Mi Son

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Mecanica de Amor 06:05 Tools
Mecánica de Amor 00:00 Tools
La Guantanamera 00:00 Tools
Llama que Abrasa 00:00 Tools
Los Caminantes 00:00 Tools
Tres Lindas Cubanas 00:00 Tools
El Eco del Son 00:00 Tools
Dos Letras 00:00 Tools
Si, Soy el Son 00:00 Tools
Rumberos de Ayer 00:00 Tools
¡Que Jorobao! 00:00 Tools
Buenos Dias Paris 00:00 Tools
Mi Chinita 00:00 Tools
Mecαnica de Amor 00:00 Tools
Mecбnica de Amor 00:00 Tools
Guantanamera 00:00 Tools
06- Mecánica de Amor 00:00 Tools
Mecánica de Amor 00:00 Tools
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Founded in Havana in 1992, the septet Mi Son updates the tradtional son with modern twists. For example, in place of the solo trumpet that typically plays the melodies, Mi Son uses violin. The result is a unique sound that blends elements of son septet with charanga. Most of the members of Mi Son are young and while they respect tradition, you will hear a touch of Spanish rap thrown into the vocal improvisations of lead singer Lazaro de Jesus. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.