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Reflections 01:32 Tools
Slippin' 03:26 Tools
Don't Hold Back 04:03 Tools
Keep Your Mind 05:22 Tools
That Girl 04:36 Tools
Good Damn Man 05:44 Tools
Hip Hop Voodoo 04:30 Tools
Hard But Fair 05:18 Tools
Pimpin' Ain't Easy 03:09 Tools
No More Glory 03:55 Tools
Middle Of The Night 05:04 Tools
Questions (Skit) 01:07 Tools
Small Town Girl 03:38 Tools
What Is This 05:30 Tools
Shine And Recline 03:54 Tools
Pimp Tight 04:29 Tools
Shades 03:57 Tools
Just Like Candy 04:11 Tools
Whatever I Wanna Do 03:32 Tools
High Like An Eagle 03:58 Tools
Black Mac Is Back 04:10 Tools
Ya'll Ain't Ready 01:36 Tools
My Life, This Way 03:55 Tools
All I Do 04:02 Tools
I Still Lay It Down 03:30 Tools
At Last 03:28 Tools
Take No Shit 04:55 Tools
Get You A Hoe 03:24 Tools
Big Stakes 00:46 Tools
Get Yo Ass Up (feat. 8Ball) 04:32 Tools
It Ain't Over 01:36 Tools
Breathe 04:07 Tools
This Might Be The Day 02:11 Tools
Throw Your Hands Up feat. Outkast 04:31 Tools
I Tried (featuring 8Ball) 03:59 Tools
Can't Get Rid Of Me 04:12 Tools
Roll Wit Me 04:11 Tools
Busted 01:10 Tools
What Would You Do (Feat. 8Ball) 04:22 Tools
Gangsta Gangsta (Feat. Alfamega) 04:23 Tools
Jungle (Feat. GC) 05:30 Tools
It's Been So Long (Feat. 8Ball) 04:39 Tools
Mack Life (Feat. T-Mack) 03:28 Tools
Big Time (Feat. Slim) 04:14 Tools
Intro 02:12 Tools
Dangerous (Feat. Gucci Mane And 8Ball) 05:10 Tools
This Ain't (Feat. 8Ball, Three 6 Mafia, Project Pat & Yung D) 05:10 Tools
Stompin' And Pimpin' 04:03 Tools
Cold Hard World 04:09 Tools
StickIn2MyFingaz (Feat. Al Kapone, Sir Vince & 8Ball) 05:29 Tools
Big Body 24's 04:07 Tools
BMG 05:01 Tools
Big Time 04:20 Tools
What Is This? 00:00 Tools
Why 04:34 Tools
Don't Flex 02:03 Tools
Get The Product 04:34 Tools
Let's Ride 04:04 Tools
Too Pimpin (feat. Bun B) 00:33 Tools
Do It How It Go 02:03 Tools
By Myself (Feat. TMack & Young Buck) 04:15 Tools
In The Building (Feat. Lil Wyte & Young Dolph) 05:00 Tools
Daylight 04:35 Tools
BMG Intro 01:04 Tools
Smokin Chokin (Feat. 8 Ball & Snoop Dogg) 04:41 Tools
Smokin Chokin Skit 00:49 Tools
Free 03:28 Tools
Sho'nuff feat. Tela 04:23 Tools
We Don't Give A Fuck 04:03 Tools
I Know Bitches (Feat. Goliath) 04:35 Tools
Small Change (Feat. Rick Ross & Mr. Marr) 03:25 Tools
Gun Fire Season (Feat. B-Hav) 03:46 Tools
Smoke Out (Feat. GC Eternal) 04:09 Tools
Interlude 01:27 Tools
Shine And Recline [Feat. Eightball] 00:33 Tools
F*ck That (Feat. Pastor Troy & Wooh Da Kid) 05:00 Tools
Pad Dues 01:27 Tools
Get The Product Skit 00:33 Tools
Memphis 10 00:33 Tools
In the Middle of the Night 03:57 Tools
24-7, 365 00:33 Tools
24-7,365 (feat. Rick Ross) 02:03 Tools
That Girl [Feat. Rodney Ellis] 04:31 Tools
YNS (Feat. Lil Rickey Of PBZ & 2 Deep) 04:31 Tools
Paid Dues feat. Cee-Lo 03:10 Tools
Nobody But Me 04:11 Tools
I Know Bitches Skit 00:37 Tools
Pages Of My Life (Feat. Rodney Ellis) 03:28 Tools
Ho Like You 03:28 Tools
Too Pimpin 02:03 Tools
Curtains in the Back 02:03 Tools
MJG Speaks 02:03 Tools
Gettin Money 02:03 Tools
Keep It Gangsta 02:03 Tools
Middle Of The Night [Feat. Eightball] 05:05 Tools
Incarcerated Minds 04:35 Tools
It's Gon Be Alright 02:03 Tools
Curtains in the Back (feat. Ray Renay, Daz Dillinger & Rahiem) 04:03 Tools
Pledge to the Pimpin 04:35 Tools
Bring It Back (feat. T.I.) (remix) 04:12 Tools
Memphis-10 (feat. DJ Paul, Lil Wyte & Frayser Boy) 04:03 Tools
Speed 04:37 Tools
Stealin 04:03 Tools
Save a Ho 04:03 Tools
Dope Track 04:03 Tools
Pledge to the Pimpin' (feat. 8ball, Al Kapone & Ray Renay) 04:11 Tools
Player's Ball 04:03 Tools
Black Mac Is Back [Eightball] 04:11 Tools
The Love Scene 03:10 Tools
Getting Money (Skit) 04:11 Tools
Pimps In The House 04:04 Tools
The Enterprise (Feat. TMack, Champ & Goliath) 03:10 Tools
Ho Like You (feat. Skinny Pimp) 04:11 Tools
Starships And Rockets 03:57 Tools
He's Cold 04:11 Tools
Wake Up 04:11 Tools
That Girl (feat. Rodney Ellis) 04:37 Tools
I'm Watchin 04:11 Tools
Dreamin 04:11 Tools
Players Ball (Skit) 04:37 Tools
Wake Up (feat. TMack) 04:37 Tools
I Tried (feat. 8Ball) 03:59 Tools
I'm Watching (feat. Gangsta Boo) 04:04 Tools
Space Age Pimpin' 04:56 Tools
Save a Ho (Skit) 04:37 Tools
Splash 03:26 Tools
Blind Man's Back 04:04 Tools
Small Change 03:33 Tools
Tell Me Why 04:04 Tools
Stealin' (Skit) 03:33 Tools
He's Cold (feat. 2Deep & Ray Renay) 03:33 Tools
Dangerous (Feat. Gucci Mane & 8Ball) 05:10 Tools
That Girl (Instrumental) 04:50 Tools
Pimp 'N My Own Rhymes 00:00 Tools
I Tried 03:59 Tools
Shades (prod. DJ Grimaso) (Club Crushers Remix) 03:18 Tools
Dreamin (Skit) 03:59 Tools
Get It Crunk 03:28 Tools
Friend Of Foe 04:09 Tools
24-7, 365 (feat. Rick Ross) 04:50 Tools
U Know What It Is (feat. Mjg, Tity Boi) 03:52 Tools
The Love Scene (Skit) 04:50 Tools
Shine and Recline (feat. Eightball) 03:55 Tools
Pimp In My Own Rhyme 05:00 Tools
Blind Man's Back (Skit) 04:50 Tools
Take No Shit (feat. the FEDZ and Bun B) 04:50 Tools
Middle Of The Night (feat. Eightball) 05:04 Tools
Take No Sh*t [feat. the FEDZ and Bun B] 03:10 Tools
Have U Been Ok 03:59 Tools
Smokin Chokin Feat 8 Ball & Snoop Dogg 04:41 Tools
That Girl Featuring Rodney Ellis 04:50 Tools
Take No Shit (feat. The FEDZ & Bun B) 04:56 Tools
White Meat (feat. 8 Ball, MJG) 04:41 Tools
Black Mac Is Back (feat. Eightball) 04:11 Tools
At Last (feat. 8Ball) 04:09 Tools
Shine and Reeline Featuring Eightball 03:55 Tools
Get You a H@e 03:55 Tools
Armed Robbery 04:15 Tools
Take a Picture (Bonus Track) 04:15 Tools
Black Mac Is Black Featuring Eightball 04:15 Tools
By Myself Feat TMack & Young Buck 04:15 Tools
Put Your Hands Up 04:59 Tools
F ck That Feat Pastor Troy & Wooh Da Kid 04:59 Tools
Take No Sh*t Featuring The Fedz and Bun B 04:59 Tools
pimps in the house 1993 02:09 Tools
Introduction N The Game 04:31 Tools
Dangerous 05:10 Tools
What Can I Do 05:32 Tools
Chocolate Philly 02:09 Tools
Smokin Chokin Feat. 8 Ball & Snoop Dogg 00:00 Tools
Don't Hold Back (Intro) 03:01 Tools
Small Change Feat Rick Ross & Mr Marr 03:24 Tools
Middle Of The Night (Feat. 8Ball) 05:05 Tools
Stickin To My Fingaz (Feat. 8 Ball, Al Kapone, & Sir Vince) 03:24 Tools
10th Grade (Skit) 00:17 Tools
Shine And Recline (feat. 8Ball) 00:00 Tools
Slippin 03:25 Tools
Goin Down 04:32 Tools
Smoke Out Feat GC Eternal 04:09 Tools
Get It Together 05:25 Tools
That Girl Feat. Rodney Ellis 03:59 Tools
YNS Feat Lil Rickey Of PBZ, 2 Deep 04:31 Tools
Dope Track (feat. Yung D) 03:59 Tools
Mack life 03:28 Tools
Fuck That (feat. Pastor Troy & Wooh Da Kid) 04:59 Tools
Middle Of The Night Featuring Eightball 04:31 Tools
that girl ft. rodney ellis 05:25 Tools
The Artist Pays The Price 00:30 Tools
Lay It Down, P2 06:02 Tools
Black Mac Is Back [feat. Eightball] 00:17 Tools
Big Time (feat. Slim of 112) 04:59 Tools
Down Chick (feat. 8Ball) [Bonus Track] 03:46 Tools
Splash (feat. GC Eternal) 04:59 Tools
I Tried feat. 8Ball 03:59 Tools
Take No Sh*t [feat. The FEDZ & Bun B] 04:56 Tools
Ballin On You 04:59 Tools
Small Town Girl (Not For Sale) 03:38 Tools
Take No Sh*t 04:56 Tools
It's been so long 04:39 Tools
All Night 04:26 Tools
Get Yo' Ass Up 04:32 Tools
Lay It Down 04:31 Tools
By Myself (feat. T-Mack & Young Buck) 03:28 Tools
The Enterprise Feat TMack, Champ & Goliath 03:10 Tools
Black Mac Is Black 00:00 Tools
Mack Life (feat. TMacK) 03:28 Tools
Jungle 05:30 Tools
Black Mac Is Back (feat. 8Ball) 04:11 Tools
Free (feat Slim of 112) 03:10 Tools
Get Yo A@s Up 06:02 Tools
Contract (feat. 8 Ball, MJG) 03:10 Tools
Big Time (feat. Slim from 112) 00:00 Tools
The Enterprise (feat. T-Mack, Champ & Goliath) 04:11 Tools
Cold Hard World (Feat. Daz Dillinger & T-Mack) 04:11 Tools
Shades- main 04:11 Tools
Shine and Recline Feat. Eightball 00:00 Tools
Gangsta gangsta 04:23 Tools
its so hard 06:02 Tools
Comin out Hard (Live) 06:02 Tools
Relax & Take Notes (Live) 06:02 Tools
Pledge To The Pimpin` (feat. 8Ball, Al Kapone & Ray Renay) 05:00 Tools
What would you do 04:22 Tools
The Truth 00:00 Tools
Memphis 10 (Feat. DJ Paul, Lil Wyte & Frayser Boy) 03:57 Tools
That Girl (Featuring Rodney Ellis) 00:00 Tools
Smokin Chokin (feat. 8Ball & Snoop Dogg) 00:00 Tools
9mm (Live) 00:00 Tools
Big Body 24's (feat. Yung Flow & TymeBomb) 00:00 Tools
He`s Cold (feat. 2Deep & Ray Renay) 04:11 Tools
Smoking Choking (feat. 8Ball & Snoop Dogg) 04:41 Tools
Seen What Its Like 04:44 Tools
Gangstaz Ball 04:44 Tools
11 Mjg - Small Change (Feat. Rick Ross & Mr. Marr) 03:24 Tools
Cold Hard World (feat. Tmack and Daz Dillinger) 00:30 Tools
what would you do (feat 8Ball) 00:30 Tools
Middle of the Night feat. Eightball 04:31 Tools
middle of the night ft. eightball 05:05 Tools
Lay It Down 2 (Instrumental) [Bonus Track] 05:00 Tools
gangsta gangsta (feat Alfamega) 04:23 Tools
I`m Watching (feat. Gangsta Boo) 05:25 Tools
black mac is back ft. eightball 04:11 Tools
Get Yo A@@ Up 04:11 Tools
Lay It Down 2 04:11 Tools
Say It to My Face 03:40 Tools
02 Mjg - Bmg 03:55 Tools
mack life (feat T-Mack) 03:55 Tools
14 Mjg - In The Building (Feat. Lil Wyte & Young Dolph) 05:00 Tools
outfit 05:00 Tools
Black Mac Is Black (Feat. 8Ball) 04:11 Tools
Don't Want Drama (Live) 04:11 Tools
Throw Your Hands Up 05:25 Tools
Puttin In Work 03:46 Tools
04 Mjg - Fck That (Feat. Pastor Troy & Wooh Da Kid) 04:59 Tools
03 Mjg - By Myself (Feat. Tmack & Young Buck) 04:15 Tools
Shine and Recline Featuring Eightball 04:15 Tools
Shades [HipHopBASE.ru] 03:57 Tools
Ya`ll Ain`t Ready 03:57 Tools
In The Middle Of The Night Remix 04:09 Tools
jungle (feat GC) 03:57 Tools
Middle Of The Night (Ft. 8Ball) 03:57 Tools
24/7/365 (ft. Rick Ross) 03:57 Tools
Take No Shit (Feat. Fedz & Bun B) 03:57 Tools
Puttin in Work (feat. 8Ball) [Bonus Track] 05:32 Tools
This Aint (Feat. 8Ball, Three 6 Mafia, Project Pat & Yung D) 03:57 Tools
YNS Feat. Lil Rickey Of PBZ 2 Deep 04:31 Tools
24-7, 365 feat. Rick Ross 04:31 Tools
Stealin` (skit) 04:56 Tools
shine and reeline ft. eightball 04:31 Tools
Blind Man`s Back (skit) 04:31 Tools
black mac is back ft. eightbal 04:31 Tools
Get Yo' Ass Up (ft. 8Ball) 04:31 Tools
Gangsta Gangsta (Explicit Version) 04:11 Tools
10 Mjg - Yns (Feat. Lil Rickey Of Pbz & 2 Deep) 04:31 Tools
06 Mjg - Smokin Chokin (Feat. 8 Ball & Snoop Dogg) 04:41 Tools
Small Change (Feat. Rick Ross & Mr Marr) 03:24 Tools
07 Mjg - Smoke Out (Feat. Gc Eternal) 04:09 Tools
Incarcerated Minds [-] 04:09 Tools
Take No Shit (Featuring The Fedz, Bun B) 04:09 Tools
Hip-Hop voodoo 04:31 Tools
Black Mac Is Back (Featuring 8 Ball) 04:31 Tools
What Is This- 05:32 Tools
Pimp Hard (Live) 05:32 Tools
Take No Shit [feat. the FEDZ and Bun B] 04:56 Tools
Freestyle 04:56 Tools
Space Age Pimpin' (Live) 04:56 Tools
Lay It Down (Live) 04:56 Tools
Pages Of My Life Feat. Rodney Ellis 03:28 Tools
Gun Fire Season Feat. B Hav 03:46 Tools
Black MacfIs Back 03:46 Tools
08-Pimp Tight- MJG 03:46 Tools
What You Weigh Me 03:46 Tools
Black Mac Is Back feat. Eightball 03:46 Tools
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MJG, half of the pioneering Southern rap duo 8Ball & MJG, rarely branched out for solo albums (e.g., No More Glory, 1997), yet his work with 8Ball proved influential, earning him a reputation as a living legend. Born Marlon Jermaine Goodwin, MJG grew up in the Orange Mound area of Memphis, TN, where he met 8Ball at Ridgeway Junior High School in 1984. The two shared a passion for hip-hop, which hadn't yet made a strong impact in the South, and formed their own rap duo, 8Ball & MJG. They made their recording debut in 1991 with a three-track single, Listen to the Lyrics, released on cassette and 12" vinyl by On the Strength Records, an independent label. (These early recordings for On the Strength would later be reissued in 1997 as Lyrics of a Pimp and also in 2000 as Memphis Under World.) 8Ball & MJG subsequently signed a deal with Suave Records (aka Suave House), a Houston, TX-based label run by Tony Draper. 8Ball & MJG's debut full-length, Comin' Out Hard (1993), produced partly by MJG, was the inaugural release by Suave, which would grow to become one of the premier Southern rap labels of the decade. Now considered a milestone, Comin' Out Hard was among the first Southern rap albums to get widespread recognition, opening the door for other pioneers such as Three 6 Mafia, Master P, and Cash Money Records. 8Ball & MJG recorded a few additional albums for Tony Draper throughout the remainder of the decade -- On the Outside Looking In (1994), On Top of the World (1995), In Our Lifetime, Vol. 1 (1999) -- and did much to foster the growth of Suave, regularly being featured as guests on the label's other releases. Plus, 8Ball and MJG each branched out for solo projects, Lost (1998) and No More Glory (1997), respectively, both released by Suave. In 2000, 8Ball & MJG left Suave and switched to JCOR Entertainment, a short-lived rap label founded by Jay Faires, for the release of Space Age 4 Eva. The album, which notably featured production by Swizz Beatz and DJ Quik, was a departure for 8Ball & MJG, who heretofore had worked more or less exclusively with regional producers. The album spawned a pair of minor hits, "Pimp Hard" and "Buck Bounce," the duo's first to first to get national, opposed to regional, airplay. In 2001, JCOR released a pair of 8Ball albums -- The Slab, a various-artists compilation, and Almost Famous, a proper solo album -- but the label then ran into trouble and went out of business, leaving 8Ball & MJG without a recording contract. After a couple years in limbo, Bad Boy Records, helmed by Diddy, picked up 8Ball & MJG and released Living Legends (2004), the duo's most star-studded album to date. "You Don't Want Drama," the lead single, became 8Ball & MJG's biggest hit ever, reaching number 30 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles chart, while Living Legends itself likewise became the duo's best-selling, debuting at number three on the Top 200 album chart and topping 500,000 in sales. 8Ball & MJG's second Bad Boy album, Ridin High (2007), was less successful, though, despite debuting well at number eight and spawning a strong lead single, "Relax and Take Notes." Ball & MJG are now signed to T.I.s Grand Hustle lable. MJG has released 2 solo Albums in 2008 titled Pimp Tight & This Might Be The Day. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.