Middle Distance Runner

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
The Fury 02:57 Tools
Naturally 03:56 Tools
The Wrong Hole 03:31 Tools
Man Of The People 01:59 Tools
Up In A Tree 02:31 Tools
The Sun & Earth 04:31 Tools
The Unbeliever 03:43 Tools
The Sun And Earth 04:45 Tools
That's A Lie 03:33 Tools
Brother John 03:57 Tools
XMAS PARTY 03:19 Tools
Out Of Here 04:56 Tools
Shoot the Shit 02:37 Tools
The Madness 03:09 Tools
Switch It Up 03:37 Tools
Top of the Stairs 02:40 Tools
Round Here 05:45 Tools
Hooks 05:02 Tools
Joyful Noise 03:51 Tools
Monochrome Boys 03:55 Tools
Palindrome 04:55 Tools
Sundays Are Hell 05:40 Tools
Let Nothing In 03:19 Tools
With Swords 04:22 Tools
He Take Ride 04:20 Tools
Sea Wolf 03:29 Tools
Momma 01:53 Tools
XMAS SONG 03:29 Tools
The Sun and The Earth 04:47 Tools
The Fury - Middle Distance Runner 02:57 Tools
Holiday (Be Good To Me) 03:35 Tools
Momma (feat. Jason Moore & Aaron Gause) 04:41 Tools
Boxer 03:46 Tools
Untitled 03:46 Tools
Middle Distance Runner, 'The Fury' 03:46 Tools
Madness 03:31 Tools
Secret Things 03:31 Tools
Shoot the S**t 03:31 Tools
Tony's Riff 03:31 Tools
I'll Go 03:31 Tools
Jackie, Baby 03:31 Tools
Out of Here (ACE's Feverish Remix) 03:31 Tools
Real World 03:31 Tools
Under His Skin 03:31 Tools
I Hope You're Upset 03:31 Tools
The Sun & The Earth 03:31 Tools
Middle Distance Runner - Naturally 03:31 Tools
Blalock's Indie/Rock Playlist: December (2009) - 102 - The Fury 03:31 Tools
Christmas Song 03:31 Tools
Follow Me 03:31 Tools
So I Walk 01:25 Tools
Cherry Blossom Bop 01:25 Tools
Sweettalker 01:25 Tools
Christmas Party 01:25 Tools
Misery, LLC 01:25 Tools
How Do I Convince You? 01:25 Tools
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Middle Distance Runner is an indie pop group hailing from the District of Columbia. The group was started in 1998 by Allan Chappelear, Erik Dean and Steve Kilroy. Over the next few years, members Jay Smith and Ian Glinka joined the group, thus completing their present day lineup of five. The band then went on to release their debut album "Plane in Flames" in 2006. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.