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Rock 04:32 Tools
Junk Food 04:04 Tools
Rock to the Rhythm 05:14 Tools
Big Money - Beat Torrent Version 03:56 Tools
Voodoo 03:59 Tools
Big Money 03:33 Tools
Gotta Believe 02:23 Tools
I Think That You Want To 03:33 Tools
These Days 03:34 Tools
Nikehead 03:29 Tools
Brokenhearted 03:47 Tools
Jazz Field 07:15 Tools
Turn Your Radio Up 03:50 Tools
Xamot 00:54 Tools
It's the L 03:30 Tools
Bar Night 04:04 Tools
I'll Be Alright If You Stay For The Night 00:00 Tools
Don't Be Afraid 03:15 Tools
Tomax 00:59 Tools
You Gotta Stop 02:52 Tools
Quittez Moi (Calls pt. 3) - Lexicon, 2080 & Orelsan 04:12 Tools
Funk Corner (Advice Mix) 06:19 Tools
Charismatic Rapper 03:14 Tools
Snap 03:06 Tools
Left Hand Man 04:17 Tools
Break The News 03:47 Tools
Ordinary 04:00 Tools
Nightfall 04:21 Tools
Check Out My System 03:33 Tools
Intro 01:21 Tools
Bangyahead 03:06 Tools
What Do You Take Me For? 04:31 Tools
Mo' Tomatoes 07:51 Tools
Ready To Go 04:05 Tools
A Bit 03:59 Tools
Wake Up 03:20 Tools
I Wanna Be Sedated 02:30 Tools
Rock to the Rythm 04:07 Tools
Party Party People (feat. Dizzy Dustin of Ugly Duckling) 04:04 Tools
Calls 03:19 Tools
Makin' Music 03:18 Tools
Summer Reign 03:17 Tools
Workin On Workin It Out 03:39 Tools
The Question 08:20 Tools
The Official 03:36 Tools
Return To Galaxy 07:49 Tools
Makin Music 00:00 Tools
Funk Corner 02:23 Tools
Swanky 06:33 Tools
Rock (Live for 06, You Suckas!) 04:32 Tools
Party Party People ft Dizzy Du 00:00 Tools
Rock to the Rythem 00:00 Tools
Not Pseudo 04:33 Tools
Change the Times 03:58 Tools
Big Money (BT Version) 03:56 Tools
Last Night My Dj Stole M 03:12 Tools
Last Night My DJ Stole My Girl (Feat. DJ Cheapshot) 03:12 Tools
Six Shooter (ft. LMNO, 2Mex of Visionaries, Iriscience of Dilated Peoples and Kazi of The Loot Pack) 03:12 Tools
The Official (Feat. Ryu of SoB) 03:36 Tools
Complicated 03:54 Tools
Big Money (Subtitle's Gucci Stunner Shades and Bape Jacket Remix) 03:55 Tools
Big Money - Beat Torrent remix - iTunes Bonus Track 03:55 Tools
Years and Years(F. Takb 04:19 Tools
The Deal 00:00 Tools
Last Night My DJ Stole My Girl 03:12 Tools
Big Money (Beat Torrent Version) 03:55 Tools
Call it a Movement (Produced by Cheapshot) 04:31 Tools
set two 04:31 Tools
Gotta Give It To 'Em 04:09 Tools
Uncle Hunk 05:08 Tools
Same Situation 05:27 Tools
Superstar 03:07 Tools
Keep On Movin 03:55 Tools
Years And Years 04:19 Tools
Come Up 04:25 Tools
It Started Here 01:12 Tools
Party Party People ft Dizzy Dustin 04:04 Tools
Years And Years (Feat. Takbir Of SoB) 04:19 Tools
What You Want 04:27 Tools
Red 04:19 Tools
Quittez Moi (Calls pt. 3) (Lexicon, 2080 Orelsan) 04:12 Tools
Black 03:25 Tools
The Life Saver 06:31 Tools
Country Gingham 05:08 Tools
Nikehead (lexiconmusic.com) 05:07 Tools
Why Don't You 03:44 Tools
Meet Your Lawyer Undercover 05:07 Tools
Silver 03:44 Tools
Genesis of Sex Robot (Calls pt. 2) - Lexicon & The Toxic Avenger 03:13 Tools
Green 04:21 Tools
Phrunky 06:26 Tools
Blue 04:06 Tools
Party Party People 04:04 Tools
Big Money (Beat Torrent Remix) 03:55 Tools
Don't Give The Love 03:56 Tools
I'll Be Alright 02:24 Tools
Chained 02:24 Tools
Gold 03:17 Tools
The Ryker 05:12 Tools
Sexy Thang 07:21 Tools
Rock (Remix) 00:00 Tools
Summer Madness 05:29 Tools
Espadrilles 00:00 Tools
Placenta (Club Mix) 07:45 Tools
Brenard's Assailant 05:09 Tools
Cutty Sark 04:45 Tools
Last night my DJ stole my girl feat. DJ Cheapshot 03:12 Tools
Seekness 04:53 Tools
Party Party People (feat. Dizzy Dustin) 04:04 Tools
Party Party People (featuring Dizzy Dustin) 00:00 Tools
I Wanna Be Sedated (Ramones Cover) 02:32 Tools
Enjoy Yourself 03:40 Tools
Superstar - Advice Mix Edit 06:04 Tools
Shame 04:05 Tools
Point-Blank 09:21 Tools
No Name 03:15 Tools
Party Party People Feat. Dizzy Dustin Of Ugly Duckling 04:04 Tools
Rats 04:04 Tools
Denial 04:04 Tools
Pillage Little 03:16 Tools
Nuclear Winter 03:16 Tools
The Official (feat. Ryu) 03:36 Tools
The official feat. Ryu 03:36 Tools
Superstar (Advice Mix) 03:39 Tools
Sexy Thang (Original) 06:33 Tools
Sky's the Limit 00:00 Tools
Swanky - Autofunked 06:33 Tools
Cop Out 04:24 Tools
Isolation 04:24 Tools
Funk Corner (US Remix) 07:52 Tools
Rock (Michael Brun Moombahton Mix) 00:00 Tools
Superstar (advice edit) 00:00 Tools
Drop It 04:19 Tools
Greatness 02:28 Tools
Self Talk 03:55 Tools
Riddled 03:32 Tools
This May Not Be Real 00:00 Tools
Disconnect 06:33 Tools
Six Shooter 03:52 Tools
Years and Years (Feat. Takbir) 04:19 Tools
Call It A Movement 00:00 Tools
Melon Call E 08:17 Tools
Six Shooter featuring LMNO Kaz 03:52 Tools
Years and years feat. Takbir 04:19 Tools
Lundqvist 08:17 Tools
Rap Superhero 04:19 Tools
Rock remix 04:19 Tools
Off-Beat 08:17 Tools
Rock To The Rhythm (OST Гарольд и Кумар) 04:07 Tools
Broken Hearted 04:05 Tools
Dark Holiday 04:07 Tools
Warthog 09:00 Tools
Traffic Light 03:51 Tools
Party Party People ft Dizzy D 04:07 Tools
Breaker's Revenge 06:18 Tools
rock (rmx) ft celph titled lo 04:07 Tools
The Official(F. Ryu of 09:00 Tools
Why Don't You? 06:18 Tools
Over & Higher 04:05 Tools
The OfficiaL (feat. Ryu of Styles of Beyond) 03:36 Tools
Fille de Paris 06:18 Tools
Pluck To Pieces 04:05 Tools
Kruder + Dorfmeister 06:18 Tools
Rock (Instrumental) 04:05 Tools
Swanky - The Mulder's File 05:37 Tools
Kolt Sivers (Rolling-Jeep Mix) 04:05 Tools
Rock to The Rhythm (HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE) 04:05 Tools
Remedy 04:05 Tools
Time To Listen 03:46 Tools
Swanky (Autofunked Mix) 04:05 Tools
Six Shooter featuring LMNO Kazi 2mex and Iriscience 04:05 Tools
Rock Remix F. Others (Dirty) 03:46 Tools
Swanky (The Mulder's file) 00:00 Tools
Sedated (Tambour Battant Remix) 02:28 Tools
Stretch 03:19 Tools
Big Money (Mr Nô Remix) 03:46 Tools
2-12 Bars 04:21 Tools
Swanky (Autofunked) 06:33 Tools
Lexicon - Rock to The Rhythm 06:33 Tools
Quittez Moi (Calls pt. 3) (Lexicon, 2080 & Orelsan) 06:33 Tools
Don't Give The Love (Remix & Original) 09:50 Tools
Party Party People (ft Dizzy Dustin) 09:50 Tools
I'll Be Alright if You Stay fo 02:28 Tools
The Official (feat. Ryu of SOB 02:28 Tools
Last Night My DJ Stole My Girl Featuring DJ Cheapshot 02:28 Tools
Sedated 02:28 Tools
Placenta [Club Mix] 02:28 Tools
The Official Featuring Ryu of SOB 02:28 Tools
Six Shooter featuring LMNO, Kazi, 2mex & Iriscience 02:28 Tools
Superstar (Advice Mix Edit) 03:55 Tools
Brokenheadrted 03:47 Tools
Madrid 00:00 Tools
Rock To the Rhythm [remix] 03:47 Tools
Years and Years (feat. Takbir of Styles of Beyond) 04:19 Tools
Placenta - Club Mix 00:00 Tools
The Official (Feat Ryu) 03:36 Tools
Rock to the Rhythm (remix) 04:19 Tools
Big Money (Beat Torrent remix - iTunes Bonus Track) 03:55 Tools
Years and Years feat. Takbir of Styles of Beyond 03:55 Tools
Espadrilles (Prod. by Beat Torrent) 04:31 Tools
Hipsters In Paris (Prod. by Missill) 04:31 Tools
Party People (Feat. Dizzy Dustin) 04:04 Tools
Party Party People Feat. Dizzy Dustin 00:00 Tools
Tromax 00:00 Tools
Dusk 00:00 Tools
Rock (Instru) 00:00 Tools
Different Drum 02:06 Tools
Makin' Music ft. Apathy Celph 02:06 Tools
Brokenhearted (Oaks) 02:06 Tools
Rock to the Rhytm 02:06 Tools
Big Money (Mr. No Remix) 02:06 Tools
Years and Years (feat. Tak) 02:06 Tools
The Official (ft Ryu) 00:00 Tools
Lexicon 00:00 Tools
Kolt Sievers - Rolling Jump Mix 07:09 Tools
Years and Years Featuring Takbir of SOB 00:00 Tools
rock (rmx) ft celph titled louis logic n j-zone 00:00 Tools
The Official (Featuring Ryu Of Styles Of Beyond) 00:00 Tools
Calls (Sampletone Remix) 00:00 Tools
Schlangenlinie 02:18 Tools
Eat Shit 00:00 Tools
Left Handed Man 00:00 Tools
Calls (Album version) 03:40 Tools
Rock Remix F. Others (Clean) 03:40 Tools
These Days (Dirty) 07:09 Tools
Dont give the Love (LL156 Rmx) 02:18 Tools
Kruder & Dorfmeister 07:09 Tools
A2 - Rejuvenate 05:37 Tools
Six Shooter (featuring LMNO Kaz) 07:50 Tools
Kolt Sievers (Rolling Jump Mix) 05:37 Tools
Listen To This On The Way Home!! 05:37 Tools
Broken Hearted (Instrumental) 05:37 Tools
lexicon - voodoo 05:37 Tools
Lexicon - Junk Food 04:01 Tools
Fille De Paris feat. Beat Assailant (Live at La Fleche D'Or) 05:48 Tools
Last Night My DJ Stole My Girl (ft DJ Cheapshot) 05:48 Tools
Rock Remix ft Ryu, Celph Titled, J-Zone, Louis Logic 05:48 Tools
Classic Lexicon Medley Encore (Nikehea Voodoo and Rock Live at La Fleche D'Or) 05:48 Tools
Rock (Clean) 05:48 Tools
Hipsters in Paris (Cocaine Remix, Prod. by Missill) 02:18 Tools
Zyklon 03:14 Tools
Big Money BT VERSION 02:18 Tools
It's The L (Intro) 02:18 Tools
Why Don´t You 02:18 Tools
Macro Social Engineering 02:18 Tools
B1 - Stretch 07:50 Tools
Brokenhearted (Dj Inko Remix) 03:14 Tools
10 - Rock 02:18 Tools
Reach Me 02:18 Tools
The Official feat. Ryu of Styles of Beyond 02:18 Tools
03 - Xamat 07:50 Tools
Brokenhearted (Dirty) 07:50 Tools
Rock to the Rythym 04:09 Tools
Rich Bitches (Clone X feat. Lexicon, Prod. by Kaptain Cadillac) 04:09 Tools
Come On (Nasser feat. Lexicon, Prod. by Lexicon) 03:14 Tools
Genesis of Sex Robot (Calls Part 2, Prod. by The Toxic Avenger) 03:14 Tools
Snap (Live at Parc Monceau) 03:14 Tools
Quittez Moi feat. Orelsan (Calls Part 3, Prod. by 2080) 03:14 Tools
Last Night My DJ Stole My Girl (featuring DJ Cheapshot) 03:14 Tools
Keep On Movin' 03:14 Tools
Gotta Believe It 03:14 Tools
Night Fall 03:14 Tools
Rock With The Rhythm 03:14 Tools
Lexicon - These Days 03:14 Tools
Voodoo (Instrumental) 03:14 Tools
Makin Music (Remix) 03:14 Tools
The Official(F. Ryu) 03:14 Tools
Dont give the Love (Remix) 03:14 Tools
Mo Tomatoes 03:14 Tools
Funk Corner [Advice Mix] 03:14 Tools
02 - Voodoo 03:14 Tools
Makin' Music (dirty) 03:14 Tools
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Lexicon (2) Schooled by the untouchable MCs of hip-hops golden age (1989-1994) and raised on the cutting-edge rock that their parents force-fed them, the brothers have an inherent knack for wordplay and songwriting, resulting in vivid imagery and entertaining stories. Since 2001, the duo has released two full-length albums that have earned them a passionate and dedicated fan-base. Known around LA for their extraordinarily energetic live shows and a genre-bending sound as sprawling as the city that shaped it, Lexicon supplies the soundtrack to life as it races by. [Lexicon (1) Lexicon is a techno/tech-house/house duo from germany consisting of Levent Faki (DJ La Monde) & Jost Gerischer. They have had several releases on German House label "Plastic City", including their dance-friendly tech-house album "The Lessons". Jost Gerischer also figurates under other tech-house projects, such as "The Mulder" and "Jon Silva". Plastic City link: http://www.plasticcity.de/index.php?main=artist&artist=lexicon&name=Lexicon] [edit note: this is not Lexicon you also find on Plastic City mentioned as Lexicon(1) here) Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.