McAuley-Schenker Group

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Time 04:00 Tools
Gimme Your Love 04:51 Tools
Love Is Not a Game 04:12 Tools
Follow the Night 04:39 Tools
Get Out 04:08 Tools
Don't Stop Me Now 03:56 Tools
I Don't Wanna Lose 04:15 Tools
Rock 'til You're Crazy 04:05 Tools
No Time for Losers 04:13 Tools
Anytime 05:46 Tools
Here Today - Gone Tomorrow 04:39 Tools
When I'm Gone 04:22 Tools
Save Yourself 06:16 Tools
Bad Boys 03:58 Tools
What Happens to Me 04:58 Tools
We Believe in Love 06:04 Tools
Destiny 04:35 Tools
This Is My Heart 05:00 Tools
Paradise 00:00 Tools
Eve 04:53 Tools
Shadow of the Night 05:22 Tools
This Broken Heart 04:56 Tools
What We Need 04:14 Tools
Nightmare 06:21 Tools
I Am Your Radio 04:48 Tools
Get Down to Bizness 04:23 Tools
Crazy 04:55 Tools
Invincible 03:45 Tools
Lonely Nights 04:31 Tools
Take Me Back 04:50 Tools
This Night Is Gonna Last Forever 04:51 Tools
There Has to Be Another Way 01:49 Tools
Never Ending Nightmare 00:00 Tools
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow 04:39 Tools
Here today-gone tomorrow 04:38 Tools
Doctor Doctor 04:28 Tools
Here Today--Gone Tomorrow 00:00 Tools
Natural Thing 04:53 Tools
Lights Out 05:18 Tools
Perrier 00:00 Tools
There Has to Be Another Way [Instrumental] 01:49 Tools
Vicious 03:38 Tools
Here Today Gone Tomorrow 00:00 Tools
Gimme Your Love (edit) 04:25 Tools
This Night Is Gonna Last Forev 04:50 Tools
Messages for the Japanese Fans 04:50 Tools
Take Me Back [*] 04:50 Tools
Follow the Night (edit) 04:21 Tools
Save Yourself (Single Edit) 05:02 Tools
Nightmare. 05:02 Tools
nightmare [acoustic version] 05:02 Tools
anytime [acoustic version] 05:02 Tools
Anytime (Single Edit) 05:13 Tools
when i'm gone [acoustic version] 05:13 Tools
Gimme' Your Love 00:00 Tools
what happens to me [acoustic version] 00:00 Tools
Anytime [Single Edit] 05:13 Tools
bad boys [acoustic version] 00:00 Tools
we believe in love [acoustic version] 00:00 Tools
When I'm Gone (Single Edit) 00:00 Tools
Save Yourself [Single Edit] 05:02 Tools
Only You Can Rock Me 00:00 Tools
This Nights Is Gonna Last Forever 00:00 Tools
Doctor, Doctor 00:00 Tools
Neverending Nightmare 06:19 Tools
Follow the Night [Edit] 06:19 Tools
There Has To Be Another Way (Instrumental) 01:49 Tools
Gimme Your Love [Edit] 01:49 Tools
Nightmare (Single Edit) 01:49 Tools
Never Ending Nightmares 06:27 Tools
Light Out 01:49 Tools
When I'm Gome 01:49 Tools
When I Am Gone 06:27 Tools
Get Down To Business 06:27 Tools
Paradise (bonus track for japan only) 06:27 Tools
Follow The Night ( Edit ) 01:53 Tools
Perrier (formerly "Courvoisor Concert") 01:53 Tools
Anytime (acoustic) 01:53 Tools
Only You Can Rock Me (bonus track for japan only) 01:53 Tools
when i'm gone [live] 01:53 Tools
When I´m Gone 01:53 Tools
What Happens To Me (Acoustic Version) 01:53 Tools
Eve (Feat. Jeff Pilson) 01:53 Tools
paradise [live - bonus track] 01:53 Tools
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Singer Robin McAuley (previously with Grand Prix) joined MSG for the album ''Perfect timing'' (1987) and stayed with them until the 1991 album ''MSG''. Surprisingly Schenker changed the band name from Michael Schenker Group to McAuley Schenker Group, proving that McAuley had a strong saying in the band. The sound of the band moved to more melodic hard rock from the edgier approach of the first MSG albums and actually this way they managed to deliver their finest works. ''Save yourself'' (1989) and ''MSG'' are regarded as Schenker's highlights with MSG, especially among melodic hard rock fans. With ''MSG'' they even managed to score their first hit single ''Nightmare'', a great accoustic ballad with the distinctive raw but sentimental vocals of McAuley and Schenker's wonderful melodic phrasing on both accoustic and (a little) electric guitar. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.