Marc Smith

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Swerve On 03:02 Tools
Let It Hit Em 04:44 Tools
Revival 06:28 Tools
Groove On 03:42 Tools
Where Did R Love Go 03:58 Tools
Pump Up the Noize 03:45 Tools
Encounters 06:44 Tools
The Mad One 03:53 Tools
Give Yourself to Me 04:23 Tools
Nothing More 04:14 Tools
I Won't Hurt Nomore 04:00 Tools
Pump Up The Noize (Re-Con Remix) 03:39 Tools
Don't Even Think Twice 03:36 Tools
The Procrastinator 05:47 Tools
Gravity 03:40 Tools
Boom 'n' Pow 05:09 Tools
Gotta Hold On 05:33 Tools
On Two Turntables 04:22 Tools
What The Fuck 03:41 Tools
Can You Feel It 04:12 Tools
Boom 'n' Pow (Exclusive Marc Smith Bonkers Remix) 04:15 Tools
Rok the House 03:52 Tools
Hardcore R U Ready 04:10 Tools
Boom 'n' Pow (Exclusive Marc Smith remix) 04:21 Tools
The Deviant 03:32 Tools
Identify the Beat 06:33 Tools
Where's The Party At? 04:18 Tools
Pump up the noise 06:09 Tools
This Time Around 03:14 Tools
Slight 05:38 Tools
Ecoplex 04:12 Tools
One With The Beat 03:04 Tools
Body Bounce 02:43 Tools
Where The Revolution Started 00:41 Tools
Pump Up The Noize 2010 05:14 Tools
Techno Dup 05:05 Tools
Wot Da Fuck 06:23 Tools
Beat Remnants 00:59 Tools
Introduction / "Stupid Song" 01:56 Tools
Future Vibe 36:29 Tools
"Slam Schtick" 01:24 Tools
Pump Up The Noize (Raid Mix) 07:36 Tools
Chicago Girl 01:24 Tools
Thik n Fast 06:01 Tools
So excited 03:36 Tools
Identify The Beat - Original 2001 Mix 05:07 Tools
That's The Hardcore - A.M.S. Remix 03:11 Tools
Taos Poetry Circus 00:38 Tools
On The Down Low 00:38 Tools
Johnny Come Lately 02:40 Tools
Kick It With Me 02:44 Tools
We are Hardcore 05:37 Tools
Ain't It A Shame 03:28 Tools
Turn Your love around 05:37 Tools
Do You Like It 05:37 Tools
First Heavyweight Poetry Campionship 01:30 Tools
Youth Speaks 00:47 Tools
Slam / "It" 01:50 Tools
Slam/"It" 01:50 Tools
Echoplex 00:00 Tools
Building Shaker - Original Mix 06:50 Tools
Insisting Upon Its' Self 07:08 Tools
Introduction To Ted Kooser And Anis Mojgani 07:08 Tools
Building Shaker 06:14 Tools
Introduction To Andrew Motion And Sonya Renee 07:08 Tools
Boom & Pow 2013 05:07 Tools
Hardcore Are U Ready 03:56 Tools
Sherry 03:56 Tools
Get This Place - Original Mix 05:05 Tools
The Deviant (Darwin Remix) 06:17 Tools
Boom 'n' Pow (Exclusive Marc S) 04:15 Tools
Spoken Word Revolution / "Pull The Next One Up" 03:15 Tools
Introduction /Stupid Song 05:07 Tools
Encounters - Original Mix 09:09 Tools
...History Will Be Written By The Masses 05:07 Tools
Introduction To The Spoken World 05:07 Tools
Introduction To Legacy 05:07 Tools
Don't Move 00:00 Tools
Echoplex (Chemical General Exclusive Brainstorm Edit) 05:34 Tools
Introduction To Poetry And Music 00:00 Tools
You Want To (Lance De Sardi Remix) 00:00 Tools
Slam Schtik 00:00 Tools
When I'm Gone - Original Mix 04:53 Tools
Hindsight feat. Kevin Knapp 07:22 Tools
Boom And Pow 04:21 Tools
Pump Up The Noise (Jacob Van Hage Remix) 07:22 Tools
Fuckin' Trippy 07:30 Tools
Oh No 06:31 Tools
Encounters (Original Mix) 09:09 Tools
Introduction To Hip-Hop Poetics 07:30 Tools
Gravity (Exclusive Bonkers Mix 07:30 Tools
Overdrive 02:54 Tools
Drumbeatz 03:10 Tools
Rock And Roll 08:37 Tools
Chance To Dance 05:32 Tools
Your Loving 09:09 Tools
Let The Bass Kick - Original Mix 05:44 Tools
Boom and Pow 2013 00:00 Tools
Hindsight feat. Kevin Knapp (Alland Byallo Remix) 08:37 Tools
Spoken Word Revolution/Pull The Next One Up 08:37 Tools
Breakdown 06:09 Tools
Bring On The Noise 05:34 Tools
Do U Like It 03:10 Tools
Hardcore U Know The Score - Original Mix 06:06 Tools
Procrastinator 02:28 Tools
Insisting Upon Its Self 11:06 Tools
Crank! - Original Mix 05:05 Tools
Nexus 06:16 Tools
Marc Smith - Pump Up The Noize 09:09 Tools
Wheres the Party @ 05:52 Tools
Taking over Me 07:16 Tools
Nothing More - Original Mix 06:17 Tools
STOMP! - Original Mix 06:22 Tools
Overdrive - Original Mix 05:21 Tools
Pump Up The Noize - Original 1995 Mix 06:16 Tools
Pump This Party 07:16 Tools
Hardcore U Know the Score 05:52 Tools
Ya Feel Me? 07:11 Tools
Machine Gun - Original Mix 05:34 Tools
That's The Hardcore - Original Mix 07:03 Tools
Breakdown - 12" Version 06:34 Tools
Do That To Me 05:59 Tools
Can You Feel It (Hardcore Nation Edit) 07:16 Tools
Can You Feel It (Hardcore Nation Exclusive Mix) 07:16 Tools
Boom & Pow 04:15 Tools
Gravity (Exclusive To Bonkers) 05:44 Tools
Death by Stereo (feat. Sharkey) 05:34 Tools
Beat Remnants: Edward Hirsch and Marvin Bell 07:16 Tools
Where's The Party At 01:42 Tools
Let It Hit Em - Original Mix 05:05 Tools
You Want To 06:34 Tools
Rock N Roll - Original Mix 07:16 Tools
Rock Star - Original Mix 05:05 Tools
Gravity - Original Mix 07:22 Tools
It's All Just Hardcore (feat. Sharkey) 04:52 Tools
It's Gonna Be 03:55 Tools
STOMP! - Marc Smith & Darwins Harder Mix 06:34 Tools
Relax Your Mind 02:32 Tools
Techno Dup (Original '94 Mix) 05:05 Tools
Rukus (Original Mix) 08:04 Tools
Boom n pow (rmx) 06:34 Tools
Hindsight feat. Kevin Knapp (Marc Smith Remix) 07:18 Tools
Don't Think Twice 03:35 Tools
Utopia 00:00 Tools
Can You Feel The Pace?? - Original Mix 04:29 Tools
It's Not That Bad - Original Mix 05:53 Tools
Hardcore Never Dies! 03:54 Tools
Give Yourself To Me - Original Mix 03:54 Tools
Breakdown (12" Version) 06:10 Tools
Thik N Fast - Original Mix 06:10 Tools
Techno Dup - Original 1994 Mix 06:10 Tools
Throw Ya Hands Up - Original Mix 04:09 Tools
Youth Speaks/Eli Marienthal 03:55 Tools
Ain T It A Shame 03:28 Tools
A Quest For Concience 07:55 Tools
Gravity (Gammer's ever so slight re-edit) 07:20 Tools
Hardcore Never Dies 05:53 Tools
Why Not... - Original Mix 07:55 Tools
Complicated - Original Mix 06:17 Tools
Can U Feel It? 04:06 Tools
Drumbeatz - Original Mix 04:09 Tools
Ghost 04:06 Tools
Hindsight feat. Kevin Knapp (Kenneth Scott Remix) 07:55 Tools
Stupid Song-Marc Smith 07:55 Tools
Boom ‘N’ Pow 07:55 Tools
boom 'n' pow (exclusive marc s 00:00 Tools
Pump Up The Noise (Raid Mix) 00:00 Tools
Fuck It! 06:08 Tools
Kickstart 06:17 Tools
Chance To Dance - Original Mix 06:16 Tools
Hardcore Never Dies - Original Mix 06:00 Tools
Power Of Will - Original Mix 06:17 Tools
Fuck It - Original Mix 06:16 Tools
Can You Feel The Pace - Marc Smith & Al Storm Vip Mix 07:22 Tools
Pump Up The Noise - Original Mix 04:09 Tools
For The Little Guy 07:16 Tools
Utopia (feat. Sharkey) 04:09 Tools
1 More Time - Original Mix 06:00 Tools
Performance Art/"Music Swims Back to Me" 04:09 Tools
Nothing More (Original Mix) 07:08 Tools
Spoken Word Revolution/"Pull The Next One Up" 07:08 Tools
The Deviant - Darwin Remix 07:08 Tools
Centripital 07:03 Tools
The Judgement - Original Mix 05:53 Tools
H.A.R.D.C.O.R.E. RU Ready - Original Mix 06:16 Tools
Danse Macabre (Original Mix) 06:17 Tools
Uh... I Don't Know 04:09 Tools
F**k It! 06:00 Tools
The Mad One - Original 1994 Mix 06:00 Tools
Slam Goes International 06:00 Tools
Bring on the Noise [Original Mix] 06:00 Tools
Catalyzing Collective Action on the Net 06:00 Tools
Boom & Pow (Marc Smith's Boomin' Remix) 06:00 Tools
Dance Machine - Original Mix 06:00 Tools
Can You Feel It - Exclusive Hardcore Nation Edit 05:53 Tools
Thick & Fast 05:50 Tools
The Journey 05:50 Tools
When I'm Gone - 'Notoriously Lethal' Gabba Mix 05:50 Tools
We Are Hardcore (Marc Smith & Joey Riot Remix) 06:16 Tools
Thik and Fast (feat. Menis) 05:50 Tools
Above The Rest - Original Mix 06:16 Tools
That's The Hardcore - AMS Remix 06:16 Tools
Rock n Roll 04:21 Tools
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Hardcore/freeform DJ and producer from Scotland. .. .. NOTORIOUS BY NAME,…….. A NOTORIOUS LEGEND BY NATURE! Only a few other artists in the UK hardcore scene can boast the pedigree, experience and talents of the Scottish rave legend Marc Smith. Still blowing back the rave boundaries today, Marc’s journey through turntable culture can be tracked right back to 1985 when the ultra charismatic Glaswegian began chopping up early hip hop in his bedroom, before teaming up with local rappers, beat-boxers and break-dancers. It was two years later, however, in 1987 when a 17 year old Smith gained his first true rave culture experience, with his ultra quick wristed mixing and scratching deck talents securing him a long standing residency at one of Glasgow’s early acid house havens at The Warehouse. Offering invaluable early club experience, Marc’s intuitive talents didn’t go unnoticed with further long running residencies at ‘The Club Hacienda’, and ‘Euphoria @ Heaven’ following quickly behind. Spinning early dance classics like ‘Voodoo Ray’ and Joey Beltram’s ‘Energy Flash’, these nights and Marc’s djing skills were to become infamous in the formative Scottish clubbing culture, and made DJ Marc Smith a household rave name practically over night. With army’s of ravers following his every move, Marc soon earned a reputation as a truly versatile DJ who pushed the mixer, the turntables and his music to its absolute limits, merging the turntable intensity of his hip hop schooling with the electric energy of early rave culture. The early 90s rolled on by and rave's energy had built the scene into an explosive force with Marc Smith riding high at the forefront of the movement. Now known as a true innovator and pioneering DJ and producer, Marc was deservedly voted Scotland's No 1 dj by the readers of Clubscene magazine the Scottish clubbers' bible and went on to win that title for the next 6 years in a row, as well as numerous other accolades... like voted Best Scottish dj in the Irish Dance Music Awards, and also Best Scottish DJ by the listeners of the late, great Tom Wilson's show "Stepping Out" on Forth FM. Legendary massive parties like Holocaust, Technodrome, Amnesia, World Party, Awesome 101 and Earthquaker and the like's soon called upon Smith's dynamite deck talents as the seminal Scottish bouncy techno sound began to take shape around 1993. Between 1993 and 1995, Marc took on his prized residency at the massive Rezerection party where his sets there have went down in Scottish rave history. . . Often likened to the Scottish version of Slipmatt or Sy………………… Over the late 90s, Marc has continued to spread his banging party friendly DJ sound at raves across Scotland and all over the uk with a jam packed gig diary - regularly rockin parties like Hardcore Heaven and his long running Northern residency of Vibealite to mention just a few. Around this period, Smith continued to work closely with fellow Scottish rave legend Scott Brown and started the label Federation Records with him, and went on to also do remixes and productions on Brown’s legendary Evolution label whilst Ultra Sonic, TTF, Chemical Mass, El Bruto and Ultimate Buzz and many others all benefiting from Smith’s distinctive remixing magic touch. The next few years were spent preparing and perfecting the awaited relaunch of his Notorious Vinyl whilst headlining DJ sets continued to roll in at the likes of HTID, Uproar, Slammin Vinyl, Vibealite and the infamous Tidy Weekenders. During this time Smith’s international diary continued to read like a Heathrow Airport departure board with sets in Australia, Austria, Holland, Canada and New York to reel off just a few. Whilst so many others follow the obvious fads and fashions, Marc Smith continues to reel in an abundance of main room bookings and make a Notorious name for himself by stamping out his own and his label’s unique party friendly sound without surrendering to the more mainstream oriented side of the hardcore scene. Pure hardcore power with all the notorious Smith individuality. Fast paced and accompanied by the Scotsman’s party loving energy and infectious charisma, Smith’s own DJ sets with his flawless mixing and awesome deck abilities, coupled with his awesome stage presence continue to stand out as the most explosive, energetic, diverse and open-minded in today’s scene! As everything from partycore energy, uplifting synth riffs and even massive vocal numbers to brockin’ drum & bass tracks whip up the rave storm like only Marc Smith knows how!! Over twenty years at the top of his game and still as Notorious as ever, Marc Smith is………a true rave legend and entertainer like no other!! Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.