Mike Seeger

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Cripple Creek 02:22 Tools
John Hardy 02:40 Tools
Bonaparte's Retreat 01:29 Tools
Holston Valley Breakdown 02:06 Tools
Lost Gander 01:59 Tools
The New Market Wreck 03:43 Tools
Little Birdie 02:03 Tools
Cotton Mill Colic 02:40 Tools
Josh Thomas's Roustabout 02:41 Tools
Ground Hog 04:08 Tools
Freight Train 03:14 Tools
Wildwood Flower 01:27 Tools
Worried Blues 03:29 Tools
Darling Cora 03:51 Tools
Devil's Dream 01:52 Tools
Sad and Lonesome Day 03:22 Tools
Man Of Constant Sorrow 03:06 Tools
Soon in the Morning Babe 01:24 Tools
Don't Let Your Deal Go Down 04:06 Tools
Breaking Up Ice in the Allegheny 01:45 Tools
Black Jack Davey 05:05 Tools
Around the World 05:11 Tools
Wabash Blues 02:03 Tools
Coo Coo Bird 02:38 Tools
American Spanish Fandango 02:12 Tools
Richmond Cotillion 01:47 Tools
Flop Eared Mule 01:49 Tools
Whoopin' Up Cattle 03:02 Tools
Down South Blues 02:48 Tools
The Sailor and the Soldier 02:00 Tools
Bright Sunny South 02:57 Tools
Got No Silver Nor Gold Blues 02:23 Tools
Jim Crack Corn 02:16 Tools
Snake Baked A Hoe Cake 00:52 Tools
Blow the Horn, Blow 02:11 Tools
Needlecase 01:31 Tools
Little Rabbit, Where's Your Mammy? 03:18 Tools
Battle in the Horseshoe 01:54 Tools
We're Up Against It Now 02:31 Tools
Lady Gay 03:44 Tools
The Last of Callahan 01:48 Tools
I'm Head Over Heels in Love 02:23 Tools
Roll On John 03:11 Tools
Come My Little Pink 02:45 Tools
Oh My Little Darling 02:03 Tools
Fishing Blues 03:27 Tools
Spanish Fandango 02:19 Tools
Did You Ever See the Devil, Uncle Joe? 02:13 Tools
Johnson Jinkson 02:52 Tools
Goin' Down There 02:23 Tools
When Sorrows Encompass Me Round 01:40 Tools
That's What The Old Bachelor's Made Out Of 00:00 Tools
The Baldheaded End Of A Broom 02:43 Tools
Birmingham Tickle 02:39 Tools
The Raftsman's Song 01:42 Tools
O Death 03:25 Tools
Spoonful 03:33 Tools
Old Man 02:45 Tools
Guitar Rag 03:03 Tools
Snake Baked A Hoecake 00:56 Tools
Shouting in Jerusalem 03:19 Tools
Handsome Molly 02:08 Tools
John Henry 02:26 Tools
Tennessee Dog 02:05 Tools
Early in the Spring 03:14 Tools
Sail Away Ladies 03:15 Tools
Old Chisholm Trail 01:54 Tools
Goodbye, My Little Darling 02:08 Tools
Weary Lonesome Blues 02:33 Tools
Frankie 02:57 Tools
Calico 02:33 Tools
Lord Thomas 03:37 Tools
White Oak Mountain 03:15 Tools
I'm Crazy Over You 02:21 Tools
California Cotillion 02:36 Tools
Sourwood Mountain 01:37 Tools
Shakin the Pines in the Holler 02:03 Tools
The Golden Willow Tree 07:01 Tools
Leaning on the Everlasting Arm 01:37 Tools
Johnson City Blues 02:42 Tools
Last Night When My Willie Come Home 03:25 Tools
Smoketown Strut 02:58 Tools
Boatman 02:35 Tools
Rollin' On 01:39 Tools
Will The Weaver 03:16 Tools
Candy Girl 02:31 Tools
Young Johnnie 03:04 Tools
Granddad Jim's Waltz 01:57 Tools
Fisherman's Luck 02:40 Tools
Quill Ditty 01:51 Tools
I'm Gonna Go Huntin' for the Buffalo 01:39 Tools
Can't Get a Letter from Home 02:48 Tools
Harlan County Blues 02:55 Tools
After All Has Been Said and Done 02:47 Tools
The Story Of The Mighty Mississippi 02:55 Tools
Factory Girl 02:26 Tools
Carroll County Blues 02:34 Tools
Joe Lee's Tune 02:00 Tools
Big Kid's Barroom 02:50 Tools
Hello Stranger 02:39 Tools
Darling Cora (Darling Corey) 03:51 Tools
I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow 03:43 Tools
Mabel 02:11 Tools
Deep Flam Blues 02:47 Tools
Who Built the Ark? Noah, Noah 02:55 Tools
Buckdancer's Choice 03:24 Tools
Come All You Coal Miners 02:04 Tools
Arizona 02:25 Tools
Riley and Spencer 04:27 Tools
Pearly Dew 02:17 Tools
The Blue Tailed Fly (Jimmie Crack Corn) 02:16 Tools
Kenny Wagner's Surrender 02:52 Tools
Poor Black Sheep 04:10 Tools
Johnny Doyle 04:10 Tools
Black Jack David 02:59 Tools
Rolling & Tumbling Blues 03:14 Tools
Wabash Cannonball 02:03 Tools
Risselty Rosselty 01:48 Tools
When This World Comes to an End 02:26 Tools
Hard Times In These Mines 02:26 Tools
Fare You Well, Green Fields 01:40 Tools
The Miner's Blues 02:39 Tools
Little Betty Ann 02:05 Tools
Old Blind Drunk John 02:04 Tools
Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender (Child No. 73) 02:55 Tools
Oh Molly Dear 02:46 Tools
The Death Of John Henry 02:42 Tools
The Wreck of the Tennessee Gravy Train 02:43 Tools
Buck Dancer's Choice 01:59 Tools
Edward Lewis 02:17 Tools
In and Around Nashville 03:19 Tools
coal creek troubles 04:18 Tools
Shaking the Pines in the Holler 03:59 Tools
Lost Indian 02:06 Tools
Black is the color of my true love's hair 01:54 Tools
Gambling Man 03:37 Tools
Cotton Mill Blues 03:05 Tools
The Virginian Strike Of '23 02:19 Tools
The Sailor & The Soldier 02:00 Tools
Old Gray Mare 02:42 Tools
Singin' In The Land 02:08 Tools
I've rambled this country both earlye and late 03:03 Tools
Rattlesnake Daddy 02:44 Tools
Pork Fat Makes My Chicken Tan 03:05 Tools
Dog & Gun 04:02 Tools
Roving Cowboy 03:04 Tools
The Hard Working Miner 02:50 Tools
Billy in Waynesboro 01:02 Tools
Sallie Gooden 02:30 Tools
The Memory Of Your Smile 02:59 Tools
Cotton Eyed Joe 01:02 Tools
Wedding Waltz 03:12 Tools
Ten Broeck and Mollie 02:30 Tools
Blue Tail Fly 01:02 Tools
Roustabout 04:01 Tools
Spinning Room Blues 02:27 Tools
Poor Indian 02:08 Tools
French Waltz 02:30 Tools
I'm A Man Of Constant Sorrow 02:36 Tools
The Reckless Motor Man 02:55 Tools
Leaving Tennessee 02:47 Tools
Wind & Rain 03:58 Tools
Tucker's Barn 02:30 Tools
Rockbridge Holler 00:35 Tools
Wolves A-Howling 01:16 Tools
Waterbound 01:48 Tools
Last Night When My Willie Came Home 03:25 Tools
Roane County Strike at Harriman, Tennessee 02:59 Tools
Wagnerd 02:35 Tools
Prairie Ronde Waltz 03:14 Tools
Muskrat 03:07 Tools
Fair Ellender 04:23 Tools
Chinquapin Pie 00:57 Tools
I'm Gonna Go Huntin' for the Bufalo 03:02 Tools
Leather Breeches 03:02 Tools
Snowdrop 02:53 Tools
They're At Rest Together 02:51 Tools
Lord Thomas And Fair Ellender 04:48 Tools
Young McAfee On The Gallows 03:31 Tools
Jack, Can I Ride? 01:06 Tools
Flop-eared Mule 01:43 Tools
Shaking Off The Acorns 03:31 Tools
Oh My Little Dutch Girl 02:01 Tools
Hard to love 01:43 Tools
Of All The Beast-Es 00:55 Tools
Jane, Jane 01:16 Tools
Wild Bill Jones 00:30 Tools
Old Rachel 03:25 Tools
Johnny Grey 02:14 Tools
Cacklin' Hen 02:01 Tools
Little Lap Dog Lullabye 01:03 Tools
Rabbit Chase 01:03 Tools
Make Me a Pallet 03:31 Tools
Fair and Tender Ladies 00:30 Tools
The Two Soldiers 03:08 Tools
Stewball 03:32 Tools
The Sea Fowl 00:56 Tools
Little Dog Named Right 01:37 Tools
The Leatherwing Bat 04:10 Tools
Shakin' the Pines in the Holler 00:30 Tools
And We Hunted And We Hunted 03:04 Tools
Lonesome Road Blues 03:04 Tools
This Old Man 02:14 Tools
Maggie's Farm 03:11 Tools
Peep Squirrel 01:56 Tools
Song Of The Doodlebug 01:46 Tools
Go On, Old 'Gator 02:43 Tools
Little Pig 02:43 Tools
East Tennessee Blues / Goin' Crazy 01:37 Tools
Go To Sleep 02:30 Tools
I'm Going To The West 03:12 Tools
Cindy 01:51 Tools
Only Remembered 03:43 Tools
That's What the Old Bachelor's Are Made Of 02:08 Tools
900 Miles 02:54 Tools
Mister Rabbit 02:08 Tools
Turkey Song 00:31 Tools
There Was an Old Frog 03:11 Tools
Wandering Boy 00:31 Tools
The Deer Song 03:18 Tools
Brown's Ferry Blues 02:27 Tools
Way Down in North Carolina 03:27 Tools
It'll Aggravate Your Soul 03:35 Tools
Rose In The Mountain 02:02 Tools
Bachelor's Hall 03:24 Tools
We're Stole & Sold from Africa 02:34 Tools
A Squirrel Is A Pretty Thing 01:38 Tools
Black Sheep, Black Sheep 00:55 Tools
Cross-Eyed Gopher 00:44 Tools
The Old Cow Died 00:44 Tools
Who Killed Poor Robin? 00:44 Tools
Down the Road 02:06 Tools
East Virginia Blues 02:53 Tools
Little Cabin Home on the Hill 03:34 Tools
Deep Shady Grove 04:10 Tools
Sally Gooden 01:54 Tools
Last night when Willie come home 04:48 Tools
Frog Heaven 02:13 Tools
The Gray Goose 03:25 Tools
Old Bangum 03:47 Tools
Riding Round The Cattle 02:21 Tools
Little Rooster 02:10 Tools
Oh, Blue 02:06 Tools
Down To Tampa 03:35 Tools
Sakin' the Pines in the Holler 03:12 Tools
Old Chisolm Trail 03:12 Tools
The Man Of Constant Sorrow 03:05 Tools
Raccon And Possum 02:40 Tools
Rock House Joe 01:05 Tools
Mole in the Ground 02:27 Tools
Old Bell'd Yoe 01:26 Tools
Saw A Sow 01:48 Tools
New River Train 02:10 Tools
Tee La Lollee 02:10 Tools
Fishinhg Blues 03:34 Tools
Cotton-Eyed Joe 03:34 Tools
That's what old bachelors are made out of 02:47 Tools
We Live a Long Long Time 03:02 Tools
The Kicking Mule 02:42 Tools
The Big Sheep 03:46 Tools
Great Big Dog 01:08 Tools
Old Lady Goose 01:17 Tools
Animal Song 03:02 Tools
Loving Emma 01:17 Tools
Green Icy Mountain 01:17 Tools
Cousin Sally Brown 01:17 Tools
Little Maggie 01:17 Tools
I've Been All Around This World 00:30 Tools
Boat's Up The River 02:27 Tools
Savoy Family Waltz 03:27 Tools
Turkey In The Straw 02:28 Tools
Mayor Is A Good Old Boy 03:02 Tools
East Tennessee Blues/Goin'Crazy 03:02 Tools
We're Stole and Sold from Africa 03:02 Tools
Little Brown Dog 03:02 Tools
Introduction 03:02 Tools
The Rout 03:02 Tools
Memory Of Your Smile 03:00 Tools
Bound Steel Blues 02:58 Tools
You've Been a Friend to Me 03:01 Tools
The Swapping Song 03:06 Tools
Crocodile Song 02:53 Tools
The Old Hen Cackled And The Rooster Laid The Egg 01:35 Tools
3 Black Jack Davey 01:35 Tools
Walking That Pretty Girl Home 01:35 Tools
Let Me Fall 03:01 Tools
Oldtime Sally Ann 02:50 Tools
Little Moses 03:46 Tools
Old Fox 02:15 Tools
Big Bee Suck the Pumpkin Stem 02:30 Tools
What'll I Do With the Baby-O 02:15 Tools
Trader Boatman 02:15 Tools
Chilly Winds 01:58 Tools
Richmond Cotillon 01:51 Tools
Whoopin'up Cattle 01:51 Tools
Grandad Jim's Waltz 01:57 Tools
Young McAffe At The Gallows 02:50 Tools
Wind And Rain 02:50 Tools
Hop Up, My Ladies 02:24 Tools
Once I Had An Old Gray Mare 03:38 Tools
Shake That Little Foot, Dinah-O 01:58 Tools
East Tennessee Blues/Goin' Crazy 02:24 Tools
6 East Tennessee Blues/Goin'Crazy 01:58 Tools
My Old Hen's a Good Old Hen 01:45 Tools
I Have No One To Love Me (But the Sailor on the Deep Blue Sea) 02:15 Tools
Ballad Of Hollis Brown 05:26 Tools
Coo Coo Bird-Mike Seeger 02:40 Tools
Bachelors Hall 02:40 Tools
We Live A Long Time To Grow Old 02:07 Tools
Whoa Mule! Can't Get The Saddle On 01:15 Tools
Sally Goodin' 02:30 Tools
Old Bell Cow 02:10 Tools
Old Ground Hog 02:30 Tools
What Shall We Do When We All Go Out? 02:30 Tools
Yonder She Comes 02:30 Tools
That Girl I Love 02:30 Tools
Deep Elam Blues 02:47 Tools
Got No Silver Or Gold Blues 02:23 Tools
Goodbye, Little Bonnie 02:23 Tools
I've Been Around This World 02:23 Tools
F-15 Riddle Blues 02:23 Tools
10 Wagnerd 02:23 Tools
Sally Goodin 02:10 Tools
4 Billy in Waynesboro 02:10 Tools
Such A Getting Upstairs 02:10 Tools
New Freedom March 02:10 Tools
The Little Black Bull 02:24 Tools
9 Pork fat makes my chicken tan 02:24 Tools
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Mike Seeger (August 15, 1933 – August 7, 2009) was an American folk musician and folklorist. At 25, along with John Cohen and Tom Paley, he became a founding member of the New Lost City Ramblers. His famous musical family includes sister Peggy Seeger and half-brother Pete Seeger. He was exposed to traditional music through his mother Ruth Crawford-Seeger and father Charles Seeger, who worked with musicologists John and Alan Lomax. He was an accomplished musician; a distinctive singer who played autoharp, banjo, fiddle, dulcimer, guitar, mouth harp, mandolin, and dobro. His influence on the folk scene is described at some length by Bob Dylan in his book, Chronicles. A week before his 76th birthday, Seeger died at his home in Lexington, Virginia on August 7, 2009, after stopping cancer treatment. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.