Trackimage Playbut Trackname Playbut Trackname
Memories Never Die 06:20 Tools
Fading Beauty 09:59 Tools
Meaning Of Forever I 06:02 Tools
Frozen Dust 06:17 Tools
Of Stars and Flowers 05:19 Tools
Again 04:46 Tools
Meaning Of Forever II 05:21 Tools
When Silence Fell 05:05 Tools
Emptiness 08:00 Tools
Nothing More to See 06:34 Tools
The Sun 05:26 Tools
Flashback 03:39 Tools
What Once Was 04:49 Tools
Sound of Violence 06:06 Tools
Meaning Of Forever III 04:26 Tools
The Forest 04:29 Tools
Serenity 06:17 Tools
Wicklow Mountains 05:51 Tools
Long Lost 04:50 Tools
Forced to Obey 04:40 Tools
Ithinielle 08:32 Tools
Unfulfilled Dreams 09:07 Tools
The Day I Died 05:46 Tools
How I Feel 08:37 Tools
Thor's Symphony 01:20 Tools
My Endless Death 08:19 Tools
Desire 08:30 Tools
Burried In Mass Graves 00:00 Tools
Ab Inscientia Depositus Sum (A. I. D. S.) 00:00 Tools
Poison Minded 00:00 Tools
Drawing Tears 00:00 Tools
Terror and Hate 00:00 Tools
Racism 00:00 Tools
This Black Veil 07:23 Tools
Ab Inscentia Depositus Sum 00:00 Tools
01 - Meaning of Forever I 06:03 Tools
Intro 01:49 Tools
Long Lost (bonus track) 04:51 Tools
Ab Inscientia Depositus Sum (A.I.D.S.) 07:02 Tools
Ab Inscientia Depositus Sum (A.I.D.S) 07:02 Tools
Ab Inscientia Depositus Sum (A 07:00 Tools
Buried in Mass Graves 00:00 Tools
Ab Inscientia Depsitus Sum (A.I.D.S.) 07:02 Tools
Fading Beauty - 09 - Morphia- 00:00 Tools
Ab Inscientia Depositus Sum 04:59 Tools
Ab Inscientia Depositus Sum ( 07:00 Tools
334 00:00 Tools
Ithiniëlle 10:54 Tools
Meaning of Forever 00:00 Tools
Ab inscientia depositus sum - A. I. D. S. 07:02 Tools
Ab Inscientia Depsitus Sum 04:40 Tools
Forced to Obay 04:40 Tools
─░nan Bana 04:40 Tools
Ithnielle 04:40 Tools
03 - How I Feel 04:40 Tools
Low Frequency Ing 04:40 Tools
08 Ithinielle 04:40 Tools
A.I.D.S. 07:02 Tools
01 Unfulfilled Dreams 07:02 Tools
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Morphia are from Gelderland, Netherlands and play slow, dark, yet melodic death doom metal with both grunts and clean vocals. The lush piano sections give the music a very sad and romantic feel. The album Fading Beauty tells about the depths of darkness, death and struggles in live. Started in 1995, Morphia developed from a death metal band into a symphonic doom metal band with a gothic touch. In 1999 their debut-cd was released. Soon Morphia was noticed in both The Netherlands and Germany and the band played shows with After Forever, Epica, Orphanage and Imperia. With the release of Frozen Dust on Fear Dark the band got the chance to reach a larger audience. Morphia joined the Fear Dark Festivals in The Netherlands, Switserland and Germany in 2002, 2004 and 2006. They also got the chance to play at several German festivals, including a show at the eve of Wave-Gothic Treffen. The band played their final show on November 22, 2008 at Gigant Apeldoorn, as part of the Brainstorm Festival 2008. It was recorded on DVD, which was released in 2009. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.