Molotov Jukebox

Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Double Dare 03:43 Tools
Don't Panic 04:49 Tools
Tick Tock 02:55 Tools
Neon Lights 03:18 Tools
Laid To Rest 03:18 Tools
Give It a Go 03:39 Tools
Trying 04:12 Tools
Sex Foot 04:00 Tools
Soldieres's Lament 04:17 Tools
Tread Softly 05:20 Tools
Gypsy Funeral 05:20 Tools
Voodoo 02:56 Tools
Don't Wanna Know 05:20 Tools
Can't Find You 05:20 Tools
Housefire Smile 03:51 Tools
Sexfoot 03:51 Tools
Punchlines 03:51 Tools
Niña 03:51 Tools
No Lady 03:54 Tools
Tropical BadBoy 03:46 Tools
Something For The Weekend 03:41 Tools
Get Ready 03:46 Tools
I Need It 03:19 Tools
Pineapple Girl 03:36 Tools
I Need It (Body Language/Chan Chan) 03:19 Tools
Before I Go 03:36 Tools
Just The Thrill 03:36 Tools
Dancing with the Dead 02:48 Tools
Drive On Down 03:36 Tools
I Cry 02:48 Tools
Halfway There 04:12 Tools
Leave Your Light On 04:12 Tools
If I Knew 04:12 Tools
Trail of Crumbs 05:36 Tools
'Choo Choo' 03:15 Tools
Outside In 05:36 Tools
Too Late 05:36 Tools
When You Cry 02:48 Tools
Hi Life Crisis 03:32 Tools
Where Is My Apology? 04:12 Tools
American Boy 05:36 Tools
Get Ready (Temptations) 03:20 Tools
sex foot (stenchman rmx) 03:54 Tools
Neon Lights (starring Oona Chaplin) 04:45 Tools
House Fire 04:12 Tools
Don't Panic (for ALICE by Temperley) 04:45 Tools
Where Is My Apology 04:12 Tools
Physical Lexicon 03:18 Tools
Get Ready (Videclip Version) 03:46 Tools
Give It A Go (Live on Sky Atlantic Thronecast) 03:22 Tools
I Need It (Body Language / Chan Chan) BONUS FREE TRACK 03:19 Tools
Don't Want To Know 03:32 Tools
No Lady - Natalia Tena (Molotov Jukebox) 03:55 Tools
Beggin' 03:04 Tools
Tonks' Xmas Song 00:57 Tools
He Points Over There 03:32 Tools
I Need It (Body Language) 03:19 Tools
Piers + Natalia Tena (Molotov Jukebox) - Beggin' 03:04 Tools
Where Is My Apology ? 04:12 Tools
Piers - Good Night Sweetheart 02:24 Tools
Trying (Live @ Sunrise Festival 2010) 04:12 Tools
Molotov Jukebox - House Fire Smile - Manchester 15.12.12 02:46 Tools
Raise Your Glass 02:46 Tools
Beggin 23:52 Tools
Nina 03:37 Tools
Dont Panic 04:49 Tools
Sex Foot (Stenchman Remix) 03:54 Tools
Molotov Jukebox live at TAKEN 03:37 Tools
Molotov Jukebox No Lady 03:39 Tools
Molotov Jukebox 03:37 Tools
Neon Lights [Explicit] 03:39 Tools
Molotov Jukebox - Laid to Rest 03:37 Tools
Can't Find You [Explicit] 03:39 Tools
Sex Foot (Version One) 03:37 Tools
Marvin Gaye - I heard it through the grapevine -Molotov jukebox & Jesse Monroe -.wmv 03:39 Tools
molotov jukebox @ espaço reserva+: 43 (?) 03:39 Tools
Soldieres's Lament (Juno Watt Remix) 03:39 Tools
Apology 03:37 Tools
Don't Wanna Know [Explicit] 03:39 Tools
Tread Softly [Explicit] 03:39 Tools
Trying (Version One) 03:39 Tools
Give It A Go (Live) 03:10 Tools
molotov jukebox @ circo voador: house fire smile 03:10 Tools
Molotov Jukebox - No Lady (Encore) - Manchester 15.12.12 03:10 Tools
molotov jukebox @ circo voador: seven nation army / sex foot 04:22 Tools
Molotov Jukebox - No Lady (Live @ Artisti in Piazza 2011) 03:10 Tools
Tropical BadBoy [Explicit] 03:10 Tools
Double Dare (Live on BBC Radio4 Loose Ends) 03:39 Tools
Trying [Explicit] 03:39 Tools
Punchlines [Explicit] 03:39 Tools
I Need It (Body Language Chan Chan) 03:19 Tools
Molotov Jukebox - Raise Your Glass 02:24 Tools
Trying (Dubstep Remix) 04:22 Tools
Housefire Smile [Explicit] 04:22 Tools
Can t Find You 04:30 Tools
Good Night Sweetheart 02:24 Tools
Laid To Rest (live) 04:22 Tools
Double Dare [2nd version] 03:10 Tools
Apology (The Acoustic Tales Part 1) 04:30 Tools
I Need It (Body Language Chan Chan) FREE DOWNLOAD!! 04:30 Tools
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Molotov Jukebox were founded in a sea of love when the singer Nat who also plays the accordion met her spouse Sam who plays the violin, who through their tour-de-force power performances drew in all the other members of the band to amalgamate into their current state of outlandish, in your face BANG sound. When they play you dance! Their contagious fusion of up-beat reggae, gypsy dance and funk lunacy combine with pop choruses to get any party off the ground in no time. The band has roots in Spanish flamenco as well as British house, Romainan trumpet sounds married with old school Ska, folk fiddle merged with cacophonic accordion and all topped with the rich and creamy soulful voice that makes the sound of this band so captivating. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.