Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Battle of Evermore 05:45 Tools
Battle Of Evermore (Live) 05:40 Tools
Battle Of Evermore - Live 05:40 Tools
Crazy On You (Live) 05:27 Tools
Kiss 05:06 Tools
The Battle of Evermore 05:06 Tools
Friend Meets Friend 02:53 Tools
Sand - Live 07:28 Tools
Battle of evermore (Lovemongers) 05:45 Tools
Miracle Girl 04:45 Tools
Papa Was A Rollin' Stone (Live) 07:28 Tools
Love Of The Common Man (Live) 03:01 Tools
City On The Hill 04:51 Tools
Elysian 05:21 Tools
Sand 05:10 Tools
Two Black Lambs 04:45 Tools
No School Today 04:16 Tools
Runaway 04:37 Tools
The Vegas Game 03:17 Tools
Heavy Sedation 04:52 Tools
Papa Was A Rollin' Stone - Live 07:31 Tools
Love of the Common Man 03:02 Tools
Papa Was a Rolling Stone 07:31 Tools
Love Of The Common Man - Live 04:48 Tools
Battle Of Evermore [Led Zeppelin] 04:52 Tools
Crazy on You 04:48 Tools
Crazy On You - Live 04:48 Tools
Papa Was A Rollin' Stone [The Temptations] 04:48 Tools
How Beautiful 04:48 Tools
Here Is Christmas 04:48 Tools
It's Christmas Time 04:48 Tools
Sand (Live) 04:34 Tools
Ave Maria 04:34 Tools
Bring a Torch 05:44 Tools
Christmas Waits 04:34 Tools
The Battle Of Evermore (Live) 04:34 Tools
Battle of Evermore [Live] 05:44 Tools
Balulalow 05:44 Tools
Sand [Live] 05:44 Tools
The Last Noel 05:44 Tools
05 - Battle Of Evermore 05:44 Tools
William and Rose 05:44 Tools
Oh Holy Night 05:44 Tools
The Battle Of Evermore (Led Zeppelin cover) 05:44 Tools
O Holy Night 05:44 Tools
Wild Horses 05:44 Tools
Battle of Evermore (Led Zeppelin Cover) 05:44 Tools
mary 03:14 Tools
Singles : Battle Of Evermore 03:14 Tools
The Lovemongers - Battle of Evermore 05:40 Tools
William & Rose 05:44 Tools
01 Battle Of Evermore (Live) 05:44 Tools
let's stay in 05:44 Tools
Papa Was A Rolling Stone (Live) 05:44 Tools
Battle Of Evermore (Album Version) 05:44 Tools
Girl With Notebook 05:44 Tools
Dreamboat Annie 03:14 Tools
Hurry Up, Healer 03:14 Tools
Walking Backwards 00:30 Tools
Daddy's War 05:30 Tools
Ride My See Saw 04:21 Tools
Legend Of A Mind 05:30 Tools
These Dreams 05:30 Tools
The Woman In Me 04:21 Tools
Under The Sky 05:30 Tools
Saltwater 00:30 Tools
03 Papa Was A Rolling Stone (Live) 04:21 Tools
My Beautiful 04:21 Tools
02 Love Of The Common Man (Live) 04:21 Tools
Almost Paradise 04:21 Tools
Friend Meets Friend (Live) 04:21 Tools
Friend Meets Friend [Live] 04:21 Tools
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Although Heart re-conquered the charts during the mid to late ‘80s, the band forfeited the organic sound of their early recordings in favor of pop gloss. By the early ‘90s, the Wilson sisters (vocalist Ann and guitarist Nancy) were ready to return to their roots, which they attempted to do so in the form of a side band, the Lovemongers. The group (which saw the Wilson's joined by keyboardist Sue Ennis, guitarist Frank Cox, and drummer Ben Smith) debuted on the motion picture soundtrack to Cameron Crowe's 1992 film, Singles, with a dead-on cover of the Led Zeppelin folk classic, "The Battle of Evermore." The group issued a four-song EP a year later, The Battle of Evermore, which included the Zep cover once more, in addition to covers by Todd Rundgren,The Temptations, and even the early Heart classic, "Crazy on You." The band took several years to offer a proper full-length release, which finally arrived in the form of 1997's Whirlygig. In 1998, the Lovemongers issued the ten-track holiday recording, Here is Christmas. Greg Prato, All Music Guide Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.