Mimi Maura

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El Día De Mi Suerte 04:08 Tools
Cuando Todo Se Va 03:16 Tools
Gloomy Sunday 03:50 Tools
Dos Fantasmas 03:15 Tools
Martes 03:31 Tools
Mientras Desapareces En La Luz 04:20 Tools
My Last Love 04:16 Tools
So Little Time 03:13 Tools
She Came in Trough the Bathroom Window 03:13 Tools
Todos los días de sol 05:25 Tools
Amor Por Ti 04:02 Tools
Yo No Lloro Más 03:08 Tools
Dos fantasmas versión 03:08 Tools
Al Borde Del Tiempo 04:04 Tools
It's Only Love 02:56 Tools
Misterio 03:44 Tools
Mirando Caer la Lluvia 04:28 Tools
Feliz en Mi Soledad 02:07 Tools
Casas en llamas 04:03 Tools
Vente Conmigo 02:31 Tools
Soñando Despierto 03:33 Tools
jay yo me muero 03:23 Tools
Concrete Jungle 04:00 Tools
Monotonía 03:52 Tools
Mensaje Especial 08:11 Tools
Lonely Days 04:08 Tools
Judge Not 02:24 Tools
Dejarte Atrás 03:08 Tools
Olas y arena 03:21 Tools
Adiós A Los Tiempos 03:20 Tools
La Suerte en Mis Manos 03:50 Tools
La Huella 00:00 Tools
Quemapuentes 04:09 Tools
Don't stay away 02:52 Tools
Llévame con Ella 03:28 Tools
Jamás estuvo aquí 03:09 Tools
Jah live 02:59 Tools
Que Te Pedi 04:15 Tools
Canción a Nereida 03:36 Tools
I'm Gonna lock my heart and throw away the key 02:41 Tools
Reina del cementerio 03:11 Tools
Hacia la eternidad 05:14 Tools
El Apartamento 04:00 Tools
Ba Ba Boom 04:24 Tools
Concrete to jungle 03:59 Tools
Corazón Suicida 03:31 Tools
Sinner Man 02:40 Tools
No, No, No (You Don't Love Me) 05:23 Tools
Otra Copa 02:07 Tools
Me Busca el Destino 05:11 Tools
Amor de Sirena 02:48 Tools
Sister don't you go 03:40 Tools
Fiesta de Amor 02:53 Tools
Loiza Aldea 04:44 Tools
Despertar 03:25 Tools
Frenesí 03:25 Tools
De regreso a Loiza 03:28 Tools
Soledad 03:44 Tools
Laberinto de Pasiones 02:57 Tools
One Life To Live 02:41 Tools
Leyenda de Guahayona 03:56 Tools
Into This Beatifull Garden 02:40 Tools
Not For Sale 03:26 Tools
CJ 03:59 Tools
Con el diablo en el cuerpo 02:28 Tools
Garden Of Life 04:24 Tools
No, No, No 05:58 Tools
Give Me A Ticket 02:45 Tools
Crazy 03:52 Tools
La Frase 04:03 Tools
Amor 04:35 Tools
Comienzo Final 03:34 Tools
Soñando Milagros 03:27 Tools
Dulces Sueños 03:03 Tools
Soledub 03:20 Tools
Warnin 04:05 Tools
Dance Crasher 03:11 Tools
Lonely Days / Esperando por ti 04:09 Tools
Vagando 02:54 Tools
Pista 1 04:09 Tools
She Came in Through the Bathroom Window 02:59 Tools
Mirando Caer la Lluvía 04:29 Tools
Te Vas a Encontrar 05:21 Tools
Mensaje especial / The heathen 08:11 Tools
Loiza Dub 04:04 Tools
Ese Camino 00:00 Tools
El fin del mundo 02:35 Tools
Te vas a Encontrar / Aca en mi 05:23 Tools
Que Te Pedí 04:15 Tools
Everybody Hurts 05:57 Tools
La huella (con chango spasiuk) 03:59 Tools
(Cuando Llegara) El Fin del Mundo? 02:35 Tools
It´s only love 02:56 Tools
No No No 06:26 Tools
Cosas del Ayer (Hoy y Siempre) 02:56 Tools
La Herida 02:32 Tools
Hacía la eternidad 05:14 Tools
(Cuando llegará) el fin del mundo 02:07 Tools
Give Me a Ticket Aka the Letter 03:50 Tools
Mirame Mal si Quieres 05:48 Tools
Groovy Situation 05:48 Tools
Siguiendo La Luna 04:29 Tools
Vencer o morir 02:43 Tools
Reina del dub 03:04 Tools
Don´t stay away 02:56 Tools
Adios a los dubs 03:27 Tools
08 I´m gonna lock my heart... 02:41 Tools
al borde del tiempo (con chango spasiuk) 04:23 Tools
Hacia la eternidub 05:13 Tools
Nereidub 03:33 Tools
Album verde - She Came in Trough the Bathroom Window 02:57 Tools
Sister Don´t You Go 03:39 Tools
01 La Huella c Chango Spasiuk 02:57 Tools
Cuando Ya No Me Quieras 05:23 Tools
Warnin' 02:53 Tools
Besos de Judas 02:44 Tools
MIMI MAURA - Mirando caer la lluvia 2007 - POR MALAFAMAYCUMBIERO 04:09 Tools
Nena Linda 04:29 Tools
Seis meses 03:19 Tools
Pista Audio 01 02:07 Tools
Yo no te engaño 02:51 Tools
Sinnerman 03:50 Tools
Mi Ciudad 03:50 Tools
I´m gonna lock my heart... 02:41 Tools
Pista Audio 04 04:03 Tools
Quemadub (Loto Azul Version) 04:09 Tools
Hacia la eternidad (Poncho Mix) 04:32 Tools
She Came Through The Bathroom Window 04:09 Tools
Te vas a encontrar / Acá en mi tierra 05:23 Tools
Felíz en mi soledad 02:07 Tools
Pista Audio 07 02:54 Tools
I´m gonna lock my heart and throw away the key 02:41 Tools
La Puerta Esta Abierta 02:40 Tools
So Little Time (con Boom Boom Kid) 03:14 Tools
Pista Audio 02 03:08 Tools
She Came In Trough The Bathroo 03:08 Tools
Pista Audio 03 03:19 Tools
Pista Audio 09 05:52 Tools
Jay, Yo me muero 05:52 Tools
Esa Noche Dub 03:50 Tools
Melody for Sylvia 03:50 Tools
Mírame mal si quieres 03:03 Tools
Amor Por Ti (con Amparanoia) 04:03 Tools
THE NIGHT 04:29 Tools
I Am the Cosmos 04:29 Tools
Pista Audio 08 02:41 Tools
Pista Audio 06 03:03 Tools
Lonely Day / Esperando por ti 00:00 Tools
La eternidad 03:03 Tools
Pista Audio 05 03:03 Tools
Qué te pedí 04:15 Tools
Te vas a encontrar / Aca en mi tierra 05:23 Tools
Sole Dub 05:23 Tools
She came in thogh the sthroom window 00:00 Tools
Quemadub 04:04 Tools
Esa Noche Tu Vida Cambio 04:04 Tools
Pista Audio 11 04:04 Tools
Pista Audio 10 03:36 Tools
Pista Audio 12 03:36 Tools
Close To You 00:37 Tools
C.J. 03:59 Tools
Te vas a Encontrar - Aca en mi Tierra 05:23 Tools
03-Al Borde Del Tiempo 04:04 Tools
Explota en tu cabeza 00:00 Tools
i'm gonna lock my heart 05:23 Tools
El Recipiente (Emisor Versiona) 05:23 Tools
Mensaje especial/The Heathen 05:23 Tools
La puerta está abierta 02:21 Tools
I'm Gonna Lock My Heart... 03:03 Tools
Mirando caer la lluvia (con Chango Spasiuk) 04:29 Tools
Judege Not 04:29 Tools
01- She Came in Trough the Bathroom Window 04:29 Tools
Todos Los Dias de Dub 04:29 Tools
Dancing Mood 04:29 Tools
¿(Cúando llegará) El fin del mundo? 04:29 Tools
Jamas estuve aqui 03:12 Tools
¿(cuándo llegará) El fin del mundo? 02:35 Tools
El Recipiente - Kingston Factory Band Mix 02:35 Tools
Esa Noche Tu Vida Cambió 04:03 Tools
01. La herida 02:32 Tools
04-Casas en llamas 04:03 Tools
Te vas a encontrar _ Acá en m 04:03 Tools
MIMI MAURA 04:03 Tools
La Huella (Copn Chango Spasiuk) 04:03 Tools
La suerte de mis manos 02:21 Tools
lonely days esperando por ti 00:00 Tools
10 - Pista 10 00:00 Tools
¿Qué te pedí? 00:00 Tools
I'm gonna lock my heart and thow away the key 02:40 Tools
My Last Love (con bonetto de Los Cafres) 00:00 Tools
01- She Came in Trough the Bathroom Window - Mimi Maura 02:40 Tools
¿(Cuando llegara) El fin del mundo? 02:40 Tools
I'm gonna lock my heart and throw away the ky 02:41 Tools
Don`t Stay Away 02:41 Tools
08-It's Only Love 02:56 Tools
Sister Dub 02:56 Tools
El Día de mi Suerte 04:09 Tools
Soсando despierto 03:35 Tools
De Regreso Al Dub 03:35 Tools
Iron, Lion, Zion 03:35 Tools
Amor De Perros 02:53 Tools
(Cuándo llegará) El fin del mundo 02:35 Tools
Pista Audio 15 02:53 Tools
Ay, yo me muero 02:53 Tools
Ay yo me muero 02:53 Tools
Lonely day 02:53 Tools
Dos fantasmas (Version) 02:53 Tools
Uyuyuy 02:53 Tools
07-La suerte de mis manos 03:50 Tools
05. Jay yo me muero 02:45 Tools
Siguiendo la luna [HD] ( VivoConectado.com ) 03:56 Tools
I'm Gonna lock my heart and th 02:45 Tools
Im gonna lock my heart and throw away the key 03:12 Tools
dont stay away 03:12 Tools
Dulce Sueños 03:12 Tools
Que Te Pedí (Con Ricardo Mollo) 03:12 Tools
She Came in Trough the Bathroom 03:12 Tools
mimi maura- yo no lloro mas 03:12 Tools
Jamás estuve aquí 03:12 Tools
02. Mírame mal si quieres 03:03 Tools
Jamas estuvo aquí 03:03 Tools
Nobody Does It Better 03:03 Tools
04. El apartamento [con Chango Spasiuk] 05:48 Tools
Its only love 05:48 Tools
07. Vencer o morir 02:43 Tools
Sonando despierto 02:43 Tools
Leyenda de Gauhayona 02:43 Tools
Amor Por Tí 02:43 Tools
Leyenda de Guahayana 03:56 Tools
01-_feliz_en_mi_soledad 03:56 Tools
03 Al Borde Del Tiempo ( Con Chango Spasiuk) 03:56 Tools
Dos fantamas versión 03:26 Tools
Sonando milagros 03:26 Tools
Soñanado despierto 03:26 Tools
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Midnerely "Mimi" Acevedo was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She was raised up in Chicago & San Juan. Her family moved from one city to another many times. She grew up listening to her father Mike Acevedo, a well-known songwriter and singer from San Sebastian. Singing is what she learned from her parents, singing anywhere & everywhere. At the age of 14, after two years living in Mexico City, Mimi returned to Puerto Rico for good. In 1987, she started jamming with local bands, untill her brother Niguel influenced her into Metal Music; and they formed a band. They played a couple of years together with Rencor, one of the first “in-Spanish” rock bands from Puerto Rico. Mimi studied Fine Arts in The Arts School in Old San Juan. When she was 20 years old, she met the island ska scene and got hooked on Jamaican reggae-rocksteady beat style. In 1991, she entered an all-girl band, Alarma!, a heavy music band. They travelled to New York, and played in Sob's and in Los Angeles for the La Banda Elastica Festival with Maldita Vecindad. They were also opening act for many bands that came to the island, such as Dos Minutos, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, and Fito Paez. But things were about to change... she met an Argentinian musician from Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, saxophone player Sergio Rotman. After a coupe of years of friendship, the relation grew, they fell in love, and started to travel together anywhere! Sergio invited Mimi to form a band with him, so she decided to go South, to Buenos Aires. In Argentina, Mimi was invited to sing with Cienfuegos (Sergio's punk rock project), she sang in the Caravelas y Diablitos by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, met the "porteña" scene, recorded with Attaque 77, Los Piojos, Kapanga, and sang with many other friends. In 1998, she became mother to a son named Leroy. Sergio and Mimi formed a band with friends that had the same love for Jamaican music & Latin rhythms. They've performed in many Buenos Aires clubs, cafe's & theaters, for example, Ciclo Molotov in the Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas, along with Riddim, in Luz y Fuerza Theater with Cienfuegos, in Cemento with Lumumba, openings for Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Fun People, Divididos... Mimi won a Gardel Award in 2002 as Best Female Rock Singer. She also toured Spain, Germany, México, and Argentina. In 2007 Mimi Maura recorded her 6th album Mirando caer la lluvia , she toured in Argentina and made her first DVD Dulces Sueños recorded live in ND Ateneo Theater. 2008-2009 she toured with Los fabulosos Cadillacs singing Vasos Vacios. In 2010 Mimi Maura recorded her 7th album Dias de Sol in Argentina and Puerto Rico, mixed it in Jamaica with Steven Stanley. Mimi Maura is an independient artist, her label name is Canary Records. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.