Tools
Wednesday 00:00 Tools
Matthew 00:00 Tools
Sunday School 00:00 Tools
Glorious 00:00 Tools
So Hard 00:00 Tools
King James 00:00 Tools
Mint 00:00 Tools
Jewel 00:00 Tools
Holy Water 00:00 Tools
Lady Nicole 00:00 Tools
Squeeze 00:00 Tools
Love and Pain 00:00 Tools
Fall for You 00:00 Tools
Your Demise 00:00 Tools
Beneath 'Em All 00:00 Tools
Golden Wrapper 00:00 Tools
These Days 00:00 Tools
Be Your Fool 00:00 Tools
Untitled 00:00 Tools
So Far Away (Dire Straits Cover) 00:00 Tools
Prr Prr 00:00 Tools
Be Your Foo 00:00 Tools
Uma Copacabana 00:00 Tools
Sunday 00:00 Tools
Intro 00:00 Tools
Hopper Invasion 00:00 Tools
Baseball 00:00 Tools
Goud 00:00 Tools
Astronaut 00:00 Tools
Beautiful Monsters 00:00 Tools
Smoking in the Window 00:00 Tools
G.O.A.T. 00:00 Tools
Jamie 00:00 Tools
Paars 00:00 Tools
Druk Het 00:00 Tools
Rood 00:00 Tools
Precious Age Of Thirteen 00:00 Tools
Back in Time 00:00 Tools
Small Town 00:00 Tools
Real! 00:00 Tools
Wit 00:00 Tools
Note 00:00 Tools
Lonely Sheep (5am) 00:00 Tools
Jestes Slodka 00:00 Tools
Don't Do It 00:00 Tools
Centipede 00:00 Tools
Rotten Love (Aaron Remix) 00:00 Tools
Give Me Happiness 00:00 Tools
The Door 00:00 Tools
Happy Birthday David Bowie 00:00 Tools
Turqouise 00:00 Tools
Lion 00:00 Tools
16 00:00 Tools
Lost in Space 00:00 Tools
You're Fired 00:00 Tools
Meisje 00:00 Tools
So Far Away 00:00 Tools
Light Blue 00:00 Tools
Cantor 00:00 Tools
Foe Or Friend 00:00 Tools
Love You As You Are 00:00 Tools
Living Is a Drag 00:00 Tools
Picture 00:00 Tools
Violet 00:00 Tools
Ends 00:00 Tools
Glorious - Radio Edit 00:00 Tools
On The Dance Floor ( Radio Edit) 00:00 Tools
On the Dance Floor (Radio Mix) 00:00 Tools
Fire of Prometheus 00:00 Tools
So Hard (Radio Edit) 00:00 Tools
Fall for You (Bonus Track) 00:00 Tools
Stop! I've Had Enough (Bonus Track) 00:00 Tools
Step If You Blessed (feat. Lil Cheef) 00:00 Tools
So Hard - Radio Edit 00:00 Tools
Ends 2.0 00:00 Tools
Merry Christmas 00:00 Tools
10 On the dance floor 00:00 Tools
City of Love 00:00 Tools
Roze 00:00 Tools
Glorious (Radio Edit) 00:00 Tools
Rotton Love 00:00 Tools
YouthMan, Levy 00:00 Tools
Fool To Believe 00:00 Tools
Bonfires 00:00 Tools
Rifka 00:00 Tools
Donker Blauw 00:00 Tools
In Your Eyes 00:00 Tools
Grand Russian Fantasy 00:00 Tools
Sesamstraat 00:00 Tools
Glorious - Full Version 00:00 Tools
Hyprocrite (feat. Sonic) 00:00 Tools
Beneath Em All 00:00 Tools
Trip To Freedom - Mixed & Compiled by Levy At Home Studio 2009 00:00 Tools
Reactions 00:00 Tools
Um Abraço 00:00 Tools
Glorious (Full Version) 00:00 Tools
Rotten Love (Aaron Mix) 00:00 Tools
Pássaro de uma Nota Só 00:00 Tools
Grijs 00:00 Tools
levy 00:00 Tools
Blood Red Rose 00:00 Tools
Groen 00:00 Tools
500 00:00 Tools
From First To Last - The Levy 00:00 Tools
Baby Blue 00:00 Tools
Bad for You 00:00 Tools
11 Sunday school 00:00 Tools
12 Golden Wrapper 00:00 Tools
Gray Angel 00:00 Tools
2. I saw Us 00:00 Tools
3. Waiting for her 00:00 Tools
Heels On 00:00 Tools
Gloriousmp3 00:00 Tools
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One. LEVY is a four-piece band from New York City who have been together for almost three years. James Levy was a regular performer at the Sidewalk Cafe in the East Village where he met bassist James Broughel and guitarist Matthew Daniel Siskin, drummer David Daniels joined later. They've cut their teeth playing high profile support slots for bands like Razorlight, Guillemots, Adam Green, The Maccabees and The Zutons. In 2005, LEVY charted #37 on KCRW and made the top 20 on over 200 american college radio stations and judging by their debut album (released by One Little Indian) - it's not hard to see why. LEVY has also garnered much love across the Atlantic, having been playlisted on XFM as well as numerous BBC radio shows. They've done in studio live sessions on BBC 6 Music with Gideon Coe, and last fall James of LEVY had a sit down interview with John Kennedy live on XFM London, where he played acoustic for over an hour. In April of 2006, the band joined friends The Maccabees for a 14 city UK tour ending at London's Barfly, where LEVY headlined to a packed enthusiastic and often, singing along audience. On their return back to the states, LEVY played alongside The Guillemots at their feature Bowery Ballroom show. Rotten Love (the album, not the song) is unashamedly simple and pure - receiving national as well as international acclaim from Mojo, Q Magazine, Uncut & Paste. James Levy has spoken about his desire to write songs that 13-year-olds want to be able to play, and none of the ten songs here outstay their welcome by a single note. Lyrically, it's an album about the heart, but with a title like Rotten Love, you can guess that it's not all flowers and puppy dogs. Sure, there's hope there - in songs like Rector Street and the wanton MILFery of On The Dancefloor - but Levy isn't afraid to explore the underbelly a bit more. The title song forensically bisects the moments when a relationship turns sour, and the three-way breakup song Matthew features the line "I'm sorry that I caused you so much pain," eight times in a row. But crucially, all the heartache is wrapped up in a jaunty tune that even the most hapless of milkmen could whistle. In late June of 2006 the band checked into Soho's Magic Shop recording studio, where they put down over 20 new songs in two 16 hour days. "These are the songs that give me goosebumps" says guitarist, Matthew Daniel Siskin, who said the two days in the studio just about killed him. "These are the best we've ever done, and i think we can all agree on that." The band is currently mixing through the summer, but some tracks have already leaked onto the net. Rachael Darmanin, editor of New York City Magazine Underrated came across the new songs last week and posted about them on her Blog, featuring LEVY as her "band of the week", she writes: "The new tracks, while still in the beginning stages of production, harbor on exactly why we loved Levy in the first place. Each track is a self-contained hit, so much so that I wonder if those boys have some sort of machine in their recording studio that knows exactly what chord progressions and melodies I like. And yet when compared to their first album, it's like Neil Armstrong said -- a small step, but a giant leap. If I could characterize the new material, I'd call it a little bit more on the moody side. "Dont Cry" gives all those emo boy bands a run for their money. This is what we call emotions, my friends. James perfects sorrow in a way I haven't heard in a long time. "Glorious," my favorite of the new tracks, is so British I want to give it a cup of tea and yell "God Save The Queen" in the background. And as I kept listening, I just wanted to listen again. "So Hard," one I'm pretty sure I've heard live is instantly memorable -- almost a great answer to their previous favorite "Rotten Love." 2007 sees the release of their new album "Glorious" - containing the tracks GLORIOUS, SO HARD, MINT, LADY NICOLE, HOLY WATER, SQUEEZE, KING JAMES, LOVE AND PAIN, YOUR DEMISE, BENEATH EM ALL http://www.myspace.com/levy Two. Levy was a four piece band from amsterdam in the early 2000's. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.